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  1. Lurk Daddy


    Best bubblegum i ever had was from a pack of killing fields back in 2011. Just grew out one female. Cant remember if they were the F2s or F3s but damn it was nice. Dark purple buds and straight pink bubblegum smell and taste. Good daytime herb. Didnt wreck you but nice good timin high. Wish there was a clone of that pheno floatin around. Id sell my ass for a cut. Ive tried different bubblegum crosses and nothing is very bubblegummy
  2. Luther Dogman(old sensi star x chem 4) Alien Dog(alien tech x chem D) Alien 91(alien tech x chem 91) White Fire(fire og x the white) unnamed cross I made(sour bubble x [mental floss x chem sour d] ) unnamed cross #2(sour bubble x cherry pie) Goodluck to all this year
  3. Lurk Daddy

    fucking pigs!

    Good deal. jail sucks. unless you dont like pussy, pillow, or privacy. then its a real gem where you shit and shower with all your fellow inmates and wear clothes supplied by bob barker. Its an awful place that only real scum should have to visit. With a lawyer like that I figure you can get all your shit back and a blow job from the whole police force. Then theyll go find that hunter and throw his ass in jail for being a snoopin bastard. No but in all honesty that is the lawyer you want. Everyone wants. Good deal. Hopefully soon. Until then lets all just be glad we dont live in Kansas. http://norml.org/law...sas-penalties-2 I hope everything just gets better and better here on out for you and your uncle. Take care. Lurk.
  4. Mad Kush is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! You grew it before didn't you? Don't blame you for goin round 2. MK is fuckin potent and tasty. Gonna have to grab me another pack soon. Take care Lurk
  5. Lurk Daddy

    fucking pigs!

