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  1. or so you thought! you do know technology takes leaps and bounds now oh..about every 3-6 months and only speeding up- That 4-5 year old study is like driving a 1950's car in 2013 waz- period- that study, on lettice was it? (apples to friggin bananas) is based on old tech, poor controls, and way out of the ballpark for cannabis growth- its a copy paste anwer when you cant provide one from your own knowledge- its ok hough while im now producing even better LED for indoor lighting plus we are the only company that are fully supported and suppliers for major seed companies- Doing big things in colorado, and have an ever expanding fully legal medicinal cannabis collective- carry over 30 strains on any given day- elites So the lights proved you wrong, all by themselves- cheers buddy good luck selling dead tech that cost growers oh about 500-700 dollars a year just to operate after the pay out the butt for that HID initialy- no one said anything about there not being science in light- there you go again plain straight up lies , bullshit and speaking out of place for others- your an old piece of shit dirtbag forum junkie pushing over priced hps- when someone calls you out- you do just like a fux stick obama- you simply lie- or use your power to ban them- as expected and delivered - fookers breeding in grow tents fuckin crack me up man lol hhahaaha
  2. so what wazz i asked your opnion so what- i guess everyone that asks an opinion is what?- cause i ask opinions on all sorts of things all the time- And nice way to attempt to qutoe me out of context- that crap was so obvious it really makes me wonder how people buy into your info- I asked you about green. not what colors are optimal grow cannabis..period- no matter how you try and dress it up, like highlighting 5 whole words out of entire sentence- lol Your PDF's ..4 years out of date- no backing of facts. just words- and dont even pretain to cannabis- not 1 bit- i see a lot of garbage- We are not growing veggies here- Actually its the very same thing your trying to call me out on, just posting a few links eh? Thats called a hypocrite wazz- look that up- So I have the advantage of last word in this conversation here as an admin you sure do, so did everyone from Hitler to obama- and you use it to your advantage all the time at OG- Good luck wazz, wont be to much longer until that HID tech is phased out- I should go write hortilux and all these HID companies and tell them to quit developing until they can not ask questions or opinions, and stop trying to improve there lighting year after year i guess- Cause its the same thing! You also dont seem to mind the trolling of ink and santero wich is what took this thread downhill in the first place- Boy thats censorship like ive never seen it- If you really wanted this thread cleaned you would of taken care of it the first trolling post that ran along- But you encouraged it- Good, it allowed me to prove a few folks are just full of plain garbage and prove that the accusations where false I tallowed me to show that one grower cant grow his way out of a solo cup to! So in that sense im glad you did- I got to clean the air a little- DesertGrown- this thread did turn out terrible, and wazz encouraged it instead of being the solution- just dont ever NOT agree with him and you should be fine- ive been around a while lurking and on the forums- You ever prove him wrong your posts will be censored or he will have his band of goons tr and deface you- I have sen it happen to several OG'ers and great growers already here- wazz copies and pastes alot to ..hes a light pimp, not a developer-
  3. well since you asked me some questions i'll respond to them wuzz, your assuming to much.. i'll explian.. I asked you for your opinion on spectrum output thats already into production..your opinion.. plain and simple man, i listed them- i asked what was your opinion- i did in no way shape or form ask for you to tell me, school me or teach me one lick of info on spectrum until you meantioned using green- Plants do reflect lots of green light that is a scientific fact wuzz, they use very little of it- otherwise they would not sell those green headlamps and other green lighting to use in your grows during the lights off period without disrupting the photoperiod- I know thousands of growers that light there garden to work in the night or lights out hours of theere grows, they all use green light- If plants where seeing this green light or using it, then it would disrupt there photoperiod- pretty cut and dry- Its cool though man i get it- the little click- Thats how it is- my customers "actual paying cutomers of mine" can vouch for my service and quality on seed breeding to the lighting- My last lighting purchase was put into a grow and there entire garden lifted its leaves to a perfect 45 degree angle, had light pen all the way to the floor- but folks seem to overlook my results- My reaserch- Why is it that after 3 years of extensive research you have to come to fora to ask these basic questions about which colors are good for growing cannabis? if you can quote me asking you what colors are good for cannabis growth by all means post it but do not put words in my mouth wuzz- i never asked you anything of the sort- 3 years of buying every friggin brand of blackstar, prosource ebay panel etc, and yes actually growing the same strain from clones each run as a control - compairing internals such as power drivers for the LEDs vs drivers for the fans- what size fans to use-what style haetsinks to use , how many miliamps to push, wich diodes are better then the old crap people used to sell etc- light spectrums, housings cooling and actually appling these in real world grows wazz- meter vs that? screw a meter- experience and real world cannabids growing is real research. a meter cant touch that wuzz lol no matter how fancy the equipment is or meter- my question is how do growers not better develop an ever speeding up technology that changes daily just about? Is it wrong to further development of a lighting system then offer it for 1/4 of the price? How do we as growers help ourselves in the long run when it comes to development of any lighting system without asking others opinions? two heads are better then one- i think this has ben known since ancient times- well they got it right because we are here today, but its not looking so hot for our future and i think that can be related to just a little of everything in the present time- Good luck guys! i wont post in this thread and please stop trolling me the few that want to run there mouth with a falsehood- i guess its perfectly fine to straight lie about folks on OG- I provided proof..nuff said- cheers! i just realized HID vs LED- never should of asked wuzz. its also in your best interest not to repond or talk to me about - i get it- it was the speaking of personal gain thing you said that made it click- cheers last one-
