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  1. I have something that looks like tiny dots eating the inside of the stems on a few plants outdoors. Several weeks ago I cut clones and pruned a few towering pot plants. A few days ago, again while pruning I came across an area I had trimmed and noticed a little bit of pink/purple rot on the end of a clipped branch and decided just to cut another inch off. The newly clipped area was also purple on the tip and moldy an inch down but only the inside of the stem. I cut a longer piece of about 4 inches and split it down the center for a closer look. it wasn't the white fleshy inside you'd normally see but all brown and desiccated like dead wood. I cut another 6 inches off and split it again, this time the dead woody part stopped about an inch down and there was a slimy area. There were also hundreds of tiny insects, like dots, smaller than a mite. They were getting around with little spurts of movement, creeped the shit out of me. I just amputated the whole branch. Whatever it is hadn't infected the end part yet. Never seen this before, any idea what I'm looking at here?
  2. I have two in my garden this year. They look great outdoors, nice short bushes. I've given away about 3 dozen clones and kept a dozen for myself. Let's hope I get better results.
  3. Just letting you know I have your Killer Cookies and Lemon Bubbas gracing my garden this year. Killer Cookies is staying short and branchy, a lot of clones have been cut. The Lemon Bubbas are also short and feature huge leaves with fat fingers. I've pulled a couple of males from the Bubbas already and found them homes. It wasn't difficult, they reek of Lemon Pledge. I am dying to see how these turn out.
  4. Gimme5minutes

    Swamp 2016

    Mad Kush and Heribei grown in a swamp.
  5. Fast Outdoor Genetics (FOG) also make an Autoflower Ducksfoot in regular seed form.
  6. I just smoked a fat joint full of Bubba OG roaches. It was killer, so much more potent than the entire bag was. It left me wrecked and wondering how that works. The only problem is I'm really stoned and can't possibly figure out shit right now. GN
  7. Great job so far, I grew a couple of Sweet Seeds strains last year with decent results as well. I have to recommend their Jack47 auto, easy to grow, huge harvests and a very unique high. I love how these plants can change dramatically over the space of just a few days. Good times ahead!
  8. The reality behind legalization is finally hitting home. For the past decade I have been buying cannabis seeds through the mail for novelty and collector's purposes. Since legalization it has become illegal to import seeds to Canada (found out yesterday). Apparently all the weed I've been buying off the internet is also illegal. They made it legal to grow weed and then made the seeds illegal. Now we can only have seeds from the Canadian government and of course they don't have any for anyone. I only discovered all this after receiving a customs letter saying my last order was seized. Since legalization weed has become more illegal now than ever before.
  9. On the left Blue Heron, on the right Lemon Thai. Legalization has its perks.
  10. That's bothersome, it clearly not against the law or anything to ship seeds to Canada. I noticed my Sugar Punch order had taken the scenic route but I put that down to the rotating strikes.
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