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  1. Actually, I do listen to him, and have for decades, MUCH more than you have, it was my job. I’ve read his books, his policies, and his website, and his own words. Same as I do with all candidates. How is it those calling him “horrid” now are the same people who partied with him for thirty years without a peep? And the Clintons, and Weinstein, Epstein, etc? The Invincible hypocrisy is stunning .
  2. I try and stay out of all this, but yours is an excellent post. All the critics of President Trumps responses, EVERY, SINGLE ONE, without exception, would have kept Chinese travel open, for “racism” making anything else these know nothings say, not worth listening to IMO.
  3. I charge extra for dog hair, it has a high similar to corn silk.
  4. I believe BX is anoff road bike kids like to ride.
  5. Pretty buds, looks pretty sativa-y!
  6. Dang, those look really "rich", I need to try some Amnesia, always heard great things.
  7. Too pretty not to share, fresh dried Lowryder 2. She's a good one, never had one turn purple on me before. I'm down to about 20 seeds, so, if I want to keep her, better make more with the remainder as no one sells her anymore. Thought of crossing her with Sannie's Jack. Was Lowryder the rudalis they used in all the current auto flowers? I still have a few hundred DieselRyder seeds, and she was much less stable than LR 2, but frickin' killer smoke, like smoking speed. About 1- 3 is auto from the F2's I made, all the others are Soma's NYC diesel. Hot today!
  8. Old school, Lowryder 2's 9 and half weeks from seed, today.
  9. Well, this WAS going to be my last grow before summer, lol, but a virus got in the way. These are Lowryder 2 F2's and and 3's from 10 years ago, one of my first grows (first was White Widow). 23 seeds, 10 no shows, 5 hermies, and seven nice females. I've always loved this plant, smells just like you barbecued a mango inside a lit rubber tire. Not the strongest, but just a great breezy summer time Brazilian sativa high. Classic totem pole bud pattern in these two, others are more Christmas tree like. I had about 50 seeds, just through the remainder behind my tomato plants, gonna try some stealth, lol. Be well, everyone. Peace.
  10. Told you they'd never grow back, lol. Fun to watch them freak out after a good leaf stripping, always amazed how fast they recover. 3 weeks into flower is about the latest I've done, by then, they're about done making leaves, and it's all bud. I find doing it also 1 week prior really sets up a lot of bud sites. That sure looks like Chucky's. I had one or two of the smaller phenos like yours, grew almost like a Lowryder 2, nothing but bud, then it hermied like a mofo, hundreds of seeds. I still have those grown some out, but they were all tall spindly plants. Looking good, all phenos are great tasting smoke. All the best to you.
  11. Trade you some fresh Mother's Finest for a cannoli!
  12. What? The government's stupid? Who knew?!!! The lockdown will go down as one of the biggest policy mistakes ever. We all know people who've been financially ruined by these "expert" morons. We don't need a Phd to know bullshit when we see it.
  13. My last Chucky's Bride, this is the one that goes with the roots picture. Huge plant, nightmare to trim, larfy buds. She's a great plant, just needs someone to fix the shitty structure of most phenos.
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