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  1. BeachBud

    Beach's Backroom

    @Sunnyvale yes, he keeps out all but good vibes.
  2. BeachBud

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Neplama CBD
  3. BeachBud

    Beach's Backroom

    Thanks to one and all. I chopped the Nepalma CBD clones on Sunday. I also moved the Ms U and the bigger IPA to the flower room on Sunday. I'll give the smaller IPA another week or so before she joins them. The Huckleberry DesTar sprouts are looking good and growing like weeds. They'll need another up-pot in a couple days. My lone Huck Kush is short and slow growing but when I up-potted it to a #1 pot yesterday I was pleased to see very good root formation so I think it will take off soon. As saxo noted the Ms U girl has a nice shape, good looking plant overall. This is my first time growing it and I'm liking what I see so far. One of the males has a similar build while the other is a bit more open with fewer internodes and longer spacing. Not sure which of the two I will keep for pollen. Any suggestions welcome. Luckily the heat here has been 20 degrees or more less than a few miles inland but the humidity has been awful. The last couple weeks my dehumidifier has been working overtime pumping lots of hot air into my room so the fan has been turned to high most of the day time to compensate. I've been able to keep the grow room under 90 degrees so far and it looks like a cool down is finally coming so the equipment can get a break. Here's the flower room after chopping the Nepalma CBD's. Back left is the Phuuu's IPA fem, back right is the Ms U and up front are the two males. Ms Universe 3 days 12's Phuuus IPA fem @ 3 days The veg area is firing on all cylinders. I have a cut from the Ms U and IPA in the bubble cloner. So, everything is chugging along nicely. I'll leave you with a shot of the two main colas from the Nepalma CBD #1 clone surrounding one of my favorite IPA's. cya next time
  4. BeachBud

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    Hey all, if you're in the market for a smaller led light this one is BOGO free at the moment. I bought one of these last year and have been using it in my veg space with good results. good quality for the price, especially 2 fer.
  5. BeachBud

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Nepalma CBD #1 clone @ 75 days...
  6. BeachBud

    Beach's Backroom

    Happy hump day to all you working stiffs. It's been a busy few days in the backroom, lots of up-potting going on as those in the veg area get bigger. After 8 days drying the Nepalma CBD #1 is ready for the jar and the 2 Nepalma CBD clones are almost ready to chop. I was able to sex the 3 Ms Universe youngsters a few days ago. I have 2 nice looking males and one female. I put the males to 12's and will choose one to keep while the girl gets some more veg time. The 2 Phuuu's IPA fem's continue to veg as well. I'll take cuts from the Ms U in a day or two and then she will go to 12's. I also have 3 Huckleberry DesTar youngsters about 10 days up and just up-potted to #1's. And then there is one Huck Kusk sprout, the only one to sprout out of 6 I tried which kinda bummed me out. I will have to try the rest of them soon and hope to get a few to sprout. Enough chit chat, on to some pics... Neplalma CBD #1 dry bud Veg area Ms Universe males Nepalma CBD clones #1 & 4 @ 75 days #4 #1 Hard to believe it is August already, summer is going by way to fast here. Luckily here on the coast we haven't seen the 90-100 degree temps that have been frequent lately just an hour or so inland from here. We often get fog and wind when the valley gets hot. Sometimes it burns off in the afternoon but the last couple days have been gray all day with a biting wind. That's it for now. Enjoy your summer before it's gone.
  7. BeachBud

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    @Mr Goodfellow Yum, that's looking real good. How do you like the smoke?
  8. BeachBud

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Nepalma CBD #1 @ 77 days
  9. BeachBud

    Beach's Backroom

    Thanks everyone! I'm happy to report my back is all good, well as good as it gets anyway. @Damar - ah shucks , I am lucky to have great genetics to work with and since changing over to premix (Sunshine Mix #4) and Kelp 4 Less nutes growing has become much more consistent. In new business, I chopped Nepalma CBD #1 on Tuesday after 11 weeks in 12's. It went a week longer than the 3 before it and looked like it could go another week but it's time had come. The Ms. Universe and IPA fem youngsters will be ready to put to flower this coming week. I must say, it is a challenge to do an update with a playful kitten in my lap but I will persevere. Time for you to meet our new additions. Magnus and Minnie have become best of friends in the short time we've had them. They are about 11 and 9 weeks old respectively and they are very active. Racing from one room to another and back again and climbing on everything climbable. They keeps one on his toes for sure. Magnus is a Norwegian forest cat mix and Minnie is Siamese. While we're on the subject of cute little critters I get to see a Momma and her 2 fawns most mornings as they pass through our yard. Most times they get through before I get the camera ready but on this day I was lucky the little ones paused to check out the fence. These are Columbia Blacktail deer and they and their ancestors have been following the same trail for many decades. OK, on to the business at hand. I almost forgot to take pics before I chopped Nepalma CBD #1. I had a couple branches off before it dawned on me... She was the best yielding on the 4 and she offers more body influence than the others. She also has very little aroma. The clones from #1 (on the left) and #4 were 67 days when these pics were taken on Tuesday. Both of them bear seeds so I will have seed from 3 of the 4 that I grew. Clone from #1 Clone from #4 I'll get back with some pics in the veg area. Along with the Ms. U and IPA fems I also have some Huckleberry Destar and Huck Kush sprouts just up. Stay tuned...
  10. BeachBud

