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  1. Nice! I have a bunch of Holy Princess F2’s I made. My original Holy Princess, from Sannies Shop, was very cherry tasting, very unique to smoke. I wasn’t crazy about the high, however, as it was pretty heavy and confusing, but certainly potent.
  2. I’m not vaxxed, either, for medical reasons, as I’m prone to severe allergic reactions. I judged the risk greater than the benefit. Also, now, EVERYONE knows someone who’s had a bad reaction to the vaccines, including death. I’ve never known anyone who’s had more than a 24 hour reaction to any other vaccines. Something’s up, or the world wouldn’t be hell bent on censoring contrary data. I do get flu shots every year, but that’s a completely different animal than Covid vaccines. Interestingly, Novaramax (sp?) just came out with a conventional dead virus vaccine just approved in Europe that’s supposed to be very effective. Since Pfizer and Merck own the FDA and DC, I’ll wager it’s not approved here, as overnight, their market share would drop to zero. Funny, the one thing libs and cons all used to agree on was that Big Pharma is run by some evil sons of bitches. What happened?
  3. No need to be mean, folks. It’s pretty well known by everyone vaccinations do nothing to stop the spread, that’s a bit obvious now. It’s also well known they protect against severe illness in at risk populations. Those two facts are not mutually exclusive. I’m recovering from Covid now, as are ten fully vaxxed family members from Christmas. It’s hard to understand vaxxed people, who’ve had Covid, some twice, now running to get the booster, to protect themselves from Covid. Some refuse any information contradicting what they’ve already decided to believe, that’s just human nature. Like I’m fond of reminding my vax fanatic friends, always remember, the corporations who addicted the world to opiates for money would never lie to us about vaccinations, would they? Shhhhh! Well have no thinking, here. Happy New Year, everyone!
  4. Can I use both? Lol. I used to lay four foot hortilux high UV power strips underneath my canapy to increase uva exposure while running HPS. Seemed to make a noticeable difference in frostiness. When I first switched to LED’s I was running DWC, which was much twitchier than soil, a lot more can go wrong quickly in hydro. Not so much in soil. Having been shut down for over a year, I have t kept up with the latest Led technology, I’m sure it’s changed. I’d forgot about the heat issues. I’m in the upper Midwest, was minus 5 F yesterday morning, and I also needed to pipe in heat with LED’s. But, Man, they are simple! None of that six inch ducting, cooling fans, sealed hoods, space age light diffusers, ballast noise, I used it all, what a pain in the ass, lol! LED’s I just hang ‘em up and forget ‘em. Anyone know what you do with all that old HPS light stuff? I’ve got boxes of it! Can’t exactly set it out with the trash that says “grow house here!”, lol. Goodwill, maybe?
  5. Wow. Anyone remember the 1000 watt metal halide street lamps growers used in 1988? How times have changed! I just got some seeds for a strain called Dynamite from Next Generation Seeds I really liked while in Colorado I’m going to run with my old HPS stuff I haven’t used in 5-6 years. I believe I always got bigger buds with HPS than LEDs. I doubt that’s true now the way you can dial in spectrums specific to the strains. Getting so you need an advanced degree to grow commercial. Kind of like brewing.
  6. Interesting. When I first switched to LEDs 4 to 5 years ago, I was growing your Holy Princess, and just couldn’t get the nutrients figured out. As I recall, it looked like a potassium deficiency, then cal mag, then leaf burn, but was more nutrient and light burn due to the higher efficiency of the LEDs. LED’s can mimic all kinds of deficiencies. Raising them up, helped, too. I’ve found you can waste lots of time trying to figure out deficiencies , so ever since I’d just drain the tank, or even repot if in soil, and start over at half strength. LEDs are a learning curve. Then Gardenartus turned me onto to Octopots, and I never had a problem since. So easy they’re boring, but dang, they grow huge plants with great tasting bud.
  7. What a nice surprise! I’ve been gone over a year from here, sign on, and Eskobar is the first thing I see. What’s it been, 5-6 years?! I Still have a bunch of Chuckys Bride f2s, but they’re all pretty unstable, so I put them out to pasture. All the best to you, my friend, hope all is well. Happy New Year to you and yours.
  8. Love molasses! Not sure it does anything, but grandma used it, and grandmas know stuff. Actually, lots of evidence it’s great for the soil leprechauns that make soil work. When I started, I’d bubble molasses and guano s overnight to get the bugs going before watering with it. Forgot about that. Ive found bigger plants will deplete the soil over a grow cycle, unless I’m using really large containers. But nothing gives a great fade like guanos .
  9. Yeah, thought it would never stop stretching, stretched a good five weeks into flower. Pretty plants. Happy New Year to you, too!
  10. Hi, and best wishes to all. I'm still out here growing away, just took an online break for awhile. Hope everyone is healthy, safe, and happy. Covid is great for growing, I guess. Spent a lot of time last year on some old Wold of Seeds Thai F2's I had from 12 years ago, out of about 50 seeds, only one survived, and it was female, gorgeous plant, and their Thai landrace was always pretty good. Yielded 3 oz off one plant, flowered at about 9 weeks, a lot more fruity than the original, which was more old school chocolate Thai. I had some Blackberry Haze from before they discontinued it, and it was just too pretty not to share. Tell me again why you discontinued it? Plants all pretty uniform, structure reminds me a bit of Chucky's Bride, but a bit more Christmas tree like, buds just flopping every which way. The octopots are 3 times the size of the 3 galls. Seven seeds survived, 5 were female, I didn't make seeds or clones, figured I'd do it as a one and done run. Wreaks to high heaven, extremely pungent and sweet, very berry like. It's not going to be a big yielder, lots of bowl sized buds. Here's some pictures from this morning, she's starting week 10 today. The purple one is ready to chop, the others probably have two more weeks to go. Excited about tasting her, she smells amazing. Take care, God bless everyone, and "let's be safe out there".
  11. Actually, I do listen to him, and have for decades, MUCH more than you have, it was my job. I’ve read his books, his policies, and his website, and his own words. Same as I do with all candidates. How is it those calling him “horrid” now are the same people who partied with him for thirty years without a peep? And the Clintons, and Weinstein, Epstein, etc? The Invincible hypocrisy is stunning .
  12. I try and stay out of all this, but yours is an excellent post. All the critics of President Trumps responses, EVERY, SINGLE ONE, without exception, would have kept Chinese travel open, for “racism” making anything else these know nothings say, not worth listening to IMO.
  13. I charge extra for dog hair, it has a high similar to corn silk.
  14. I believe BX is anoff road bike kids like to ride.
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