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  1. It's getting late and I'm smoking some of the Seraph. There wasn't much, maybe four grams but its just divine. A little spicy on the initial intake, like pepper. It then turns to a herbal, soap candy Sativa taste with a sherbet lemon exhale. The taste is outstanding, the smoke is rich and smooth and then it hits me, like a brain cloud. Its like my inner monologue just shut up. My restless leg stops and I just melt into a mellow mind and body stone. This stuff is the shit.
  2. Wow, long time no see. Been away, sick, depressed, busy, without focus, all the usual shit. Last time I checked in was just before the wildfires. That one was a fucker. The blanket of smoke was everywhere, even out on the water, there was no nowhere to go. Couldn't see the mountains, kept searching the skies for the sun. When I finally spotted it, all bright pink, I could just stare at it without it bothering my eyes, creepy. Then came the rainstorm. On and off for nearly a week, came down in buckets. Then came a mix of hot and humid days with sudden showers and plenty of wind. Most people lost a lot of plants to either the weather or the mold. I lost a bit but not much. Most of my plants are chopped by now, it was a lot of work. Seraph, Blue Widow and Mighty Grape still remain. Neither Seraph or the widow will put out much bud. MG has plenty of buds but they are all very small even though they fill the branches. They look like they may not finish before they start going bad. Some plants were a total loss, everything that survived did well enough. Blue Angel put out the most, the buds smell like an energy drink. Its a funny mix of fruity Romulan with soft blueberry and its almost repugnant like cough medicine. All the flowers finished and some were long 7 inch bud clusters. There was so much of this stuff that a lot of smaller buds were left behind. I lost a little bit to mold but nothing substantial. The clones all finished a week earlier and I was very impressed with the final result. Nice medium sized gooey outdoor buds you could smell from across the room. Very happy with the final cut. Critical Sour was hit and miss. Monster buds and an abundant resin producer but also a magnet for powdery mildew, they were the only plants to get it and they were spread out too. The plants didn't reach that desired level of maturity when the bud rot took over and had to be chopped. Lots of resinous leaf, lots of pistils, super fat, not much mature bud. Sampled a little, smells spicy, tastes spicy, some woody overtones and a soft pineapple taste on the inhale before the other flavors overpower it. Very stoney, lazy effects, a bit debilitating. Like I said, hit and miss. The Critical Orange Punch/NL autoflowers produced plenty of long, gooey colas but like the Critical Sour, it never finished. They all seemed to just stop without finishing up. They put out a lot of fat soap candy smelling buds but there were no finished buds. Auto Amnesia, same thing just much earlier, only the top bud finished properly before production cut out. Buds came out tasting like a very rough Powerplant, kind of harsh. Everything now is holding out another day and just hoping for bud rot or mold not to strike. I have some pics of things just before the storm someplace. I'll try to get on it, life's just been weighing me down, taking forever. I'll get back at it. when I can.
  3. Its cool, more plants have started budding. Not Blue Widow, Holy Punch, Seraph or Mighty Grape. The big bushy Blue Angels, OGKZ clones and the autos have all kicked. Its looking like there's a shortage of space. Something puzzles me. I find my autoflowers to be performing inconsistently. They bud indoors under 20 to 24 hours of light, bud at 6 weeks and finish around 12 weeks, standing about 3 feet tall. Sounds good, right? Outdoors they grew 8 to 10 feet, started budding 5 months later and look more akin to photoperiod plants. Lots of long branches and gaping nodes. Yeah, so there's that. I mean, are they still autos? Aside from that the Cookies have cured up beautifully and I'll include a smoke report soon.
  4. Well, time for an update. I've been putting off writing about my outdoor garden because, quite frankly, I'm ashamed. Its a jungle again. The shortest plant is Seraph (11 fingered leaf) at about 5 feet tall. Most are around 7 or 8 and a few are at 10 and 12 feet tall. The Mighty grapes turned out the tallest, Blue Angels were the bushiest and Critical Sour are the first to start budding. The Blue Angels are the most interesting plant this time round. They started short and put on a ludicrous number of single blade leaves, many slightly twisted. Each leaf produced a lateral branch with plenty of potential bud or branch sites. Each plant consists of 6 to 8 main branches supporting hundreds of these smaller branches. Also, it doesn't resemble a pot plant, all the single bladed leaves pointing upward. It just looks like a big weed and has potential for a huge harvest. Oh, and the frogs are back.
  5. My indoor plants are almost finished, just two Killer Cookies X GSC left to go. Each takes after a different parent plant. All the others are drying.
