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  1. My Goji came from Bohdi, came as a freebie five pack when I bought his Apollo 11, been a few years back. It was not an advertised freebie.
  2. Hey, Jet, how is that Goji OG,and what kind of high? I’ve had a five pack that was a freebie I’m thinking of running next. Thanks man! Wish I had more space.
  3. Tape it. Ive broken tons of stems gardening, and always keep masking tape close by for emergency surgery. As long as there’s a thread still attached, they almost always pull through. It acts as a splint, just a small piece of tape wrapped around the break holds it in place while it heals. Works on tomatoes, peppers, and pot, and you get a much stronger stem afterwards, the plant heals itself creating a “knuckle”
  4. Really nice, hope your Chucky works out, I got five oz from my big one. Mine is all this BB size buds, doesn’t look like much, but the high will surprise you, and of course there’s the taste.
  5. Yeah, and back in my day, I had to walk twenty miles in the snow, barefoot, both ways, just for a good dime bag of Mexican full of stems and seeds , and was glad to have it! Today, kids bitch if they can still see leaf on their bud. Kids today are so spoiled!
  6. It's the perfect music festival weed. I've always felt, if your friends go, "wow, that was really nice, what was that?", you probably have a winner. Shared it with some folks at a great music festival this weekend, everyone really liked it. I t has that old school "Mexican" high, just a really nice head space, no paranoia, but giggly as heck, which you just don't find in pot much these days. It's also become a lot stronger after a month in the jars, a few hits will do you very nicely. What I do notice the most, is the high doesn't last that long, peaks in 15-20, then lasts for a good hour, hour and half, which I kind of like. Like a buddy said recently about my C99, "Great smoke, but I don't think the high lasts as long", to which I replied, "Well, you're not smoking enough of it, then!" I recall Nirvana's Wonder Woman had a similar high, and it was Mexican Sativa as I recall.
  7. Best thing about your setup, you won't need to take them to the beach in the summer.
  8. PS: BTW, the Barney's Farm Acapulco Gold is amazing concert weed! After a month in jars, it's super, super sticky, feels like it's been drenched in super glue, and just a great breezy happy time high, one of my new favorites. Reminds me a bit of good Jamaican Kind.
  9. A little Sugar Punch update at a week and half flowering, not near as much stretch as I expected, but there's still time. The small one's are Kali Mist I thought I'd run 12/12 from seed. The SP clones are amazing, easiest plant I think I've ever cloned, and fast, too. Peace, all.
  10. Looking good. Hey, do you guys change your bags on the Octopots each grow, or just clean them up and refill them? I'm pretty impressed with the ease of growing in these, not a hint of burn or deficiencies.
  11. Well, as far as clones go, I'll have to say, Sugar Punch is the fastest cloning plant I've ever done. I took two clones on the the 21st, and here they are today. Not bad at all!
  12. You're killing me, too much to grow. Gotta try that Airborne Jack. Hey, I bought a pack of Blackberry Haze before you discontinued her, is she worth growing? Seems I read you were disappointed in her for some reason. Always loved Blue Hammer, and have those in F3's as well. Thanks!
  13. Pot growers are like Patton whenever our homeland is invaded by critters. Whenever I get mites, I immediately initiate the “I’m not fookin’ around plan”, and do EVERYTHING. Shock and awe is my motto! “No marijuana plant ever won a war by dying for her grower, she won by making the poor thrip bastard die for his”. General George Patton, paraphrased.
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