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  1. Paps, you're a pro, always nice seeing your stuff, AND, trying the Octopots for myself. Checked my Goji OG, and the thing I notice the most in the Octopots, just like Sugar punch, the stems are HUGE, twice the size of the same strains in same soil in 3 gal, all started at the same time. I'd say it's the root magic of the design, having used grow bags outside for tomatoes, they were twice the size of the ones right beside them in the ground. I'm clearing out my DWC totes and hydro stuff in a few weeks, and making room for another Octo or two on my next run. Cutting Sugar Punch Sun, 8 weeks, she's a fast one, but dang, buds are heavy as heck, flopping every which way and STICKY!! Seems much stickier than the Octopot mama was, we'll see. She's flushing until Sun morning.
  2. Is that just lights off wilt, or thirst? My results seem faster at start if I water the top, especially the little ones the first week. I almost lost one from the top drying out, second one is doing fine, faster, watering it a few times, but it dried out, too. Mine got really wilted, almost overnight, was just dried out before roots were long enough. It only takes a week or so for roots to be deep enough it seems.
  3. Fun reading all this. As someone who’s tried almost every imaginable bloom booster, sweetener, n, p, k, Frost creators, finishers, starters, bacteria, fungi, soilless medium, feeding schedules, etc, it needs saying: NOTHING HAS EVER PRODUCED BETTER BUD THAN A GOOD ORGANIC MIX AND WATER. PERIOD. I enjoyed the comments on fading. With hydro, you prevent fade by depriving plants of what they naturally do. I used to get the best fades in organics, but plants looked awful when they finished. But the taste!! Looking forward to getting back to basics.
  4. Well, that's what I thought, too, regarding Ocean Forest and Happy Frog. In Octopots, the OF is cut by 40% perlite, and I'm using the same mix in 3 gal. It was very wet on it's own. I've found too much worm castings/organics stunts growth, i.e., super soil, maybe it's too much humus? Fun to think about all this stuff again, as organic soil grow is where I started. I've got a ton of green sand, Sunleaves High P guano, Seabird poop, kelp, azomite, lime, molasses, etc, just been sitting on the shelf a few years. I grabbed the OF and HF as it was on sale, and just easy. I went to DWC because I was traveling, and could leave it. Octoopot's do the same better.
  5. Ditto on the Happy Frog, I found it a bit too hot for young plants, and lot's of bark like stuff in it I just didn't like. Our local tractor supply store was stocking Fox Farm's Ocean Forest this year, which I like way better, ran about 150 peppers and tomato seedlings in it without any issues at all. Seems to be kicking it just fine on my Goji Og run. I used to run 100 percent organic "super soil", but I've found with those mixes, if you mix them up, then cut them by about half with peat or Pro Mix, they're about where they should be. I'm done with coir, used it for years, it's just too twitchy, locks up nutrients really bad, and growth rates in peat based mediums are just way better.
  6. Do you have to feed them at all, if you’re using a fertilized mix? My SP came out really well with just Happy Frog and water, maybe a touch of bloom ferts in reservoir So simple it’s boring Guess if you’re using plain Pro Mix, I’d need nutes? They seem very forgiving.
  7. This is Bohdi's Gogi Og, received as freebies from Attitude a few years ago when I grabbed his Apollo 11's. Must be 3-4 years ago, all 5 popped within 48 hours, all looked strong, one died, 3 females, 1 male, perfect! I ran them 12/12 from seed to sex, then immediately flipped them back to 24/7, small one in front is male, but it's been on the window sill in her room. Planning to pollinate a branch of each female. Plants are clean, flowering totally halted, if I get a stray seed or two, cool. It's not a fair comparison, because my dog ate most of the plant sitting on the Octopot. The two females in 3 gal were noticeably taller than the one on the Octopot, which is noticeably more compact. The Octopot female is larger, naturally, but not that much, yet. Same soil mix in each, Fox Farm Ocean Forest with 40% perlite. Note on the Octo, you REALLY need to top water these the first week, The sleeve drys out very fast in the top half, almost lost this one leaving for 4 days. Usually takes a week- 10 days and I see roots at bottom of bag. These were in small, non root bound starter pots. Looking forward to some non hydro weed again!! The Octo Sugar Punch tastes noticeably better than DWC. Peace.
