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  1. The purple pheno is a BB leaner. The one I had did not have much taste and was the lightest yielder in the bunch. It was also done earlier than the rest. Does the green plant smell like lemon lime with a hint of diesel? From the 2 that I had they were Killa Queen dominant. A little more body effect than the rest. The NYCD leaning phenos and the mix phenos are the most interesting. You get these exotic fruit smells and that ship engine diesel smell that is insane! Enjoy your bag of skittles from the dirt. I know I did. Understanding the lineage of the parents will help to identify what is coming out.
  2. So I am here to wrap up my Sugar Punch experience. Like a bud bag of skittles, so many flavors, all of them great in there own way. 3 plants really stood out. We pulled 10oz off of our largest yielder and the rest were between 6oz and a half a pound per plant. (Minus the Sinmints avg 2.5 oz) I do have 2 bud shots and some lab results. Sugar Punch #9(7oz 18grams) tested 24.478%THC! Sinmint#2(5oz 4 grams) at 23.056%THC! That would place #9 in the tied for 10th slot in High Times strongest strains report 2014. All in all amazing experience. Thank you Sannie
  3. Thank you Rose. The Sinmints I have sampled so far are have leaned in the combo head, body effect. Not too overwhelming. The Sugar Punch I have dubbed #9 is phenomonal. Smell like pungent raw diesel fuel with some exotic fruit I have yet to put my finger on. The effect is all head and a reality altering high is all I can use to describe it. Smoking it is an experience in itself. Its amazing. Smoking it is more like 3 hits from a raw paper and the next words your hear out of the ether are buckle up, we are now ascending to our cruising altitude, where we will be for the next 2.5 hours, enjoy your trip.
  4. Cut 4 more down at day 67. These colas are huge! Huge fuely exotic berry smelling buds. Extrema x Wifi, Sin Mint, SP in that order.
  5. I got the same from reading the smoke reports on the web. From those 20 beans you should def find a keeper. Out of the 10 I believe I have found 2 or 3 specimens that have the trifecta of smell, taste, and yield. Potency is automatic with this strain and should be present if your even considering keeping any pheno from a strain.
  6. SinMint Cookies is a strain developed by SinCity Seed Co. Forum Cut GSC x Blue Power(Sour DubbleXMaster Kush) x (The WhiteXBlueMoonshine) Its my first time growing it out. Im excited about three out of the five I planted. All more Indica Dom. Sin City is a decent seed Co. , not anywhere near the stabilizing and nurturing that Sannie has put into his strains but, decent if you want to get your hands on the now genetics.
  7. They were topped at the fifth node and vegged for 5 weeks super cropping every now and then to open up the plant. They were grown in 7 gallon containers pro mix. Using Age Old Organics, Budswel and Progress Earth compost tea.
  8. Thank you Sannie for breeding such an outstanding strain. Every pheno is slightly different and they are alll great! It's been a pleasure to grow and smoke. Day 63 I took down a couple more SP, an ExtremaxWiFi and a Sin Mint Cookie, pics in that order. They have been getting just water for the past week. Week before that just Budswell.
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