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  1. Hey thanks everyone. @shiskaberry savior the mutant got the same medium as the others and I have yet to give them ferts. It also had 3 cotyledons that were wrapped around each other to start. I had to pull them apart so it would start growing. @saxo yes, I hate to throw plastic away so I will reuse them as long as I can. It does smell really nice, kinda like sweet tart candies.
  2. Sunshine! Finally we see some Sun at the beach. It has been a gray, drizzly May and June here but now the Sun has returned for several days it looks like. After 7 weeks of vegging the 2 Blue Magoo girls finally reached 12" tall. They are nice little bushes with many internodes under all that leaf. I put them to 12's today and hope for a good stretch. I put the BM male to 12's two weeks ago and moved him out today as he is about ready to pop. I also have a little mutant BM that went to 12's last week but hasn't shown sex yet. It is an odd looking thing with crinkly deformed leaves. I will keep it if it turns out female but won't if it is male. The two Sugar Punch ladies are 46 and 40 days in 12's now. They are both bulking up nicely the last week and they have lost a lot of green in their leaves. Some crosses react more to the increased P/K for some reason. I dropped 3 IPA #2 x #5 fems last week. They are all potted and above ground now. More medicine on the way. Here's a look at the 2 Blue Magoo girls. And here is the mutant. A look at the flower room, not as empty as it was. Before I get to the frosty girls here's a pic that is kinda interesting I think. I used up all 100 of my plastic name sticks with names on both sides. Being the cheapskate I am after taking the picture I gave these a good soak and cleaned off the dirt. Now I'll spread them out again and spray paint over the names with flat white paint so I can reuse them. Can you figure out any of the abbreviations? OK, back to the frost girls... Sugar Punch #2 @ 40 days Sugar Punch #1 @ 46 days. There you have it, all caught up again. Now I have to go out and take advantage of the Sunshine and get some chores done. Cya's
  3. Happy hump day to all my working friends. Time for a quick update before I get to mowing the grass. Not a whole lot going on right now. The 2 Sugar Punch girls are shaping up nicely. I have a tall one and a short one, the shorter one is 6 days less is 12's than the taller one. The shorter one also has more vertically oriented branches while the tall one has more horizontally oriented branches that I had to tie up with wire. Both of them have a wonderful sweet tart like smell. In the veg area I have 3 Blue Magoo youngsters, 2 are female and one still unknown. I put the one male I have to 12's two days ago. One of the 3 left in veg is a bit of a mutant. It had 3 cotyledons that were folded over each other early on and had to be pried apart before it started growing. Since then it has shown good growth but its leaves are all crinkled and malformed. I'll see how it looks once I can sex it and decide whether or not to keep it going. I found some Green Ale pollen I stashed away and forgot about. It is maybe a year or more old so not sure if it is still viable. I decided try it on a couple of Sugar Punch #1 buds and see if it takes. OK, on to the pics. First up is the veg area. Sorry, I forgot to set the white balance so they are bathed in led light. Here's a look at the flower room, seems a bit empty at the moment. Sugar Punch girls on the right and the Blue Magoo male on the left. Blue Magoo male Sugar Punch #2 @ 27 days Sugar Punch #1 @ 33 days That's it for now. Looks like the Blue Magoo girls will need another couple weeks of veg. Curious to see how the mutant develops and whether it will still be around for the next update. Time to get going around here. Cya next time.
  4. yeah oldschoolsg, hard to keep up my posting duties when there is so much to do. Been working on a new walkway behind the house, digging out dirt, putting in pressure treated boards and gonna fill it with gravel. Damn grass needs mowing and some edging needs doing. Then weed killer and weed eating time. Spring sucks...lol. Got a busy weekend coming up so maybe early next week I can get an update done. The Sugar Punch are starting to build some nice buds and they smell wonderful, much like juicy fruit gum. Have a nice weekend bro.
  5. Hey oldschoolsg, nice to see you. All is good here, trying to keep up with Spring but seem to be losing the battle. Cheers to you as well....
  6. Hey JetDro, thanks for stopping by and the kind words. Phuuu's IPA is a poly hybrid composed of AK47 x Northern Lights that was hit with Super Skunk pollen. I worked it for about 18 months and developed 2 phenos, #2 and #5 that I made seeds from. These are from #2.
  7. Thanks Maria. The krinkly leaves as you say on IPA #2 are genetic. I have seen them in a number of IPA's. Like you I first thought it was something I did but it is not.
  8. Thanks Mr. G, I never tire of growing Phuuu's IPA, it has a number of phenos to keep me interested and it is always frostyville.
  9. Time for a quick update before I tackle some Spring chores. I chopped Phuuu's IPA's #1 & 2 yesterday and my house smells wonderful, unless you're my better half who is not as fond of it as I. The IPA is in the top 5 of stinkiest bud I've grown, it permeates everywhere. I moved Sugar Punch fem #1 into 12's last week and just put #2 in today. Both are looking good with #2 being a bit bushier. They'll have plenty of room to stretch out now, I'm eager to see their progress. The 4 Blue Magoo sprouts are coming along. Three of them have been up-potted to #1's and moved to the upper veg area. The other one was a malformed to begin with. It took awhile to realize it had 3 cotyledons folded up on each other keeping the top from emerging. I pulled them apart and it finally stated to grow normally but it is a good week behind the other two. Curious to see if it has any anomalies from here on. Here's a shot of the oddball BM. And here are the other 3 BM's This is Sugar Punch #2 just before going to the flower room. And here is SP #1 after 5 days in 12's. On to the sticky stuff. Phuuu's IPA #1 @ 10 weeks Phuuu's IPA #2 @ 10 weeks OK, chores are calling so I'll see you next time. Go Portland Trail Blazers!
  10. Congrats on the nice looking harvest.
  11. Looking good shoeless. I have some silverfields burning a hole in my stash bag, gotta get to them soon.
  12. Thanks Wilbur, I don't have a 2 cob panel, the larger one in the middle is a 300 watt (potential) panel using 3 watt leds. It a cheapo full spectrum unit that has been working well. I plan to add another like it to the space and move the two strip fixtures underneath to the sprout zone one of these days. Thanks for stopping in.
  13. Hey everyone, the Phuuu's IPA girls are to the point where they are worth showing off so I broke out the camera and took some bud shots. Numbers 1 and 2 are 8 weeks in and #3 is almost 7 weeks in. First though I'll show you what's going on in the Veg/Sprout area. The 2 Sugar Punch youngsters are in #2 pot now and looking good. I expected a little more vertical growth by now. They have a few more days to go before up-potting to #5's. Down below the SP's are 4 Blue Magoo sprouts (3 of which are up) that I am eager to grow. Many thanks to Stanky Dank for sharing these. OK, on to the good stuff... Phuuu's IPA #1 @ 8 weeks Phuuu's IPA #2 @ 8 weeks Phuuu's IPA #3 @ 48 days That's it for now, thanks for stopping by. Much to do on my Spring checklist so I may not see you again until harvest time. Until then
  14. hey bigun, the Green Ale will go a good 10 weeks. I've had some big girls in the ones I've grown, some 3-4 times stretch with long lower branches. Good luck with them. Give us some pics when they are ready.
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