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  1. Smoke report : London City Genetics - Super Lemon Larry Super lemon haze ( essex cut) x lemon larry ( elite genetics ) Set the scence... I placed a jar of flowers on the table, the cover story was that it is a smoke i brought up from my home city for the work lads to enjoy. A strange mix of english, scottish and irish. Five of us sat around a table after a long day on the construction site. It is agreed since i dont smoke tobacco we will smoke it pure and as we begin to smoke these are my thoughts. Texture - perfectly dried. Crunchy but sticky and full of oils. Smell - lemon, lemon haze , slightest bubblegum and anise with a dark unknown finish. As the flowers are broken apart and the smell fills the room it is confirmed, she stinks ! Taste - just lemon. Super smooth everybody was suprised it was a pure joint. No coughing. I was the most shocked as only i knew it hadent even been cured yet. The sweet lemon taste covers your tongue like candy. Experiance - mostly a high with very little stoned these are great flowers to bring out during a party, i would say its a great social smoke. As more joints are smoked there appears to be no ceiling to the high you just travel deeper and further into the reaches of concious thought. Even though i have barely smoked a single joint in the past few years no ill effects have come from smoking more tonight and ive honestly over indulged. No anxiety, paranoia or sickness. Final thoughts - im really impressed with how everything improved this round compared to when i ran her from seed. The texture is perfect the smell is more pronounced and concentrated and taste is just right. *sannies buffertabs* I remember when i would throw a whole harvest straight into the rubbish, not anymore ! This is just like my outdoor flowers. Potent, stinky and full of flavour. Im so proud of these flowers, everybody here complimented her taste and potency and after a cure 9/10. This is my favourite so far. robin.
  2. Some 17 days ago i harvested my plants and hung them to dry as i left the house for a work trip. Ive been some 800 miles from home. I came back expecting really dry and crisp flowers which was not the case... in my absence the house became ridiculously cold and after 17 days of hanging to dry the plants were still wet and growing mold. Bagseed : im not trimming the bagseed due to it going straight into the bin... double digit ounces. Im sure i could rescue an ounce but who knows where the mold spores have gone. She smells absolutely AMAZING ! All i can smell are the fruity cheesy terps from the UK psychosis. With plenty of resin to ruin your herb crusher. Total shame to not being able to try this beauty. London City Genetics - super lemon larry. She didnt mold, thank god. Everything has improved this round which is the first from clone. Totally impressed with how the smell has become more concentrated. The flowers are dense with a sweet crunch when handled. I have not finnished trimming but as i type im on the train heading back north. I will add better pictures in the next day or two
  3. robin hood


  4. that SanFune looks beautiful. The flowers remind me of haze flowers. When i read about SanFune it was already f2 and going in a different direction to what i would choose with less red berry phenos... then i read your last words " oily and smells like sweet red berries" WOW nice job ! After growing eskobar's santa maria s1 ive wanted that red berries and cream taste again.
  5. Mad kush was similar to the mad scientist i had the same phenos with an added chocolate covered peanuts pheno ( possible from the katsu bubba kush ). The best smoke was the white widow leaning - short and stocky main cola dominant absolutely reeks of lemon floor cleaner with a dash of ammonia and dripping resin. Like i said im interested to see what jackberry brings to the table. Im also waiting on the mad kush / hashplant / double strawberry diesel / killing fields cross i skipped sugar punch to make sure i would have room.
  6. Nice flowers I had lots of fun smoking the winners from mad scientist and mad kush ( mad scientist x bubba kush ) nice to see the evolution and added phenos from jackberry.
  7. Thanks sunny. Its a great phychosis / og kush mix, i think ill try the flowers over christmas. Do you have anything special to smoke during the end of year celebrations? your amnesia haze looks so tasty! Id choose her.
  8. Hello all , I have been swept off my feet with work recently, being involved in the construction trade sometimes involves living away from home while working on large projects. The plants have been on auto-pilot since week 4 or 5 flower, as such various health problems did arise. I am just extremely grateful the harvest i am about to receive. Week 9 flower. Bagseed (mother) london city genetics - white-psycho. Uk phychosis x white russian (Pollen) london city genetics - lemz OG. Sfv Og x ( sfv OG x critical mass ) Day 1 and day 72 of 12-12 Structure - the structure is very much white-psycho dominated, the lemz og was very leggy with alot of stretch between flowers. Flowers - the flowers have an og appearence with elongated flowers . Decent yield but flowers not as dense or visually appealing as the london larry og from round 2 Aroma - smells very much like london larry og from the last round ( same sfv og was used in both) very much an industrial / chemical fumes, garlic flavour super glue. There are other smells present which i will discover more once the flowers have dried. Flowering time - 9 weeks of flower - 10 weeks of 12-12 Trichs 88% cloudy 10% amber 2% clear Next : Lemon larry og x arif OG Sunset sherbet s1 x (uk phychosis x arif OG) Uk phychosis x grand daddy purple All bred by london city genetics, results dont lie.
