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  2. Well i'm pretty sure a trusted family member stole from me, once again! I been trying for hours to figure out this shoe print, if anyone is good at some detective work or got any good ideas, Help would be greatly appreciated. Never can trust anyone these days, no loyalty, no trust, and very few good people. Hurts my heart how much I been burned in this life for being a good person. Shoe size is between 9-10. Looks like there is a company logo on sole of shoe that I can't read.
  3. Looks like P-K overdose, I wouldn't feed them any for a week or so, then I would start up with a very light feeding schedule. If you keep feeding them too much P-K you will dramatically decrease yield and increase flowering time.
  4. I had an extrema male in a pack of fems, i made quite a few crosses and they came out awesome, no issues, no hermies, just perfectly bomb ass snow flake weed, extrema x sour diesel.
  5. True sour diesel actually has hermi tendencies and was clone only, but produces sterile pollen majority of the time. Occasionally you will get a seed and this is why sour diesel spread so quickly. Also when you have the true cut, you will be able to tell by the smell, and the structure of the plant. Don't forget that it can be difficult to grow indoors and I would not recommend it for inexperienced users or first time growers, its not a stable strain.
  6. Nice plants, stronger sativa influence then mine. I have grown a madshack mother for a while now that i love, buckets full of yield, really dense nugs that are extremely frosted, lemon pinesol smell and heavy and hazey on exhale, it is not a strong smelling plant when grown nor when cured, or in bag, but madshack does have a odour when smoked it leaves a sweet floral aroma in the room that can really stink up a house and leave that fresh smell that very fine bud has been smoked. As others have said this is absolutley one potent strain and will put you on your ass, veteran smokers only sign is needed.
  7. Too wet and too close to light
  8. Lookin good, sorry to hear about bud rot. How far does your outdoor season go for?
  9. Aha thats a cool trait, seen that only a few times. Hows that outdoor NBD doing with the yield and the smell now that its dry? Man its definitely one of my favorite smelling strains.
  10. Yea, one reason money. lol. I think everyones gonna hop on board of full legalization soon and medical being the first step to test the waters, due to how many jobs, businesses, income, and state tax it brings.
  11. Np all, the one with the tiger coming through the television with the girl riding it, is mind blowing, I really wonder how they pull those off so perfect.
  12. I would have to agree, I've been using the website less and less also due to inactivity and bugs, the main seed website and the forum have a ton of problems I've tried to bring up, also you have people spamming and causing issues with no one to deal with them and its very frustrating. I love the community so much and hate to see members go and it fall apart. I wonder whats going on.
  13. Hey there, hows everything coming along FOTH? Just wanted to show you my home made cross that finished up! NBD x SD - No Flash - HDR NBD - SD - Flash On - HDR
  14. Nokturnal

    NBD x SD

  15. Dropping brand new labeled seedlings >,< (No longer labeled lol)
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