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  1. Hey thanks everyone I just tried a bit of Blue Magoo, the blue pheno I have. It has been in the jar for 5 weeks and almost ready to vacuum pack. Very nice flavor and a wonderful high. I sampled the green pheno a couple days ago. It has a stronger more hash like taste and is perhaps a bit stonier. I still like the blue's flavor better, very smooth, kinda creamy. I'm really curious about the Blue Magoo x Poisoned Choco that I made with the blue pheno. I may have to crack some of those sooner than later. Stay tuned.
  2. yes, the #5 IPA brings the extra frost.
  3. Happy October, rain and cold are on the menu today so since I'm stuck inside I'll take some time to get an update posted. I chopped the 3 Phuuu's IPA girls last week and broke out the dry ice box so they would not stink up my entire house. IPA's are exceptionally stinky, to the point my wife complains her eyes burn when I chop it. I do not notice it so much but she is not a fan so the ice box is the answer. Not to be confused with dry ice hash making, I use dry ice to quicken the drying process when I have a large amount of bud. Done properly, this method takes freshly chopped bud, pulls the moisture out of it and allows perfectly dried buds to be jarred within 48-60 hours depending on ambient temp and RH. That is much faster than the week to 10 days they would take to air dry and my better half is happy. Here's some pics of the dried bud showing the #2 and #5 bud phenos that I got. #5 pheno #2 pheno The IPA's I am growing currently are fem versions of the #2 IPA x #5 IPA. Those who have followed my IPA adventures know that the #2 is larger and has rounded top buds that are chunky in appearance. They shoot out calyx fingers in their last couple of weeks. The #5's on the other hand are shorter, have pointy topped buds that have a smoother appearance and are a bit frostier than the #2. This is the first time I have grown these and the result shows the #5 had a definite impact on this cross. They were all shorter than the average #2, 2 of them showed #2 type bud structure while the 3rd was like #5's. I'm still air drying the couple of branches that I turned with silver water and hope to get some pollen from them soon. In other news I've made some upgrades in the grow room. It was time to get a new HPS bulb and while looking them over I decided it was time to move up to 750 watts from the 600 watt I've been using. I found a Phantom 750 ballast and GE 750 watt bulb for a decent price so I jumped on it. Let's see what a difference a 25% increase in light makes in my little space. While I was in the upgrade mood I got another 300 watt (135 actual) led light to go with the one I had in the veg area. So far the girls seem to like all that light at 5 weeks in. That's all for now. Thanks for stopping by, cya next time.
  4. Hey all, it's been a bit so thought I should catch you up. I have only Phuuu's IPA going atm so I haven't been too concerned with updates. You all have seen plenty of IPA's by now. I pulled the 3 elder IPA's yesterday and will chop them in a couple three days. I have an outdoor project going so trying to wait for a rainy day to chop. That leaves the 3 IPA clones in the flower room going on 4 weeks and 2 cuts from #3 in the veg area. I am going to do some upgrades in the grow room soon. Everything is ordered up so just waiting for it to arrive. I got a 750 watt ballast and bulb to replace my 600 watt unit. This will fill and penetrate my 5'x5' space better. I also got another 300 watt led to go in the veg area. I'll get some pics up after I install the new stuff. That's it for now. I'll post some post harvest pics of the IPA in a few days...cya then.
  5. Came across these guys recently and like them a lot. Good chillin music. "When your heart aches for relief, there's a song out there waiting, to sooth your pain and grief. Cause ain't no medicine like the blues!"
  6. Wow! Very cool. Thanks for sharing islayhearts, those are impressive. Looks like they had a good summer in lower Vermont to grow such monsters. I hope they finish well and give lots of bud. That'll be an all day chopping party there...lol. I wish Vermont was a bit closer, I'd love to help chop those up. Tell your buddy well done and I hope he enjoys the Truck.
  7. Thanks everyone. Always nice to grow such great genetics, they make one look good.
  8. Blue Magoo @ 70 days.
  9. A good Bergfest to you all. The Blue Magoo is dried and in jars. Just under 3 oz. of bud from both of them, not bad for 28" tall plants. The Green pheno had a bit more yield and her buds are tighter but the blue pheno looks and tastes soooo good. Both give a very nice high with the green being a bit more potent. I put the IPA clones into flower today. I'll take a couple cuts from #3 tomorrow but I also plan to pop some Green Ale beans in a few weeks. Here's a few picks of the BM's just before the chop and some of their dried bud. Blue Magoo #3 - blue pheno @ 70 days Blue Magoo #1 - green pheno @ 70 days
  10. You're gonna have to shoot me an addy someday and I'll get some beans headed your way. I got 5 Blue Magoo from Stanky also, you must got the other half or visa versa...lol. I can't afford Dynasty gear anymore either so nice to have peeps like Stanky around. The poisoned Chocolate is a Santero creation. Here is how he described it... "the poison og-clone was of unknown lineage (she came from uk via kez/kg beans),. the plant was og dom with a haze nuance hovering over her. 9-10 week plant with great yields and balanced effects, good potency. the male used is the chocolate diesel #7-dude. makes more males in his kids. so you can expect to see more males than females (but no intersexed plants so far, in any of the lines he was used). kids from the crosses made with him seem to have normal ratios, though." I planted 4 of the PC awhile back and all were males so I got some pollen.
  11. Hey thanks guys. This Blue Magoo has been a pleasure to grow. Another fine offering from Prof. P that delivers on all fronts. It looks good, smells great, tastes wonderful and gives a great combo high. And, it yields really well for a plant under 30" tall. I chopped them on Wednesday. Going into it I figure maybe an hour to chop each plant because they are so small. Turns out it took nearly 2 hours each. My ailing rotator cuff has been barking at me since. I had hit the colorful Blue Magoo with some Poisoned Chocolate pollen and it looks like plenty of seeds were made. Interested to see how those grow out. Now it is time to concentrate on the IPA's. The ones going now are the #2 IPA hit with #5 IPA fem pollen and this is the first time I have grown them. As they approach the half way mark I can really see the #5 influence coming through. The current #2 is very much like the #5 was. Smaller in stature with early frost and pointy topped buds. The #5 caught my eye back when I was working the IPA to make these seeds. The #2 back then was the clear winner. It is taller with larger buds and has a better yield. But, the #5, though it was smaller, had frostier buds and a stronger smell. It is like #2's greasy cousin. So I decided to keep both of them and made seeds accordingly. I've been spraying silver water on a couple of #1's branches and male flowers are starting to show. I plan to gather that pollen when ready and then hit the #3 clone with it. The #3 has the prototypical IPA look while the #1 is a bit taller and more open. I think this will be a good combination. If it goes as planned then I will have two different versions of IPA fems along with the regular IPA's. This will make it easier to keep up production of my main medicine. OK, that's about all the typing my shoulder will allow. Thanks to all for stopping by.
  12. @Papalag @gardenartus thanks for the well wishes you two. I guess I need to moderate my chores to fit my ability these days. Makes it hard to get them all done though. Thanks for stopping by.
  13. Hey bigun, the Green Ale will take 10-12 weeks to finish so not as fast to start but they will catch up. Good luck with them.
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