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  1. misterdirt, it is exaggerated numbers . likely best LED is only 10/20% better per watt. it means if you want 600watt HID you must shell out 1500 dollar worth LED. I would love some LED for Veg but atm T5 offers better for value. Lets wait for cheaper 10w diods wrecks, nice grow even small that seems enough for vaporizing . Keep up, dude!
  2. many useful advices here ! cool! however I saw mold forming on top surface of small pots. They were placed beside window, not the best place but that strain was not important. I think it was overwatered and I saw how such long time it takes to get dry, yikes. What is best way to prevent mold? add something on the surface? Itd be different matter if it was placed under HPS. Those pots will be placed under T5 in growbox.
  3. crazy strong stuffs. whatever glasses, lamps, smokes, tents, wifes. Lol
  4. I have bricks from Bionova, GHE nutrients, I plan to follow GratefulHead dosages with FloraMicro & Bloom. Also use Blumat on larger pots. Im puzzled that coco brick is buffered to ph 5.8, my water is ph 8, does it change ph in the medium slowly to more alkaline? Do I need ph adjuster liquid? Indican, could you make an input? do you no need ph reading because you got the regimen sorted out before? I end the post with useful advice of Wazzup (I admit I did mistake by over water by believing that coco can handle it ) Coco gives good results, but do use a quality coco, not the cheap stuff that is not properly buffered. Many growers use coco too wet, especially at the start when the plant is still small. I would always recommend to use it with very moderate water, and a flush or two when the plants are really established in bloom when using mineral nutrients.
  5. blueskywalker

    Coco thread

    hello Are there anybody who grow on coco? My purpose with the thread that anyone can ask anything about coco, sort of FAQ, noobie questions, especially in my case What are your common mistakes in coco grows, what tips do you have?
  6. indican, cool. no ph reading? instead of cluttering this thread of talk, I create new thread at Hydro section. have you compared taste on coco and soil of Anesthesia? Looks like she responds well on standard dosages of nutrients, right? Wazzup, useful advices, thx!
  7. something of heavy field and nice taste maybe buy vaporizer and vape it slowly at every evening through 2 years. It is entirely possible
  8. great thread! I ordered Anethesia (also Ko Kush) two days ago. I dont mind that I dont get fresh seeds from your current crop Do you have any experiences with coco? Because I need figure out how much calcium it'll need apart from GratefulHead GHE dosages. I look forward to taste this! Maybe a bit different from NL?
  9. dont leave me behind with the talk about Proline indeed Proline fixtures are bargain, I calculated that Digistar 600w with lamp and reflector costs about same as Proline. So I feel that I'd waste money on Digistar and wait instead for good opportunity purchasing Proline with larger grow tent. I go with cheapo B.A.L. 400w (or maybe Sonlight?) and GIB light for 100 euros instead. Something suitable for Homebox S anyway. Lets assume in future if I want larger grow tent, what is better 2x600w proline or 1x1000w proline ED? 1,2x1,2m is too small? So the minimum is 1,5x1,5? then 1000w may not cover well the area as judging from graphs Wazzup posted in another thread. Thoughts?
  10. LaVienRose,do you talk about Eugrow NL? Too bad they dont carry Digitstar and Gavita bulbs HillCrest , the reason for acoutic resonance is compatibility of balast and lamp. Otherwise I'd use old Vossloch ballast with Phillips GP. If I had change lamp every 6 month, Id look for GiB lamp of half price of Phillips though I care for nature recycling and prefer hold on lamp long as possible. Though my setup is already not perfect, wasting light with cheapo reflector, ventilation, glass etc. I guess e-ballast give peace of mind in case something it goes wrong. Do you say it is possible for 400w in Homebox S without cooltube? what kind of strength it requires for ventilation. Im a bit annoyed that I bought too small grow tent otherwise Id look very close for Proline 600w and 600 ED when I assume it generates Less heat
  11. Hello! I looking for a new e-ballast. Gavita electronic ballast looks interesting. Searching around, I found good price from Hanfburg for Gavita Digistar 600w. However, i read that Phillips GP is not recommended due different acoutic resonance (not sure if its right word). However I decide for Gavita lamp to be safe. Plus embedded cord on lamp holder for ventilated cooltube. But I dont find those things in the same shop. Do you know other shops that carry all three stuffs with competive price? If not, I might be forced to shop from two shops. I read that I lose about 30% of light with ventiliated cooltube in small growtent like Homebox S size with 400w hps. Is it not possible with normal reflector from Gavita in such setup, I assume? One small curious question that maybe Whazzup might have answer for? how many khz do 600w gavita delivers in comparison with Lumatek on dimmed mode at 400w? If I remember Lumatek delivers about 75khz. To summarize the whole post, I would be interested to look at list of shops that ship Gavita Digistar ballasts, there I may find other interesting products as PL-L, ph/ec meters etc. Thanks in advance for replies
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