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  1. dieseldog381

    Chucky's Comin' For Christmas!

    Shazzam, while doing Fall clean up, I found 3 buckets of Sunleaves Indonesian high phosphorous Bat poop I forgot I had. I see some tea and molasseses for Chucky's Sunday reservoir change. The things you forget. Hadn't done this in years, I bubbled up some frothy guano, worm castings, and molasses tea for 24 hours, checked the PPM with my regular regimen, and voila, came out about where I want her for mid flowering, about 1200 to start. My whole nutrient regime is this: Fox Farms Grow Big, Tiger Bloom, Big Bloom, Open Sesame, Cal Mag, Sweet Berry, Mammoth P, Golden Tree, Azomite, and tons of Great White, Mycos, White Widow, or whatever I have around. I used to do 100% guano, worm castings, green sand, lime, etc, in soil. Trying to get a bit closer to that in hydro. Fun to mess with, hard to mess up. Nice thing about DWC, I can keep adding stuff, long as I don't mind cleaning up the reservoir at the end of the run. I've always believed in giving my plants a wide variety of nutrients, fun to go back to my roots a bit. NO weed on earth tastes better than guano grown.
  2. dieseldog381

    Chucky's Comin' For Christmas!

    I was just smoking some Holy Princess while looking in on Chucky, and I noticed if I look real close at the Hortilux Power Veg tube underneath, I can see little leprechauns riding on the light beams, gently pushing the buds upwards, while singing Irish ditties.
  3. dieseldog381

    Survived Day 1 Legal Weed

    Do many Canadians look like Cheech and Chong, yet?
  4. dieseldog381

    Yield...new way to look at it

    I don’t hear many talk about “super cropping” these days for yield. Probably one of the single biggest things you can do for yield is proper pruning and bending. Actually, filling a Scrog net is about the same thing. Most cannabis strains love being chopped on, they’re wired to survive. I easily cut a third to half a plant away before flowering, and more thereafter.
  5. dieseldog381

    Yield...new way to look at it

    LED's yield the same, or more, than HPS, in the same, or, shorter flowering times, in my experience. At half the price. And the bulbs don't lose efficiency like HPS does. I'm sold. I did HPS for years with great results, got tired of fighting the heat, bulbs, ballasts, etc. Switched to LED's, results are excellent to better than HPS. Lot's less headaches, and danker buds under LED's.
  6. dieseldog381

    Yield...new way to look at it

    Yield is a balancing act, light, heat, humidity, and nutrients. But there are basics to increase yield. Hydro yields more faster than soil, soil grown tastes better, generally. Big yields come from big yielding genetics. Mycorrhizae and bacteria substantially increase yields, so do some additives. Mammoth P is excellent stuff! So us Golden Tree. Over feeding kills yields Not feeding enough kills yields Over watering is the most common yield killer. Too much light kills yield as often as not enough Sustained over 85 temperature kills yields. Too short veg time kills yields. Rap or speed metal music kills yields Lots of experience chasing yield in a small space, and I’ve learned no matter what I do, a Chuckys Bride isn’t going to yield what a Sannies Jack or C99 will.
  7. dieseldog381

    Do they seem ready? (pics inside)

    LOL. Just read through this thread. Good stuff by Gardenartus, as always. Nice buds! I read a lot of Soma when I first started, always recalled his tip, when you're ready to cut, wait a week. You want that over ripe banana smell to your buds, they should just wreak of weedy, fruity, skunky, goodness, you just want to eat them. He would talk about how much pot gets rejected in Dam, due to being harvested too early. I began letting my Satvia's run a bit longer, my indica's(which I hardly ever grow) a bit earlier, to tame the raciness of the sativa, and the couch lock of the indica, it's an art. Harvest with your heart, as well as your head. Lot easier to know when you want to chop after you've grown a strain a few times.
  8. dieseldog381

    Short winter grow

    I'll take some of that Durban X C99, sounds like a great cross.
  9. dieseldog381

    Harvesting before they are mature

    Excellent point on the males, I'd forgotten about that one. I used to plant all my seeds in solo cups until they sexed, then I'd cut the male's, put them in water over a white sheet of paper until the pollen sacs opened. Worked great. They will live for a surprising amount of time, AND, if you hit them with 24/7 light, will even root and re-veg. Florists put some nutrients into their cut flower solution some times, which you can do as well, but I've not found it necessary, plain water will keep them alive for days. Grandma used to put a teaspoon of sugar in her cut flower water.
  10. dieseldog381

