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  1. Thank you for the warning the first purpose of this was educational but if it comes to be a real recepe extra precaution is needed in the moment of blending and manipulating quantities of raw nutrients. But when the nutrient blend is mixed and packaged you would use the same precautions as with the original commercial blend cause its the same ingr├ędients in the same proportion. Instruction of use and warnings are present on the raw nutrients packages , following them would be safe.
  2. Hi, i wanted to understand beter nutes and what theres inside and why recepes change so much from one brand to another and why is it so hard to read from the supplyer. I started to look for the recepe of the Jack's Nutrients because it have all the elements on the package, because of some laws there. I post this in case someone is interested too in understanding better, to discuss methods , results and nutes nerds stuff. So i looked into the Jack's Tap water 15-5-20 which has a npk ratio i like for flowering, i made a excel sheet and found that 350 g Potassium Nitrate KNO3 120 g Caclium Nitrate 164 g Magn├ęsium Nitrate 160 g Ammonium Nitrate 220 g Monopotassium phosphate gives a total mix of 1014g which contains (in parenthesis i put the original formula) 115 g N from NO3- (120g N from NO3-) 28 g N from NH4- (30g N from NH4+) 50 g P (50g P) 198,5 g K (200g K) 29 g Ca (30g Ca) 15,5 g Mg (15g Mg) still have to refine with different salts purity and add the micronutrients but its coming close
  3. of course some prices increase , working on landraces sativas is much more work than breeding elite genetics. Please friends, choose to give your money to the real breeders!
  4. Zamal CBD, Nepalma, Double JAm, ColJam, Double Zamal, Zamal Mystic are available on the spanish shop. and others landraces!
  5. You can find new seeds from jgl on a spanish tropical seed bank
  6. only 3 times before stretch, works perfect!
  7. Chocolate rain F2 i made, grown organic with only earth and urine, smells sweet and fruity
  8. Have a nice run with all these novels genetics san! i'll watch you
  9. Very nice Lavie i hope you find a cheap solution for the cold! Maybe i wrote it wrong on the bag but the cross is SourKush from USC x chocolate rain. They look pretty i'm glad you grow them, it's an honor for me to see it in your room, keep this fat green my friend!
  10. Awful pics brothers here is my contribution i hope i win this sock
  11. ifinally achieved to ork ith my ra pics : again chocolate rain a well mixed pheno with a more kushy smell and taste, beautiful structure the kushier pheno a very tall sativa pheno with a dry perfume smell, and a celestial high the kind of licorice pheno KOFist
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