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  1. Well, nothing ever really goes as planned. Camera's bust, thought it was just a bad chord but no, its broken. On top of that I'm getting sick, fever, cough, all the good signs. On the bright side, everything for the garden is going well. It occurred to me that a lot of my starts are going to to be done exclusively indoors and only a few will be planted outside. Blue Angel, Mighty Grape and OGKZ will be for the outdoors after I take some cuttings, everything else will be finished inside. I'll put together a separate journal for the indoor gear soon as I get another camera. That's really about it, I mean, the Fuckin' Incredible didn't germinate but that's all for now.
  2. I intended to do a smoke report on Lemon Bubba as well. I found it far too difficult to describe the taste to someone unfamiliar with Lemon Thai. It had a very soft Kush taste, akin to Caramel Candy Kush with a biting lemon overlay. It was a lot like that rough lemon found in Amnesia or Powerplant, it has a "cutting" taste that's too difficult for me to describe. I hope someone else gives it a shot.
  3. I'm sitting here ripped on Cherry Bomb Indica with a friend. We were having a giggle about how much things have changed locally since legalization. Our local garden supply store is a great example. All they have is pot growing accessories now. The counter is covered in Marijuana growing guides, grow lights, there's a rack selling Crop King seeds and everyone working there is baked. Big change compared to a couple years back. I remember trying to buy a little tub of power bloom and getting grilled by the staff. It was more embarrassing than buying porn. They would point out it was for marijuana cultivation and ask if I still wanted it. But its for growing weed, why do you want it? Its not for me, its for a friend of mine, he just gave me the money to pick it up. I don't know, we better check with the manager, are you sure you want this? The humiliation was horrible, I started buying my supplies online. Wow, how things have changed.
  4. I thought I'd make a point of starting a 2020 grow journal, I kept putting it off last year and only showcased a little bit of it at the end of the season. I got off with a real head start this year, I've never sprouted seeds this early before, I usually anticipate a freak snowstorm, flooding or a power outage in March. I got another tent and an new LED light. My new tent measures 36" x 20" x 62" and the light is a Mars Hydro SP 150. I've been using it only a few weeks but I am loving it. Super bright, great coverage, no fans or noise and gives off very little heat. I have 8 autoflowers under it right now. The rest of the plants are tucked away under my old 150W HPS and cheap LED. These older lights are loud and cost too much to run, they may end up being replaced real soon. I'm going to be busy, a lot of people have asked me for clones, like everybody I know. I'm going to distance myself from my previous projects and I will endeavour to focus on some fresh ideas. This year I will be trying out new seed stock, some new early strains, medical, autos, and some of last year's creations. Here's my lineup: 3 x Blue Angel fems (FoS) 3 x Mighty Grape fems (FoS) 1 x OGKZ fem fast flowering (HSO) 5 x Seraph f2 reg (Woodhorse) 5 x LaSAGE x Killer Cookies reg (THSeeds/Santero) 5 x GSC x Killer Cookies reg (Blimburn/Santero) 1 x Fuckin' Incredible reg (VISC) 11 x Sweet Cream Auto fems (Expert Seeds) They have all popped up and the females are in 2 gallon buckets, the regular ones in little cups. I have a bunch of feminized freebies I'd like to try also if the space materializes. I've grown the Mighty Grape outdoors previously and I know it finishes in early September. Mighty Grape and the Blue Angel will account for the bulk of my outdoor plants and clones I cut. The autos, Seraph and the cookie hybrids will be done indoors exclusive of the others. I'm dying to see how they turn out. Have to see how it goes. I'll take some pics next time.
