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  1. Gimme5minutes

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    I love porn.
  2. Gimme5minutes

    What a strange plant

    Removing the mature branches helped a lot. The plant seemed to bulk up a little when the smaller bits were cut away. There are no fan leaves or any obvious indicators this is a pot plant anymore, kind of cool. She has stopped growing taller and is developing more flowers than previously, in particular on the upper area. There's a lot more flowers filling in the gaps but no sign of any fat buds shaping up. I've seen two of the other plants only recently and they're practically identical, same height, shape, everything. I'll keep you updated. Thanks for the feedback.
  3. Gimme5minutes

    Swamp Grow 3

    Some stuff has changed, some has not. I now have 7 God's Space Needle females, a couple have even begun to bud. A few things have started coming together, the future looks brighter.
  4. Gimme5minutes

    What a strange plant

    Well, she has mold but she keeps carrying on anyway. The lower part is starting to finish up a branch at a time. The higher you go the more immature the flowers become. What has been taken off so far is beyond disappointing. All the calyxes are puffed up, at least 75% of the hairs are brown and she smells less like fruit and more like glue. Here's a freshly trimmed lower branch, there are dozens of them and and they all look just like this. What a nightmare.
  5. Gimme5minutes

    Swamp Grow 3

    Maury's first guest this season is...
  6. Gimme5minutes

    Swamp Grow 3

    Its the middle of July and Turkish Maury has started budding. She's the first photoperiod plant to start flowering outdoors this season, a trait she inherited from her Turkish father from last year. Way to go Maury!
  7. Gimme5minutes

    Swamp Grow 3

    The swamp is already getting hit by mold. The plants have become weeds, unmanageable and all over the place. Every time I look at the area now I lament starting seeds so soon. Their collective size is now beyond my control. Tearing off heads and snapping necks have become a daily occurrence. I chopped the tops of a few autos that looked in danger of turning bad due to the intense humidity. Beautiful tops for autoflowers.
  8. Gimme5minutes

    What a strange plant

    She's been hit by mold, scary mold right by the stem. It looks like a dead purple leaf but if you touch it breaks into thousands of tiny spores. Its early July, I don't think I've ever encountered mold so early, it usually hits in September. Nothing good here.
  9. Gimme5minutes

    NAW Test Center

    Is there any chance NAW will release feminized in the future?
  10. Gimme5minutes

    Whatcha smoking,smoked or are about to smoke?

    God Bud on a Sunday; its why I missed church.
  11. Gimme5minutes

    Swamp Grow 3

    May as well throw some more pics down. I'll start with the contents of the tent. Here's some Jack47 auto tops that are well into bud. Its amazing how quickly they mature. The last pic is of Pandora with the main stem and the bottom branch popping out pointy tops. She is really fattening up fast. Here's some shots from the patch, lots of different kinds of pot plants, overgrown and out of control. Here's one with the Turkish Maury on the left and Islayheart's Truck on the right. Both staying short and manageable. And here's a God's Space Needle male, there's been a few of them and most of the others look very male already. I don't think there's more than 1 or 2 females in the whole batch. That's it for a while.
  12. Gimme5minutes

    Swamp Grow 3

    I have a new morning routine. I walk down to my patch and rip the tops off all the plants because everything's overgrown. All the plants I figured would stay short have grown too tall and the others have stayed short. There's still months of this ahead of me. And now something positive. When I started this year I invested in a bale of Pro-Mix, its the same thing as Sunshine Mix, just a blend of soil-less additives that make up a good growing medium. One of the new changes this year with Pro-Mix is they added Mycorrizae to it. Mycorrizae is like root magic, roots, roots everywhere! The roots are now constantly protruding out of the surface of the soil. Even in areas full of sand and silt they keep popping up. I'm not sure what to do, I just keep throwing more dirt on top.
  13. Gimme5minutes

    What a strange plant

    A few weeks ago I pollenated one of the lower branches with a surprise Turkish Skunk male and killed the guy afterward. I didn't really think anything of it. The pistils on the plant that were hit have turned brown and they are making seeds. This makes me wonder if that means plants like this are more suited to producing seeds than other cannabis plants in the wild. Could a plant like this really mess up the gene pool? It's a scary thought, when it to procreation this plant does have a serious advantage over all the other plants. Consider all the other early maturing males that have already popped. Am I overthinking this?
  14. Gimme5minutes

    MK Ultra

    MK Ultra Smoke Report I had at least a dozen opportunities to try different people's Mk Ultra buds but yesterday I came across an amazing sample. Dense and stuck together like glue, it was the some of the best real Indica I've ever had. Appearance: Pale green, marble sized nuggets that are rock hard and extremely dense. Sticks to everything, easier to get it to bend and stretch than it is to break it apart, I cannot put it in a grinder. The resin content is somewhere between dank and gunk. Looks kind of Kushy, definitely some Afghani heritage in there. Smell: Like dank as Hell OG Kush. There's a proper Chemdawg fuel funk and the fragrance of modelling glue. Smells a lot like Ghost Train Haze but even stronger. Taste: An astringent Chemmy Afghan taste right from the start, it has hints of lime throughout but always coming back with that overpowering Chemdawg flavour. This is a lot like the old school Bubba. Effects: A nice clean narcotic buzz, really chilled out but not overly sedative. I'm definitely cooked. Good full body stone, relaxing and very strong. It works well, I rarely get a few puffs before it goes out from inactivity. Easy to forget what you're doing on this one. Overall: Its like the dankest OG Kush I've ever had. Now I'm on a mission to get some more.
  15. Gimme5minutes

    Can anyone explain some LED science?

    After a little use I can say for a 65 Watt light it really works well.