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  1. I wish posting pictures on here was like social media. I got some shit I want to post. Is Mr Dirt around? So this other lady that I have seen casually for a year or two is a natural outdoor grower that makes the best outdoor weed I have ever had in an area nearly as impossible to grow outside as you can get. A place world renown as a super wet fall every year. I don't think she really knows a sativa from hemp and no idea what a trichome is or how to get it off the plant. What she does belong to the u of w botanical section and spends a good many hour there studying. Her weed speaks for itself. There is nothing better. She teaches piano and one of her students gives her clones every spring and she always forgets to ask him what the strain is. It is a hybrid leaning towards a sativa in high with no particularly sativa looking traits. I need to meet her other piano student. And just for the sake of truth she and I are intimate. So I am out with her in the back yard looking at this year's vintage and see what looks like a golden tumbleweed in her greenhouse. So disguised she had to say, "Look here is some weed I never got around to training. I just got so tired of trimming that this is where I stopped". I looked at the tumbleweed and pointed to some buds. She said, "you can have it. Just take it all or nothing ". I thought it was the coolest golden color. I am talking Alcupoco Gold. More Yellow than Colombian Gold So I said, "I will take it. If the weed taste like shit I will just gas it. I will get Something out of it. I have some time on my hands I will give it a try." First thing I did was Google the fuck out of the concept of weed being any good after setting in a green house until bleached gold by the sun. All the dumbshits have polluted the internet with retarded statements that are as meaningful as James Morrison saying like an actor out of Rome and a dog without a bone. I just started trimming it. Now the sun did scorch the fuck out of the leaves covering the buds, but once I started trimming I smelled the most pungent floral character that one could ever hope for with uncured abused marijuana. I got a couple ounces of buds and gassed the rest. My Explorer, the place I trimmed this tumbleweed, looks as though it was under a maple tree during the fall. It is completely covered in dry leaves and their fragments. I am seriously going to have to run a leaf blower in my rig. Along with the couple ounces of Alcupoco Gold I manicured I have an ounce or so of solvent hash and some dry sift I am still making. My way of making try sift works for me. I will never make hash with ice water again. Who wants my 5 gallon bubble bags they can have the fucking ober-hyped junk I mean it. I take dry trim and little buds and stuff them into the leg of a pair of pantyhose. I cut off, tie the leg hole into a knot and put it in a cookie tin. I put the cookie tin in the freezer. Every hour or so I give the cookie tin an aggressive shake and put it back in the freezer. At some or another I call it good and I scrape all the tan powder into a cake with my thumb and forefinger. Snap, I have hash kinda like what I would buy off the streets in the 70s only better. There is no stirring draining drying moulding and bitching. The easiest way and safest way to good hash in the world. It is ready to smoke instantly. Bubbleman can suck my sick he is a marketing genius but no fucking hash maker. Here is another thing. I make my solvent hash with pure 100% acetone. It dries completely with no residue pretty fast and it won't blow you to fuck up. It doesn't strip a lot of unwanted bullshit into your final product, it is cheaper than butane, not as regulated and currently the process is not patently illegal in places where hash itself is not illegal. I can give tips on this process by request. I have been making my hashes this way for a couple of years now and I am sticking to them until I think I see a better way. I have made hash thousands of times and so many different ways I feel qualified to make these statements. Let me see if I can get these pictures up. I bought the lady friend of mine a couple pairs of Micro-Tip Blade Fiskars. I sent her a picture of them with that ball of hash I made and she invited me to come trim with her (next month?) About ten pounds of bud. I can't wait. Only this time not in my ride as I watch my so on the street corner spinning around a giant pot leaf sign for a recreational pot shop. I meant what I said about everything. Even that about bubblemoron.
  2. A person that knows nothing of me accuses me of dope. What happened was that someone I loved and trusted pulled a really snake move and ratted me out to police, more precisely made up a story just to gain control over my property. I was locked up for s bit and she stole everything I.own.
  3. Hello my friends. I have been to hell and back and neglected everything important. I hope my good friends are good and well. I am in really bad shape and have lost everything. I am not even sure why I am even posting in a forum like this. Nobody wants to read this shit.