    Harvesting before they are mature

    How underage are they? A week? Two weeks? You can do a couple of things. For frost, just cover them with plastic, will protect them, unless it gets to freezing, then you've got to cut them. With no amber tricks, that sounds pretty early, but here's a trick I've done a few times with good success. Chop them and put them in ice water (initially, then just normal water, the ice firms up the plant tissues, just like clones) under lights if you have them, or not. I've finished Sannie's Jack with two weeks to go using this method, in the dark, same issues you're having, works well, you'll see the plant yellow and die off, exactly what you want. Plants remain alive for days after they are cut, just like cut flowers. Even if you made them into ice hash, you'll still be a week or two further along this way. Got my first frost alert today for tomorrow morning, so I'll be pulling a few "volunteers" in my garden today, too. Good luck to you, SSH is nothing to waste!!!
  11. dieseldog381

    Drying in high humidity...

    Getcha some of these, and never worry about jarring too early or late again, used them for years Takes all the guesswork out, and 62 percent humidity is ideal for long term pot storage. All the pros are using them https://www.walmart.com/ip/Boveda-62-RH-2-Way-Humidity-Control-8-gram-10-Pack/186237463?wmlspartner=wlpa&selectedSellerId=2030&adid=22222222227065730304&wmlspartner=wmtlabs&wl0=&wl1=g&wl2=t&wl3=169537024522&wl4=pla-305296841444&wl5=9016511&wl6=&wl7=&wl8=&wl9=pla&wl10=118787153&wl11=online&wl12=186237463&wl13=&veh=sem&gclid=CjwKCAjw0oveBRAmEiwAzf6_rHl-YYcj1FxibSsBkNOKCZTNYoD-_6Es2FWeKeaKZUTJT6m4snEY6hoCjZEQAvD_BwE
  12. dieseldog381

    Drying in high humidity...

    50% is not high humidity. Professional grow op cure rooms maintain 56% ideally. Humidity in the midwest is 30-90, depending on the day, or the season, I've never worried about it, and dried in all of them. The only difference has been the time to dry, in winter, some of my buds dry in 5 days(too fast) , and brown paper bags do help slow those down (can wrap in newspaper, too) . But I'm usually doing final trim and jarring most buds within 7 days or so. Some folks dry in their showers, or take their buds into the shower with them once a day to remoisten them with the added humidity, and slow the cure. Humidity is an outlier on your final results anyway, and absent a sealed room, and the right equipment, it's impossible to control. . What DOES matter, is air movement, I never dry without a fan blowing 24/7, not directly on the bud, but high heat, high humidity, and no air movement is like ringing the dinner bell for mold. I
  13. dieseldog381

    Chucky's Comin' For Christmas!

    Thanks, Papa. I bought the Hortilux Power Veg lights a year or so ago, when I was still running HPS 600's, to add UVA/UVB to my spectrum, and I had them on top circling the plant, worked really well, noticeable difference in frost. I've got some 2 footers and 4 footers, I just daisy chain around the room. This one was just setting there, and I'd forgot I'd put tubes underneath canopies in the past, seems to help quite a bit, and the newer bulbs have quite a bit more horsepower than they used to. I think it helps keep down the popcorn buds,, though I try and trim as much as possible underneath, I hate trimming that stuff! So I think the underneath helps a bit. Besides, it's something new to try when you're bored, lol.
  14. dieseldog381

    Chucky's Comin' For Christmas!

    Yeah, I've gone around the world, too. Since my issue is security, a lot of hydro setups just don't work well for me, plus, the more moving parts, the twitchier the system becomes. I was running aeroponics, briefly, man, what a pain in the arse, very hard to keep clean. Ran coir for years, then went back to peat, much faster results, without the problems coir brings. I actually began DWC by accident, when I left 10 clones in my home made five gallon DWC cloner. I left them for 10 days, came home, and the growth rates were 3 times what my soil stuff was. But, in reality, I got tired of lugging the soil to an indoor space, and soil brings yet another set of odor issues. Guano grown weed is still the best tasting I've ever done, so I use a bunch of guano products, teas,, especially towards end of flower. I'm gone a lot, and a 20 gallon tote will keep that size just fine for a week to 10 days with no problems. I super oxygenate the water, it's boiling in there, lots of fungus, touch of molasses to feed it, and voila.
  15. dieseldog381

    Bubble bags

    By the way, your bags will last MUCH longer if you don't stir in the bags, just use another bucket, then dump your "hash mash" into your bags and rinse all those wonderful trichs into your "hash net", being careful to not catch any porpoises. Can I patent "hash mash", or has it already been invented?