  8. Starting at the top, my first sugar punch, then her two clones, and two Kali Mist. SP will probably be ready in a week, she's an early one, goes about 8 weeks. The Kali, (dang, I love this plant!) got big, I had five, one hermied, and the other was fricking huge, and didn't show sex until six weeks in flower, looked like some kind of African Sativa, lemon/lime leaves, perfect Christmas tree. But I chopped her, bet she'd go 20 weeks and be coming out the top of my house. The Kali's always been a ratty arse plant, but these smell terrific, classic spicy pepper smell. These got BIG, with only one week in veg after they popped, 12/12 all the way. Never done them in DWC, they'll run 36 inches in 1 gal sog setup, which is the best yield I every had in this space, 12/12 from seed in 20 1 gal pots, 12 ounces, each yielded about 3/4 zip. Need the space for my Goji OG everyone's talking about. Oh! BIG difference in taste in the Octopot SP compared to hydro weed. You forget how good guano weed tastes, once you quit, then start it again. Two Goji's are in 3 gal pots, 1 in 6 gal Octopot, and male in 1 gal, will picture those soon, I need the space when SP finishes in a week.
  9. Wow, a half pound of SP is a lifetime supply, lol. I love how your buds look, looks a bit like my Kali, sativa buds just look cool. Mine are a bit chunky, small, and airy, but weigh more than they seem. My single OCTOPOT yielded tree and half oz, zero popcorn bud, tastes great, too! A wiz to trim after that f#*%ing 6 oz Chuckys Bride, that cured me, lol.
  10. “also question #2 is it better to freeze you seed or just store them in the refrigerator? “ Neither. I did a bunch of research on this a few years ago. Changing environment is what kills seeds, and it’s difficult to maintain humidity or temp in a common fridge. Would you keep your cigars in a freezer to preserve them? Think of what happens to anything you take out of the freezer. Pro seedbanks keep at around 50, constant humidity, drying seeds to very low humidity. I keep mine in a sealed ball jar, with a dissicant, in a bottom drawer closest to floor. AND I always keep WAY more seeds than I’ll ever need. Rule of thumb, I start twice the number I want to end up with, but still getting excellent germ rates of 5-10 year old seeds. My Kalis are 8, always get 80 % germ. This wordy commentary brought to you by Sugar Punch, get some today, at your local Sannies Shop.
  11. Been busy as heck, but great to hear your SP review! Your’s looks quite a bit mor sativa leaning than mine, which have a compact Indica structure. I really like the high, not what I expected. It seems to have no ceiling, and no raciness or paranoia at all, just a pretty clear psychedelic cloud. Ditto on the strength, I do two or three and I’m good for three hours. Silverfields is fricking scary in comparison , racy, top shelf, rocket ride. My. SP is three weeks in jars, smelling better every day, skunkiness has calmed down, and sweet, musky, cantaloupe maybe? Hard to describe. A bit of burnt rubber like Lowryder 2 smell to it. Ill get some pics up soon, Kalis are monsters in DWC, sec gen SP is looking good. Also have my Goji Og project, out of five seeds, all Germinated, one died, three females, one male, collecting pollen now. Wish I had your space, nice looking screen!
  12. Harvest day! I chopped the Sugar Punch last night. I like to stick them in water over night, seems to clear them a bit, and slows down he drying process some, as they dry pretty fast where I am, especially in the winter, when air is so dry. This plant sucked up a quart of water overnight. She's a fast finisher, I could of taken her at seven weeks, but she's about perfect now, trichs are all milky white. Frankly, she's not at all what I expected, not in a bad way, just different. I expected more of a Silver Fields kind of plant, with more stretch, height, and Silver Fields is hands down the stinkiest plant I've ever grown. Instead, she's pretty short and bushy, and GREAT structure. I did no topping or training, just let her grow. Still very little smell, musty skunk, with a touch of sweet, but not much. My only complaint with the Octo Pots is they're boring! I only used Fox Farm Ocean Forest, perlite, and just a touch of Open Sesame, but she didn't need it, mostly just watered her once a week, and voila. Next are the two SP clones and my Kali Mist I just stripped two days ago. I wish I'd taken pic of the Kali I cut down, I'll call her the "tree pheno", left for 5 days, came home, and she was ginormous! Plus, at six weeks, and five feet tall, she was barely showing pistils, and totally taking over my space, so she was probably one of those 20 week sativa's, so I cut her to make room for the two here, which are pretty classic Kali. Stay cool, dang, it's icky here. Oh!! Texas Tomato Food totally rocks, my garden tomatoes are going insane, same with peppers, and great blossom set this year.
  13. Wow. Broke a Sugar Punch bud this morning, so dried it all day, and just smoked a few tokes. All I can say is, that's easily the strongest head high I've got around right now, and it's not even ripe or cured.. Reminds me a lot of Silver fields, very paranoia inducing kind of speed high, and surprisingly strong. We'll see, she's only six and half weeks, but looks like she could come down now, which, of course, I won't. I'll probably let her run an extra week or so to tame her a bit. Also, she has almost no smell, very faint skunky hay on the buds still growing. Happy Tuesday.
  14. What kind of Mexican is in this? I've long felt Mexican genetics got lost in the shuffle over the years.
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