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  1. Too pretty not to share, fresh dried Lowryder 2. She's a good one, never had one turn purple on me before. I'm down to about 20 seeds, so, if I want to keep her, better make more with the remainder as no one sells her anymore. Thought of crossing her with Sannie's Jack. Was Lowryder the rudalis they used in all the current auto flowers? I still have a few hundred DieselRyder seeds, and she was much less stable than LR 2, but frickin' killer smoke, like smoking speed. About 1- 3 is auto from the F2's I made, all the others are Soma's NYC diesel. Hot today!
  2. Old school, Lowryder 2's 9 and half weeks from seed, today.
  3. Well, this WAS going to be my last grow before summer, lol, but a virus got in the way. These are Lowryder 2 F2's and and 3's from 10 years ago, one of my first grows (first was White Widow). 23 seeds, 10 no shows, 5 hermies, and seven nice females. I've always loved this plant, smells just like you barbecued a mango inside a lit rubber tire. Not the strongest, but just a great breezy summer time Brazilian sativa high. Classic totem pole bud pattern in these two, others are more Christmas tree like. I had about 50 seeds, just through the remainder behind my tomato plants, gonna try some stealth, lol. Be well, everyone. Peace.
  4. Told you they'd never grow back, lol. Fun to watch them freak out after a good leaf stripping, always amazed how fast they recover. 3 weeks into flower is about the latest I've done, by then, they're about done making leaves, and it's all bud. I find doing it also 1 week prior really sets up a lot of bud sites. That sure looks like Chucky's. I had one or two of the smaller phenos like yours, grew almost like a Lowryder 2, nothing but bud, then it hermied like a mofo, hundreds of seeds. I still have those grown some out, but they were all tall spindly plants. Looking good, all phenos are great tasting smoke. All the best to you.
  5. Trade you some fresh Mother's Finest for a cannoli!
  6. What? The government's stupid? Who knew?!!! The lockdown will go down as one of the biggest policy mistakes ever. We all know people who've been financially ruined by these "expert" morons. We don't need a Phd to know bullshit when we see it.
  7. My last Chucky's Bride, this is the one that goes with the roots picture. Huge plant, nightmare to trim, larfy buds. She's a great plant, just needs someone to fix the shitty structure of most phenos.
  8. Most of my Chucky's have been the tall floppy ones, and I strip pretty much everything, twice, one week before flowering, and about 2-3 weeks after flowering. Lot's of great Youtube videos on defoliation. Biggest thing with a plant like Chucky's, if you don't, you'll get tons of popcorn buds on the lower parts.
  9. Yep, those sure look like nice and healthy Chucky's Bride. I would only offer, regarding your sprouts, the more organics you run through a hempy bucket, or non soil grow medium, the more problems you're inviting. Not as bad as hydro, but in my experience, teas, guanos, etc, in hempy's can get pretty nasty. It's an un aerated environment, where bad bacteria thrives. I saved my last Chucky's Bride from certain death in DWC with this stuff, my new best friend, http://blog.botanicare.com/hydroguard-2/. It's like a hazmat suit for your roots. Hydrogard is nothing short of amazing, it outgrows all the bad stuff in hydro, and makes your roots pearly white, I'll never do hydro again without it. I've attached a picture of my Chucky's Bride roots after two weeks on hydrogard. This plant had black tar, root rot, worst I've ever seen, and only had a few strands of six inch roots before I added the Hydrogard. I'd suggest extreme defoliation on the tall ones, will really help the bud size, as the tall, floppy, fruity pheno's give off a bunch of BB sized buds. Best of luck to you!
  10. Well, after about 2 weeks in jars, the Mother's Finest is true to form, smells just like freshly mown grass. She's a strange one, no scent growing, then a bit fruity/hay drying, then cures to a bright, fresh, grass smell. The upside, it's a very soft smoke, easy on the inhale. Since I'm smoking Jilly Bean right beside her, which is like smoking Skittles, it's no contest on taste. But for something that tastes THAT ordinary, to have such an awesome high, it kind of an oxymoron, lol. I do recall I just stopped growing her in years past, because the taste just wasn't there. But the high is creeping, soaring, shape shifting, traces, and clear as a bell. Reminds me a bit of Kali, but more psychedelic kaleidoscope. Ok, fess up, who's smoking more being locked up? Happy Saturday all, peace.