  4. lol i bet you would! and actual interested people just might get one if they have genuine interest in there growing abilities- I have to get a little bigger so we can order bulk- But its in the works- Also something i wanted to point out- Every single LED manufacturer changes there designs on a yearly basis - just fact- always improving-
  5. lookin gawesome Rev, sorry I havent been around so much- Killer thread all the way! cheers
  6. corrected on what? only suggestion wazz had was to use some green but did not specify any actual wavelength or why- Also said to use a little bit different UV- a slight fraction of what i'm already doing lol like its really going to make an overall difference in the panels spectrum output to begin with- that tiny fraction of suggestion is not going to make or break a development by a milion miles- try doing something other then growing dope - do something withyourself so your out of my hair, find a hobby or something bro- lol You dont really know where your butthole starts and your mouth begins do you? Keep making all these claims but nothing to back it up- Cant even get the crap you try and toss my way correct to begin with santi- yeah im rude to people who act as you do with no merit or proof of anything- Folks that act two faced deserve it- you ask for it- you have never gotten a thing from me, been offered anything etc- you have nothing! to back up your scam-
  7. Shenzhen ,GuangDong Province, China no never been there but from my research this is the real capital of LED manufacturers - I could be wrong- Never claimed to know everything LED, but ive done extensive research- Bysen actually creates most of the top brand high $$$ LEDs today for US companies-
  8. this is from that very thread TMG cal me a f'n lier eh? Big Sky wrote: holy crap batman- this is why i like to normally start seedlings in one gallon pots- you can walk away from them for more then two days without them drying up and dying- plus you get twice the growth in half the time- you should germ some more lol- you fried the shit out of em haha- TMG Wrote: Yep, I fucked them up for sure! and the pics to prove it! I guess it was the genetics that did this handy work? Nice try TMG
  9. Big Sky

    Sour Seed Co.

    Various strains, bud pics etc from over the years
  10. horseshit you never got burned- the only thing that got burned was those plants you fried, admitted you fried , etc- You did a trade with me and got well more then what your shitty outdor was worth anyway- But its nice to see you grow a sack instead of hide in PM- i should post those PMs you wrote about the folks at OG show everyone who the real scammer is around OG- nah i wont go as low as you-
  11. yep but i would need to have one for it to apply lol good one though lol see everybodies got a momma lol haha that was all in fun ink-
  12. same troll..always same- its like dog crap i cant get off my shoes lol some on each foot today lol your just mad cause your ass was beggin for 100 beans and you got the hell no-
  13. yeah thats bull.. only person that has had anything to say to me about customer service is TMG- i have that thread on a private forum a guy owns and operates and he fried the crap out of those and has even bash sannies gear here at OG as well but yet..still grows his gear lol all of my customers have my email and if they need help they get help- i honestly dont think ive even sold beans to 4 people at OG before- lol i traded sme- and made like 2 possibly only 3 sales so your pms are bunk-one of which was really recent and they where happy and posted as such- you feel bad for people who get scammed eh? KING420- or did you forget i was the one that got ripped off- if that punk sold gear to folks its on them not me- Im the one who got scammed santi- dont know what your problem is but the trolling from you and your girlfriend never mamazes me- Self defense agaist blabbering idiots and customer service are two very different things- peace- pretty bad you cant come into an LED thread and ask LED questions .. oh, santi, to answer that smart A@# question of yours- My panels have been tested by non biased customers already and i have a base design for each unit that works great- I have them all made to order- so a quick phone all or email with a simple diagram to change lens patterns, diodes , wavelengths can happen in a friggin instant- Amazing the technology we have..some call it phone, or email even! believe that? crazy huh? So when a customer orders one , i have it made to order- per order- if a customer wants it tailored differently this gives them the OPTION! wow. pretty cool huh? as far as you are up my ass you would think you would have all the answers you need- yes.. yo momma lol sorry had to lol gotta love yo momma jokes!
  14. werd good points...- there is always a flip side to every coin and person i come to find in life - im like that- i will hunt quantums down on ebay or certain brands i know stand up good for a decent price- but then theres those who are impulse buyers sadly, they want cheap- budget growers etc Im just trying to develop the best quality for the price- Something under 500$ for a 300w vs a grand or more for something that is composed of mostly the same thing- You see..i went into green energy with the soalr setup and I found LED as a great light source for low energy draw on my system- So i fugured hey, why not offer these tailored panels to folks looking to buy LED?
  15. cant advertise my good man- you can always email me though yeah somebody is out of weed today..
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