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  1. BeachBud

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    Be sure to sign up for email special w/ K4L otherwise their prices are kinda high. If you wait for an email deal you can save 40-50%, that's the only time I buy from them.
  2. BeachBud

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    Well thanks Mr. G. I would say the combination of using premix soil (Sunshine #4) and Kelp-4-less nutes are the secret to my success. I could never get this consistent with dirt. Anyway, thanks for the props. Your input is always appreciated.
  3. BeachBud

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Ms. Universe @ 8 weeks.
  4. BeachBud

    Beach's Backroom

    Hey OG, time for a quickie update today. The sun is shining and my list of to do's is long but the girls are looking good so wanted to share. It is super crowded in the flower room, I just have to make it another week or so and I can start chopping some girls. The Ms. U and IPA clones are peeking through where they can to get light. They will be happy when some room open up for them. I'll start with the Huckleberry DesTars. They are 5 weeks in 12's and are bulking up nicely. They have a wonderful sweet smell that reminds me of juicy fruit gum. I hit a branch with Huck DesTar pollen and it looks to have taken well. I'm definitely gonna need more seeds of these as they are impressive looking girls. I have to move HDT #1 out of the flower room to get decent pictures of the others so I don't get any pics of her. She is much like #1, perhaps a bit more open structure but basically the same. So, here's a look at HDT #2... Next is Phuuu's IPA fem #1. She is 57 days in 12's and looking pretty good considering I over did the flower fert on her. Now we have the star of the show. The Ms. Universe girl is looking and smelling real good. Her aroma is complex, there's some vanilla, pineapple and kind of a peachy smell all mixed together. Interestingly, I gave her the same rate of flower nutes as the IPA and she seems to have taken them much better. Here's a look... Yes, yes, there is cat hair. Impossible to keep them out. In the veg area the Huckleberry Kush girl is finally showing normal growth after I topped her 10 days ago. She would not grow vertically, she was under 12" tall after 7 weeks of vegging. Her roots looked great each time I up-potter her so I finally decided to chop her top and see if that made a difference and by golly it did. The clones I took from her have been resistant to rooting after 2 weeks in the bubble cloner. The IPA cuts that went in the same time had 3" roots after 10 days and were potted last week. The HK cuts did have woody (not easily bent) stems but I have cloned them before without issue so not sure what is with these. Gonna give them a couple more days, if I don't see roots then I'll take some fresh cuts from newer growth on the Mom. Alrighty, got you all caught up again. Now I'm off to enjoy some sunshine while I can. Cya next time...
  5. BeachBud

    Beach's Backroom

    Thanks bigun.
  6. BeachBud

    Beach's Backroom

    Thanks Mr. G, I have been very happy with the IPA fems but a little surprised at the variety I am getting from them. Not that that is a bad thing I just expected a bit more uniformity. So far everything I have crossed with the IPA has turned out very well. I figure I can't go wrong with these wonderful Prof. P genes. I'm really liking the Ms. U and can't wait to try her out. I should have a few crosses of interest available by this winter. I'll be sure some of them find their way to you. I've enjoyed seeing your outdoor efforts and would love to see some of my crosses enjoy the great outdoors. I'm also very much looking forward to working with these Huck Kush clones, I have some plans for them...
  7. BeachBud

    Beach's Backroom

    Hey thanks guys. I'm in recovery mode this Monday. We had our 10 year old granddaughter for the weekend and I think Grandma wore us all out, including herself. But, it was great fun and the weather was ideal so worth the Monday payback. Things are starting to look and smell good in the flower room. The IPA #1 and Ms. U girls are 6 weeks in now and both are frosting up very well. This Phuuu's IPA fem has a skunkier smell than usual and she is almost white looking from all the frost. The Ms. U is a frosty girl as well and her vanilla cream aroma gets stronger each day. The two Huck DesTar ladies are just over 3 weeks in now and look impressive so far. They are nearly as wide as they are tall with plenty of nice frosty buds forming. I'll be hitting them with some of the Huck Destar pollen I gathered shortly. Not sure if I mentioned before that I hit the IPA #1 and the Ms. U. with some Ms. U pollen a few weeks back. I will hit the IPA clone that just went to 12's with some Huck DesTar pollen when she is ready. And then, when the Ms. U clone is ready she will get some Huck DesTar pollen. Should be something good comes out of all that. With the recent addition of the IPA and Ms. U clones the flower room is at max capacity. Watering is a pain and it is a near daily occurrence with all the different girls in there. I need to get through the next 3-4 weeks and then the IPA #1 and Ms. U will be ready and they take up nearly half the space between them. I took 3 cuts from the Huck Kusk girl and left her to veg some more. I need to up-pot her soon. I also took 2 cuts from the IPA #1 clone and put the clone to 12's last week. Tomorrow will be 7 days since taking the cuts so I expect to see roots real soon. I decided to top the Huck Kush girl and see if that encourages some vertical growth. It look a bit like It from the Adam's Family with the big fan leaves draped over herself. OK ,on to the pics. and this week there are big frosty buds to show... Flower room is full - Phuuu's IPA fem #2 @ 39 days Phuuu's IPA fem #1 @ 45 days Huckleberry DesTar #2 @ 23 days Ms. Universe @ 45 days and...here's the veg area There you have it, all caught up for another week. Cya next time.
  8. BeachBud

