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  1. Beach's Backroom

    Thanks Damar. Happy 4/20 to me! I have been looking at rosin presses for some time and today I finally pulled the trigger on this one...https://dulytek.com/products/dulytek-dm1005-manual-heat-press-for-rosin-oil-extraction-1000-lbs Looking forward to squishing some bud and will post the results when I do.
  2. Beach's Backroom

    thanks Papalag @ gardenartus - it is a smell like I have smelled before but I can't put my finger on it. we'll see how it matures.
  3. Beach's Backroom

    Whew! It has been a stressful week at the beach house. So happy to see most of the content back and the search feature working again. Yesterday I was not so sure it would be fixed but today it seems on the right track. Yipeee! Happy to report the picture upload works well, multiple pictures at a time is so much better than before. It has been a bit since my last update and some things have changed in my lineup. I have 5 Nepalma CBD sprouts going in the veg area. They are 17 days up now except #5 who was a slow poke and is up only 14 days. Figuring out the new site as I go, so far so good posting pics. In the flower room I have 2 Phuuu's IPA Fems and 2 Boudica's at 31 days in 12's. Thanks again to Barrie84 for the Boudica F2's. Ipa's on the left and Boudica's on the right... The Boudica's are getting pretty fragrant already. They have a very nice aroma of vanilla, nuts and coffee all mixed together. Below is #3 in back and #1 in front. Boudica #3 Boudica #1 The 2 Phuuu's IPA Fems are also starting to stink. If you love the smell of hops you will love the smell of these girls. These are a cross of IPA #2 hit with IPA #5 fem pollen. The #2 looks exceptionally nice so far. I bent her and she responded very well. Her internode spacing is really tight on all branches and her frost is heavy. The #1 is not so bad by comparison, more the default of the #5 leaning pheno's. Number 1 is in the back and #2 up front below. Phuuu's IPA Fem #1 Phuuu's IPA Fem #2 Slowly getting the hang of this new interface. I wish there was a preview option like before, guess I'll go back and edit if something is outta whack. Gonna hit Submit Reply and see what happens...
  4. Opengrow is online again

    I sure hope the rest of my album pictures show up at some point.
  5. Buyer Beware: Hemp Depot Seeds

    Seems to me if they were a solid place to buy from they would accept some of that risk themselves and not leave a paying customer hanging. Sannie would never treat a customer that way, this I know from experience.
  6. Ouzbekistan

    I'm not sure smell or flavor predicts the potency of any bud, pretty much anything from NAW or USC ranks right up there potency wise.
  7. Beach's Backroom

    Hey Stanky, she is still in the jar but I have sampled some. It retains the IPA smell and taste, perhaps a bit more citrus. The high is also similar but a little more heady. I have grown many variations of Phuuu's IPA over the years and remain puzzled how consistent in smell, taste and effect it is through the different looking pheno's. She also gave nearly twice what the others did so I will continue to look for this pheno and incorporate it into my next IPA cross.
  8. Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Hey, quit hogging all the sunshine over there...lol. Tasty looking TB.
  9. Barney's Tent

    Very nice Barney, the color in the SGP must be from the Sour Goo as I do not see it in the IPA's. I think you're gonna like how it smokes.
  10. Beach's Backroom

    @ oldschoolsg - Thanks and very nice to see you in my thread again.
  11. Oldschoolsg's Garden

    Nice that you are back, best of luck with your new venture.
  12. Beach's Backroom

    Thanks Mr. G, I really like the SGP myself. Enjoy! Quick update time. Here's a look at the flower room. Boudica's on the right and Phuuu's IPA fems on the left. The Boudica male is 13 days in 12's and he is showing flowers all over. A couple more days and I'll need to pull him. The Boudica females are 10 days in 12's and starting to open up a bit as they begin to stretch. Nice stout stems on these girls. Boudica male 13 days in 12's Boudica #1 @ 10 days Boudica #3 @10 days Phuuu's IPA fem #1 (ipa #2 x ipa #5 fem pollen) Phuuu's IPA fem #2 (ipa #2 x ipa #5 fem pollen) - I bent this one to slow down her vertical growth a little. So far so good. Gonna start feeding them next watering.Thus far they've been living off the premix. Cya next week!