  5. The other day I was sitting in the park when a teenager approached me trying to sell a plastic bag of ganja tea. It was something he'd made at home, just a bag of sticks and bottoms, he put a label on it and tried to offered it around. I had no desire to get it but feigned interest to be supportive and polite. I took a moment to read the label and the directions. It read something about adding the contents to a saucepan of table cream and binding it to the fat with heat. I'd never heard this before, or at least never given it much notice. I've always used the leaves, sticks and skimpy buds as is in boiling water; leave it to cool and drink it. So anyway, I did not buy the tea but followed the directions to bind the THC to the fat instead. I started by making one cup of cream combined with half an once of hashy Turkish buds and drank it pretty much in one sip. It started with a wide-grinned electric buzz for a while and an hour later it sent me to the moon. Mind blown, lying on my back and soon to be resting comfortably. I'm enjoying this, I have it almost every night, its great for the buds that taste outdoorsy or are difficult to tolerate. I'm going through old jars of my homegrown awfully quick now. So yeah, I'm fairly certain I've been doing this wrong for 20 years.
  6. Killer Cookies (Killaqueen X GSC forum cut) - Created by Santero Appearance: Pale green, sticky, outdoor, leafy, little bit of frost, smaller buds. Nothing stands out, it is outdoor after all. The Smell: Soft sweet citrus blend, somewhere between pineapple and orange with lemons. Very much like the scent of Fruit Pastilles. but softer. The Taste: Starts like a soft citrus with a sharp bite. There's an earthy, Affie, Indica taste in there. After only a few puffs the lemony citric bits blend into a piercing minty taste, its hiding in my nostrils. The mint becomes the only thing I notice, its building and turning thick and greasy, I'm feeling it in my lungs and on my gums. That earthiness is more akin to powdered dark chocolate now, not the cheap stuff either. Chocolate on the inhale, mint on the exhale. I have to slow down on smoking it, the mint is overwhelming to my pallet. The Effect: It was like smoking good Durban Poison, what a punch, it hit harder than expected and I lost track of what I was doing within moments. I became docile and disinterested and a little confused, I looked baked, I felt baked. I had eyes like pickled onions. That buzz just registered in my brain as exactly like pure Durban, kind of electric, it left me a little shaken up. A nice trip down Memory Lane. Short-lived high but quite strong and only takes a few puffs. Overall: Definitely the strongest GSC hybrid I've tried so far, really nails the mint chocolate taste.
  7. Blimburn GSC - Smoke Report I grew a bunch of these outdoors this year. I took six clones from 2 mothers indoors at the beginning of July for selective breeding and to see the difference between the results. I didn't give them anything that wasn't already in the dirt. They had 9 weeks under the light. They came out as clusters of fat Indica buds, very much like Critical Mass in terms of bud hardness and resin density. So tight its a little over the top. All dried and cured and ready to be smoked. Appearance: Completely covered in resin, resin bomb? One of these visually stunning strains that stands out. Solid, all good sized buds, they all look extra plump and gooey. The flowers are overwhelmingly fat and they're just crammed in there. Super-sticky, steroid freak rock hard buds. Smell: Pungent fruit, cherries, red berries, candy scents. Solid overwhelming fruity fragrance. It smells so tasty, breaking the bud brings out the candy quality. There's a mild chem/fennel scent in there too. Taste: Exactly like the smell, delicious pungent fruit salad. There's an Afghani earthiness in the background. Adds a more complex quality to the texture of the smoke, something spongy...I can't really put it into words, it adds depth to the flavour. Its very enjoyable. The red berries, cherry, juicy fruit with nuances of vanilla wafer are simply delightful. It reminds me of fruitcake or pastry. Effect: Strong head high and body stone. Kicks in immediately. I'm always taken back by the taste, by the time I've stopped to admire the delightful bits I am already feeling its potency. Nicely potent, good and strong medicine that's not devastating. The head goes up and the body comes down a notch. it takes over, it becomes a chore to try and describe the effects. A seriously strong relaxing body stone, not narcotic, more like hashplant, something mildly sedative and dreamy. Very powerful physical effects even after a few hours, I managed to lose myself in a sci-fi daydream for an hour or so. I'll probably take a nap. Overall: I can't knock this one. Some of the best I've had all year. *The picture is at about 5 weeks into bud.
