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  1. The video must be uploaded to Open Grow or a link to where it is posted must be followed for it to be accessible to all devices.
  2. Yes, it is kinda common with them and they often have a lighter shade of green no matter how much N you give them. The #1 in this batch (and the clones from it) also has a mottled discoloration of her fan leaves which lessens as they mature and is a common trait of the short ones. What has always been consistent with the IPA's no matter if they are tall or short, extra frosty or not is their aroma and effect.
  3. Spring has sprung here at the beach and I am struggling to get the ole body in gear for another season of yard care. Gotta mix up a few gallons of weed/grass killer to spray my gravel drive and also sprinkle a few pounds of moss killer around. Fun times. First though, I will catch you up on the grow room starting with the 4 Phuuu's IPA clones recently up-potted to #5's and a week or so away from going to 12's. I'm still waiting to chop the NYCD x LT girl. She is 82 days in now and definitely ready to chop but with the Easter weekend and what not I haven't had a chance. Maybe later today if I get my chores done. I really like this stuff and am hoping to find some seeds on her from the Red IPA (IPA x Nepalma CBD) pollen that I hit her with. Fingers crossed. The Amnesia Haze x Black Domina that I chopped a couple weeks ago is impressive in both appearance and potency. She smells of coffee and hash with just a hint of lavender and has a sweet but harsh inhale. I imagine a good cure will mellow the harshness. The effects are immediate and intense starting behind the eyes and expanding to the rest of the body. It is uplifting but also intoxicating and somewhat disabling at first. Once you get past the first few minutes it is a wonderful buzz with good legs. It may however significantly increase the time it takes to do this update. Here's a look at one of her dried buds... The Critical Mass x (G13 x Hashplant) x Citral lady is a bit of an enigma. She has a classic indica structure, is only 2 feet tall, she is 9 weeks in 12's and shows no sign of being ready. That leaves the 2 IPA girls who are 36 days in now. As I mentioned in a previous post, these are the short pheno of IPA which usually pop up about 25% of the time. as they have developed and matured you can now see how they differ. Number 1 IPA is very similar to the #5 pheno that I worked a couple years ago. It has flattened buds that stack up and are maybe 50% more frosty than usual. The #2 has the conical bud structure of most IPA's. You can see the earlier versions in my gallery here. IPA #1 IPA #2 There you have it. Time to get to work around here. Take care and stay safe out there.
  4. Thanks man, you are right about the AHxBD, I got only 3 grams of dry trim from her. She is now drying but I picked off some preflower calyx's to fill my pipe (she has nice fat ones) and really like the high. Oh good, I was going to Broski next to see it they arrived yet. Glad you like them. I used to be able to track a package all the way but now our new postmaster makes changes and once it leaves the U.S. it is no longer tracked. Somehow this is progress? I received the card yesterday, thanks my friend, I hope you and yours have a wonderful Easter as well. Now that we are both vaccinated we get to have Easter at our son's place and see all the grandkids. Grandma is very excited.
  5. Thanks Mr. G, as you probably know I got the NYCD x LT from San awhile back. This one is a clone, her momma gave me 7 oz of dried bud that I really like. It gives a nice combo high that is uplifting but all encompassing, too much and you will not be accomplishing much. Also, it smells like a pot roast when you break it apart, first time I have had that aroma profile.