    I feel for you brother. Got busted back in January. Fuckin nightmare. They came in when no one was home. Theres almost always someone at home but we all left that morning. About an hour after I left someone I live with calls and says they came home and there was cops in the house and they found herb. There was a reported burlary(FUCKIN BULLSHIT!!!) so they let themselves in. When I was in jail I saw the police report in court and cops said I CALLED when they were in my house and told them I had 400 pounds(WAY WAY WAY MORE than I actually had) and that I wasn't coming home. Not even a retarded person would tell the cops that, especially cause it wasn't true. It was obviously a lie cause the next paragraph on the police report was a narc saying I had an amount that was significantly lower than the cop said in the previous paragraph. Id never been so mad. All I can say is keep your head up and tell your uncle to do the same. If he's lookin at time make sure to write and visit as much as possible. Im really sorry about your going through especially with family involved but try and stay positive. Life can be a stinker sometimes. Theres so much more I wanna say but whenever im on this forum I have to hit a key 10 times before a letter pops up. Took an hour to type this. But it was worth it! Take care. And FUCK that hunter!!! Lurk Daddy
  6. Hello. Lurk Daddy here. Been awhile. Still need to finish that grow report from last year. Just haven't had the motivation ever since what happened earlier this year. Anyways my question is... Has anybody ever had their seeds taken from the police? Has anybody ever gotten them back? As far as I know seeds are not illegal. You can purchase them at dispensaries or at the cannibus cup here in California. Anyone that has any knowledge on the subject I would appreciate your input. Thanks and take care.
  7. Reservoir Chemdawg Sour D. 5/5 female, all very nice yielders, very chemmy/sour fuel, most potent out of 11 strains I grew outdoors. Most diesel smelling strain I've ever had was Gryphon from Motarebel. Also grown outside last year but not nearly as good of results as Rez ChemSour. Take care.
  8. Not the biggest yielder but fantastic smoke. Tasted great and had a anti anxiety high and relaxing body stone. One of my favorites to smoke from last years grow. And the fuckin you know whos came and took it all along with everything else. Came when no one was home and made up a lie to get in. They made up so much shit and even went to lengths to say I told them I had over 10 times the amount I actually had and that I aint comin home. Im fuckin devastated. Not only that years of hard work is gone but that they are lying to extremes I cant fuckin believe. Fuck California. Its all hype. Take care. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qu6r7Yd_iG8
  9. Sound like some nice crosses. Been wanting to try something with PTK for a long time. Is the Uzebeki the same that is used in Cannabiogens Taskenti? Will these strains be available in the shop? Please let us know. Take care.
  10. Real nice job Robo! Looks like you had a great year. The SSH LaVie x PCK looks amazing. Bet the smoke will be a real treat! Glad to see you grew the ColJam x Ms Universe. I chose a pack of these from the potm. Sounds like a fun one to grow outside. Probably can get huge. I would agree with you that Ms Universe holds up well outside. My Ms U pheno of Caramel Cough did outstanding against mold and bugs and yielded great as well. Smells strong of pineapple haze and citrus. One of the best all around plants I've grown. My favorite sativa smoke in a long time too. Anyways thanks for sharing your pictures and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Take care.
  11. Chimera Seeds Sassy Frass (10seeds) Environment: Indoor/Outdoor Genetics: Superior Afghani Skunk x DJ Short Blueberry Flowering time: 50-55 days Harvest Time: - Height: - Yield: - Sassy Frass is a stable hybrid between a DJ Short Blueberry and a clone of two well loved lines of Superior Afghani Skunk (SAS). This cannabis variety was developed by the Chimera Seeds for everyone who loves a powerful indica effect. Seeds of Sassy Frass are new in the market and became popular between marijuana fans almost instantly. They are easy to cultivate both indoors and outdoors, producing quite compact plants with some traits of sativa genetics. During vegetation that last a couple of weeks, this cannabis plants tend to stretch and look more tall than bushy. When flowering comes, a lot of internodes appear and 7 weeks later turn into frosty lime green nuggets. This variety is very resinous, the whole plant seems to be covered with shiny sticky crystals. Sassy Frass is proven to be a rare strain producing practically no smell while growing. Typically for indicas, Sassy Frass marijuana contains higher amount CBD than THC what gives her a strong, corporal high, so needed after a hard working day. This strain is very medical and is used as an alternative to known tranquilizers. Sassy Frass cannabis is said to be a good yielder and is widely used for commercial purposes as well as personal. Chimera and DJ Short once more...
  12. Just found out I won something! I'm as excited as I look in my avatar! Never won anything for 10th place before! My kinda contest. Good job to everyone that participated and thanks to all who donated seeds. Sorry it took me awhile to respond to this. Been busy!!! Got a sore ass and a buff right arm as of lately. I'll be back around in about a month or so. Take care. - Lurk
  13. What about Maple Leaf Indica. I've read a lot of good about this strain. Gonna grab a pack for next year. Other interesting ones are BCSC Afghani Dream, Cannacopia Lapis Mountain Indica, and Real Seeds Mazar.
  14. Havin a hell of a time updating. When I posted today only half came up. Not sure whats goin on.
  15. @DesertGrown - Yes! Stoned I was! And stoned I am now! Wish me luck on round 2! Take care. @Robo - Yeah it sure sucks when that happens. Dang it!!! Notepad is a very good idea. Thanks for stopping by. Take care. Time for the update. Harvest is near for a few plants. Ready to grab the scissors and go to town. Caterpillars are here eatin and shittin. Definately wanna be a caterpillar in my next life. Born in the bud, die in the bud. Been BTing morning and night to try and keep them under control. Even got trichogramma wasps and green laced wings and theyre still eating like its thanksgiving. Caterpillars are fucking unstoppable. So hard to beat. They definately keep balance in the gardening world. I dont even mind grasshoppers anymore. Theyre my homies compared to caterpillars. Just been giving the plants the plants water and compost teas with some catalyst in there. A couple plants are lookin like they have magnesium deficiency so I've been giving them some cal/mag. Alright on to the lookin part. Huck Kush #1. This one is about finished. To me it smells just like blue dream with kush in the background. Really nice. Huck Kush #2. This one lost alot of branches a while back and it still looks like it will be a good yielder. Smells more kush than #1 with subtle berry. Buds look amazing. Super frosty. Head Trip. Dig the structure of this plant. The buds are big and smell amazing. The plant in the back left of the 1st pic is Gryphon. Gryphon #1. Looks like a little tug boat. Tiny plant thats looks like it will be a nice yielder. Smells like lemon candy and turpentine. Got to try a bud with Lurk Lady thanks to a caterpillar that chewed through a stem. Made us lethargic and laugh for hours. Love this kind of herb. Gryphon #2. Taller sativa structure. Smells like #1 but more lemon hazey smell. Reminds me of Sannies Jack a little bit. BCBD GSC. Big chunky nugs. Strong kush smell. Almost done. ChemSour #1. Doing awesome. Has the least caterpillar damage of all and looks like it will yield very nice. Also has the least smell of all the ChemSours so I hope that picks up soon. It does have slight chemdawg smell though. ChemSour #2. Smells like Chemdawg. Gonna be strong stuff. Nice yielder too. Chemsour #3. This one has more of a tree structure while #1 and 2 are smaller and bushy. Smells like strawberry and chemmy. Hope the fruitiness turns diesel soon. Either way it smells great.<p><a a="" album_3831="" class="bbc_url" gallery="" href="https://www.opengrow.com/gallery/image/114467-2013-camera-196/" src="https://www.opengrow.com/uploads/gallery/album_3831/gallery_7742_3831_44938.jpg" title="" uploads="" www.opengrow.com="">
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