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  1. Thanks for the info, will check it out! Well, yields not too bad, the LSD was 2 oz, 17 grams, and I just finished trimming the Red Diesel this morning, was almost identical at 2 oz, 15grams. The Acapulco Gold is still drying. Yield was about what I expect in my space. I've gotten 6 oz from a plant, but that's a two month veg, and I'm just not that patient, lol.
  2. I keep zip ties, pieces of cut up coat hangers, and masking tape in my grow space. The ties come in really handy for small plants, but the coat hangers I just keep reusing, they are all sticky as heck by now. The masking tape is for emergency surgery when I'm too aggressive with my super cropping and break a nice branch. I just wrap it in tape right away, and as long as I didn't break it all the way off, they always heal up nicely. Looks like your on your way, growing fast.
  3. Didn't realize they were from Michigan, that's convenient! Supposed to arrive today. Thought about getting a couple for some squash or or zucchini, as they claim they work well outside. I'd think the reservoir would get too hot for them, but they claim they don't.
  4. I ordered an octopot yesterday to put a sugar punch in. Have some bags of Fox Farm Ocean Forest and chunky perlite I thought I’d use. Looking forward to trying one.
  5. Thanks for the camera input, I’ve been reading until I go blind on them. The Leica lens seems to be a plus, and the WiFi connectivity for easy photo sharing. I began with a budget of $150, and the more I read, the more money it was costing me, lol. Being a total amateur, I think what sold me is the full focus telescoping lens, weather proofing, and the added 5 axis stabilization and auto focus features. The 4K video is cool, but inderstand it eats memory like a mofo, only about 15 minutes on a standard memory card. It arrives today, new toys are always fun!
  6. Sannie inspired me to upgrade, as I’m so tired of crappy iStuff photos (embarrassed, too, when I see you guys pics) I know less than zip about photography, but look forward to learning. https://shop.panasonic.com/cameras-and-camcorders/cameras/lumix-point-and-shoot-cameras/DMC-FZ300K.html
  7. Yes indeed, Silverfields is nice, first cousin to Sugar Punch.
  8. Barney’s has a strain called Honey Bee that is supposed to be a ripoff of Reefermans Love Potion #1 strain I’d like to run. My 2nd Sugar Punch popped within 24 hours so it’s my next grow.
  9. I’ll do smoke reports when they’re all cured out. Barney’s claims their intent was to capture the old AG buzz, and I’d say it’s the right direction. The original was very rushing as I recall, but everything was back then. What was interesting, totally different buzz from the LSD, much speedier. They both creep, but the AG hits you on the first puff right in the head, bam. . The LSD is very visual, not really dreamy, kind of like your brain doing gymnastics in slow motion, trippy. Red Diesel looks good, too. I’d done a few Barney’s and found them pretty solid players.
  10. Chopped the Acapulco Gold yesterday. I day dried a bud on my stereo so it would be ready for Game of Thrones last night, and dang, got higher than I expected to be. Very interesting taste, pretty floral, and just two pulls, and had a nice racy creeper going on. It was actually a bit unnerving in it's power, but that's typical of fresh bud, should settle down with a nice cure. The preview was very encouraging.
  11. Well, crap, the DeWalt super turbo drill bubble hash beater never told me that! LOL I hear ya. Actually, most of mine comes out tan or blonde, past the 70 mic bags. I've never gotten very good product above the 70, no matter how I beat it. But I'm sure using my paint paddle electric drill mixer to turn it to snow doesn't help with the color.
  12. I ve gotten great full melt bubble from the 20 micron bags, the 70 is just ok usually, too green tasting.
  13. What Misterdirt said. The only time I used bud for hash is when I don't like the bud that much, or I've just got so much of it, it doesn't matter. Everything else is sugar trim, I no longer use all trim leaves, that's a waste of time. It's just not an efficient use of bud to make hash, if you're thinking of it in monetary terms. However, if you want full melt bubble, it generally (not always) takes bud. From 4 oz of sugar trim, I've gotten as much as 15 grams, usually about 8 high grade, 7 mid grade, all the rest is trash. I trim twice, once when I chop the plant, removing all the large leaves, and once when it's dry, which is all close cut sugar trim. As far as selling it, I just give it away, no one has any home made around here. Frankly, I just don't like the new super pure, butane hash, shatter, oil, etc. To me, it's just not a very pleasant high.
  14. Whoa! Just tried an LSD 6 day dried bud. I like! Very soft smoke, trippy buzz. Hey, has anyone tried the new Sugar Punch seeds? I'm two for two no shows on germination after six days, a bit unusual. They look fine. If they don't go, I'll drop the other three, but kind of unusual for Sannie's. Thought I'd ask, they may still surprise me, but most pop in three days or less, in my experience. Except for Jack, they take a week sometimes..
  15. I haven't done 12/12 from seed since I've been doing all DWC, but maybe I should revisit this with the octapot. I'm a bit skeptical on claims these will outperform hydro, or even equal it, but I'll keep an open mind. My duoponic setup was virtually the same thing, worked great, but not as fast as hydro. I've done a ton of grow bags, too, and they do make a huge difference with veggies, so maybe that's the secret weapon in these things.
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