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  1. Thanks guys. I've been busy taking advantage of good weather to work like a dog in the yard the last couple weeks. We got 6 yards of topsoil delivered and have been moving it around back to fill in and level out some areas. I also cut down an old Holly tree and hauled it away. Still have the scratches on my legs from that prickly thing. Today it finally rains and will for a few days to come so I get a break. The Megafauna's continue to look good in their own way. There is such difference between the two you would think they are not related. I'm glad I made seeds from both of them. Also impressive is the Phuuu's IPA girl. This pheno is uber frosty and really stinky. She overpowers the room with her wonderful hoppy aroma making it hard to smell the Megafauna's. I had taken two cuts from her when she went to 12's but now that I see what she has become I took 4 more cuts when I put the first two to 12's the other day. So, it will be a all IPA flower room for a bit once the Megafauna's get chopped. Here's the IPA cuts in the bubble machine. Flower room. Phuuu's IPA clones 3 days in 12's Megafauna #2 @45 days Megafauna #3 @ 45 days Phuuu's IPA @ 45 days That's all for now. Gonna kick back and do nothing but watch the rain drops fall today, right after I take some ibuprofen. Hope you all have a nice weekend....and stay safe.
  2. As Misterdirt notes, we don't know what the infection rate is so we cannot accurately define a death rate. The death rate is really a secondary concern with covid-19. What makes this virus so dangerous is its ability to transfer from host to host with ease. Add to that up to 50% or so of those transmitting the virus have no or only minor symptoms. The death rate will likely turn out to be a fraction of 1% but the virus is still growing in many places and before it is controlled we could see 10's of millions more cases worldwide. At that scale even a .03% death rate is very consequential. The good news is we have shown that distancing and masks can have a dramatic effect of the transmission rate of the virus and we seem to be slowly bending the curve. The bad news is we have an anti science president who cares more about his political future than the health and well being of Americans. We could have been South Korea had we acted with the same ferocity, instead we are the world leader in infections and deaths by a huge margin. This is what inept leadership looks like. This is what ignoring science leads to.
  3. Cool, lemme know how she smokes when the time comes.
  4. Time for another update. The 2 Megafauna's (kali snapple x ssh) and single Phuuu's IPA girls are 5 weeks in 12's now and worth a look. The Megafauna's are very different in appearance but share a similar smell that is hard to define. Number 2 has big fan leaves and large rounded buds, it is also a darker green color. Number 3 is very sativa looking and has a lighter shade of green and long slender young colas forming. I hit both with pollen from the Megafauna dude and it looks like both took so I will have more of these to play with down the road. I also hit the IPA so hoping to have some Mega IPA seeds as well. This Phuuu's IPA is showing more AK47 than is usual. I have had this pheno a couple of times already and am glad to see it back. I have 2 cuts from it that are ready to up-pot to #5's and then go to 12's shortly. Here's a look at the little IPA's Flower room. Megafauna #2 @ 5 weeks Megafauna #3 @ 5 weeks Phuuu's IPA @ 5 weeks Looking forward to how these Mega's finish up, seems there is always something special in a Dynasty cross and these two show potential. That's it for now. Hope you all are hanging in there and staying safe. Take care people.
  5. Hey thanks Saxo. I chopped the PHK yesterday at 9 weeks. She smells of blueberry and pine, interesting combination that I have not found before. The purple PHK's had a lavender and pine smell. Curious to see how this one smokes. That leaves the 2 Kali Snapple x SSH (Megafauna) and the single Phuuu's IPA fem, this time the #2 version. They are all 24 days in 12's now and their stretch is slowing. I have 2 very different phenos of the Megafauna. The #3 is sleek and slender, very sativa looking while the #2 has giant fan leaves and a chunkier appearance. #3 has a lemon haze smell while #2 has a sweeter, less lemony smell still on the hazy side. Here's a look at the flower room. Megafauna #2 @ 24 days Megafauna #3 @ 24 days Phuuu's IPA @ 24 days I have 2 cuts from the IPA recently up-potted to #1 pots in the veg space. I hit the PHK I just harvested with some Poisoned Chocolate pollen. I never got a female from the PC but at least I got some pollen. These will be high on my list to try sooner than later. Stay tuned...
  6. Back with the PHK green pheno @ 63 days and harvest.
  7. What we are seeing in Michigan and in many other states as well as from the president himself are displays of partisan prejudice. Much like racial prejudice those who engage in partisan prejudice are driven by ignorance and selfish indulgence. The Republican party has basically weaponized partisan prejudice by fostering false narratives and pitting us against them as if we are enemies. They rely on the innate ignorance that permeates much of this country and their own willingness to lie repeatedly with the intent of otherizing the opposition. They have an accomplice in right wing media who push all manner of nonsense to sway political opinion by spreading fear and mistrust. Until we make major changes to the education system in this country the less intellectually capable among us will continue to be easy targets for those who push ignorance and the prejudice it supports.
