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  1. @tsb i'm glad you liked it! This particular SP pheno was actually more on the "blue" side earlier on,but after a longer cure it turned green/orange. The ones i consider "green" are in my opinion the best of the SP,more sativa in it=) Yeah,nothing beats a long cure,smokes like a cigar now! Smart of you to reveg the MS,wish i could,but i went on a long travel after the last round so i i wasn't able to keep it...what a shame. Also too much stuff happening in my life right now,so not able to fill the room right at the moment-hope to be back on track soonish In the meantime i'll enjoy the fruits and gain some inspiration watching you guys killing it.
  2. Hi guys,here are some shots of the Mad Shack and Sugar Punch grow-4 months cure. First the Mad Shack:The catpiss smell is gone,now there is a fresh lemon scent mixed with some hashy smells.I really like these golf balls and the effect is strong and balanced...long lasting. The Sugar Punch is already a legend and connosieur grade weed. This pheno does really smell like soft,dark raw sugar. Sannie's descriptions are spot on so i won't say too much-It basically is old school power coated in sugar.And that can only mean goooood things. Best of all worlds. both strains are strong as hell,with long lasting balanced hybrid effect. Smoke the right amount and stay high as a kite,smoke some more and eventually it will be nappytime....*Like*
  3. Great journal i see you used the tabs ++. did it work out ok with one tab in such small starter pots? i guess stupid question as the results speak for themselves,but i contemplated doing it myself but thought the tab could burn seedlings in small pots. i'm following this one for sure,have a nice day in sunny SA
  4. @Torsti Nice info and thanks for input. Do you make these panels on your own? I catch your drift with the commercial panels being enclosed,but won't a oscillating fan moving over the plants be sufficient to get rid of excess warmth? Maybe not in a mirrorcloset,but for example in a dr120? I learn alot about the use of mirrors and the approprate thickness! I always heard mirrors eat light,but i see now it has to do with what kind of mirrors are being used....Very interesting thread!!
  5. i like your grow=) p.s patience is good,but whatch the MS carefully for mold
  6. I am looking into T5's for propagation,supplemental lightning and to hang in the kitchen for culinary herbs and have come across this system from sunblaster: I really like the idea that they have so many uses! I'm thinking one of these could hang over kitchen herbs without taking much space. for propagation they seem very practical,as shown on the picture. In the growroom i would hang them vertically in between plants to provide extra light. Then it's the benefit of being able to link them together by clipping on the reflector to the next one...8 of those could be ganged up in total and just one main cord. Anyone use these before? Coolest grow product i have seen in a while P.s i am not a marketing machine for that company,actually i don't know much about them except i just came across these T5 ho's after doing some research(...inspired by Torsti's T5 skills!) I do use a lightwave 216 w for my orchids,herbs and newborns/early veg already. It's just a bit big and clumsy to hang in the kitchen or as sidelightning in the growroom
  7. Way to go herb & San,you guys are killing it with your ability to shine and share in this game of green P.s there is so much to learn from watching these nice genetics grow...how to top,to prune,how to support... I can visualize some new things to try out next time around thanks for sharing and keeping this such a goood place to hang out. p.s herb could it be #4 @32 days is clawing from too much N? I had a sativa leaning SP that also clawed at that stage,i think slight overfert and when i just gave it water from then it got better,didn't seem to affect growth/yield that much.
  8. .....Now i know what overdose of humics can do...it looks very bad,do you think it will make it? Good it didn't happen further down the line,pop in another one and your'e back on track in no time p.s i sprayed a few houseplants with diamond nectar 1ml/l and i like what i see already,fast response! The plants are perking up,praying, and i see the veins of the leaves more dark green,so it's obvious the uptake of nutrients is enhanced! Fulvic acid is supposed to have a positive effect on animals and humans too! The food we eat is lacking fulvic acid because of worldwide demineralisation /depletion of agricultural soils and farmland. If plants need humics in nature to uptake nutrients more efficiently then the same should apply to animals and humans. What you guys think of this idea? My main concern is;why haven't i heard about this before? What i can think of so far is that fulvic acid cannot by synthesised and patended...and the pharmaceutical companies would loose money....better not talk about it to the public and doctors..it's not proven that it can cure diseases but is proven to have benefical effects(antioxidant,mineral uptake etc) and this is preventive matters for health! There is little focus on preventive measures here in the west,only on cure! (dollar dollar bills..) I am rambling...i'll smoke a spliff-Peace!
  9. Nice one San! I am a big fan of your growingjournals P.s you keep it so nice and tidy,not the typical stoners' nest Keep it up and i look forward to future updates! Have a chilled out weekend!-Dharma
  10. @Whazzup Some kinf of wetting agent like yucca sounds promising,to lower the surface tension of the fluids!(..thank you wiki) It must be good in the soil too when using peat,i've noticed it's hydrophobic when allowed to dry out too much(...Last grow i used soilcovers and also mixed in ~25% coco and that kept the soil evenly moist and more stable).
  11. @inl Yes,that sludge is clogging up sprayers easily. I put the castings in a old pantyhose with one of the airstones and tie it to the bucket when i brew for foliar,that way i don't need to strain it afterwards.I live in a apartment so i have to make it as troublefree as possible. Gotta make sure my better half doesnt freak out completely . It is also convenient that i can toss the castings back in the bin after the brewing is completed. Cool to hear about your observations on AACT applications in farming!
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