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  1. Is Anesthesia going to be restock again ?
  2. More pics of the Jalisco IBL
  3. Can you do a cross of that Lemon cut with Sannies Super Silver Haze cut.
  4. Nice Freebies Indican With the Sugar Punch and Chocolate Rain back in stock you got to make a order that should raise the sales a bit.
  5. Mr Nice seeds had a strain named AC/DC It's a cross of Black widow x Haze A/C.
  6. Are you going to breed with or have you used Joti lemon skunk before ?
  7. I was looking at JOTI Lemon Skunk. Does it really have a skunky smell to it or a powerful lemon peel smell ?
  8. I was reading that a new website is coming soon. If they don't pop up E mail Dynasty Genetics about it.
  9. I was reading off Dynasty Genetics Facebook Cherry vanilla skunk is a skunk from Florida and huckleberry skunk is a cross of Cherry vanilla skunk with huckleberry But if you want more info about it contact Dynasty Genetics through their website.
  10. I think he's talking about Cherry Vanilla Skunk
  11. FatBoy707

    Mosca Seeds

    What Strain from Mosca were you trying to grow ?
  12. Does feeder roots have anything to do with it ? Some strain have long and some others have short root balls.
  13. There's a bunch of videos on youtube about this light.
  14. Have you played with peakseeds blueberry ?
  15. Are you going to do a grow log ?
  16. BagWell are you going to grow Blue Magoo BX2 ?
  17. Have you seen the Mt Hood Huckleberry F3 it's available now
  18. Have you guys also seen their Platinum Huckleberry Cookies Strain.
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