  6. Amnesia Haze x Black Domina @ 11 weeks
  7. Happy Friday to all you working stiffs out there. Time to catch you up on the grow rooms. The 4 Phuuu's IPA cuts got up-potted to #2's the other day and I cranked up both of the larger LED fixtures. After this run it will be time for maintenance on those lights. Gotta open them up and blow them out and wipe down all the fan blades. Amazing how much crude builds up in the darn things. All is good in the flower room. I have a couple of chops coming right up. The Amnesia Haze x Black Domina is 11 weeks in and looking like she is ready. I am really impressed with her, big ups to Oaseeds for producing this chunky girl. Her buds are like clubs and they are really dense. Even her low inner buds are huge, no popcorn on this girl. I did a sample bud at 10 weeks and it was probably ready then but the extra week works out better for me. She has a very nice up high that is balanced by a good body buzz. Can't wait to try more of this one. Also nearing the end is the NYCD x LT clone. She is 10 weeks in and has formed an impressive main cola. Gonna give her 1 more week mostly because I love looking at her. That brings us to the Critical Mass x (G13 x hasplant) x Citral, she is 52 days in and building some nice (though rather smallish in comparison) buds. This girl didn't turn out anything like what I envisioned it would but she has a nice sweet hashy aroma and nice form. That leaves the 2 Phuuu's IPA fems who are 25 days in now and are about done stretching at about 36" tall. This is the short pheno of IPA and it comes through about 25% of the time in my previous batch of seeds. Getting 2 short ones right out of the gate with the new seeds makes me wonder it they will be more prevalent in these. We shall see. The only drawback to the smaller pheno is yield so I just have to grow more of them. OK, on to the pics, better get your drool towel ready for the Amnesia Haze x Black Domina. Flower room. Phuuu's IPA fems Critical Mass x (G13 x hasplant) x Citral NYCD x Lemon Thai clone Amnesia Haze x Black Domina I was dissapointed to find that none of the Hammerhead buds I hit with 2 year old Huck Kush pollen produced any seeds. On a better note, I was thrilled to find some NYCD x LT x Green Ale seeds. Those are gonna be high on my run list for sure. That's all for now. Stay safe out there.
  8. Very nice to see you again Mr. G, looking forward to pics of the IPA. Always thought she would have good yield potential outdoors, glad to hear it helps your neighbor. All is good here, we got both our shots and are busy remodeling the guest room and waiting for it to warm up enough to start the outdoor chores. Hope to see more of you around here, it's been pretty quiet lately. Take care.
  9. Well kinda. I was gifted some F2's of Chucky's Bride and then I made some more. I do have some that I made available.
  10. Thanks and yes they are all F1's or clones thereof.
  11. It is interesting how different states have different strategies. A lot of people are gonna be busy for awhile after this is over going over data and seeing who did what better. It seems to me a coherent national strategy would have been far more efficient and equitable than 50 different approaches we have now. Good luck, I hope a shot comes your way soon.
  12. I would run only water, no additives. The tubing is rather small and the flow rate is slow so anything added to the water has a good chance of building up on the walls of the tubing plugging the line eventually.
  13. Update time on a beautiful March day at the beach. All this sunshine is bringing too many people around here, it looked like summer last weekend, people every freaking where. The Hammerhead and Hammerhead x Silverfields girls are all dried and in jars. Very nice haul from them which is good cause I really like both of them. The NYCD x LT that was chopped awhile back is almost ready to come out of the jars. I had a difficult time describing the smell of her, it was something new to me and though it seemed familiar I could not put my finger on the scent. A couple weeks ago I cooked a chuck roast in the pressure cooker and after removing the lid when it was done it hit me, it smelled just like the NYCD x LT. I suppose the technical term would be savory but it is the first weed I've ever had that smells like a cooked chuck roast. The clone from her is coming along nicely at the 9 week mark. The two Phuuu's IPA fems are 16 days in 12's and still stretching. Their lower branches are not stretching as much as usual for IPA's. This is a new batch of seeds so it's gonna be interesting to see what different phenos show. The 2 cuts each I took from them are now potted and showing new growth. The Critical Mass x (G13 x hasplant) x Citral girl looks like she has so many names she did not know what to be. She is a nice little bush with lots of nice little buds that have a sweet hashy smell. She is 6 weeks in now so lets see how she bulks up in the coming weeks. That leaves the Amnesia Haze x Black Domina lady and she is looking very nice as she approaches the ten week mark. Those big fat buds don't give off much smell. A finger rub gives a sweet smell of coffee and lavender with a little hash thrown in. I'm gonna take a sample bud from her at ten weeks and see how she is doing. Enough chit chat, on to the pics... Phuuu's IPA fems @ 16 days Critical Mass x (G13 x hasplant) x Citral @ 43 days NYCD x LT @ 62 days Amnesia Haze x Black Domina @ 67 days I get my second covid vaccine tomorrow and the Mrs. gets hers the next day so we should be good to go. I hope a shot finds it's way to your arm if you are still waiting, sure will be nice to get this thing behind us. In other good news, after a year of being out of stock I saw sunshine Mix #4 back on the shelf so no more 100 mile round trips to find some. Anyone hear from Santero yet? Stay safe out there.
  14. Looking good and a nice variety.
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