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  1. i would like to know if SLH is still ultra lemony like it was when it came out...or have the parents changed etc...??has anyone grown it in the last 6 months or so? i want pure lemon taste any info would be appreciated
  2. h.truman


    do a google search dumbass! fuckin clown!its always you spouting off,just shut the fuck up and do a search!jeezus christ!
  3. try pyramids anesthesia,it better anyways
  4. h.truman


    and im not bashing whazzup
  5. h.truman


    you guy should do a google search,there are many reports on pyramid anesthesia,id bet it kicks the other breeders ass! every report raves about the potency,yield and consistancy
  6. i looked into the OL but theres too much variation...not all plants are lemon
  7. can anyone help a brother out?im looking for a strain that is potent and an unmistakeable lemon smell/taste i wish lemon skunk was still available.....
  8. i just got a pack of twisted fruit!yippee!
  9. can anyone tell me where i can buy these seeds?
  10. steve tuck took rhfb to f15 before dabean co got a hold of it.... its an excellent true breeding ibl that is huge,potent and fruity,its up there with any aaa+ elite.....i have crossed it to c99a and its epic..rcm collective has some of the best outdoor genetics you can get!im not affaliated at all,just a happy customer...highrise seeds are ahead of the game...if you can get fire99a grab it cause its a new wave in perfect outdoor genetics
  11. why cant i post a youtube link?
  12. so here is my set up,i am showing my small veg/breeding cab as well as my new hempy flower set up.....hope you enjoy everyone! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k23jPexO6dU
  13. h.truman


    just so you guys know,pyramid seeds came out with the anestesia way before sannies did...so really its their name not sannies. you obviously have never smoked pyramids seeds anestesia....its fucking dank! and they are a very very underrated breeder!just do a google search!its a very good seed company!im not knocking sannies at all,but for people to call pyramid seed hacks is a joke!especially when you have never grown or smoked anything they offer!
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