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  1. The cookies are getting frosty!
  2. Here's the outdoor plants and young autos. The photoperiod plants are between two and half and four feet tall.
  3. Well, all the older autos have been chopped; two out of eleven were decent in terms of bud size and resin production, the rest were substandard. The new homemade batch of autos, nine of them are outside now too with a couple still inside. Most of the clones are outdoor plants now, there's eight weak clones that are still being cared for. The young Seraphs and all the feminized seedlings are progressing nicely. I started four Critical Sour as a last minute entry as well, It should be alright. The indoor selection look good. The OGKZ are already gooey and the cookie hybrids have lots of sticky thin fan leaves that give off a strong lemon/mild pine fragrance. The Blue Angel is miles ahead of the rest, lots of fat delicious buds forming. The smell is a perfect blend of blueberry and grape, its just heavenly. I am so glad I made lots of clones. Here's Blue Angel after less than a month of flower: And here's one of the Cookies:
  4. Things are in a constant state of change. All the autoflowers are outdoor plants now, they look good and done. I'm going to give them another ten days or so, what harm could it do? It turned out all the cookie hybrids were females. Its one of those outcomes I didn't bet on and was unprepared for. My indoor space is full, I ended up giving two girls away and sticking one outside in a 3 gallon pot. I've taken down the CFLs, they didn't work out. I had clones under them and it wasn't showing good results. When placed under the Mars Hydro LED all the clones and starts just came to life dramatically in a couple of days, I wish I had another now. The indoor flowering plants are about 3 weeks in, they look promising. I'll take some pics of the autos before they are cut. Here's some of the indoor stuff, various clones and starts. The flowering area at about 3 weeks, the cookies are really stretching. Blue Angel, OGKZ in the background. This is the Mighty Grape that reacted badly to the fertilizer.
  5. This stay-at-home thing is driving me crazy and making me a fat guy with a drinking problem. Eat, sleep, drink, Xbox, smoke, tend plants, resist the temptation of going outside, its like everyday. If I go anywhere I'm dressed like I'm about to rob a train. I have to keep fiddling with everything just to put my mind at ease, the limited space becomes more limited with each passing day. I've tucked the autoflowers away, into a corner. In about a week I'll stick them outside, let them finish there. Taking up so much space for such little return. Four of them came out reasonably well, dense sticky buds on them. All the female Cookie hybrids (seven of them) have been moved into the flowering room with the other photoperiod plants. My little grow tent is now full of clones and starts. I've selected a Seraph male for breeding; it gives off a pungent lemon stench that's noticeable from five feet away. I love the lemons. I've set it aside on a 12 hour cycle right away. Mighty Grape had a slight issue with the Power Bloom fertilizer I gave it, burnt of the flowering tops at the branch ends, has recovered quickly. Its side branches are growing long and spindly, it might become an issue. The OGKZ looks promising and the Blue Angel is putting on flowers fast. Here's some pics. First is mostly autos, the second is of the feminized plants in the center with the seven Cookie hybrids surrounding them.
  6. Rolled up a fat joint of Jordan's Blue Lights, so dank its like cheese. Popped in a DVD, lit the joint and lost more than three hours of my life, didn't even watch the movie.
  7. Six of the Cookie hybrids turned out female, five to go, no males as of yet. Lost ten clones to mold. One of the Sweet Cream Autos had been intentionally pollinated by a Seraph preflower on 4/20, the seeds are getting fat. More things to play with now, maybe even a late addition. Everything has changed. Had to cram six newly potted girls into a grow space that was already overcrowded. I even stuck the smallest auto outside, it wasn't worth the space it took up. Can't wait for these autos to finish, at least a couple, I really need the real estate. New buds are popping up on the indoor selection, its a very exciting time.
  8. Are you sure Donald Trump didn't accidentally do this?
  9. Quick update, Lots of new surprises. The autos look a few weeks from finishing. Plenty of quarter ounce/half ounce plants, not much bigger. Not seeing the same results as compared to other breeders, these genetics are at least a few generations away from the current standard for autoflowers. Hmmm...Expert Seeds, buy 5 get 11 free, too good to be true? Aside from that, my new sprouts have been reasonably successful. I couldn't get any of the old Turkish Skunk to split. Still, nice while they lasted. All four Seraph have popped out the dirt as well as 4 freebee females; Strawberry Eclair, Blue Widow, Holy Punch and Kandy Kush. I have 42 clones going strong(B. Angel, M. Grape, OGKZ), half of them rooted and 8 new autoflowers. I mistook them for Turkish autoflowers, they were actually labelled "COPANLA". I had to look into last year's grow to figure it out. Its an impromptu creation from an outdoor Northern Lights Auto female with a DP Critical Orange Punch Auto female who threw a male flower on her last day. Should be interesting. The Killer Cookie hybrids were flipped on 4/20 as well as one each of the Blue Angel, Mighty Grape and OGKZ. All the cookies are showing fat roots protruding from the stem, I'd like them to start showing sex so I can replant them. Here's a few pics of the Killer Cookies x GSC.
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