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  1. You would have to dissolve the oil it in a solvent that mixes with water, ethanol would probably be best/safest. I'd imagine you would have to add the solution dropwise to vigorously stirred, heated water with the surfactant in it. The ethanol would evaporate eventually, after which you can cool and hopefully have your emulsion. It will certainly take a lot of tries to get it right (so many variables), but the nice thing is if it fails, your oil should be floating on top of the water, so is not lost
  2. Happy to have my brain picked, but I wouldn't spray any other solvent than water in my nose, so there's the problem right there. The only thing that I can think of is making some sort of very finely dispersed emulsion. That should be possible, but you'd need a surfactant that both forms THC-containing microdrops ánd is safe to ingest. Many surfactants are used in processed foods, so I suppose one of those would be alright. But which one, ratios and using what protocol to create the emulsion is not trivial.
  3. I am an organic chemist, and I can tell you there's no way in hell you can recarboxylate the way you propose. Only in the presence of a catalyst can you do that, and even then you would probably get by-products in which the CO2 has reattached itself in the wrong place. (In case you are interested, typically a Lewis acid like AlCl3 is used for carboxylation, which forms a complex with CO2 that subsequently reacts with the aromatic ring by electrophilic substition). The reason DEcarboxylation takes a bit of heat, is that the reaction has a high activation energy. In itself, the reaction is energetically favorable. Reactions that release a gas typically are.
  4. I put two "Sexbud" seeds from Female Seeds in the ground this week. It's C99 selected for a quick finish outdoors. Gimme5minutes was quite happy with it as was I with FS's own indoor C99 line. Very cheap, can't imagine the $150 packs would be worth the extra money.
  5. My whole current stash, from my last grow, was seeded due to a hermie. It's a nuisance to pick out the seeds, but otherwise the quality is fine. Obviously I cannot know how it would be unseeded, but I can't say it's any less potent or aromatic. I won't worry about hermies as much anymore. In fact, I will probably grow out the seeds, even though there's a pretty high chance of more hermies. I unintentionally made some interesting crosses So if you want my advice, keep the MK away from other plants, but definitely don't throw it away.
  6. Well spoken NIL. Spot on with the lower buds, it's really weird if you're used to growing mainstream stuff! I noticed that on a 11 on - 13 off schedule, the difference between upper and lower decreases: lower doesn't ripen much faster, but the upper ones do. Looking at that ColJam though, I don't think I would have had the courage to take it that early
  7. I'm with Smile, and in fact I believe harvesting at mostly clear is where full potential is realized, especially for sativas. The little science we have about our plant shows amber trichs correlate to higher CBN levels and polymerized terpenes. I'll harvest before the active substances have started to break down, thank you very much
  8. Yes, you keep bringing up that Panama, but I hope your opinion about (semi-)landraces is based on more than that grow. I hated Sugar Punch and Chocolate Rain, but I wouldn't conclude Sannie and Esko are hacks. Panama to me doesn't have a high that lends itself for potency. It's a connoisseur high, sativa but mellow and laid back. Potency is pretty meaningless anyway... if I want to get higher, I smoke more. I can make sift or extracts if pure herb can't take me there.
  9. I don't disagree, but to me it's interesting to say the least that EVERY single sort-of-landrace seed (like Ace gear) I've grown was great, yet many modern hybrid seeds turned out average or worse. This of course is related to my habit of flowering out only one or two plants per strain, instead of a whole pack, because I like to grow a couple of strains at a time. But still, to me it's the modern hybrids that are unpredictable.
  10. This whole reboot is a sketchy operation, as Snookster already pointed out. There's a thread on IC Mag (yeah, yeah I know...) on what genetics mr Soul is using, and in many cases, they are not the original as claimed. Still, this character seemed to have an eye on what combinations would make good crosses, and he still might have. We'll know in a year or so if the rereleases are any good (as I already pointed out in another thread here, there will be plenty of clueless fans, so more than a few months from now are probably required for a proper assessment). My advice if you want a fast sativa: Bangi Haze. Blows C99 out of the water (except for the taste, though BH is tasty).
  11. There are three different 'flavors' of teas: - Nute tea. Basically an extract of a solid powder, like guano. - Micro-organism tea. This requires aerating a solution of sugar and (vermi)compost and a little bit of guano or another source of NPK. Microbeman has perfected the art. Sannie's Bacto is an easy alternative. - Enzyme/hormone tea. An extract of freshly sprouted seeds, alfalfa and (malted) barley are popular. Sprouts are loaded with enzymes and growth hormones. I haven't used these yet, but I am going to experiment with them. If you use a good soil rich in compost, a little lime and perhaps an amendment or two combined with these teas, you can't go wrong. Although the specific needs of a strain may differ (e.g. more N).
  12. Yes, I understand why some people need to combat anxiety caused by cannabis, but as I and Douglas pointed out, you can take piperine or whatever separately. In fact, that's much better for dose control. But if you insist on taking them together, why not adding piperine to your concentrate?
  13. I am not aware of piperine being a constituent of any cannabis strain, so only with genetic modification could you introduce it. But why would you want to? By taking your piperine separately, you can dose it any way you want.
  14. MostlyMe


    Zamaldelica is a truly fantastic strain, but being high on it can be hard work. Some phenos are downright scary. Mextiza is just about the opposite, and more to my tastes
  15. MostlyMe


    I guess you mean Mextiza? I'm not sure, because Zamaldelica is indeed the trippy one. Mextiza not so much, although I did note it can make your surroundings more familiar if that makes sense. Zamaldelica does the opposite.
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