  4. I had said that i got my dog back when the guy told me to come down and get him. But when I got there he wouldn't let me have him. He was no where to be found. I was so depressed about that I don't even want to go there. I am still really depressed to be honest. No matter what I cannot get happy anymore. The dog, someone over-bred some Chihuahuas and had to find homes for them because they were getting to old to sell as puppies. This girl I am seeing did some kind of wheeling dealing to get him, but I don't know the details. When I was in Jail my ex had Guiness. She got arrested and he was in the pound in Oregon. I was called by the pound and they told me my ex had signed him over to me. That is how I got Guiness back. And she talks to me now, she told me what happened to Buzz and she said I stole "her dog, Guiness" I agree is is long confusing mess. I write in a passionate state and do not do a good job. And when news is Really bad don't want to come on here and talk about it because I know talking about jail, losing your dog or it being put to sleep is a real downer for the board. A board that is supposed to be a happy place where we talk about growing. I think I come on here and vent too much, and give way much more than everyone else does about myself. Most of you know my name and where I live. I do not know what is exactly wrong with me. I cannot seem to get ahead. Just like getting that Kia and then it sucking me dry. And around here I have to have a car to work. It is a major problem.I keep trying to get my shit together, but something keeps happening. I think I am going to get the Kia fixed and I end up with the wrong part and have my cash tied up for a couple of weeks. I used to be able to work on my own cars, but living in a hotel doesn't help, and then I am just not as good as I used to be at it. I used to be a gear head hot rodder in the 70s. Now I don't do much at all and when I try I make it worse. I am sorry I am bumming anyone out here. I just try to tell where and what I have been up do and nothing good comes out. I used to be so positive but the past couple years have beat me down. Anyway, I will try to fix some things and get my life back together until I die.
  5. Sacred I thought I answered all that all along man. I went to Oregon to get my dog back and the fucker hid on me. He didn't answer the phone and was not at his house. He finally answered when I was back in Washington and told me I needed to give him more advanced notice of when I am coming down, and he was charging mefor the food my dog ate. He just pushed me every single direction and to be honest, I am not sure why this guy is still alive, These people were living in a house, but one of the kids got the place raided for meth. When those that weren't arrested got out of there they took buzz to a motel. One of them let buzz out and he tore the ear off of another dog. The animal control come and got him. The kid called my ex and tried to get rabies information from my her so that they could release him. My ex and I were not speaking, I had a no contact order on her. She could not figure out where buzz got his rabies shots at in time and he was put to sleep before I even knew what was happening. The guy that had my dog called me peaches and faggot when I was trying to get my dog back. That man is not long for this planet. I want him to die and suffer. I had control of my dog and that would have never happened with me. I take care of my animals and have less for doing so. My dogs are my family. If he would have given me my dog he would still be alive today and he wouldn't be attacking other dogs
  6. He is a really fun dog, but I will never forget Buzz, The very first picture I posted on this thread was of Buzz, rest in peace my friend [/url I am still really sad about losing him. It was like losing a son This new dog sure thinks he is a bad ass. He doesn't bark, he just makes a chirping sound. Makes a lot of funny faces I still have Guiness too. He is getting old, but he is still my boy. This new dog is called Wilson,after the soccer ball in that movie called survivor.
  7. Hey two steps forward and one back, but some how I am surviving. Life has just been so difficult the past couple of years. I know many have it worse than I do so I shouldn't complain. So my truck got totaled. My ex wife refuses to sign it over so I can re-license it under some law regarding salvage. She had the nerve to say she would sign if I signed over the house to her. It is half mine and I expect to use money from the sale of it to buy another. So my truck is parked because I cannot license it. I will eventually get a settlement from the insurance company for an injury claim. Those things take forever so I am not holding my breath. I was in pretty bad but my gf talked me into going into a casino. First time I ever won, I got 2500. I thought it said 25000 because of the way the display looked. So I used that money to get a beater car, a 2004 kia, just until I can get something decent. That damn car is eating me alive. Have had to spend a grand repairing stuff on it. The alternator went out and they sell for about 200 bucks. I found one online for only 35 bucks, but after a core charge and delivery it was close to 100. So I take it to a shop to have a guy put it in for me and it was the wrong alternator. I had to spend a bunch of time on the phone with the vendor, but I can send it back. They will credit me for the 100 in a week or so, but I have to wait until they credit it before I can buy a new one. I have been driving only in the day time and trying to keep the battery alive and so far it is working. Kind of a hassle. It will be two more weeks before I get a new one, so I have to keep on driving like this. A friend is going to give some Honda so I may be able to park the Kia. What a hassle. I am terrified of driving small cars since my accident. If I were in anything else when I got hit I am certain I would be dead now. That truck bed absorbed a lot of energy when I got hit and I think it saved my life. I just have to get another truck. We got another dog recently, it is a really sweet Chihuahua dog
