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  1. August. How the heck did that happen? Summertime at the beach and the people are everywhere. Our population on this little peninsula rises by the thousands on a busy summer day so we spend much of our time these days hiding out at home. Good news is we have never gotten so much yard work done before as my aching muscles can attest. My flower room is filled with IPA's. The two elder girls are 61 days in and the 4 clones are 25 days in. I have been trying to turn one of the clones with silver thiosulfate and after 5 weeks of treatment it is now loaded with male flowers. Now I hope they continue to progress and make me lots of pollen. My only source around here for Sunshine Mix #4 or any other soilless medium has been out for weeks and says it will be weeks more before it is available again. I tried reusing some for my last batch of IPA clones and they are a good foot shorter than the previous ones. I may have to go back to dirt for awhile until the soilless supply chain gets back on track. Anyone else having this trouble in other parts of the country? Ok, on to the pics... And here is one of many buds that are showing male flowers now. That's all for now. I hope you all are staying safe and keeping em green.
  2. @Misterdirt Huh, I'd have thought you'd be a #3 fan as it leans more to the sativa side but can't blame you for liking the #2, she is pretty nice. The #2 has a better smell and taste, kind of a concord grape aroma and it gives a very nice combo high. The #3 has a more hazy aroma and definitely hits the head more than the body. Both are fairly potent and have great bag appeal. Should have a few seeds from each, just let me know if you'd like to give it a try.
  3. Thanks for the offer @Indicalicious but Sannie came through and shipped them anyway. Keep up the good work with yours, they look tasty.
  4. Thanks @Misterdirt, there are indeed zillions of square pots out there and that presents the problem. Yours look more substantial, many I look at seem pretty flimsy, so hard to tell online. Best of luck with all those little ones.
  5. @MisterdirtYour're gonna have a tent full for sure. Did you find the square pots online or were they sourced locally? What size is the larger one in the pic? Thanks man.
  6. Cookies, pink lemonade, pancakes. You musta been hungry when you ordered these...lol.
  7. Why do you insist on posting nonsense? People show that you are wrong but you remain undeterred. That is the definition of stupidity. Currently in the U.S. we are seeing much higher levels of new covid-19 cases and deaths. Cases are up 76% in the last 2 weeks and our daily case count has more than doubled since March. We have also seen a 12.8% increase in deaths which will be rising since it is a lagging indicator. Why do you have such a hard time admitting reality? Go grow something and stfu, you only make a fool of yourself.
  8. So tell me, have you compared the transmission rate of aids and coronavirus? Have you ever heard of a hospital being overrun by aids patients? Has there ever been a world wide shortage of PPE and ventilators because of aids? Do you ever bother to think before you post? You traffic in false narratives and silly conflations that feed your bias and stroke your ego but bear no resemblance to reality. Why do you waste your time in such a way?
  9. Megafauna #3 @ 75 days and harvest
  10. Time for a quick update before I chop Megafauna #3 this afternoon. Megafauna #2 was chopped last Wednesday @ the 10 week mark, the Phuuu's IPA was chopped on Thursday. I gave Megafauna #3 a few days more but now is her time. Here's a look at the flower room. And, a look at the vegging IPA clones. The one on the front right I am treating with silver thiosulfate in hopes of making some fems on this pheno. The other 3 IPA clones will get up-potted in a few days and then to 12's in about 10 days. Phuuu's IPA is in my opinion one of the best looking plants structure wise. She is kinda graceful, kinda sexy and always frosty. My kinda girl. OK, on to the star of today's update, Megafauna #3. She is rocking the SSH side of this cross, so much different looking than the #2. I let her go 75 days and she could perhaps go a few more but my schedule says today is the day. Here's some pics before she goes. There you have it. From here on out for a few months it will be an all Phuuu's IPA show. Keep your fingers crossed the silver thiosulfate works and I get a bunch of fem pollen to play with. Stay safe!
  11. Phuuu's IPA @ 71 days and harvest
  12. Megafauna #2 @ 10 weeks
  13. Horrid is putting it kindly, the man is a self proclaimed sexual predator, an ego-maniacal who cares only about himself and has done nothing but stoke division and racial animus. You may have read books others wrote about him but rest assured Trump has never written a book, he does not have the ability to do so, and his policies are regurgitated and recycled from others. Trump has never had an original thought in his life. There is a reason his base of support comes from white males with only a high school education or less. He relies on innate ignorance to push his lies and disinformation. Trump is a con man, pure and simple. Anyone denying that has in fact been conned. https://www.mcsweeneys.net/articles/the-complete-listing-so-far-atrocities-1-759
  14. I got these as freebies from Sannie last year.
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