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  1. BeachBud

    Beach's Backroom

    Thanks Justcozz, best wishes this holiday to you as well.
  2. BeachBud

    Drum roll, please...

    Good for you Mr., best of luck.
  3. BeachBud

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    Thanks bigun, best to you and yours as well.
  4. BeachBud

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    Another rainy day in paradise here. Guess I can't expect much else for the middle of December though the first half of the month was beautiful. I've been pretty busy the last few weeks. On Thanksgiving day I discovered my ballast had taken a dump, it was 8 years old so guess I can't bitch too much. But it did catch me off guard and I had to rely on Amazon prime to get me a new one fast. I moved a floor lamp with a 300 watt main bulb and 3 led bulbs into the flower room for 3 days until I could replace the ballast. I was pleasantly surprised to see ballast prices have come down considerably in the last 8 years, I paid less than half what my original one cost. I made my yearly trip to the big city to have my grow license renewed last week so I'm all legal for another year. My main computer had been acting up lately. It was about 5 years old which is like 50 in human years so I decided to take advantage of the Black Friday deals and put together a new one. After putting it all together and reloading everything I am very pleased with the final product. Now I'm zipping along on 8 cores @ 3.7 gig, good for another 5 years or so. All is good in the grow room. It's so nice to have Huck Kush going again and one of them is only a week away from harvest. I have 2 clones from the nearly finished HK plus 3 from seed, 2 of which are female. The male is in another room currently as I gather pollen from it. I also have 2 Phuuu's IPA clones that are filing in nicely coming up on 6 weeks in 12's. I have 2 more IPA clones in the veg area along with the last HK youngster. Here's my temporary light after the ballast went... The flower room today. The veg area with 2 IPA's and a Huck Kush. Here's IPA #1 @ 39 days Now for the good stuff. Huck Kush @ 8 weeks She has maybe a week to go and I can hardly wait for it to dry. That's all for now folks. Stay warm and dry and safe for the holiday's.
  5. BeachBud

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Very nice Mr. G, hope you enjoy her.
  6. BeachBud

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    Nice to see you again bigun, Happy Holidays back at ya.
  7. BeachBud

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Ms. Universe @ 65 days
  8. BeachBud

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    Time for a quick update. I chopped the Ms. U clone a couple days ago and got some pics after manicuring... The Huck Kush girl is looking pretty good at the 5 week mark. Glad I took several clones from her so I will have more to come. I've really missed having HK around and look forward to filling my bowl with it in a few more weeks. Good news, It looks like I have a Huck Kush male to work with. I put him to 12's today and can't wait to get some more HK pollen to play with. That's all for now. I hope you all have a nice Thanksgiving with family or friends.
  9. BeachBud

    Smokeshack Photodump

    Looking Good Smokey
  10. BeachBud

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    Maybe the cold mountain nights make yours colorful? We have had rather warm nights here this fall.
  11. BeachBud

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    Hey Luma, thanks man. I am using 600 watt hps in 5.5' x 4' space which is 27 watts per sq. foot. You can convert to meters
  12. BeachBud

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Huckleberry DesTar @ 64 days
  13. BeachBud

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    Hey Mr. G, yes I did grow HK before and made several crosses with it. That's why I am growing it again, it is a great one for crossing with and I really like the smoke as well.
  14. BeachBud

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    Hey thanks guys! Wow, how did it get to be November already. Our weather looks like November lately, lot of rain and a little wind but the temps are still pretty mild. I pulled the two huck DesTar girls after 64 days and will let them sit in my spare room for a couple more days before I chop them. That freed up space to move the 2 IPA clones into the flower room just as they were outgrowing the veg area. In the veg area I have 2 Huck Kush clones and 2 Huck Kush sprouts. Hoping to find a male from the sprouts. Down below I have the bubble cloner going with 2 ea. IPA and Huck Kush cuts. Here's some pics of the Huck DesTar girls before I pulled them. HDT #1 @ 64 days. HDT #2 @ 64 days The Ms Universe Clone is looking pretty good too @ 8 weeks... Here's a lok at the flower room after pulling the HDT's and adding the IPA's. And, here's the veg area top half first with huck Kush clones and sprouts. Down below to the bubble cloner... I've tried a sample bud from the Huck DesTar and it is very good. Sweet kushy taste and a killer body stone that keeps on coming. I'm gonna enjoy this stuff and it will be a good primer for the Huck Kush coming up. This is gonna be a good winter. So that's about it. Thanks for stopping by