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  1. islayhearts

    Washing plants post harvest?

    SPW, Honestly, now I just wash all them. Just habit when I harvest. I used to do the baking soda/ lemon juice in the first bucket of three. Definitely worked. The neem I just find is kinda nasty haha. Thick and gooey. I give a lot of my crop to people in need and the last thing they need is chemicals/ foreign matter in their bodies. So I do the best I can to help. Might not do shit, but I try my best.
  2. islayhearts

    Maury Povich grow

    A boudica f2 would be amazing. And I'd agree, the silverfields I grew didn't have a strong scent per se but the boudica was top 3 smelliest strain I've grown. Can't wait to see some photos and 50 days makes everyone happy, especially if the smoke is good!
  3. islayhearts

    Washing plants post harvest?

    I used to do the 3 bucket system with lemon juice baking soda. Now just do a 2 bucket system with a warm water day about 85 degrees F and cold water about 45f to 50f. I grow in a basement with minimal air from outside at times. This ensures clean buds in the end. Kinda like how you always wash your fruits and vegetables before you eat them. I dunk slowly in both buckets for about 15 seconds. Starting with the warmer bucket. Hang dry plant, and dry as normal. I have had mite issues in the past, this did the job 99% of the time. If you were infested, then their is no saving that. Just my way of doing it. Still do foliar feeds and neem oil sprays so that's why I still wash.
  4. islayhearts

    Maury Povich grow

    If you go to make some F2s, you mind letting me know ? Also what does the make look/ smell like? Both are great plants but the pheno 4 I would watch for potency and pheno 2 sounds amazing. Boudica had such good nose and taste appeal. Good luck, looking great so far!
  5. islayhearts

    Smokeshack Photodump

    Definitely the first!!! The future of the strain depends on your word. Haha. It grows nicely but will it hold up its end where it matters. Lovely, they all look so great! Keep it up bro!
  6. islayhearts

    Infused coconut oil

    From what I've read about the lechtin addiction is that it helps your liver and other organs process the fat and combined thc. Which then makes your medicine last longer and be stronger. Just what I've read and noticed from edibles I've added it to. Lovely thread here, lots of really world info.
  7. islayhearts

    Swamp Grow 3

    79 up above ground??? That's good numbers. Really hope this season is great for you!
  8. islayhearts

    Hard Candy medicated with cannabis oil

    Found I mix the oil, honey, granulated sugar all first, place on heat, stir till mixed then leave alone till it hits 300 F , then cool to 250F and I cheat by using jello packets. Just stir in a packet of your choice.
  9. islayhearts

    Hard Candy medicated with cannabis oil

    I have found using honey in place off the corn syrup to really work well. Has a better taste in my opinion. Only downside ous takes about 90 mins to fully harden. Upside is it's easier to put into molds since it takes longer to set.
  10. islayhearts

    Seeking grow advice on Killing Fields

    2nd question I have no expertise in but sure someone around here does. That being said, I don't see why not. 1st question, they do continue to stretch for the first 3 or 4 weeks of growth once switched to 12/12. I do believe it's a solid 10 week flowering period. I would suggest finding a nice green pheno, the purple are good but a smidge weaker than the green.
  11. islayhearts

    the LED migration - indoors and out

    Bodhi goji is great!!! Actually it seems most everything from him is great. Only advice on the LEDs I have noticed is adding Epsom salt to your watering once a week. A do about 1 tablespoon to gallon of water. Excited to see how this turns out for you.
  12. islayhearts

    Islayhearts journal

    just some close ups..... was still dealing with some bugs, fuckers just keep popping in. Really need to just shut it down for a really good scrub and maybe new soil. SmokeyPockets OG cut Boudica x Twilight Princess Obi Wan Og That is all. Just popped some Truck f2s, Death Rose, Grand Lemon Reserve, Killer Cherry Truffle and Blue Ox. They are tiny little seedlings still. Time will tell I guess. Seeeeemmms that OG is telling my post is TOO SHORT. hmmm I guess we will have to see if adding this works...... and post_too_short hahahha guess not seems I just had to reload the page.
  13. islayhearts

    Back in The Saddle (outdoors)

    Don't you love how two plants can have such differences in bud structure. Great looking plants, really how they finish up strong.
  14. islayhearts

    Picture upload limited to 1 at a time all of a sudden

    Been that way for the last month with me.. hence the lack of posting pics here.
  15. islayhearts

    MrG's ghetto grow... Come on in!

    You had me at bear mauling...... welcome back!