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  1. Yeah I'm fortunate enough to live close to the clown. he is a good dude. Great big Mofo too. Stand up guy no doubt dude showed me biggest indoor buds I've ever seen! Ever since that I've been doing bare bulb vertical Thanks bro!
  2. Deep chunk has always caught my eye love that indica goodness
  3. Yo indican check your messages bro need to talk to you thanks bro
  4. Yo indican glad to see you 're still kicking out fire brother!
  5. bigun you will be blessed man, indy hooked me the fuck up bro! he is a very generous dude for sure. thanks a million times bro, that helped me out a whole hell of a lot indy. peace and wellness, amw
  6. indican is the motherfucking man!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just got a nice package today and it was full of great shit, thank you sooooooooooo much brother i nearly cried when i saw what you sent. i cant tell you how much i appreciate that!! i shouldve saved my gd cash man, but fuck it ill put em up for later and grow sinister gear first!!! you really know how to make brother feel good man. you are the shit bro, thanks a million brother peace amw
  7. indicas are where its at for my chro nic pain havin ass! lol! i like a good sativa during the day when i got shit to do but come evening time im heading straight to my jar of anesthesia or or a few afghani crosses ive made or bought. i cant smoke pot atm until jan 7 but after that ill be blazin fer sho. i just got a few of JOTI seeds from cannazon and got more beans coming in from a few other places. still got anesthesia crosses and f2s i made outdoors too! im ready to get some indicas back in my jars guys. aint smoked for 6 months so im damn good and ready to get back in the swing of things, amw
  8. selene is a very good strain that is often overlooked so crosses with selene = fire!! i still got f2s of selene and grew her outdoors this past season and i got a lot of good feedback on that one. my favorite pheno of selene was a tall branchy beast with dense foxtail bud structure that made some of the biggest buds i had ever seen!! after they dried and cured the taste was fruity pebbles and ludens wild cherry cough drops. those foxtails tightened up to hard nugs after they had been thoroughly dried and cured for a month. still got bought a half an elbow in jars of that one too. saving it for when im abled to smoke again in january. cant hardly wait. if yall aint tried selene , theres some real deal dank phenos to be had in her. forgot to mention the high!! its genuine creeper that takes a lil bit to hit you but then its a soaring sativa head high that lasts a good long while ending in a nice mellow feeling that wont leave you all dumb founded.
  9. please add me to the hat/list and thank yall so much for doing what yall do!! i appreciate everything yall do very much and merry x mas to all who have made this possible !!! peace and wellness, amw
  10. yeah bro usps suck balls lol! if an order you need can be fucked up or lost leave it to them fuckers to mess it up. hope like hell a certain package im expecting doesnt get fuct up, lol man i really need that to get to me. on another subject its been warm as hell here for about a week. temps are hittin 78 fn degrees in ddecember. wtf? if i was trying to finish up some outdoor sativas it would be snowing like a mofo!! ha!ha! typical shit in amwville. hope all is good for our resident clown, peace.
  11. and yes bare bulb works well. seen it with my own eyes. fuckin buds big as baseball bats. the bulbs are closer due to the heat going up and dissipating. took me a while to wrap my brain around it but yeah if you want big buds go vrt bare bulb and watch what happens. peace and stay strong brother clown!!
  12. right san, if esko is saying that he did NOT provide them with his seed stock then either the seeds are fake or stolen, period. no if ands or buts about it. if i grew some pot outdoors, then right at harvest it gets stolen, then the local black market just HAPPENS to bare a very distinct strain of bud that looks smells and tastes exactly like my pot then guess what? ITS MY STOLEN POT!! and yes this has happened to me about 3 years ago. a good friend calls me up and says hey bro, we need to talk about something in person. so he comes by with an ounce of pot that was bought from a relative of mine! pretty fucked up huh? yeah i thought so too. point being, i know what my pot looked like and that it was stolen. if esko says his seeds were stolen and that he did NOT provide someone with his seed stock, then thats all i need to know. and that should be enough for anybody to know that the company is NOT legit. period. the writing is right there in plain sight on the wall folks, amw
  13. yeah scone me too brother! ive run some big ass grows for profit but those days are gone unless the laws around here drastically change. any time i added more light and could keep temps manageable, yields always increased enough to make the extra efforts more than worth while. and if temps are a lil too high add co2 and your crop will thank you for it. not rediculously high temps but say normal is 75 degrees f and temps get up as high as 85 to 90 degrees f then add co 2 and watch the branches break from the excessive weight unless you support em. these are tried an d true methods not just google saying it too, lol!! ive always had to see things myself but have always been willing to learn from the gurus of opengrow. lotta top notch blades around here to learn from, and i really appreciate everything that yall contribute to this forum, amw
  14. well getting it from the horses mouth is as good as it gets. i really would like to thank eskobar and all at sanniesshop for being such honest, reliable, stand up guys. this is why i have stuck around opengrow and done business with sanniesshop and cannazon. sannies freebees are just as good if not even better than alot of the so called breeders out there too. i know for sure if i need feedback on any of their gear i can get it straight from the breeders right here on opengrow. doesnt get any better than that guys!! sanniesshop all the way!!!! you guys are very much appreciated!!!! thanks again, amw
  15. im with scone on this, the more light the better as long as you can keep temps un der control. ive run 2 thousand watters in air cooled hoods in a 6x4 with 8 feet ceilings and that setup easily pulled a gram per watt. ive also ran the same setup with non vented adjust a wings[2 thousand watters] and i gotta say the adjust a wings gave a way bigger footprint than the air cooled hoods. the air cooled hoods were those huge ass magnum xxl type too. cooling your room works great too as long as its done properly. but to get back to the topic, i see absolutely nothing wrong with the extra light as long as you can control heat and aint too worried about the extra costs on the power bill. more light , more yield amw
  16. yeah ive grown holy princess and lost my moms to LEO and have no more seeds so i would really like to have her again. the pheno i had was a big yielder and made some of the most potent pot me and my circle of tokers have seen in ages guys. losing that particular pheno of holy p really hurt, but not having seeds to look for that same pheno again just pisses me the fuck off. ill try to get her back but this may prove to be a difficult task. if this site is legit i will definately be looking into them. lets stay on top of this one guys, seriously!!
