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  1. @Papalag @gardenartus thanks for the well wishes you two. I guess I need to moderate my chores to fit my ability these days. Makes it hard to get them all done though. Thanks for stopping by.
  2. Hey bigun, the Green Ale will take 10-12 weeks to finish so not as fast to start but they will catch up. Good luck with them.
  3. Happy Friday Open Grow. I'm sitting around here feeling like an old man this week. It seems I can't move gravel and landscape stones like I once could. My rotater cuff and elbow on my right arm are giving me fits. Got a good nsaid from the Doc and something to help me sleep. now I have to take it easy for a week or two or three. That won't be easy. Good news is that gives me plenty of time to do updates so here we go. The veg area has the 3 Phuuu's IPA clones in #2 pots. They'll go another week to 10 days and get up-potted to #5's. The flower room is packed with 3 IPA girls and 2 Blue Magoo's. The IPA's are 4 weeks in and have young buds all over. The BM's are 66 days in and enjoying their last week before they get chopped. The BM #3 is showing some nice color while #1 remains green after 9+ weeks. Flower room And, a look at the IPA girls. #1 in front, then 2 and 3 Blue Magoo #1 @66 days Blue Magoo #3 @66 days I'll give the Blue Magoo's until the ten week mark and then they'll get chopped. Then I can rearrange the IPA girls to make room for their clones in a couple weeks. That's all for now. Enjoy your weekend everyone.
  4. Hey Mr. G., good luck putting together the new space. Sounds like fun. I like the HK just fine. My only complaint is it has a heavy smoke, the kind that coats your mouth and throat. I much prefer to vape it. It has a great body influence and does not make me sleepy but it does slow me down. Good for chillin'. Our Summer has been interrupted by a few days of clouds and some drizzle. Hopefully it will return soon. Thanks for stopping in.
  5. Another week has passed, it goes so fast when the Sun shines. The 3 Phuuu's IPA girls shot up pretty good this last week. Getting hard to move around in the flower room now and the Blue Magoo's look like they still have a couple weeks or so to go. Everything's looking pretty good. First up is the veg area with the 3 IPA cuts. A few more days and they will get up-potted to #2 pots and I'll turn on the larger LED fixture. A look at the flower room. Phuuu's IPA girls @ 18 days in 12's, can't get a side shot anymore. My Little Mutant is 9 weeks in 12's and looking about done, I will giver her a few more days and see how she looks. Blue Magoo #1 @ 8 weeks Blue Magoo #3 @ 8 weeks Starting to see some dark coloration especially in #3. A finger rub gives a floral aroma of lavender, coffee and hash. Very nice. That's all for this week, thanks for stopping by.
  6. Looks like ph related spotting to me.
  7. Blue Magoo @ 7 weeks
  8. Another beautiful day in paradise here. It took it's time getting here but Summer is in high gear now. We went to a little car show up the road last weekend and saw some sweet rides. Then went to our favorite brew pub for a "Fences for Fido" fundraiser. Great group that goes around putting up fences for folks who need one so their dog doesn't have to be chained. Last weekend was also the annual sand castle contest. Groups and individuals from all over come to the beach and make impressive sculptures, some of them quite large. We went down there one evening when they had a blues band playing and enjoyed a great night on the beach. Most of the time I stay home this time of year, too many darn people around. In grow room news, I potted the IPA clones yesterday after 9 days in the bubble cloner. They look great. I've been battling heat from the dehumidifier lately. Gotta keep the fan cranked to high most of the day to keep it in the 80's. Our outside temps are only in the 70's but the humidity has been 70-80% plus. Makes outdoor work a sweaty mess. The 3 Phuuu's IPA fems are looking good. I tied up all their branches the other day while I can still get to them. Their buds get too heavy for the branches so support is a must. I chose #1 to be my fem pollen maker. I started spraying two branches with silver water yesterday. I like her open structure and she is the tallest at the moment. IPA's can get a bit branchy so I will try to breed it with more open partners and see what happens. The Blue Magoo girls bulked up nicely in the last week. They are 7 weeks in 12's now except for the mutant, she is 8 weeks in. I'm guessing these will go 9-10 weeks, hopefully closer to 9 as the IPA's are gonna be getting big soon. It may be crowded in there for a week or two. On to some pics. First up is the youngsters. A look at the flower room. The Phuuu's IPA girls at 11 days in 12's. Blue Magoo mutant @ 8 weeks. Blue Magoo #3 @ 7 weeks Blue Magoo #1 @ 7 weeks I think I'm gonna enjoy smoking that BM. Thanks again to Stanky wherever you are, and Prof. P for another fine contribution. All for now peeps, hope your Summer is treating you well. Cya in a week or so...
  9. @Papalag thanks man, you should definitely grow some Dynasty, I haven't found a bad (or even mediocre) one yet.
  10. Suddenly we have found summer at the beach. The last several days have been great if perhaps a tad breezy. Before I go enjoy the sunshine I need to get a quick update posted. I moved the 3 Phuuu's IPA's to flower yesterday. I cranked the bubble cloner up and took a cut from each of them. The Blue Magoo girls are looking good after 41 days in 12's. Their smell is complex, pine is the base but there is lavender and hash mixed in. I'm not sure how long these will go, no time frame given on the Dynasty site. At 6 weeks they seem to have more than a couple weeks left, I guess we'll see. My little mutant Blue Magoo is a week older and has developed some decent though odd looking buds. I'm gonna start spraying silver water on one of the IPA's soon with hopes of getting more fem pollen to play with. If it works out I wanna make more IPA fems as well as a back cross with the Green Ale which will be next up after the IPA's. OK, on to the pics. First up is the clone/sprout area. Tip of the day - Do not leave your neoprene plugs where the cats can get them. Flower room. Phuuu's IPA fems 1 day in 12's. MLM @ 48 days Blue Magoo #1 @ 41 days Blue Magoo #3 @ 41 days That's all for now, thanks for stopping by.
  11. BeachBud


    @santeroyes san, they were a freebie at seedhaven. I tried to give them to sannie but he said 350 seeds were not enough. I am planning to run some green ale after this round of IPA's and will make more seeds as I am running low. I will try to make more fem seeds as well.
  12. BeachBud


    looking very nice Mr. G, and thanks for the kind words. I've got some Phuuu's IPA with your name on them whenever you want.
  13. Good to see you again, welcome back.
  14. Hey Mr. G, thanks man, glad you stopped by. Speaking of Stanky, I wonder what became of him, haven't seen him for awhile now. Hope he shows back up one day. I'd be glad to see what you have to offer when you get settled, I've got some new ones you might like too. taker easy buddy, best of luck with your outdoor crop.
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