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  1. BeachBud

    Arthritis sufferers what do you recommend

    I make and use an ointment for arthritis in my fingers. I've used it for a few years now and it gives good relief. First I infuse some olive oil with some bud. Then I add several drops of turmeric essential oil and some bees wax to thicken. Apply in the morning and evening for best results.
  2. BeachBud

    Repot smart pots?

    Hey Toker, I cannot speak to smart pots but I don't believe going big from the start is a good idea. Up-potting is important to keep a consistent watering cycle and bringing fresh soil/medium will better feed the plant as it grows.
  3. BeachBud

    Beach's Backroom

    After an incredibly mild January, Mother Nature decided to bring us some winter in February. Last Saturday night we got about 3 inches of snow, first real snow in several years here. Since then the temps have stayed in the 30's and about half the snow is still hanging around. Supposed to get more snow this weekend, looks like winter finally made it to the beach. In grow room news, I pulled Huck Kusk #2 yesterday after 62 days in 12's. She colored up nicely in contrast to the other HK girl who stays green. I took some pics before I pulled her... That leaves the 2 Phuuu's IPA girls and the big Huck Kush clone that I vegged for 8 or 9 weeks waiting for space in the flower room. That extra veg time has this girl looking real good in her 5th week. I have a new apprentice in the grow room. We just adopted a 6 month old puppy who came through the rescue we work with. The rescue is for Boxer dogs but occasionally another breed gets lucky and finds their way to us. This little fella is Pomeranian x some kind of spaniel near as we can tell. He was at a shelter scheduled to be euthanized when our rescue came for some Boxers and heard his story. He had behavior issues that his owners didn't know how to deal with and they turned him into a biter. He also had resource guarding issues. Our rescue scooped him up and he spent a couple months with one of our trainers who worked wonders with him. He's now living in a house with 2 cats and a Boxer dog plus the foster dogs we have in and out and he's doing great. He's a bundle of energy that keeps me on my toes and he's damn cute. Now we just have to come up with a name for him. Here he is with Magnus the cat checking out the flower room. Minnie, the other cat, is not as fast to make friends as Magnus. That's all for now, thanks for stopping by.
  4. BeachBud

    Beach's Backroom

    Hey Mr. G, Chuckle Cheese is Chucky's Bride x Chocolate Cheese (raspberry pheno). I need to grow more of that one myself, I have the last of it sitting in a stash jar that I'm trying to make last. Both the CB and CC had berry smells to them, cool that you got a huckleberry smell from yours. I'm using Sunshine Mix #4 premix and am very pleased with it. Much more consistent than soil ever was. I can send more IPA your way, just shoot me an addy. Stay warm over there.
  5. BeachBud

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Thanks guys. Not a lot of stem smell on this girl but her buds are a pine and lavender mix that reminds me of burnt rubber. The other HK was less piney with more lavender and some coffee smell. I pulled the one above when I took the pics and will be chopping her maybe today or tomorrow for sure.
  6. BeachBud

    DJS Newberry

    Hey Silver, nice to read you again. Everything looking good.
  7. BeachBud

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Huckleberry Kush #2 @ 62 days.
  8. BeachBud

    Transplating seedlings

    Hey Zrex, when trying to determine the correct pot size you should consider the watering frequency. I've found that 3-4 days between watering is a good cycle to maintain. Longer periods mean wetter dirt that is not conducive to good root growth or overall plant health. Shorter periods give less time for nutrient uptake and may leave more nute residue in the soil. New sprouts do not need to be fed for several weeks providing the medium they are in is of good quality. I start with a 16 oz. paper cup for seeds. After 10 - 14 days I up-pot to 1 gallon pots. This fresh medium will continue to feed the sprout until the next up-pot, usually in about 2 weeks when they go into 3 gallon pots. Again the fresh medium will be all the sprout needs for another 2 weeks or so when I up-pot to 5 gallon pot. This sequence keeps the plants well fed and maintains a 3-4 day watering cycle. I don't start adding nutes until after 2 weeks in the 5 gallon pot so the plant is around 7-8 weeks old. This method yields happy, healthy plants that have not been stressed by too many nutes and who's soil/medium is fresh and fertile. Hope that helps.
  9. BeachBud

    NAW Test Center

    I have some of that coming in my Sannie's order along with the Blueberry Sativa. Nice to have a preview.
  10. BeachBud

    Beach's Backroom

    Hey Wolfie, I could look at HK pics all day, very photogenic cross indeed. One pheno I have stays green all the way through but the other one is showing some color. Thanks for sharing.
  11. BeachBud

    Beach's Backroom

    Thanks Mr G., I've not had a huckleberry smelling one yet. The huckleberry looking one I have going now does smell different than the other pheno but it does not smell like any kind of berry.
  12. BeachBud

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Huckleberry Kush @ 50 days
  13. BeachBud

    Beach's Backroom

    Time to squeeze in a quick update before we head out grocery shopping. I pulled Huck Kush #1.2 today after 60 days and will chop her in a few days. Huck Kush #2 is about 10 days behind but may not take as long to finish. Before I pulled #1.2 I took some pics. Flower room HK #1.2 @ 60 days HK #2 And , here's a shot of the flower room after taking out #1.2 I'm really enjoying the Huck Kush I chopped a couple weeks ago. Wonderful body stone that is hard to find. I made seeds from both HK phenos and I also hit one IPA girl with Huck Kush and the other with Nepalma CBD pollen. Also, I hit HK #1.22 with Nepalma CBD. I have 3 Phuuu's IPA fem sprouts about 10 day up in the veg area. Trying to build up my IPA supply before I start popping other stuff. That's about it for now. Cya next time.
  14. BeachBud

    First Open Grow Gathering Colorado 2020

    Sounds like fun but I'm kinda tethered here by too many responsibilities to get away. How about a beach party...lol.