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  1. Fantasizing about eradicating mites, while owning large hairy dogs, as I do, is an exercise in my own delusions.
  2. dieseldog381

    Saving E$cobars Strains

    Ahhhhh, the old fluorescents shop lights! I had that little book about how the secret to growing was 1000 Metal Halide lamps, same lamps you see 60 feet in the air on the interstates, lol. Can't recall what that was called, but it was the definitive indoor grow guide at the time, circa, 72 -73 maybe? The whole schtick was how to grow great cannabis, you need to duplicate the sun, which is impossible with incandescents, or the fluorescents of the time. But damn, did those things ever put out some heat!!! God bless LED's!! I've got HPS hoods, ballasts, and bulbs out the wazzoo, but don't think Goodwill will take them, lol. Electric companies knew anyone with long hair wanting to buy "just one" 1000 watter was probably growing back then.
  3. dieseldog381

    Saving E$cobars Strains

    I’m amazed at the ignorance of bud tenders in the dispensaries about even the most basic breeding history. Ask them for a Skunk #1, and their eyes glaze over. Or a landrace, and they’ll be like “we don’t sell Land Rovers here”. The kids know almost nothing about the history of indoor growing, how it was a product of necessity when smuggling became more and more difficult. The “great root ball rescue” should be required reading.
  4. dieseldog381

    bubble cloner with IPA and Huck Kush cuts.jpg

    Is that a a homemade cloner? Neat little setup. I'm made several aeroponics cloners in 5 gal, but like this shape a lot more. Thanks for sharing.
  5. dieseldog381

    Ms Universe - 65 days flower - up close.jpg

    I want these genetics! That's a beautiful sativa bud!
  6. dieseldog381

    Saving E$cobars Strains

    I'd forgotten about Snow High, where is he selling his seeds these days? He's on Attitude, but they never have any of his stuff in stock, always looked like an Old School treasure trove of genetics.
  7. dieseldog381

    Saving E$cobars Strains

    I read the same thing about Esko's Michoacan, no keepers, but back in the day, the stuff we'd get was right up there with Acapulco Gold. IMO. Also had something called Mexican "dirt weed", where they would put in clay jars and bury it to cure it, killer smoke, if you like smoking dirt, lol Mexican strains seem to have been relegated to the "also ran" after the Columbian invasion, no one ever talked about them much again, and still don't. But there are a few breeders using Mexican landraces again. Wonder Woman, from Nirvana is some seriously good smoke with Mexican genes. Barney's Farm Claims their Acapulco Gold is "central American", but I read somewhere it's something else, but everyone knows it's not the original. So many pure landraces are becoming hard to find do to cross pollination, they even talked about it in the new Narcos episodes on Netflix, how the cartel had to find an extremely isolated spot to grow the first sinsemilla, to keep it from cross pollinating. Jamaica is all but ruined with the hybrid infusion. Oh well, times change.
  8. dieseldog381

    Spider mite report

    Dang, I never thought of setting fire to the room, I'm trying that next time!! Do you remove your plants before setting the fire, or just water them first?
  9. dieseldog381

    Spider mite report

    I'd use agent orange if it killed the little bastards. I"m done with the rainbows and unicorns, save the whales, cinnabon, hormone free platypus oil, with added free range garlic and Joni Mitchell's sweat, this is all out war!
  10. dieseldog381

    Spider mite report

    Mighty Wash knocks them out in one or two applications, best I’ve found.
  11. dieseldog381

    Sugar Punch

    Hadn't thought of that in awhile! Pounds were 110 around here for average Mexican (it was ALL Mexican), 140-160 if it was one of the big three, Acapulco Gold, Jamaican, or Michoacan. We occasionally saw some Vietnamese from the vets, but that was rare, and you had to know the right folks. Tons of Thai around here in the early 90's, not sticks, just good Thai. Kansas ditch weed was 25 a quarter pound, lol, you can smoke it all day and get nothing but a headache, smelled just like fresh mown hay, and probably was.
  12. dieseldog381

    Saving E$cobars Strains

    Yeah, I snagged some of the Bohdi Apollo 11 BX F3's awhile back when he was still running them, waited 6 months on Attitude, then they sold out in a couple days. It's some darn tasty smoke, and would compliment Chucky's, in that it's "pineapple Cheetos" tasting, which is pretty good description. Also, the pheno I ran for almost a year flowered in 6 and half weeks on the nose, fastest plant I've ever grown, shorter, bushier, although A11 also has some real stretchers in her genes. It may improve the structure of Chucky, too, as it's a much prettier plant, great bag appeal, as the buds are all little pebbles of orange haired goodness.
  13. dieseldog381

    Chucky's Comin' For Christmas!

    Here's a couple Chucky's Bride bud pics. Wish I had a better camera, but she's just covered in trichs, you can't touch her without getting sticky. My one plant started to get a bit of pink in her around the top buds, and I like to give them the "cold shoulder" for a few days prior to harvest by opening up my outside vent. I can get them down in the 40's for a few nights if I want. I always do a few days of darkness before harvest, have for years, just habit, debatable if it does much. I feel it gives them that extra nudge to finish up, same with cold temps, which have been shown to bring out colors in some strains. She rolls a joint really nicely, has just the right amount of crumble, and sticks to your papers. And smooooooooooth! She'll be excellent in a few months. Merry Christmas to all, and may the season bring you and yours joy, peace, and hope.
  14. dieseldog381

    Saving E$cobars Strains

    Interesting talk on the open pollination. Wish I had all the space and time to do some of those with my Chucky's Bride Seed stock. I've got a Mom I'm going to hold onto for awhile. I'v also crossed Chucky with KO Kush, and Black Widow, but haven't run them yet. Think I did a Chucky's x Apollo 11. Endless possibilities. Seems so few strains get worked down into super stability like Sannie's Jack. His F8, F9's are rock solid stable, hardly any variation, and all seem to flower right at 9 and half to ten weeks. Good stuff!
  15. dieseldog381

    Sugar Punch

    You must be younger, lol. I remember those! In the Midwest in 1971, it was ten or fifteen if it was good stuff,like Michoacan, Gold, or Jamaican. Never saw any Colombian til about 74, and it was 30 to 35 an oz, which we thought was crazy expensive. Wasn’t long before Mexican all but disappeared for Colombian and Thai. Now, the bigger cities are awash in 110 an oz Mexican schwag. A buddy tried to get me to smoke some of that shit recently, tastes like dirt, just like it did in 1971.