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  1. dieseldog381

    The Dog House Beer, Pizza, and Pot Emporium

    Advanced Nutrients Flawless Finish. Just used it for my Chucky's Bride for the first time, and really liked it, made it smoke really clean and soft, and it burns with a pure white ash, just like you want. Compared it to some earlier bud, and it was MUCH better tasting, and burned really solid.
  2. dieseldog381

    The Dog House Beer, Pizza, and Pot Emporium

    Haircut day! They begin 4 weeks flower tomorrow, so I stripped her. The LSD has an interesting grow pattern, don’t believe I’ve seen a plant stay so short and squat. She was bushy as heck, though. The Acapulco Gold and Orange Diesel are pretty spindly. They should firm up further into flower.
  3. dieseldog381

    LED vs.....

    Yes!!! Here's the math, down and dirty. If I pay $1000 for grow light, that means if I want a payback within 12 months, I need to save $83.33 per month, over what the HPS was costing me. If I'm saving 30-40 bucks (I'm right at 35-40) a month electricity over a 600 watt HPS, that's 2 years, but that's NOT the whole story. You also have to subtract the cash you paid for the HPS up front, which is about half what an HPS is. You also save about a week per run on reduced flowering times, and in my case, I can run year round with LED's, where HPS REALLY adds up electric bills in hot summers. So just the idea of getting an extra grow in per year pays for the things. The biggest thing the Colorado growers are talking about is the cost of heat management, which is almost non existent with LED. Bottom line, IF you are starting from ground zero, and buying HPS OR LED, the payback is under a year, a bit longer than a year if you're swapping out lights. In my opinion, the LED bud is better than HPS bud, and there's some research to support that, as far as THC percentages. Buds are more compact and tighter, generally, too.
  4. dieseldog381

    The Dog House Beer, Pizza, and Pot Emporium

    My Chucky's Bride Mom I almost lost. Kind of proud of this one, I wish I'd take a pic when she was at deaths door, it was bad! She had a few yellow leaves left, 10 inches tall, and roots that looked like they'd been dipped in tar. Never had a spot of root rot before, so was trying to figure what I could of done wrong! I'd changed out the reservoir, added Hydrogard, and nothing, just kept getting worse. So, resolved that I was going to loser her anyway, I went all Rambo on her, cut off all visible roots, dipped the root ball in 3% Hydrogen Peroxide for an hour, then sterilized all airstones, lines, etc, and put her back in with a large dose of Hydrogard, and 25% Fox Farm Grow Big. It took her a month, but in about a week, I noticed tiny pearly white roots emerging from the old brown ones, and now, she's got huge pearly whites! She's about to get away from me, but I'm going to strip her and flower her next week, AFTER taking some good clones! She actually has a bit of pink in the cured buds, and that classic Chucky's taste. So glad I didn't lose her!
  5. dieseldog381

    The Dog House Beer, Pizza, and Pot Emporium

    Here's the Barney girls beginning three week flower. Looking really nice, I've been stripping leaves like crazy, if I didn't, it would be out of control. The LSD, on the right, has been interesting, very little stretch, she just keeps growing outward, low, and squat. Which is perfect since she has that whole side to stretch her legs. Bonus question: Can you spot the sativa, boys and girls? The AG is stretching like a bandit, but the Orange Diesel is pretty bushy. I'll defoliate them in another week, heck, I'll have no choice! Happy Valentines Day everyone!
  6. dieseldog381

    NAW Test Center

    More accurately, Inbreeding due to necessity and availability made the old landrace sativas we all smoked in the sixties and seventies disappear. Im biased, never been a fan of indicas much.
  7. dieseldog381

    NAW Test Center

    Good call on the indicator/sativa branding. Us old timers recall the days when men were men, and sativas were sativa. Few things are more obscene than Jamaicans hawking Sour Diesels and Kush, when even twenty years ago, all you could find were Jamaican sativas. Interesting history in the new Netflix Narco series, where the cartels grew the first Sensimilla, but had to find an isolated area to grow to prevent pollination from other wild strains. Indicas totally polluted the gene pool, by design, to make sativas growable indoors, aka, skunk #1. The upside is, cross breeding has been going on for a thousand years, and given us some great new breeds of food and pot.
  8. dieseldog381

    2019 octopot first run

    Spinosad is good stuff! I use Mighty Wash on spider mites, think it works on thrips, too, totally wipes them out in one spraying. Of course my plants glow with this weird, orange, nuclear looking light for 3 or 4 weeks, but what's a little radiation poisoning if it kills the little bastards?!!!
  9. dieseldog381

    The Dog House Beer, Pizza, and Pot Emporium

    Here we are 1 week later, 1 week flowering. The LSD just keeps growing outward, very little height gain, yet. You can see some of the huge leaves underneath, but I've been taking a lot of them off if they block bud sites. I'll strip them naked about three weeks into flower. Never done a mix and match strain grow in the same bucket, seems to be working fine. The roots look fabulous, pearly white. I'm doing a less is more grow, only using veg and flower nutes, Hydrogard, and Great White. Ph is hanging surprisedly steady at 6.4, and keeping my PPM under 800. The left side is Fox Farm, the right is Advanced Nutrients three part system. They both look great so far. The small plant is a Sannie's Jack, that finally popped after two and half weeks in rock wool, for all you impatient seed starters. It was planted December 18th. Jack's are notoriously slow starters, in my experience, but this was ridiculous!
  10. dieseldog381

    Baqualin's Colorado Grows

    I bought Silver Fields some years back when Sugar Punch was unavailable, and so glad I did! Of everything I've grown from the shop, Silverfirelds is by far the strongest, it'll put you down, and I'm almost immune. Mine were all like a fruit salad some skunk had fallen into, so the Blueberry should be a nice compliment. Will probably tame the racy paranoia a bit, too.
  11. dieseldog381

    Baqualin's Colorado Grows

    Blueberry Killing Fields? Now there's a cross made in heaven if I ever saw one.
  12. dieseldog381

    Jalisco IBL

    Boy, those buds look old school!
  13. dieseldog381

    2019 octopot first run

    Ok, Jet, I'm sold on Octopots! Should I buy through you in case you're on commission? I'm going to get one for a Sannie's Jack I've got in veg, looking forward to trying these things out. I miss soil grows, DWC has just been SO easy with my schedule, and not having to haul all that dirt around the house, lol.
  14. dieseldog381

    NAW Test Center

    I've never done any of the "G" strains, but that G39 looks pretty awesome. I was always afraid of G13's, being developed by the government and all. I just know it's a conspiracy to make us all sterile, with psychotropic, brain freezing, genetically modified, marijuana molecules.
  15. dieseldog381

    2019 octopot first run

    It's a grow bag, I'm sure it's a very nice $35 grow bag, but it's still a grow bag with a wick. There've been variations on this wicking theme for years, the extra aeration of the bag makes them different, IMO, just from what users have said, and their own site. Which, again, is why they would probably work better than plastic. Hempy buckets kick arse, too, once the roots hit the water. What these things all have in common is a continual supply of fresh water. Haven't tried one yet, but planning on it, based on the reviews here.