    Beach's Backroom

    Thanks everyone, I appreciate the kind words. The Nepalma CBD is dry and ready to jar. I've sampled a bit of it and can report mine have a pure sativa high with a spicy/citrus smell. It is also maybe good for my back pain, last night and so far today my back pain is much lower. I have been using a cannabis balm also and eating ibuprofen like candy, whatever makes me feel better I am grateful, it has been a long painful week or so. I will have much catching up to do both in the grow room and my outdoor chores. Still not 100% so don't want to push it but if i don't mow the grass soon I'm gonna have to call in a herd of goats. I have several pots of used soil to empty and spread in the outdoor gardens, and there are sprouts that need to be up-potted. I need an apprentice perhaps. Also, some fun news to pass along. We got another kitten from the shelter yesterday to go with the one we got about a month ago. So now we have a 12 week old Norwegian forest cat and a 10 week old Siamese. The first one we have named Magnus after a king of Norway, the second we are still working on a name for. Great fun having kittens around.
  11. BeachBud

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Nepalma CBD @ 68 days
  12. BeachBud

    Beach's Backroom

    Happy Friday! I am spending this week nursing a sore lower back that is making life difficult. I live with pain everyday but that is a pain I'm familiar with and one I know how to battle. This back pain is another story, I hope it heals soon. I chopped the Nepalma CBD girls on Tuesday and took a few pics before and after. It took 7 hours to chop the 3 girls and they filled up my dry ice box. The bud is ready to snip off of the branches this morning and this evening it will be ready to jar. Here's a look at the flower room after the chop with Nepalma CBD #1 and clones from #1 and #4. The clones each have seeds as does the #2 that I already chopped. Tuesday morning when I opened the door to the flower room I found the big main cola of #4 laying on top of #3 even though it was tied up from 2 sides. It just twisted on the stem and over it went. Good timing I thought. I chopped them on day 68 and they seemed ready but may have gone a few more days if we didn't have company coming this weekend. Here's a look... Last weekend we went to an outdoor concert of Giants in the Trees a local group with Krist Novoselic on bass and accordion. Novoselic was the bass player from Nirvana, another band from the region. They put on a great show and the weather was nice attracting a large crowd to watch.
  13. BeachBud

    Beach's Backroom

    Thanks to all I'm hoping to get it tested if I don't have to travel too far. When Washington St. enacted legal pot they decimated the medical pot industry that had thrived here for years. Now we can't buy/sell clones, can't have oil made for us and the testing labs that used to be everywhere are now consolidated to a few because no one cares about the medical community anymore. My state really pisses me off sometimes. I have to make some calls and see if any of the local dispensaries have access to testing or I'll have to drive and hour or so inland to the nearest drop point. I'll keep you posted.
  14. BeachBud

    Beach's Backroom

    Hope all my American friends had a nice 4th of July yesterday. This place gets pretty busy on the 4th so we went to a friends BBQ and then home to comfort the animals. I tweaked my lower back putting the garbage out on Monday so I've had a few unexpected down days. Doing better today but still have to watch how I move. I've got another video update for you. The Nepalma CBD girls are at 9 weeks and their big buds are twisting and turning despite my efforts to tie them up. I've started some seeds lately also. I dropped 3 Ms. Universe (thanks Stanky), 2 Holy Princess (freebies) and 2 Phuuu's IPA fems. All except the HP's have sprouted and my fingers are crossed they will show soon. I usually remove my girls from the flower room and give them a couple dark days before chopping but these girls are too big and lanky. So I will have to chop them in place which is kind of a pain. They're gonna take a lot of snipping from the looks of it. So, break out the popcorn and watch the video...