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  1. Nice, looks like you took them all to the beach.
  2. Of course they’re lying, it’s what communists do, they are an evil government.
  3. Happy isolation Sunday. Camera play. Well, it's almost harvest day for Jilly Bean, the pictures don't do her justice, she's finishing amazing. This is 9 weeks, 2 days, and I'll let her sit in the dark for a few days before chop. The scents are intoxicating yield looks like it's going to be great, nice colors on the short one. Mother's Finest is now in my flower closet as of this morning, at 6 weeks flower, really needed to move them into the sealed room, as they are starting to stink. A lot fruitier than I remember. MF's trademark was always golf ball shaped nugs, which I tried to get some pics of. Due to having more time before I shut down for the summer, I thought, what the hell, let's run out 20 ten year old Lowryder 2 seeds. Still got 75% germination. I just always liked the high on the Lowryders, good Brazilian sativa buzz, and sweet burnt rubber scent. Ahhh, the old days. Peace and health to you and yours.
  4. Like to say I invented it, but read it on a blog somewhere. Really does work well, especially with chunky nugs. The key is steam forms at 212, not enough to vape but enough to begin decarbing. The steam vaporizers water in the buds, which floats away into cosmic oneness with the universe as you burp the Tupperware. Pretty green tasting, but good. Almost instant gratification, lol. Smoking some now.
  5. Sannies, not Samir’s, although I’m sure anyone named Samir would grow some legendary weed.
  6. Great points, Gardner. I’ve read about the chemistry in aging veggies from gardening, tobacco, pot, etc. The Ball book suggests aging canned tomatoes for at least 3 months, same with pickles. As a home brewer, I’ve had beers I thought I’d have to pour out, only to age them a month and have them be excellent. the steaming is something I read about years ago, best way I’ve found to quick dry buds. I just put a paper towel in bottom of a small Tupperware container, then a wet one over the top, then the lid on with corner up to allow steal to escape. 60 seconds on power level 4, remove for 20 secs, repeat about 5 times, and you’ll have smokable bud. If you leave it out for an hour after steaming it’s even better. Works really well for vaporizing bud. omg, had some Samir’s Jack almost a year in vacuum sealed jars, pure heaven! All the harshness breaks down, AND it decarbs during long curing making it more potent, too. Since all commercial pot is churn and burn these days, and most post smokers really don’t know that much about the plant, and given they sell 25 year old scotch, or 5 year aged cigars, just seems someone is missing a really grand marketing opportunity.
  7. Looks really nice, AH is on my to do list.
  8. I couldn't wait, steam dried some Jilly Bean, and it's delicious, you just want to eat it. Great high, too, pretty intense, but that always changes significantly. Hey, how come no one ever advertises "aged cannabis, for true connoisseurs "? My experience, six month to a year in jars, and wow. One of my favorite tasting strains in Colorado was Island Sweet Skunk, and this tastes exactly like that, with a bit more fruit. Need to take them down, because I need the space, but doggone it, 9 weeks today, and they're just not quite ready. Well, guess i'm not having any guests for few weeks, so can put them in the guest bedroom, lol.
  9. LOL, that's what I was thinking, dang, Soma's not that much.
  10. Always wanted to try his Jack the Ripper, lot of his stuff has Jamaican in its genetics, can't go wrong there.
  11. Yeah, these were probably old seeds, I got them on Attitude in 2018, from TGA Subcool. Subcool and Mz Jill split up, and he has now discontinued the strain, she has it now in an F2 version under MzJill genetics. Out of five seeds, 3 were males, 2 were females, so I made seeds with the shorter pheno. I always enjoy keeping genetics, probably have 50 different strains of f1's and f2's in my collection.
  12. Jilly Bean eight and a half weeks.
  13. Jilly Bean update, 8 and half weeks. I'm pretty impressed with this plant. As you can see, the two pheno's are distinctly different, the tall one is skunky orange melon, the shorter one is orange/pineapple jelly beans, probably the most interesting smelling weed since Chucky's Bride. Both have beautiful, rock hard buds. Trichs are milky/clear right now, and tons of them, I'll give them another week. Really liking these Octopots, plain water the past two weeks, just letting them sit and dry, giving a nice fade on the tall one. She was begging for some P, but I think the Ocean Forest soil is almost enough to carry them seed to flower all by itself. Can't wait to try her. A buddy had some commercial grown last year, really liked it, but it was nowhere as good as this is gonna be.
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