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  1. Gimme5minutes

    2 days

    It hasn't been long since dispensaries started popping up all over my neighboring city; I have 6 temporary membership cards. First thing that happened was all the local growers started going out of business, they couldn't compete. Some people lost their shitty homes and packed up. Today all the dispensaries are gone, they vanished overnight, a few remain as poorly stocked bong stores. The situation is messed up. There's no weed around and no dealers either. The one licensed weed store is over 250 miles away. My neighbor is currently smoking the scrapings out of his old hashpipe; he did not want to share. If things don't change soon its going to get like The Walking Dead out here.
  2. Gimme5minutes

    What a strange plant

    @MassMeds - Yeah, the seed (a photoperiod strain) came from a breeder's sealed pack directly from the breeder's own website. On a lighter note, the bubble hash is crippling. The taste is just like real Morrocan hash, after a few puffs people just stop talking. The last joint I rolled had to be re-lit every time we passed it, the smoker would just space out and had to be reminded to what they were doing.
  3. Gimme5minutes

    Swamp Grow 3

    I'm around the 49 mark, not quite as far North as you are. I'm finding out from friends that all the clones I've given away have finished without issue. Their results are much better than my own, no real mold issues, plenty of fat, well developed buds. A friend grew out the only pure female Turkish female and he chopped it a few days ago. I wasn't very lucky this year but all my friends were so that's a win too.
  4. Gimme5minutes

    Open Grow Word Association Part XIII

    my, my
  5. Gimme5minutes

    Jack47 Auto smoke report

    Jack47 Auto smoke report First time I've tried this strain. Grown from seed and cut only 9 weeks later. Around a couple ounces per plant. So easy to grow. Appearance: Fat and dense buds, all of them. Super sticky coating, white, so chunky, really tight flowers, lots of gum. Looks like some seriously potent outdoor ganja. Has a little color, like reds and yellow on dark green and white. Smell: Slightly floral, sweet with a hint of ginger spice. Breaking up a bud releases a scent of soft fruit, apples and eucalyptus. Strange, sweet and inviting. This bud doesn't stink or anything. Taste: A little sweet, kind of a slightly menthol Northern Lights. There's a prominent flavour of soap or bubblegum. Its very smooth and palatable. There's some spice on the exhale, tasty, not overwhelming and sweet. Its noticeably nice to smoke and easy on the lungs. Effects: Instantly perks me up with energy. Gives me more positive perspective, a few drags is like having morning coffee without the shakes, just impossible to sleep on this one, a real energy boost and its so clear. I admit a whole joint dumbs me down a bit but enhances my creativity and overall mood and it lasts for hours. Excellent daytime smoke, great for people like me who procrastinate a lot. After a joint I can't help but get up and do something, its like I don't have a choice. A lot more potent than I expected and with no body to it. Overall: Very potent Sativa, no body stone, so clear, much better than anticipated. The effect is so very different from anything I've tried, its just so pure and clean and positive. I will grow this again soon.
  6. Gimme5minutes

    Swamp Grow 3

    The storm has passed. Almost every plant was decimated by mold. There are actually a few survivors. Somehow the Cheese plants look unfazed by the weather. The God's Space Needle are also hanging in there. They started budding later in the season and haven't matured enough to be too affected by the rain. Altogether its 5 plants that are still in the game.
  7. Gimme5minutes

    Saving E$cobars Strains

    I wish I knew about Cannabella Seed Club earlier, I can't believe how long I've been waiting for Lady Cane to drop again.
  8. Gimme5minutes

    What a strange plant

    Well, as promised here is a final smoke report to finish this off. Appearance: lots of short, flat and wispy foxtails. There's no bud but its all coated in resin. A lot of greys and browns, some yellow. Its all little 5 inch long sticks. I'm getting about 1 tiny joint for every 2 sticks. There are so many things that make this look terrible. Smell: Exactly like Juicy Fruit gum. Not pungent but it permeates everything. Taste: Its Juicy Fruit on the inhale and then a tobacco taste on the palette and then again on the exhale. After a few puffs the fruit taste is overpowered by the lingering tobacco taste, eventually the fruity taste disappears altogether. Effect: The initial punch comes on quick. The effect in the body is more of a heaviness than a stone, my skin feels tight and there's a feeling of general lethargy and a desire to slow down. It forms a decent body stone, nice and relaxing but that heaviness is also there, it saps my energy and I lose focus. I get about 45 minutes to an hour out of it. Overall: Looks like shit and smells like Juicy Fruit. It tastes like tobacco and hits like the first cigarette of the day. There's not much about this that I'd commonly associate with pot. *The feedback I've been getting is that it tastes and smokes a lot like a flavoured miniature cigar. The stone can be debilitating and feels like something in your head has been turned off. It becomes easy to lose interest in anything. One person described it as being like antipsychotic medication.
  9. Gimme5minutes

    Swamp Grow 3

    Well, big update....I might be looking at a total loss. Everything became shiny and then the rains came. The deciding factor for a successful harvest over here is the severity of the September rainfall. I lost about 20% of my crop last week due to mold and about twice as much this morning. Every punishing storm this week was followed by an hour of blistering hot sunshine. Its been heartbreaking this morning as I hacked away at all the infected limbs and picked away at fist-sized buds that turned to muck at my fingertips. At one point in a fit of rage I shook a plant back and forth a couple of times and it lost all its branches from mold. I dug through at least a pound of product today and barely came off with maybe an ounce of immature buds. All the good looking ones went first, big disappointment in the end. The rain has started back up again even harder and I'm anticipating a power outage.
  10. Gimme5minutes

    What a strange plant

    Well, time to finish this up. Mold hit her hard. I took her pic displaying a few bad leaves and it spread from there. I couldn't stay on top of it and had to cut her down. I decided to take her pic on August 15th because the resin on the leaves was beginning to turn white and about 40% of the hairs had quickly changed. The following day there were purple patches of mold dotting all over. After chopping and pruning (very easy) I realized there were no buds on this plant, it has produced only foxtailled flowers, no pot smell, just soft fruity scents. I'm pretty sure that even if it had gone longer she wouldn't have changed that much. There's a little bit I've set aside for smoking (only the finest tails) and the rest will be made into oil. I'll chime in with a smoke report in about a month's time. This one has lived a very unconventional life and leaves behind a pack of poorly labelled seeds. Until then here's the final photograph of a strange lady.
  11. Gimme5minutes

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    I love porn.
  12. Gimme5minutes

    What a strange plant

    Removing the mature branches helped a lot. The plant seemed to bulk up a little when the smaller bits were cut away. There are no fan leaves or any obvious indicators this is a pot plant anymore, kind of cool. She has stopped growing taller and is developing more flowers than previously, in particular on the upper area. There's a lot more flowers filling in the gaps but no sign of any fat buds shaping up. I've seen two of the other plants only recently and they're practically identical, same height, shape, everything. I'll keep you updated. Thanks for the feedback.
  13. Gimme5minutes

    Swamp Grow 3

    Some stuff has changed, some has not. I now have 7 God's Space Needle females, a couple have even begun to bud. A few things have started coming together, the future looks brighter.
  14. Gimme5minutes

    What a strange plant

    Well, she has mold but she keeps carrying on anyway. The lower part is starting to finish up a branch at a time. The higher you go the more immature the flowers become. What has been taken off so far is beyond disappointing. All the calyxes are puffed up, at least 75% of the hairs are brown and she smells less like fruit and more like glue. Here's a freshly trimmed lower branch, there are dozens of them and and they all look just like this. What a nightmare.
  15. Gimme5minutes

    Swamp Grow 3

    Maury's first guest this season is...