  17. ive always went with the ole dont judge a book by the cover but ill wait for others to chime in and see if they know more on these matters. looks ok and a great selection too but i just dont have experience with em yet. we shall see hmmmmmmm......
  18. damn guys i dont know but if they are a scam i would like to know fer sure. ill take a look and b right back
  19. dont worry one bit, sannie always takes care of his customers. ive had customs snag a few and sannie resent them and some extras for the troubles of having to wait. be patient and your gear will make it to you. one way or another sannie will take care of it, always. you wont find another seedbank/breeder any better than sanniesshop period. also like going through cannazon for credit card orders, too. mr c is also a stand up guy. cannazon has a huge selection too. no need to look elsewhere than these 2 places. ive tried 20 different banks and none compare to sanniesshop and cannazon
  20. heres my take, ive grown for profit and for personal use. when i grew commercially for profit i grew clones sea of green 2 week veg in soilless mix;coir mixed with sunshine mix # 4 half and half in 1 and a half gallon pots packing as many as possible under 4 thousand watts with a fast flowering main cola dominant pure indica strain no topping training bending or lollipopping and have seperate veg and flower rooms along with seperate mother rooms. this is strictly for profit. for personal use with variety being spice of life, grow from seed and start seeds every three weeks with seperate veg and flower rooms. this will keep the jars full and a nice variety to boot. this method should be done perpetually. peace and wellness, amw forgot to mention, with the personal use method veg longer say 4 to 6 weeks using fewer larger plants with feminized seeds whenever possible. learning how to make stable fems yourself will save you a wad of cash too. good luck!!
  21. same here, been slooow as fuck for the past 3 days, imma stay away 4 a lil while and see if it gets resolved. cant upload pics either. got some outdoor sinister gems too gd it!!!
  22. hell yeah bro, rock on! cant wait to see this one get going. forearm size buds down low and 2 liter soda bottle size main colas!! if i hadnt seen it i wouldnt believe it but seeing is believing. sending good vibes your way brother!!!
  23. hey bro looking good!! cant wait to see them tall lanky plants!! lol! ha!ha! i know my eyes did not decieve me when i saw your setup bro, bare bulb is where its at man. if i ever am abled to grow indoors again it WILL be bare bulb. biggest indoor colas ive ever seen man. everytime i think about that night i saw your setup it gives me chills. your colas rival any of my outdoor colas man. anybody that says different is full of shit too. the man that taught me how to grow said its better to be stupid for 10 minutes and ask someone with experience than to be stupid for the rest of your life and not ask. some people want to believe charts and graphs over real life trial and error. listen to the clown peeps, the man aint no bullshitter!! ive used horizontal hoods of all shapes and sizes and every strain from a to z, air cooled and not air cooled and non produced the colas that i saw, ever. im convinced that bare bulb is the way to go bro!!!
  24. amw

    Sinister Rising

    bro i still cant post pics and im using a brand new fucking laptop!! i uploading 40 pics of some 15 foot sinister strains outdoors man, they are sativa dominant but the buds are getting rock hard and tight. goddamn it i wish i could get these pics uploaded to opengrow!! wtf !! i am not good with computers at all. maybe i need a new camera too. i bet if i could smoke some of the 3 ounces of bubblehash i just made i could figure it out man, still got till january before im abled to smoke again though. being sober blows guys, seriously. but it is what it is, fuck it. the indicas finished at 9 feet tall or better and yielded anywhere from 3/4 of a pound to 1 and a 1/4 pounds dry per plant. all where sinister strains accept for anesthesia, some black widow, hashberry and a few northern lights. lost about 2 lbs to fuckin mold man, shit still makes me sick but nothing i could do. we have had rain straight for 2 solid weeks and dense indicas and rain just dont mix very well. we never have shit like that here this time of year, just my luck. its all good though cause i figure that into the equation. plant enough for the animals, the chopper, the rippers, mold, and i get whatevers left. the joys of geurilla growing! lol!
  25. welcome to opengrow and enjoy the forums, the best damn pot forum ever. look no further. this place has gotten me through some real fucked up times and kept my sanity. have fun
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