  8. Blimburn - Girl Scout Cookies Outdoor Grow Report These were grown outdoors, in the ground from the beginning of April until the 21st of October this year. They had a small bag of chicken manure added to the garden beforehand and that was everything they had for the entire growing season. I started them from seed and then indoors and then cut a couple dozen clones from them as soon as I could before putting the two mothers in the ground. I grew out the clones indoors under a small light for a few more weeks before bringing them outside and placed in pots, scattered throughout the garden in spots where light broke through. The plants all started short and bushy, like old Afghani, at least for the first three months. as as July hit everything just reached for the sky. They were completely different plants. A stubby three footer suddenly became a lanky seven foot something. The plants couldn't support the long branches they were producing and needed to be propped up, staked and tied. These were not early finishers. Most of my plants flipped into bud late June to mid July, GSC didn't flip until mid September, about a week into this year's ultimate nightmare rainy season. September and October this year are best described as bleak, windy, cold and always wet. I spent two months wearing rubber boots. GSC did not succumb to the weather at all, no mold or mildew. I ended up with a very good harvest, especially the clones which all finished a few weeks earlier. One produced green buds the other all purple buds, frosty with a fruity scent and tight little nuggets. Keep in mind this was grown in a Northern climate with very few amenities to the soil, in the cold my plants will produce smaller buds, tighter and more compact with fewer flowers and more resin-coated leaves. Overall, I am very impressed they actually finished.
  9. Just cut and trimmed the Killer Cookies, they were the last plants to flip outdoors. They have endured weeks of bitter wind and rain and are the frostiest of this year's outdoor crop. Amazing resistance to harsh weather and near-freezing nights. No sign of mold at all, I'm very impressed.
  10. Dealt with them years ago, I tried their own seeds, something black, they were crap, never grew a single plant of interest. Also, they remove the seeds from breeder's packs whether you want them to or not by citing "stealth" concerns. After a lengthy back-and-forth with Customer Service (Extremely chatty people, wanted to hear all about the country I live in) I had them redo the whole order at my expense just to get a sealed pack. I made a point of writing in block print on the packing slip to get a manager to cancel the order if they attempt to open the sealed pack. They removed the seeds from the breeder's packs anyway and sent them again. This time I received a post-it note saying they purchase their seeds in 5 packs but sell them as 3 packs and that's why they are opened. It included a happy face. Oh, and the seeds were shit.
  11. Had a good September harvest, I have some obscure late finishers still to go. A few of the potted clones that under performed have been brought inside to finish up. Here's a couple of sticky hybrids that came to life under the lights.
  12. I like the CCK for the taste, that perfect Crackerjack/caramel popcorn taste was a special treat. For effect the Caramel Cough was amazing as an antidepressant and had insane resin production that covered every square inch of the plant.
  13. Yes, I do get 100% autoflower but they do behave a bit funny. They go into flower under 24 hours of light as expected and they can't be flipped back into veg or anything. They clone easily, even after budding for a short while, which is odd. Once they start flowering they take about 4 months outdoors to finish and the flowers seem to take forever to mature. Recent interest in this line has prompted me to try and produce a better product and I will attempt to grow some of these indoors as well as getting some friends to grow some outdoors next year as well. I have so many of these buds drying right now that my home smells like a bubblegum factory.
  14. Quick Update: I cut the Turkish Autoflowers, they all survived the rainy season without getting moldy and produced decent results. About a quarter ended up as plants that exhibit primarily Turkish qualities, similar buds, yield, smell, etc. Another quarter of them are much smaller bubblegum smelling plants, extremely pungent and gooey. Half the plants are a cross of the two; smaller buds but more branches with a heavier yield (at least 3 oz), sour bubblegum scent, good resin production. I've left a few branches on each to seed late, really looking forward to sampling these.
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