  8. My truck runs fine, Totaled means it cost more to fix than the insurance company think it is worth, I have had that truck a long time and got it in the divorce. Her name is still on the title and no matter what she has to sign it over and there is no way around it.. I can drag her into court because if she don't sign it she is in contempt, but who who can afford to do that. And the house. We were supposed to sell it and split it a few years ago. She got a restraining order on me, said I was a danger to her, just to make it harder for me to enforce the court order. Now I am not a lover of legal stuff, courts and all, but I am going to have to do something. I turned a blind eye to the house because basically all my adult kids still live there and that includes my handicapped son, he is autistic. But now I need her to sign it. The truck was totaled so it is not legal to license. I am to apply for a salvage title to keep for myself so that I can continue using it. For me to get a salvage title the DOL requires that she sign. She told me she would sign off on my old truck if I signed off my share of a fucking house. That made me so mad I am going to get her dragged into court now to force enforcement on the court order for the truck, and now the house. And in the divorce decree it said very clearly that if it comes to going back to court again the losing party pays all legal expenses. I am pissed now and ready to roll my sleeves up. Love you Sacred, you are true asset to the sight. I hope you do come to Seattle one day. Weed is as legal as it can get. The dog is dead. Laura took the dog from me when she put me in jail. I could never get him back. She gave him to some meth heads that fucked up and let him attack another dog. They had to go through some easy steps to get him out of the shelter but instead got high. They put my dog to sleep. The coolest dog I ever had. A dog I planned for years and I finally made pups. I trained him and slept with him in my truck when I had no other place to go. She hands him over and he gets killed. I will never forget that as long as I live
  9. Hi everyone. Safe and sound. I have been working a job I hate that just paid enough to live. I have moved on to a new place this week. See how it goes. My truck got total led and now I cannot license it. That has been a problem. I got a whoopti car for now, a 2004 kia and it is sucking me dry to keep it running. Not getting any breaks and I really need one. Happy new year all. Much love to all of you. I am optimistic things will get better. I am living in a hotel still and driving that piece of shit car. My truck is mine, but my first wife is on the title and she will not sign it over unless I sign over the house. She stepped in it there, but for another time. Peace
  10. I bought 4 ounces of kratom. I wanted to try it before it is illegal. It is sitting in the bag right now. I am trying to get the nerve to try it. I have some other drugs in my system right now so I want to wait until I am clean to try it. Maybe tomorrow. Anyone here ever try it? What did you think of it? I am going for the high and some analgesic properties.
  11. I have always grown for the love of growing weed. I grow other things too, that I love. Now saying that there is no profit growing weed is not true. People grow tomatoes and potatoes still, and they cost less than weed. Good to see you MrD, always miss you when you are gone. Living in a Med/Rec state, growing a bud that stands out as great is no easy task. There is a lot of competition and there are people doing it that have never held a straight job. You cannot just be a weekend grower and beat that, unless you have better than a green thumb, some unique genetics and a dialed in setup
  12. The whole weed prohibition thing is just a game. Cops probably don't have a negative opinion about it, but it is their job to enforce the law. And if they get a big score busting someone they have bragging rights. The problem is, in some places growing weed can get you in a lot of trouble. I don't know anyone ever busted for growing down there, but I seem to remember over and oz was like 5 years and growing was more. I know of a guy that got caught growing in Louisiana and he got 20 years, served 15 I believe. Now when I lived in Louisiana I see that the prosecutor was going for 5 years for any amount, even a roach, if it were your second offense. I think a lot of it is a way to oppress the minorities. Smoking weed was not something good old white people do. If you are white and got caught you were not truly white. I lived there and felt the vibe. I dated a black lady and heard lots of really irregular comments in the engineering office I worked in. In Seattle nobody would dare to make a comment like that in Seattle, it could be a career ender. Funny in all my years I do not know a single person that ever got busted for weed. I have been busted for things in my life and would be holding weed. Never was charged. In Louisiana that would have been a charge no matter what. And funny, I mentioned race. When I was living down there I was in a nice apartment. One day a cop came and talked to me. His house got totaled with Hurricane Gustov. He asked me if there were any blacks living in the apartment, and he didn't say blacks. I said yeah, lots of them. Then his wife got out of the care and asked me if there were any blacks living there, and she didn't say blacks. A different world.
  13. I got some Sativa this weekend that is second to none. Bought it at a weed store in the Seatac area on International Blvd. It has the name "Strawberry Lemonade", so I didn't really think much of it, although the packaging said "100% Sativa". I rarely give much thought to the names on weed these days, especially new names. However, this pot is like what we got in the 1970s, only much better. It has a fresh taste with undertones of what we used to buy back then. The high is racing and soaring and needs some getting used to. My girl said it is too strong for her. The picture does it no justice (phone cam)
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