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  1. Just smoked a bowl of LSD, so in an introspective mood, and got to thinking. How is it Spider Man climbs walls with boots and gloves on? I mean seriously, think about it, if you put boots on a common house spider, covering his naturally sticky feet, would he still be able to climb walls? Wouldn't it be more realistic to have Peter barefoot, without the gloves? Or, maybe just one glove? That way, he could still walk up walls, but dance on them, too. Just thinking out loud. Has anyone ever noticed this?!! I mean think of it, just like, what are the odds of Thor randomly bumping into the Guardians of the galaxy, in outer space, millions of light years wide? It's the details that make a story believable.
  2. I prefer sprays that kill them slowly, so I can listen to them scream a bit before the end.
  3. No, it’s NOT just water. I wrote to the guys that make it, as they were briefly banned on Amazon for not disclosing an extremely small content of pyrethrums, which disqualified it as organic. They wrote back explaining the situation and It is now relabeled as “Mighty” instead of “Mighty Wash” and lists the contents. They do claim a proprietary treatment to their water. If you’re selling medical, there is a chance it will show up in testing, but for personal use, I’m not worried about it. Compared to the other pyrethrin products out there, it’s extremely minute. All I know is it works really well, just bought another gallon as had a few mites show up on my Goji OG. In a pinch, I just spray them with kerosine and light them for a minute. Works really well, but kills all but the hardiest of plants. Gives them a nice diesel flavor, though. :) Mites suck!
  4. Good point, I’ve noticed SP high lasts a pretty long time compared to my other current strains.
  5. Well, I don’t have any Silverfields right now, so smoking Sugar Punch, which is a much better night time smoke. I grew 5 or 10 SF from seed, and they were all very good, can’t recall a lot of structural difference except height, seemed pretty consistent, stunk like nothing I’ve ever grown in flower. Still have 15 or so and probably 60 F2s I think. My experience is sativas get significantly better with longer cures, THC breaks down into usable compounds, blah blah blah, can’t recall, but it’s better. Sannies Jack and C99 are frickin’ killer at six months, scary good. Silverfields is the same, flavors soften out, paranoia reduces, but it was pretty killer just dried for a week. I still recall my friends asking, “Got any more of that?” Always a good sign
  6. Maybe you’re not smoking enough of her? Lol
  7. LOL. I remember this post on Silverfields. I had to keep scraping my scissors with Sugar Punch as they got gummed up so fast, and Silverfields kept gumming up my fingers. Man, a fresh ball of scissor hash from either will send you into orbit. I drop a BB sized ball on top of a bowl, and wow. All this Sugar/Silver talk made me hungry, so doing a bowl of Chucky's Bride. Needs saying' again, for just a pure pleasure to inhale, there's not many like Chucky's, just delicious weed.
  8. Great description of Silverfields, totally agree with you on “old school” laughing high. For me, it’s much more intense rushing kind of high than Sugar Punch. I used to like the heavy hitting sativas, but learning to enjoy stuff that’s not such a rocket ship ride.
  9. I think most of my Silverfields were in the ten week range, maybe 11. IF I had to choose between Sugar Punch and Silverfields, I'd definitely have to go with Silverfields, it's a much more "interesting" plant in my opinion. It's also regular, so you can make seeds! SP is an easier plant to grow, not as stretchy, but I grew her mainly for the taste everyone was raving about. Frankly, I'm very disappointed in the taste department. I mean, it's certainly not bad, it's just nothing special, like a Chucky's Bride, Sannie's Jack, or Apollo 11. I was expecting a super fruity sweet and it's not that. Mine is more earthy, musky, with a hint of sweet, but where SP DOES shine, it's a very soft smoke, doesn't fry your tonsils and lungs like so many do these days. For all day smoking, I'd do SP, as Silverfields makes can make you pretty anxious and freaky if you overdue it, it's what I call a "3 chopper strain", for how many DEA choppers you hear overhead after smoking her, lol. The Silverfields was MUCH sweeter, skunkier, and at the risk of blasphemy, stickier than the Sugar Punch, and the SP is SUPER sticky, but the Silverfields felt like it was dipped in glue. Both awesome strains, different strokes for different folks. I do like the short flower time on the SP, and it's an easy trim job, too.
  10. Looks like Sugar Punch! Ive only grown one pheno 3 times, and the high is very nice, strong, but calming, no raciness, a bit trippy. It’s cousin, Silverfields, on the other hand, I found to be absolutely devastating, it’s phenos we’re much stronger, speedy, almost hallucinogenic, easily the strongest plant I’ve ever grown. It seems Sugar Punch gets all the love here, but I actually bought Silverfields when SP wasn’t available a few years ago. My opinion is SP is a much “friendlier” smoke, where Silverfields will jack you up like nothing I’ve smoked. It’s also a bigger yielder with more traditional sativa like buds. Both are awesome.
  11. Yum! Never thought of ice cream, you'd have to eat it all before it melts, and be SOOOOOOOO stoned, with brain freeze, to boot.
  12. Yeah, Diesel supposedly came from seeds found in a bag at a Phish concert at Deer Creek Amphitheater in Indianapolis in the nineties as the legend goes.
  13. ?!!! That's dumb! I'd never fire one until I found at least TEN seeds, people are SO unreasonable! Interesting point, ten years ago, you'd find a lot more occasional seeds in strains than you seem to today. It's become such a science these past years. Also, needs sayin', if anyone ever thought competition doesn't lower prices and increase quality, look at the pot industry. Capitalism sure ain't broke there.
  14. Lol, I kept a seed jar, and wed grind them in an old hand held coffee grinder. Hard to believe there was a time pot was THAT scarce, lol. Just had to wait until the next shipment got to town, everyone knew when it was coming, usually via the nearest large college campus. IU was a hash/pot Mecca in the Midwest. Underground growing didn’t really get going until early to mid nineties, catered to rich folks, sports teams, entertainers, etc, as it was stupid expensive at the time Now, you can walk down the street and every other stranger is holding
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