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  1. Strain Names

    Sorry SPW, Silverfields x Boudicca has already been taken and named Maury Povich; the father's identity is in question.
  2. Swamp Grow 3

    Update: Guess who can't find their camera? This guy! I wanted some pics for 4/20. I think the rain is starting to die down now. It has been a nightmare already. Only so much space in a tent so some had to go outside early during the rains. Some plants lived, some died. I've given lots away this year and will probably part with some more later this week, most were the Turkish Lemon Kush just because they took up so much space. I'm down to 45 plants, 16 are females from Sweet Seeds (FV Jack47, FV Cheese, FV Skunk, FV Cream Caramel, Mohan Ram) and one is Early Maroc from Philosopher Seeds. I still have 8 Trainwreck x Huck Kush, 6 Turkish Lemon Kush, 4 Turkish Maury, 3 Turkish Hawaiian, 3 Turkish landrace, 2 Turkish Skunk, and 2 Turkish Climax. Every time I clear up a little real estate in the tent the plants just sprawl out and fill it back up. I am enjoying my garden and have taken to detailing notes and differences between some of the new hybrids. The Turkish Climax and the Turkish Lemon Kush are very interesting plants so far and I'm eager to see how they will turn out. Turkish Lemon Kush are all easily recognizable in the tent, they're 3 inches taller than the rest and look like they've inherited their structure from their Lowryder genes. They all have thick stems, longer branches and are filling up space. These ones seem to mature at a much faster rate than all the other plants and suck up water twice as fast as the others. They all have at least three more nodes than the other starts and began branching out early and every one of them is physically identical. Turkish Climax are an interesting mix, extremely short stature like their Turkish father and so many branches that it doesn't look natural. Big floppy foliage, the tops have eleven-fingered leaves. Early Maroc, this one vegetates at about twice the normal rate. This has the potential to be a monster. I just realized I've already given away all my Turkey Ducks....
  3. Can anyone explain some LED science?

    Thanks so much for taking the time to explain all this.
  4. Can anyone explain some LED science?

    Something definitely doesn't add up. My 90 Watt LED still used like 45 Watts. The brand is Wattshine (its in big letters), they have LED lights for growing and for aquariums. You can pick one up for less than $100. Their websites features some contradicting information. One point it claims to be used to cover an area of 8 by 5 feet and another an area of only 18 by 20 inches...some crap about high PAR values. It's easier for them to blind me with their science than their shitty LEDs. But still, 65 Watts?
  5. Can anyone explain some LED science?

    My old LED UFO died recently, it had been opened up and serviced a few times over the years but it finally overheated and conked out. It had some of the first 3W LEDs (15 of them) and lit up a room like the bat signal. The person I lent it to kindly replaced it with one he picked up. This light is 450W (45 x 10W) but only runs an actual 65 Watts. Its not very bright unless its 8 to 10 inches from the surface and even the it covers an area of almost 1 by 2 feet. I asked the guy about it and he assured me this was normal, he claims its not about how bright the LED is but about how much usable photosynthetic light the LEDs give off. I don't really have a head for science so all this sounds fishy to me, can I get a second opinion?
  6. Buyer Beware: Hemp Depot Seeds

    We only seem to have this problem when shipping over to the States. I'm under the impression its still illegal or has something changed?
  7. breeding question

    @SPW: The original male was Ducksfoot and the KQBH was the female. I kept a lot of pollen from the Ducksfoot. None of the offspring in any generation stood out, no duck leaves, all were pole plants and had a long flowering period. I kept hitting the earliest female from every generation and never found anything I was looking for. I photo-documented all of it and grew out the final two seeds last year. I also crossed one them to a USC Turkish Indica and now there's at least half a dozen for the garden this year. I happened to notice Dutch Passion have an Auto Duck and a fast flowering Frisian Duck already so at least somebody figured it out and I don't have to.
  8. Growing Old Fashioned

    From experience I'd have to recommend Caramel Cough. A resin bomb that tastes great and washes away stress, its also in the shop.
  9. What is the best AK -47?

    Jack47 is great, one puff makes you instantly happier, a joint turns you into a giggling idiot and it go on for hours. I've never tried it outdoors before, maybe something new for this season. The old Serious Seeds stock, like the gear they had around the millennium, that is still what I consider to be top notch. The first time I tried Chronic it literally laid me out on the ground, the only words I could say were "fuck" and "yeah". Sadly, those days are gone. Chronic nowadays is more like Big Bud. White Widow has become White Wood and the AK47 has morphed into something else entirely. The potency is just gone. I used to have such good memories of Serious Seeds, its probably why I'm hesitant to try their new strains like Serious 6.
  10. What is the best AK -47?

    I didn't like Nirvana's AK48 or the one from Elite Seeds; not quite like the old Serious seed stock. I've tried Jack47 from Sweet Seeds and every plant of that was ridiculously strong. I'd have to recommend that one.
  11. Harliquin... charletts web

    Tried some Charlotte's Web a few hours ago, such a delicate taste.
  12. Root-Stim in Seed Starter Mix

    I'm funny about giving candy to new seeds whether its Root Stim or Superthrive. I do have a habit of dusting it along the outside of mature potted plants when I transplant them or I add it to dead, lifeless soil. I recall GHS either still uses or used to use a colored rooting hormone coating on their seeds. The roots used to pop out all corkscrewed and not do well. I don't know if they still do this.
  13. Swamp Grow 3

    All set with a promising start for the year. I ended up with far more starts than I could accommodate. Every piece of real estate is taken up in the tent. I stuck a dozen outside, mostly landrace Turkish (they did well last year) and anything that looked weak or unimpressive. It rained like Hell that night. Here's a list of the other 75 currently under the light: 11 x Turkey Duck 11 x Turkey Skunk 10 x Truck 10 x Sweet Seeds females 10 x Turkish Hawaiian 2 x Turkish Climax 7 x Turkish Maury Povich 6 x Turkish Lemon Kush 4 x Turkish landrace 2 x Moroccan landrace 2 x unknown; probably Turkey Skunk What can I say? An interesting selection and a shipload of work ahead of me. Time to list my options, figure out how many I can actually support, find homes and all that. So much work, I hate work.
  14. breeding question

    I agree with Hempyfan. I had a Killaqueen/Blue Hammer that I crossed to Ducksfoot hoping for some plants with the leaf trait. I grew out nearly 100 without success. I tried backcrossing it to the original Ducksfoot male over a further three generations and never got a single plant to inherit any kind of leaf variant.
  15. Swamp Grow 3

    I currently have 79 starts and counting... I was aiming for about 30.