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  1. Dealt with them years ago, I tried their own seeds, something black, they were crap, never grew a single plant of interest. Also, they remove the seeds from breeder's packs whether you want them to or not by citing "stealth" concerns. After a lengthy back-and-forth with Customer Service (Extremely chatty people, wanted to hear all about the country I live in) I had them redo the whole order at my expense just to get a sealed pack. I made a point of writing in block print on the packing slip to get a manager to cancel the order if they attempt to open the sealed pack. They removed the seeds from the breeder's packs anyway and sent them again. This time I received a post-it note saying they purchase their seeds in 5 packs but sell them as 3 packs and that's why they are opened. It included a happy face. Oh, and the seeds were shit.
  2. Had a good September harvest, I have some obscure late finishers still to go. A few of the potted clones that under performed have been brought inside to finish up. Here's a couple of sticky hybrids that came to life under the lights.
  3. I like the CCK for the taste, that perfect Crackerjack/caramel popcorn taste was a special treat. For effect the Caramel Cough was amazing as an antidepressant and had insane resin production that covered every square inch of the plant.
  4. Yes, I do get 100% autoflower but they do behave a bit funny. They go into flower under 24 hours of light as expected and they can't be flipped back into veg or anything. They clone easily, even after budding for a short while, which is odd. Once they start flowering they take about 4 months outdoors to finish and the flowers seem to take forever to mature. Recent interest in this line has prompted me to try and produce a better product and I will attempt to grow some of these indoors as well as getting some friends to grow some outdoors next year as well. I have so many of these buds drying right now that my home smells like a bubblegum factory.
  5. Quick Update: I cut the Turkish Autoflowers, they all survived the rainy season without getting moldy and produced decent results. About a quarter ended up as plants that exhibit primarily Turkish qualities, similar buds, yield, smell, etc. Another quarter of them are much smaller bubblegum smelling plants, extremely pungent and gooey. Half the plants are a cross of the two; smaller buds but more branches with a heavier yield (at least 3 oz), sour bubblegum scent, good resin production. I've left a few branches on each to seed late, really looking forward to sampling these.
  6. Noticed the other day your seeds were available at hempdepot. I will definitely pick up some Sanfune soon. Since *legalization* we can't import seeds to Canada anymore and have to purchase them from Canadian sellers or the goverment. It would be nice if Sannie's seeds ended up there as well, I really miss Sugar Punch. Oh, and the Bubba Lemon and Killer Cookies are performing just fine outdoors, they love the September rain.
  7. Saxo, that shit is amazing! This is the first time I've seen these grown indoors, just beautiful.
  8. I'd love to see how they came out! If you have any pics please post them.
  9. I picked up USC Turkish Landrace when it first hit the shop years ago, best seed purchase I ever made. Tried her outdoors in a very inhospitable location and she outperformed many long-trusted local strains. Since then I have crossed it to everything. Here are some of her offspring currently lurking in my garden. Turkish Skunk Turkish Outdoor Autoflower Double Turkish Maury Povich Turkish God's Space Needle Turkish Truck Turkish Special Indica
  10. I have something that looks like tiny dots eating the inside of the stems on a few plants outdoors. Several weeks ago I cut clones and pruned a few towering pot plants. A few days ago, again while pruning I came across an area I had trimmed and noticed a little bit of pink/purple rot on the end of a clipped branch and decided just to cut another inch off. The newly clipped area was also purple on the tip and moldy an inch down but only the inside of the stem. I cut a longer piece of about 4 inches and split it down the center for a closer look. it wasn't the white fleshy inside you'd normally see but all brown and desiccated like dead wood. I cut another 6 inches off and split it again, this time the dead woody part stopped about an inch down and there was a slimy area. There were also hundreds of tiny insects, like dots, smaller than a mite. They were getting around with little spurts of movement, creeped the shit out of me. I just amputated the whole branch. Whatever it is hadn't infected the end part yet. Never seen this before, any idea what I'm looking at here?
  11. I have two in my garden this year. They look great outdoors, nice short bushes. I've given away about 3 dozen clones and kept a dozen for myself. Let's hope I get better results.
  12. Just letting you know I have your Killer Cookies and Lemon Bubbas gracing my garden this year. Killer Cookies is staying short and branchy, a lot of clones have been cut. The Lemon Bubbas are also short and feature huge leaves with fat fingers. I've pulled a couple of males from the Bubbas already and found them homes. It wasn't difficult, they reek of Lemon Pledge. I am dying to see how these turn out.
  13. Gimme5minutes

    Swamp 2016

    Mad Kush and Heribei grown in a swamp.
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