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  1. Fast Outdoor Genetics (FOG) also make an Autoflower Ducksfoot in regular seed form.
  2. I just smoked a fat joint full of Bubba OG roaches. It was killer, so much more potent than the entire bag was. It left me wrecked and wondering how that works. The only problem is I'm really stoned and can't possibly figure out shit right now. GN
  3. Great job so far, I grew a couple of Sweet Seeds strains last year with decent results as well. I have to recommend their Jack47 auto, easy to grow, huge harvests and a very unique high. I love how these plants can change dramatically over the space of just a few days. Good times ahead!
  4. The reality behind legalization is finally hitting home. For the past decade I have been buying cannabis seeds through the mail for novelty and collector's purposes. Since legalization it has become illegal to import seeds to Canada (found out yesterday). Apparently all the weed I've been buying off the internet is also illegal. They made it legal to grow weed and then made the seeds illegal. Now we can only have seeds from the Canadian government and of course they don't have any for anyone. I only discovered all this after receiving a customs letter saying my last order was seized. Since legalization weed has become more illegal now than ever before.
  5. On the left Blue Heron, on the right Lemon Thai. Legalization has its perks.
  6. That's bothersome, it clearly not against the law or anything to ship seeds to Canada. I noticed my Sugar Punch order had taken the scenic route but I put that down to the rotating strikes.
  7. Most of my outdoor plants came up short this year and my only saving grace has been the autoflowers I've grown on a whim. My outdoor photoperiod plants were all 6 or 7 feet of plant with a canopy of a foot or two of buds on top. My autos would be 3 feet tall, one foot of branches and bits of popcorn and 2 feet of continuous buds. Everything turned out a fast ounce or two. Needless to say I've been cramming autoflowers into my cupboard for the past three months to make up for some of my losses this season and its worked out well. I tried documenting my progress but with the majority of the photos coming out poorly and this changing so fast I ended up giving in early on. Autoflowers change at the drop of a hat. One day they look like they're at least a week from finishing and the next day they look like they've been finished for days. Some will start budding after 4 weeks and others after 13 weeks. Its all a bit chaotic and very exciting. Anyway, the growing season is definitely over with frost on the glass and temperatures down in the single digits at night. Whatever is left has started showing signs of cold stress. I still have 5 plants early into flower and 5 that have finished. If the remaining plants finish up this year I'll post harvest shots. Here's some pics of my autoflowering strains, Devil Cream, Candy Kush, Auto#1, GSC, and Gorilla Glue. That's probably it for 2018.
  8. Its inspiring to know this happens to other people too.
  9. I went down to the post office to mail my order in and there was 2 bags of pot waiting for me. What a wonderful day.
  10. I just bought weed online for the first time today. It was both cheap and legal, it should arrive by Monday.
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