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  1. I was very sad when I first saw this topic, but shit happens, big love to Esko for the flavours over the years and I hope he is still involved with plants ,of any kind, in his new job, he has a gift. Moving on Xr5K the Sanfune F2, Strawberry Lemons and a number of other SAN lines are in stock, in limited numbers, at Seedheaven.net. Between those and what I checked from others on Cannapot a lot of the genetics are still about, which is something to celebrate. Just don't buy out San's gear before I have a chance to drop an order haha. Much love to the Opengrow community.
  2. Hi, thanks for the reply. I agree, organic is a method not a product, I just finished a year course in permaculture, practical sustainability and organic horticulture and have a few years experience volunteering on organic farms. We do use products in organics for cultivation however, especially in non natural environments like indoor growing where a closed loop natural system isn't really viable, see Sannie's and the others under organics in the shop, so was wondering if anyone had experience of this specific method of application.
  3. Hi, so all you organic growers are aware of the benefits of mychorizzae and beneficial microbes in the soil, but have any of you come across this before? Applying beneficial fungi that actually live within the cells themselves as opposed to the roots or soil. It's an exciting development for the future of food security in a changing climate, more than anything to me, but I am interested in it's potential application in Cannabis cultivation too. Anybody know of anyone using it for that purpose or have any thoughts positive or negative on the idea in general? http://ideas.ted.com/the-surprising-plant-fungi-relationship-that-could-help-feed-us-even-as-the-world-heats-up/
  4. Boudica you'll get really fruity pheno's alongside some skunky one's from a 10 pack. Chocolate Rain Fems I got a beautiful raspberry pheno. Jackberry has berry leaning plants in there too. I've grown all of these out and they don't dissapoint.
  5. I do the same now. Tried soaking in water and water with added h2o2, then to paper towel method etc and they all work. The results are no better for me than starting them directly in root cubes or modules of damp coco coir or seedling compost, so I don't bother making it more complicated than it needs to be now. I can see the benefit of it for sterilisation, keeping a reservoir clean etc, but don't bother with that either now. I do have a bottle though and it's a good product to have available to you but it isn't essential.
  6. I agree with all your points, but isn't this a case of same as it ever was. Marinol (dronabinol) is synthetic THC and has been approved by the FDA since 1985.
  7. You can get PH regulators for more like a 100 than a 1000. Ec regulators or ph and Ec regulators with automatic dosing combined are more expensive but can still be found for under a 1000 check ebay or any online grow store. They could be useful in certain situations, but as this is your first grow I would keep it as simple as possible and also avoid wasting money on unnecessary gadgets. What hydro method are you thinking of? If you check Eskobars thread in the hydro forum 'How to grow hydro flooding style', that's an effective way of growing which only requires the ec to be checked when filling or topping up the reservoir and the ph only needs to be checked and adjusted each time you feed your plants which is every 3 days.
  8. No mystery to ph and ec at all. Get a PH pen and ec/ppm pen and take measurements before each water/feed to make sure they're at the correct levels, the exact measurements you want will depend on choice of substrate and growing method but that info is pretty easy to find. As long as you do that, you shouldn't experience any ph or nutrient related issues. Best of luck.
  9. Awesome work FOTH, i've done some fruit tree grafting this year and unsurprisingly my thoughts directly after were could I do this with cannabis? Good to see it in action and working.
  10. The chances of any type of drug law reform in the U.S with him about is zero. Well maybe not zero, he could also destroy all the progress made so far. He'll ignore all empirical evidence, intensify the 'War On Drugs'again (which btw drugs had won before it even began), like the puritanical fuckwit he is. It's worrying outside the U.S too, a lot of countries look at the U.S to lead on drugs/cannabis policy. Being optimistic, it shouldn't matter much. I don't see how he can stay in that position? Those undisclosed meetings with the Russian ambassador, he swore never happened, have to bite him in the ass. It's the same thing Michael Flynn did and he was forced to resign.
  11. The tv news reports said they'd illegally tapped into the national grid in order to power the grow so that's where the electricity was coming from. I'm kind of pleased these guys got caught as they were using trafficked Vietnamese workers. This is the case with a lot of larger UK grows and whilst I dislike the police, I fucking hate people who are essentially modern day slave owners.
  12. Thanks Hempyfan was hoping you'd chime in. I used to grow organically, still do with outdoor fruit and veg. I made a few aact's etc then I got hit with a spidermite infestation I brought in with some outdoor compost (it had the wrong type of life in it haha). Since then i've run hempys and now Mapito, which works great but it's just add nutes . I'm sure I could do well again with a bought in soil mix and adding bottled ferts, but long term it is specifically building and maintaining my own living soil that i'm interested in now, along with using/making emo's/imo's, compost teas, wormery for ewc. I'm studying permaculture and sustainability currently on a year course, but have been fascinated by and reading, watching everything I can on soil specifically, natural fertilisers, beneficials, agro-ecology, Korean natural farming, ecological remediation. Long term I want to apply the principles on at the least an organic garden of my own, ideally something bigger using my own inputs. With the Cannabis, obviously it's high value to me so I don't mind spending money on soil and products for soil, but I would like it to work because everything is alive and in balance rather than applying lots of liquid nutes like I would in hydro. I have tested the ph 7.4 and ppm and got as much info from the water supplier as possible now so a water test might be a sound investment. No idea on the make up of the salts in the water supply, I guess high calcium as limescale does build up in my area. If the ppm really is going to be a problem for me in terms of maintaining a living soil then i'd like to remedy it before going back to that method. What are my options? Reverse Osmosis, I rent and have a limited expendable income so the larger systems are out? Any product suggestions? Would activated charcoal work, like same principle as people who use them in water bottles? Any other wisdom? It's all appreciated.
  13. Hi, I have a question about water when using living soil, beneficial bacteria, microbes etc. My tap water supplier uses chlorine but doesn't treat with flouride or chloramines so it can be left to dechlorinate. It is, however, hard water with a ppm of 500 to 550. Is that going to be a problem and would I need to invest in a reverse osmosis machine to see best results indoors? I'd never considered it as a problem before, but i've been reading that TLO book by The Rev and it says 'you would find it almost impossible to grow TLO-style in containers indoors with water that high in salts.'. His reference for that passage is 300ppm which mine hugely exceeds. Thanks Guys. Happy New Year.
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