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  1. Looking good shoeless. I have some silverfields burning a hole in my stash bag, gotta get to them soon.
  2. Thanks Wilbur, I don't have a 2 cob panel, the larger one in the middle is a 300 watt (potential) panel using 3 watt leds. It a cheapo full spectrum unit that has been working well. I plan to add another like it to the space and move the two strip fixtures underneath to the sprout zone one of these days. Thanks for stopping in.
  3. Hey everyone, the Phuuu's IPA girls are to the point where they are worth showing off so I broke out the camera and took some bud shots. Numbers 1 and 2 are 8 weeks in and #3 is almost 7 weeks in. First though I'll show you what's going on in the Veg/Sprout area. The 2 Sugar Punch youngsters are in #2 pot now and looking good. I expected a little more vertical growth by now. They have a few more days to go before up-potting to #5's. Down below the SP's are 4 Blue Magoo sprouts (3 of which are up) that I am eager to grow. Many thanks to Stanky Dank for sharing these. OK, on to the good stuff... Phuuu's IPA #1 @ 8 weeks Phuuu's IPA #2 @ 8 weeks Phuuu's IPA #3 @ 48 days That's it for now, thanks for stopping by. Much to do on my Spring checklist so I may not see you again until harvest time. Until then
  4. hey bigun, the Green Ale will go a good 10 weeks. I've had some big girls in the ones I've grown, some 3-4 times stretch with long lower branches. Good luck with them. Give us some pics when they are ready.
  5. Happy Friday to all you working stiffs out there. It is raining like crazy and all the dogs are asleep so I will steal a few minutes to post an update. I currently have 3 Phuuu's IPA fems going in the flower room and 2 Sugar Punch fem sprouts about 2 weeks up in the veg area. The flower room girls are filling in nicely. Numbers 1 and 2 are 6 weeks in 12's while #3 is 9 days less. I talked some about the different phenos in my last post. This time you can see the difference in their bud shots. While there are several phenos found in Phuuu's IPA the end product is very consistent in smell and effect. The smell of hops with a little skunk fill the grow room now, it's a wonderful aroma that I have come to love. This smell varies some in the skunkiness between phenos but the intense hops smell (Myrcene) is always dominate. OK, enough chit chat, on to some pics. I'll start with the youngsters first. They got up-potted to #1's yesterday at 13 days above ground and were moved up to the main veg area. I have 3 led lights in this space. Two of them are 25 watt bar type fixtures that sit on either side of the main fixture normally. When I have young sprouts that aren't ready for the big light yet I can move the left side bar fixture over next to the right side one which gives the right amount of light. They usually spend a week to 10 days under the bar lights before I crank up the 300 watt fixture. Here's a look. On to the flower room, here's a look at the trio. Phuuu's IPA #1 - The long branches (about 3 feet) are impressive on this girl. Phuuu's IPA #2 Phuuu's IPA #3 That about covers it. Thanks for stopping by.
  6. Hey Papalag, if I can offer my two cents about your clones. Trying to root a cut in a octopot seems unlikely to occur very often if at all. They are not designed to root cuts, they have too much soil/medium. If you do get them to root they will still not take advantage of the octopot design until they are weeks older and have established roots long enough to reach the bottom, so what is the point. You (and your cuts) would be better off if they are started in a smaller container like a paper cup. Once they root they should be up-potted to something like a 1 gallon pot. Once roots grow to the bottom of the 1 gallon pot then you can transplant to a 3 gallon octopot. If you are using 5 gal. octopots then I would up-pot the #1 to a #2 pot and wait for roots to show at the bottom before putting into the 5 gallon octopot. The plants will be much happier and grow faster with this process. Expect cuts to take at least a week and more like 10-14 days to get decent roots in soil. Also, you say your cuts are growing. That is not a good thing, you want them to grow roots before they grow vegetation or they will run out of food before they get roots. This is likely what happened to the ones in the octopot. It is best to not give them too much light while you wait for roots. If they are in a humidity dome try covering it with a cloth and raise your light up if you can or use a lower watt light. Light causes the plant to make food and grow, taking away energy that the roots need to grow so the cut fights itself and finally does neither and dies. Good luck.
