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  1. I was being a lazy pothead with my typing. I was speaking of Strawberry Cough the entire time. My bad
  2. As far as getting pure Cough goes, try craigslist. Other than that, Reserva Privada DNA made Strawberry Banana. It tested @ 28.4% THC and had some strawberry flavor on the exhale. I know TGA seeds also has a couple crosses with the Cough. Good luck!
  3. Love this plant. Yours are looking quite lovely.
  4. I just bought a vaporizer that uses dab oils this morning lol. It hits like a champ. I'd like to learn how to turn the oil into that vape liquid for the pen cartridges for this upcoming grow season. Nothing beats the convenience of vaping the herbs and oils. Peace.
  5. Oregon uses labs and I still don't trust these numbers. The Strawberry Banana nug I am currently smoking on supposedly has 28.4% THC. It's dank weed, but I think all of these numbers are bull shit. I have gotten more stoned/high on "20%" weed than on this. I have to smoke again tomorrow, though. I have been smoking on Master Kush dabs all day before I attempted the Strawberry B.
  6. I am waiting on a small order. Will make a larger order when Kollossus, Sugar Punch, Jack F9, and others return or arrive in stock. Til then, I got Boudica, Jalisco Jaze, Mad Chem, and Shiva x Herijuana freebees to fuck with for awhile. A roundabout date would be nice, so I know when to save a wad of cash to throw at Sannie and his breeders
  7. Man, I need to dig out the pictures from the archive. My experience with CB wasn't spindly buds. There is bud flop for certain, but that can be dealt with. Jack makes fan-fucking-tastic dabs. The flavor is like no other and top shelf nugs. I have yet to have been disappointed with any work by eskobar. He is skilled and efficient. His buds are about something unique and jammed full of flavor and aroma. The high from the C99 side reminds me a lot of a cup of coffee: Extremely energizing high. CB is almost all Sativa and I love it
  8. Sannie's Jack is fucking dank and well worth the wait. When I get up and running again, I will always have a Sannie's Jack in the garden.
  9. Ordered... 1: Mad Chem 2: Boudica 3: Jalisco Jaze 4: Herijuana x Shiva Freebee Still waiting on Sugar Punch and Kollossus to restock. Shame about Chucky's Bride, but oh well. I just hope the Boudica keeps that Cheese funk I love.
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