  8. Purple Hindu Kush - green pheno @ 54 days.
  9. Hey everyone, hope you are all safe and making it through as best you can. We have been blessed with nice weather lately so my outdoor chores have been kicking my butt. Had 6 yards of topsoil hauled in a few days ago. Gotta move it to the back yard to replenish flower beds and fill in low spots here and there. Gonna keep us busy for awhile. The grow room is looking good. The last PHK, a green pheno is almost 8 weeks in and showing the color she lacked earlier. She'll get another week or so before the chop. The 2 Kali Snapple x SSH are 15 days in and looking good. They are very similar in appearance and already have a nice lemony aroma. The Phuuu's IPA fem is also 15 days in and has out stretched the KS x SSH by several inches with more to come. Both of the clones from her were recently up-potted to #1's and will veg for another couple weeks or so. On to the pics... KS x SSH @ 15 days KS x SSH #2 top KS x SSH #3 @ 15 days Phuuu's IPA @ 15 days Purple Hindu Kush - Green Pheno - 54 days flower That's about it for now. Stay safe out there people, cya next time.
  10. BeachBud

    Hola amigos

    Great to see you again.
  11. @Mr Goodfellow Yes, the nanners are more nuisance than anything. Most show up late but in this green one they were out at week 4, seems to be more numerous in the greeny as well. The green one also has less lavender smell than the purples. The purple ones went 9 weeks, could go ten if you want. Not much stretch, maybe 1.5x but they can get pretty bushy and will benefit from pruning the fans now and then when in veg and after the stretch. Also, they root fairly quickly, need only a week or so between up-pots. They will droop on you if they get root bound. The IPA fems you have are from the #2 pheno. It tends to be taller and less bushy than the #5. For indoors I'd veg her to 15" tall, that will end up between 40" to 50" or so. Adjust accordingly for your head space. They do respond very well to topping and bending but they do great naturally as well. Their lower branches grow long and will need support when they bud. Expect 10-11 weeks flower time and a wonderful hoppy aroma. Best of luck with those and the rest of your attempts. I'll be watching with interest.
  12. It has been a few weeks so better get an update posted. Having the Mrs. home all the time has changed my schedule a bit and my grow log has been neglected. Getting lots done inside and out around here though. All the Purple Hindu Kush except #3 have been harvested and are currently curing. The Trucks are in jars as well. I've been sampling both of these and really like both but for different reasons. The PHK starts with an incredible smell and unmistakable taste and leaves you with a great combo high that reminds me of Dynasty's Ms. Universe. The Truck is a heavier hitter. The body stone reaches all the way to your toes while the head high is a mellower version of the Train Wreck Mom, which is a good thing. PHK #3 is a green pheno that otherwise looks just like the purple ones except she has thrown even more nanners than they did. I did hit her with Poisoned Chocolate pollen and looks like I'll have some seeds. Hopefully the nanner trait will get filtered out cause I think it will be a nice cross. We shall see. I got 2 girls and 1 dude from the Kali Snapple x SSH sprouts. The dude went to 12's 10 days ago and the ladies went in 4 days ago. Very consistent structure in all three so far. The Phuuu's IPA #2 fem also went to 12's 4 days ago after I took a couple cuts. After a couple rounds growing the #5 IPA's it will be nice to get back to the #2's, they are bigger, less bushy and easier to chop. On to the pics... 2 IPA cuts 5 days in the bubble cloner. Flower room Kali Snapple x SSH ladies and the dude... Phuuu's IPA #2 fem PHK #3 @ 6 weeks Nannerville... That's about it for now. Please stay safe out there people. It's a strange new world.
  13. @Misterdirt yes, I have heard that as well. The purple ones are definitely all purple and I really love the high and the smell from it. It could be that the greeny is more potent but I will like the purple ones better. Or, perhaps the greeny will knock my socks off. I wish Weedstradamus would be a bit more precise in his predictions...lol...as it is we will wait and see.
  14. Happy Easter, such that it is. I've chopped the Truck and 2 Purple Hindu Kush ladies in the last 2 weeks. That leaves PHK #3 all by herself in the flower room. She is a bit of a surprise in that she is not purple, not even a little. The first two PHK's I grew showed purple in veg but this one is green all the way...so far. I hit her with some Poisoned Chocolate pollen last week, looks like it took but we shall see. Very interested how this one will compare to her purple sisters. She grows very vertical branches. I've used a number of wire spreaders and a couple of hanging flashlights to open her up a little. In the veg station I have 3 Kali Snapple x SSH and 1 Phuuu's IPA fem. No sex on the KS x SSH yet, just up-potted them to #2's a few days ago. Gonna take cuts from the IPA but not the KS x SSH. I am hoping for a nice male to make some more seeds though. Ok, here's a few pics. Here's PHK #1.1 on the screens and PHK #2.1 in the bag. That's all for now. Hope you all stay safe and sound.
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