  7. Before cannabis became an option my pain Doc had me try this and that to see what worked. Trying out new drugs is often unrewarding, either they don't work or the side effects are too much. I hated the process but really had no options at the time. I tried Neurontin (Gabapentin) at some point early on and it showed some promise but we had to keep increasing the dose until I was at 3300 mg a day. I made me edgy, distracted and kind of foggy sometimes but it was the most effective one so far so I kept on it for a year or so. Then they came out with Lyrica ( PreGabalin) which is a reworking or Neurontin so I was switched to that. It also showed promise and at a much lower dose. The side effects were less than Neurontin but it still gave a nervous kind of buzz that I didn't care for. Six months after starting Lyrica I was 60 pounds heavier weighing in at around 260 pounds. After a year I was having to increase the dose every few months and after 2 years I had had enough. Six months after quitting Lyrica I was back down to 200 pounds and have stayed there since. Problem was we had tried all the pain meds my Doc thought would be helpful. The only thing left was opiods and I had been avoiding that option for 12 years by then. I didn't want to take opiods but I had nothing left to try. When you are in enough pain you wind up doing whatever it takes to make it stop so hydrocodone it was, 10 mg. caps 8 times a day for the next 18 months. It sucked. I hated it and finally decided to give Cannabis a try. A friend fronted me the money to set up a grow room and my life changed forever. Then I was given a random cross from a guy in the Czech Republic that worked like a miracle on my nerve pain. It is called Phuuu's IPA in his honor and to this day, 7 years or so after first trying, it works better than anything I have ever tried. Phuuu Ad had no idea when he was kind enough to share some beans with me that his cross would have such an impact on my life. I am forever grateful for this bit of kismet. Cannabis basically saved my life. Nothing good was going to come from 80 mg of opiods a day and none of the other drugs worked so until cannabis came along I was just bidding time. Now it is hard to remember, hard to imagine my life back then. Here's hoping the medical world wakes up and starts giving cannabis a place at the table.
  8. I wish I could Fed Ex a jar to you my friend.
  9. He Mr. G, these are the fems I made awhile back. I've been surprised at the variations I've seen in them, kinda thought they would be more similar. So far they have all been girls so guess I shouldn't complain...lol. We only get low RH when the east wind blows which usually only happens a day or two at a time . This time it went on for 6 days straight and we say 35-38% RH outdoors. The Rh in the grow room is about 10 points lower than the rest of the house which is about 10 points lower than outside usually. My throat was complaining after a few days of it. Good news is the rain is back so outdoor RH is back at 82% and indoor at 70%, much better for this beach bum.
  10. Hey all, long time since an update so thought I'd better catch you up. Been one thing after another around here causing me to neglect my updating duties. Hopefully things will get back to normal soon. I chopped my last Huck Kush a couple three weeks ago. She was the biggest of the bunch and gave me 3.5 ounces of dried bud, a good haul for an HK. Here's a look at her just before harvest... When I chopped the last HK, 2 of the Phuuu's IPA fems were ready to flower so I moved them in from the veg space. The third IPA took another 8 days of vegging before coming over. The 3 have turned into 3 different phenos which is kinda fun. Number 1 is a big girl, maybe 30% so far have been the big pheno. She is over 50" tall and has these long branches that come up from the bottom. The female I used for the Green Ale cross was one of the big girls and that seems to have carried through to the GA's I've grown. IPA #1 @ 29 days The number 2 IPA, also 29 days in 12's is a rarer pheno. I've only gotten a few of these out of the dozens of IPA's I've grown. She started out with very wrinkled leaves, pretty much all of them and they stayed that way all through vegging time. When she went to 12's the wrinkling slowly faded and she grew these long thin sativa like leaves. She will take an extra week or so to finish and though her buds are smaller now than #1's they will be comparable in the end. The third IPA is the small pheno, it usually gets to about 36" and looks like a small version of #1 except it doesn't have the long branches. I've only had a couple smalls in the fems so far so they aren't too common. This one is 8 days behind the other two. And here they are all together... That little one in front is a Poisoned Chocolate male that went to 12's 3 days ago. I had 3 PC sprouts but all 3 turned out to be dudes so I picked one to get some pollen from and chopped the others. Since I went 0-3 with the PC I needed to fill some space in the flower room quickly so I dropped two Sugar Punch fems that have been calling to me for some time. Both of them popped and just sprouted yesterday. Really looking forward to these. We've had a week of dry east winds here which have the RH in the grow room down around 20%. This can be tough on new sprouts so I employed my hi tech humidity dome to keep them comfy. There you have it, all caught up once again. I'll try to keep up better but no promises now that Spring is breaking and all those Spring chores are just waiting for me. Cya round.
  11. That would be the first car I owned, a 1965 Plymouth Fury much like the picture below, same color even.
  12. Hey oldschool, been chilling for a few days. Had some minor surgery that has kept me down a bit but I'm about ready to get back at it. Currently enjoying some sunshine and relative warmth (45 outside) after our coldest February on record. I have a Huck Kush about ready to chop so will get some pics of her up soon, sure do enjoy having HK around again. Thanks for checking in.
  13. I make and use an ointment for arthritis in my fingers. I've used it for a few years now and it gives good relief. First I infuse some olive oil with some bud. Then I add several drops of turmeric essential oil and some bees wax to thicken. Apply in the morning and evening for best results.
  14. Hey Toker, I cannot speak to smart pots but I don't believe going big from the start is a good idea. Up-potting is important to keep a consistent watering cycle and bringing fresh soil/medium will better feed the plant as it grows.
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