  9. Yeah i think alot of 'clone only' strains now are just accidental crosses or s1 selections. Must be a kick in the teeth for real breeders when people find a winner from an accidental cross then put a 10 000 price tag on her... Anyway, update. Not a real update im just bored with a glass of wine. Here is bagseed. Fucks knows what week im on i havent been counting its around week 4 . Ill go n check my post about when i started flower. Here is my super lemon larry mother. She starts real slow like a 12 week strain and then around week 9.5 just dies off Makes big buds that shrink and dry really dense, smells awesome too ! Like lemon haze, then when dry sometimes i smell small anise background. I visited my local city today, currently I live in a farming area of the country so they have renowned awesome farmer markets with fresh produce. As a joke i brought some 'height increase' insoles for my shoes so for today i was 191cm I also brought a second 600w hps ( dual spectrum) to cover the edges of grow room and some mylar too for added reflection. Sorry for the flash it was to much work to take them out of cuboard and photograph properly. R.H
  10. Thanks sunny. It was just a seed from a hermie pollination, dont make my own seeds. Breeding is a long game. I can buy several years of hard work for just 20 bucks. She has sparked a small interest in making some seeds though as she is better than either parents. Here she is at flower day 20 Some pistils have burned due to a pyrethrum organic insecticide spray i applied for spidermites.
  11. Wow ! This is my favourite page, impressive flowers man. BLR-Durgh, anise... sounds like a party to me
  12. Still drooling over this london larry og from the last round, she is pure temptation in a jar. Update : Week 2 flower I have culled one bagseed due to space now i have three plants : London city genetics - Super lemon larry London city genetics - White-psycho Bagseed - white-psycho x lemz og Im fighting a large spider mite infestation on the white-psycho which has not affected either other plants. Im inbetween paychecks so its a hard battle. Ive purchased predator mites last week which was a total fail. Now i just spray with garlic to slow down untill i get paid and can purchase something stronger and also some new genetics. Group shot - Nice green plants, Sannies buffertabs always doing the job. Always have good plants with sannies organics. Double trouble ( super lemon larry ) Bagseed (white-psychoxlemzog) Reminds me of the white-psycho mother with slimmer leafs. Lots of nice early resin
  13. Dry shots from round 2 You can see im not a fan of trimming...its long. London city genetics - super lemon larry. Super lemon haze ( essex cut) x lemon larry og Pheno #1 I feel this pheno sides with the super lemon haze mother, classic lemon haze smells that anybody in europe is familiar with. She produced nice size flowers typically big but not so dense so they did shrink once dried. I normally stay away from haze genetics for fear of growing a long flower plant but that was not the case here i think she can be plucked 9 weeks from clone. I have a clone of her in the next round so room for improvement. London city genetics - london larry og. Arif - og x lemon larry og Pheno #1 Im very happy with this pheno. She has exceeded my expectations. The flowers were far bigger than i had expected from the genetics, due to their density they didnt shrink to much through drying. High calyx to leaf ratio, so easy to trim. The dried flowers are still as oily to the touch as when they were fresh. The smells are super pungent with chemically / industrial im also still picking up the garlic flavour super glue smells. Yield was impressive and above average for the genetics, impressive resin output too. Need to re-veg this quickly she ticks so many boxes. Pheno #2 Due to my personal preference im bias towards this pheno. I also seek out and enjoy this flavor profile. Super sour Super lemon Sour lemon sherbet The flowers are somewhat airy but there is plenty of it which bumps up weight. The resin glands are still super sticky giving a crop of super pungent flowers. Really potent / moorish smells.
  14. Round 3. 1 x 16 litre ( 5 gallon ) 3 x 8 litre ( 2 gallon ) The plants have been vegging in root pouches filled with plagron bat mix soil and sannies buffertabs the lighting was a 250w hps. They have now been placed under a 600w hps for flower. London city genetics - super lemon larry clone White-psycho x lemz og bagseed. Lemz og x lemz og bagseed. London city genetics white-psycho clone. They have been under 12-12 lighting for a week since these photos. Will update when they begin to flower...
  15. Oh we have a funny man in the audience. Hi sunnyvale
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