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  1. iron_lung96


    Just a few pics with a poor quality camera (sorry) :(
  2. Beautiful mate, thanks for sharing. Peace.. Lung.
  3. Nice goin urban. You got some tastey looking buds there. Enjoy Peace.. Lung
  4. Loving the look of that ssh pheno mate. Looks amazing!
  5. Hey smilestyle. Thanks for the info. I'll check that out. Cheers. Peace.. Lung
  6. Nice grow ol'squeak looks like your gonna have fun smokin all that bud! Enjoy! Peace.. Lung
  7. Hi guys. Good thread. I'm planning on a trip to a'dam at some point in the near future and was wondering the same thing. I haven't been to nl for quite a few years, since I lived there for a short while. I used to go to a coffeeshop close to my apartment called "katsu", wich sold very good hash. Also smoked some blueberry that was probably the best tasting weed I have ever smoked. Dampkring was another shop I sometimes went to when in the city centre but like I said, that was a few years ago so don't know what these places are like nowadays. I always wonder if any coffeeshop's (a'dam or elsewhere) sell any sanniesshop strains..? Probably not, as his strains are not as 'commercial' as some of your more well known strains.. If there was I would definitely like to check them out. Anyway good luck with your search for a trippy sativa mate and have a great time! Peace.. Lung
  8. Cool man.. Thanks for sharing. Peace.. Lung
  9. Looking good urban. Not long to go now! Any idea how long til you chop any of the lc's yet? Sannies jack is lookin dank as hell too btw. Keep up the good work mate Peace.. Lung
  10. Cool man, well done. The big fune's a real beast for 2 weeks veg.. I wish you luck with your next run! All the beast bro, enjoy your smoke
  11. Nice, san. How long did you veg those badgirls for? And did you do another seed run or did you take cuts from the last ones? Lookin beautiful as always mate, I can almost smell them from here Keep up the good work bro. Peace.. Lung Edit: loving the cat btw
  12. Really useful thread bb. Thanks for sharing. Peace.. Lung
  13. HELLLL YEAHHHH! lookin good pal. I want to grow mine NOW!
  14. Hey san your friends did a great job, Well done to them! Thanks for sharing mate. Peace.. Lung
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