  6. Hemp Depot is a great option if you're living in Canada.
  7. Chopped down two plants, the OGKZ and one of the Killer Cookies X LaSAGE. The Cookies were starting to get overdone and the OGKZ was too. I figured they could have gone longer but I was wrong. I was very happy with the results. The OGKZ put out a lot more than anticipated. There were 9 branches all weighed down with buds, very sticky, very impressive. No decent pics of them came out, she's not very photogenic. The first Cookies to be cut was the heavy one, the buds have a bit of pink to them and a sweet kushy scent. I can't wait to try some. And finally here's a pic of next Cookies to face the axe, just a few more days now.
  8. I may have added a little too much chicken manure to the garden this year. A few plants are showing serious signs of distress, had to chop a major branch from one due to a sudden mold attack. It wasn't humid, no rain, just all of a sudden with terrible consequences. Aside from all that, just great. The indoor Mighty Grape has been cut, nothing exciting. I anticipate the next to be chopped will be one of the Cookies, the heavy one. The OGKZ is looking shitty, not like the photo and completely unable to support its branches. It just hangs and leans on other plants for support. All that's left are Killer Cookies hybrids, each one different from the next.
  9. Killer Cookies X LaSAGE, seven weeks in.
  10. I am once again living in interesting times. My outdoor garden is full up, no room at the inn. Everything's in the ground, even the Critical Sours. The rain's been coming down and I've had to tie everything to stakes. I looked outside this morning and everything was flattened again, just tied it up and the next day its all down again, bracing and bandaging, over and over. The forecast is calling for plenty of rain this month. I'm out hunting slugs just about every day. Today I learned slugs don't eat my slug bait. Found a big ten inch monster on the top of my tallest plant this morning, I picked it up, gave it a mean look and launched that thing into space. The indoor plants are in their final stages. The Blue Angel was cut after 45 days of flowering. She came out great, lots of smell, the buds were popping full of developed flowers, some blue hues and sparkle. All in all an impressive yield of fattened buds finished in under 7 weeks. Oh the smell! Starts like blueberry and finishes like grape, I cannot wait to try her out. The Mighty Grape is in her final week or so, the dense little buds look like deflated soccer balls. The grapefruit smell is really coming out now. Looked really shitty a few weeks ago but is much better now, most buds have doubled in size. The flowers themselves are tiny, pistils and flowers less than half the size of all the other plants. She had all the the indicators of a runt didn't end up that way. She was listed as finishing in 40 days but I'm going to put it at closer to 55 to 60 days. I figure the fast flowering OGKZ will be done around the same time. The buds look exactly like HSO's stock photo, not gigantic but dense and so heavy the plant can't possibly support it. Its leaning on everything, they smell like Coffee Crisp. There's something about it I don't like, the buds and the plant structure look very...autoflower. Super buds and all but it looks like a big autoflower. All the Cookie hybrids are distinctly resembling their parent plants now. The ones that were made from the Killer Cookies with the Blimburn GSC have produced two distinct types of offspring. She produced a few short kush plants, slow to develop, very resinous and reeking of OG Kush. They didn't stretch much and have remained that way. The other kind were taller, not by a lot but notable. They filled in the gaps better with much larger buds that actually smell like vanilla cookies, looks like Green Crack as well. There is the potential for a big harvest with these. This one is a delight to behold. The big winner this time round will have to be the Killer Cookies crossed to LaSAGE. It also produced two types, tall ones and stubby ones. The smell is the same in all plants, pungent lemon Skittles. I've smoked a lot of Zkittles lately, the fragrance is identical if not even more authentic. Its just so good, I don't have the words for it. In the short plants the nodes are all full up, plants have smaller leaves with greasy fans and buds look a little kushier. The tall ones are the real eye candy, the buds most resemble their LaSAGE mother. These buds, however, are better in every way. Bigger, whiter, tighter, fatter, smellier, shinier, everything box checked. They are resin bombs. Its taken a great plant and made it even better. So good, like I said, I am living in interesting times.
  11. The cookies are getting frosty!
  12. Here's the outdoor plants and young autos. The photoperiod plants are between two and half and four feet tall.
  13. Well, all the older autos have been chopped; two out of eleven were decent in terms of bud size and resin production, the rest were substandard. The new homemade batch of autos, nine of them are outside now too with a couple still inside. Most of the clones are outdoor plants now, there's eight weak clones that are still being cared for. The young Seraphs and all the feminized seedlings are progressing nicely. I started four Critical Sour as a last minute entry as well, It should be alright. The indoor selection look good. The OGKZ are already gooey and the cookie hybrids have lots of sticky thin fan leaves that give off a strong lemon/mild pine fragrance. The Blue Angel is miles ahead of the rest, lots of fat delicious buds forming. The smell is a perfect blend of blueberry and grape, its just heavenly. I am so glad I made lots of clones. Here's Blue Angel after less than a month of flower: And here's one of the Cookies:
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