    Beach's Backroom

    Shhhh, don't tell anyone.
  9. BeachBud

    Beach's Backroom

    Lot's going on in the grow room so thought I'd better catch you all up. The flower room is filled to the rim, the girls are gonna have to get cozy the rest of this run. The 2 Huckleberry DesTar girls are approaching 2 weeks in 12's and are developing very nicely. Very stout plants with big leaves and thick stems. The Ms. Universe is 5 weeks in 12's and she is frosty all over. She has a mild vanilla hazy smell to her so far and has had a 2x stretch which makes me think she is pheno #3 as described on the Dynasty site... "Pheno #3 (10%) has the most stretch and longest bloom time.. Although she is more rare, I have grown her and love her! She grows foxtails/dreadlocks towards mid/late bloom… Expect smells and flavors ranging from cherry/pineapple/haze/vanilla.. 2x stretch" Ha, that's funny, it copied the background color from the Dynasty page. Weird. We'll see how she develops from here but she fits that profile so far. The Phuuu's IPA fems are looking good as always. The larger and 1 week older #1 is 5 weeks in 12's and building some nice buds. The #2 is the smaller pheno. Enough chit chat, here's some pics... Flower room - Phuuu's IPA #2 @ 28 days Phuuu's IPA #1 @ 35 days Huckleberry DesTar @ 12 days HDT #1 HDT #2 Ms. U clone @ 2 days Last but not least is the Ms. Universe. She would be about 52" tall without the bend in her top and she has many long branches that are covered in frosty buds. It's gonna be tight in the flower room making it a pain to water the rest of the way but I will be well rewarded in the end it looks like. Thanks for stopping by....cya next time.
  10. BeachBud

    Beach's Backroom

    @Mr Goodfellow I hear you man, looking at all the genetics from Prof. P and the likes makes you want them all. I try to stay away from seed sites these days, I just have too many already.....but. Glad you found a SGP you like. Pretty sure I have more of those beans if you want and maybe a few more recent ones. Lemme get through September (lots going on here) and then we should chat. Hope your back is better, they can be touchy things. So far so good with mine after the last time I tweaked it which is good because I'm in get ready for winter mode with much to do. I brushed away all the spider webs and debris from along the gutters and around the windows a couple days ago. Got a bunch of pissed off spiders now. Then I got the gutters all cleaned out and went up on the roof to clean around all the vents and skylight. Fun times.
  11. BeachBud

    Beach's Backroom

    @baqualin This is the F2 (#3 x #10) gifted to me by Stanky.
  12. BeachBud

    Beach's Backroom

    Hey thanks guys! @Mr Goodfellow the IPA's have a tall and a short pheno. The tall ones will stretch 1.75-2X while the shorter one are 1.25-1.5X. The current ones had about 5 weeks veg time, the tall one went in @ 17" and is about 43 now. So I guess how long you veg depends on how big you want them. @Mr-W I am planning to gather pollen from the Huckleberry DesTar. I already got pollen from the Ms. U male last week so now I am planning how to use it.
  13. BeachBud

    Beach's Backroom

    How can it be the end of August already??? I've been busy building a new shed and suddenly realize it is time to start preparing for winter. Damn. After weeks of clouds and smoke it seems like we hardly had a summer here except that it hasn't rained much, in fact hardly at all. Every year for the last 30 or so years they have the International Kite Festival here as they did last week. Sadly for them they were socked in with a mixture of fog and smoke for 3 days straight. Finally the last 2 days they got some clearing. On to grow room news. The Ms Universe just exploded on me and I had to bend her top the other day to keep her under the hood. She was at 42 inches after 2.5 weeks in 12's. She has very good branching and nice internode spacing, should see a good yield from her. My 3 Huckleberry DesTar's showed sex a few days ago and I have 2 girls and a dude. The dude went to 12's straight away while the ladies got up-potted to #5's and vegged a few more days. I put the girls to 12's today at about 12" tall. The are very uniform in appearance, short bushes with big fat leaves. I'm excited to see these mature and can't wait to try them out. With much to do around here I made a video update for your viewing pleasure....enjoy.
  14. BeachBud

    Beach's Backroom

    Thanks guys, always appreciate the input.