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  1. Got kind of bored today, it's cold and gloomy in the midwest, so thought I'd clean out my freezer. Below are the results of about 6-7 oz of sugar trim, except the Chucky's was two and half ounces of larfy buds. The big piles are a conglomeration of Sugar Punch, Chucky's Bride, Goji OG, Kali Mist, Acapulco Gold, LSD, and Red Diesel, I think, I just throw all my sugar trim in freezer bags for hash and butter. I only use the final trim, or sugar leaves these days. Yield looks pretty good. I freeze it for an hour, then let set and dry for 5 days before "pucking" it. 73 seems to be the sweet spot, new bags, never used them before. I prefer a 90 myself, 120's pretty grainy, but nice to crumble into joints.
  2. Lowryder 2 was my first Grow, I still like it, great high, just not strong by today’s standards. Been thinking I should take another look, looks like they’ve come a long way.
  3. Boy that amnesia looks really tasty! Been thinking I need to grow some out, tried some in Telluride, and it was really different, a very confusing high, but awesome taste and settled down into a "where am I?" kind of high, amnesia indeed. I love about anything with Jamaican genetics in it, the old time Jamaican kind and lambs bread is getting pretty hard to find, and all the influx of hybrids is really destroying the gene pool on the island. The beach sellers are hawking Sour Diesel and Girl Scout Cookies! That's just wrong, give me some old time sticky spears of iri' goodness.
  4. You know, I've been looking at Jackberry, looks like a nice smoke, and one I've never gotten around to. I dumped my Chucky's Bride I'd kept for a few years, just awful bud structure, potency wasn't there, although the taste sure was. I've got a qp of it lying around, and smoke it just because it's such a joy to smoke. I''m just a closet grower, but I've sure ran a lot of strains in a very small space. I used to put 4 or 5 different strains each run, then began doing one or two large plants, and found it to be more efficient and easier to manage. I find you're always pleasantly surprised to try different breeders, as I've been running mostly Sannie's stuff for 5-6 years now, not that that's a bad thing. I ran some Barney's Farm a few months back that was all awesome, have some Jilly Bean vegging that I've been meaning to run, as I enjoyed the strain in Colorado very much. Happy New Year to you!
  5. Anyone else tired of chasing strains? Longing for a simpler time, of 3 channel TV, Star Trek (the real one), bad Yoko Ono albums, only 4 wine selections in super markets, no such thing as craft beer, American Pie, and whatever pot happened to be smuggled in that month? Grandma had one or two tomato seeds she'd plant, year after year, and they were always superb, best ever, every year. Was just thinking of how we're ALL consumed with the next best thing, the next super strain, the holy grail, the, the......... ? Being off the charts ADD myself, it's a challenge just to smoke the same thing twice. But was just remembering when something "special" was in town, like Thai, which would be around for six months, then vanish like a fart in the wind. Now, in the land of pot plenty, there's a never ending plethora of flavors, wines, new, better, better, better......... But I've always had an affinity for older, aged things of quality, the heirlooms, the 57 strat, Marantz receivers, heirloom Jamaican, or blonde Lebanese hash. I used to have my regular go too weed, Chucky's Bride for a long time, still Kali Mist, but always have 4 or 5 others around, waiting on all those F2's I've never got to grow out. Awwww, it's a great hobby, that alone justifies all the intensity and pursuit of excellence we put into it. Wish I had some original Skunk #1 for New Years. I'm just philosophizing on my new, simpler, 2020. Can't see it, because I no longer have 2020 vision. Bohdi's Apollo 11 F3's, from a few years ago, amazing plant is right, flowers in six and half weeks on the nose, every time. Fruit and Cheese ball hard small nugs that fit perfectly in your bowl. Great for watching Star Wars marathons. Happy New Years, everybody
  6. Who';s your photographer, and what's he using?
  7. Consider some mom plants have been kept alive for twenty years, as long as you leave some leaf, you’ll be fine. I don’t know how many plants I’ve revegged from just the small popcorn bud at the base of a stem after cutting the whole plant.
  8. Yeah, Gardenartus got me to try them, they work very well. The wick ideas not new, but combining grow bags to a wick seems their magic bullet. It’s all about the roots getting plenty of air. The great thing is, you can leave them forever and not lose a plant. Fugetaboutit with ph or ppm, just fill the bag with your favorite grow mix and water them. I use the six gal one, HUGE plants, but you e got plenty of nutrients for most plants in six gal I used to run three gal pots, and those aren’t quit big enough to carry you seed to harvest Merry Christmas to all!
  9. Is that the old Green house Super Lemon Haze? Grew it about ten years ago, was an exceptionally solid, uniform, plant, with awesome lemon scent.
  10. Wow, two of my favorite strains, ever! Bluehammer x Silverfields is sure to be epic.
  11. Oh, ditto on the PH, forgot about that with AN. Yeah, lots of people swear by Advanced Nutrients. I ran them side by side with Fox Farm that I’ve used for years in DWC, and found no appreciable difference, EXCEPT, the AN we’re much less forgiving if I used too much. I actually took this as a good thing, as they advertise they are structured for maximum uptake by your plants. But man, if you get your ppm too high, better back them down quick, or they will fry your plants. Fox Farm will too, just not as fast. Im back to guano soil grown now, still the best tasting weed ever, also using Octopots. My last Goji OG Run used Ocean Forest and plain water start to finish. Worked great, so easy it was boring though, lol.
  12. Have you ever read the "Three a Light" scam, by Jonathon Haupt? He's the guy in Colorado selling the "secret" to getting three pounds per light book for $500, and all it is is defoliating. Why I quit using Advanced Nutrients, they are scamming people, too, with the "don't try this at home, you could kill your plants" nonsense, and that it's "only for experienced growers", or that it's an "advanced technique". Give me a break, anybody can do it, and if growing indoors, they all should. If my dog defoliates a plant it STILL kicks arse, that's what weeds do when you try to kill them.
  13. I love watching plants freak out after you defoliate them, cannabis just loves being cut on.
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