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  1. Loompa headband x wookie 15 is the cocoon. MOB..... honestly not sure on that one but is a 8 week strain of purple nugs that reek of blueberries. So together, can't really go wrong I'm thinking.
  2. That's a bummer to hear about all males but such is life. Do you have more seeds?? And for breeding it should be stellar. Maybe just collect some pollen and dust away. Im glad you enjoyed the cocoon, it is a favorite around the house. I hide it most times Haha. Those auctions and limited drops you need to be on top off. And spring is always a good time, doing some outdoor I hope?? And lucky people they are to have access to your genetic stable of clones!!!
  3. What a score on the stinky unicorn!!!!! And his goji og is amazing. Hope you find something amazing in there! Enjoy the hunt.
  4. I make " dirty chai bars" for a female friend who doesn't like sweet things. Best bet is look up savory desserts. They tend to have minimal sugar and not a overpowering sweet taste that Americans seem to crave.
  5. Looks like those LEDs work just fine!!! A great mix of genetics, all looking great and healthy. I think you got this, shit at 42 days you can't do much to mess up. Most would be happy with just water last 2 weeks I bet. Good luck on finishing out and congrats on getting back in the saddle!
  6. Those thin thin leaves... blue magoo, damn professor P always breeding crazy good plants! Whole garden looks great!
  7. Say the magic word.... and they shall appear.
  8. These were originally made by our very own @BeachBud. He's modest but this strain kills it. I don't have access to outdoor but that doesn't mean I don't know people who don't. I made a large quantity of f2's of this strain with Beachbud's permission. Here they are a few days back. Located in lower VT. That's 4 TRUCKs. Pushing 9' tall. Just wanted to give credit to the original maker. Thanks again BB!!
  9. islayhearts


  10. It's like a Christmas tree farm in the tropics.... I'm assuming you're in Hawaii via the aloha. They look amazing! Great job and keep kicking ass in real life as well.
  11. Sounds like a great place to retire, I'll never make it to retirement but if I do I'll def be heading west. Sounds like a funky little town, and glad they have that free spirit and not caring about weed at all. Even more so, glad to hear they are luring the money to useful things for the people of the town. That land purchase could be huge. Open a coffee shop, always need a really morning spot for outdoor enthusiasts!
  12. I lived basically on the Denver Aurora line. Couple blocks north of colfax haha. Worked at fascinations down next to shotgun willys. I miss Denver and the whole Colorado area. Great 4 years I had out there. Should have never left but I was young and dumb. Oh well. How is it down in Trinadad area? Only been down that way driving thru to NM and ski/ snowboard at wolf creek one time.
  13. Yeah, males can be tricky. I keep them in a separate room with no fan once I feel they are close. Then I bought a piece of large plexi/ acrylic, place plant in middle and shake once a day for 3 days and collect by scraping up with credit card. Then I shower Haha. I lived in Denver, close to old airport, Stapleton area now. But when I was there. it wasn't so nice . The green rush really filled out all the surrounding suburbs fast. Then i lived about 8 months up in keystone, employee housing. That was a good time. You're down south correct?
  14. Hopefully the ladies aren't mature enough yet, cause that one Male could impregnate a lot of ladies easily. Remember reading one Male can produce enough pollen to inseminate a whole acre. Shit blew my mind. Ladies are looking great! Just make sure they finish Haha!
  15. She's nutrient sensitive for me. Others I have shared her with haven't had much of an issue. And a month back I tried taking cuts and they all died. Think it was the rockwool cubes. So going to try again with some rapid rooters or root riot cubes. I just need 5 cuts, 1 to reverse and 4 to make seeds. And the mom is doing okay, sensitive but okay currently.
  16. I'm very happy to hear she is safe!!! She hates me. But I adore her so doing my best to keep 1 cut always. Good luck with her!
  17. No where kinda. I check in here from time to time and check in with people that are on another forum. That's about it. 2 small kids take up most my time.
  18. Realseeds.co.uk has plans. I used those. About 60 bucks in material. Or just search seed sorter diy. Seriously helpful when you do a full repro or a full tent seed run.
  19. Great haul. Need to get yourself some bigger jars. If you have a food saver, they sell a attachment for canning that sucks the lid down nice and tight. Works great for jars that are going to be sitting for a while. And the PP most likely has a bunch of seeds inside the bud. Also if you get on the seed making train. Do yourself a big favor and make a seed sorter or have someone make one for you. Turns hours of seed sorting into few mintues work.
  20. Voting for SF. I have 3 running, still small. All 3 look different. Another underrated sannies strain
  21. OOhhhh mob outdoors, lovely. That's a nice little garden he's got there! And that Skywalker of is a beast hidden back there.
  22. Did you go directly thru him?? Or he have them at a online seedbank now? Vintage blueberry sounds like a holly grail type shit for some growers!
  23. AK Beans is the real deal. Glad to see you are gonna run these. I kind of equate him in that conaisauer type breeder. Esko, professor P and mene gene like. Looking forward to you crushing these, figuratively that is!
  24. Red rocks is a magical place. My opinion, nicest venue to see any type of musical concert. Went and saw weezer there back about 16 years ago. Great shot!
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