  11. I won't say Jack is prone to hermie, but I've had hermies with both Sannie's Jack, and Sensi's. The SJ was impressive, never seen anything like it, had pistils one day, then the next, just exploded with nanners, like a bomb went off. I figured Jack is kind of unstable anyway, trying to contain all that perfection inside one plant has to wear on it, lol. Those are looking nice, If I could only have one strain forever more, it would probably be Sannie's Jack.
  12. Looking nice! I used to love C99, but as I got older, it just became a bit too speedy for me. I've got a bunch if Mosca's C99 BX F2's I made, that was all the rage a few years ago, not sure who has the "real" C99 these days, but Brother's Grimm is back in business. Heck, when I started growing 15 years ago(50 if you count the hippie ditch weed grows, lol) C99 was the holy grail, but you couldn't find seeds anywhere. Then they started popping up again a lot 6-7 years ago. Your's are darn pretty!
  13. Mother's Finest harvest update. 4 oz from 6 1 gal pots, 12/12 from seed, almost. Nice smoke, very creeper, smell is as I remember, almost none. There's one pheno we'll call the "new cut grass" pheno, which is exactly what it smells like, even after cure. Sensi advertises fruity, and there is a touch. But I've never had a strain that smells so little, would be good for stealth. I've grown her 3-4 times, but this is the first time in about 6-7 years. The original seeds all tasted like hay, and thought I'd blown the cure, but nah, next two runs tasted exactly the same. Not bad, just not tasty, as most strains are these days. But the high is a real kick in the arse, makes you ask, "where we going with this?" if you smoke too much. It's pretty heart pumping right now, without the paranoia of say, a C99. Great summertime concert smoke. The high is definitely old school, all in the head, very shape shifting magic carpet ride, reminds me of the old sinsemilla, as it just keeps coming on for awhile. Taste is very smooth, but not much of it. It will get better with a few months cure in jars. Very nice, chunky, nugs.
  14. There’s a bunch of the uv Hvac purifiers out there, and I know they significantly increase air quality, so assume it would be preventive, than curative. I run medical grade Medify charcoal filters in my home, notice the difference within an hour. Anyone recall the old Sharper Image Ionic Breeze? The black, sticky, crud those things collected out of household air made you wat to hold your breath. They had a UV switch, too. Worked really well, actually.
  15. Oh man, now I’m craving Sannies Jack. Really nice Grow, congratulations.
  16. I'm still waiting to join the ranks of the legal. You legal growers sure have killed the black market, lol.
  17. OMG, people grow illegally? ! Who knew?!!! lol One of the best posts I read 12 years ago, when home growing was really accelerating was, "there'll always be a certain amount of anxiety in growing illegally, you either accept and manage the risk properly, or you don't" Followed by numerous admonitions of the "Big Three", Don't tell, Don't smell, and Don't sell. Oh, well, cats out of the bag, it's coming everywhere.
  18. Just flamed a bowl of freshly dried Mother's Finest, and the only thing I can think describes it is "acid", definitely old school type high. It's as I recall, trippy as heck, definitely haze dominant. My phenos all went right at 10 weeks.
  19. Looks yummy, KO Kush looked a bit like that.
  20. Actually, my best Grow ever in my space was 20 Kali Mist, 12/12 from seed, in one gal pots, yielded 12 oz in 28 inch’s by 50 inch. Sog works great, just a lot of work, and you can’t leave one gallons for too long, or they’ll dry out on you. I even had auto drip lines on them one time with a gravity water feed. WAY too much work and too many things to go wrong. I just did the one gal as these are almost 12/12 from seed.
  21. Thanks, man, she's a really nice surprise! The bugs carry a lot of weight, they are rock hard, and stickier as heck.
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