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  1. Truck (train wreck x huck kush) @ 10 weeks
  2. @sunstone Thanks man and welcome to OG. @oldschoolsg Thanks.Here's a few more pics of the Truck. Gonna chop her tomorrow.
  3. Hey Mr.G, I've been raiding the PHK curing jar on a regular basis. I really like this stuff. I has a strong aroma of lavender mixed with pinesol cleaner that carries through in the taste. The high is very relaxing, stress relieving, mostly body oriented, not overly powerful but very enjoyable. It would be a good muscle relaxer and leaves you socially functional. The PHK came from a local friend who got the seeds from a buddy in northern California. Both of them have been growing it outdoors for a few years. They get 7-8 feet tall outdoors and finish up in mid October here. I cannot say it it is IBL but I would not be surprised it it is. They do tend to throw some nanners but most seem to be impotent. The vape is for flower mainly. You can mix some concentrate with some flower and it works well. You get 3-4 hits off a load and it is fairly fast to heat up and recover. Battery is good for 6-8 sessions and recharges in a couple hours. You can check them out on the Arizer site, they still sell them and have all the accessories. Shoot me an addy if you'd like it, would be a good opportunity to toss a few beans your way too.
  4. Happy hump day to all. Back with an update on a sunny day at the beach. Time to start on the next run. After looking through the seed stash I decided to start some Kali Snapple x Super Silver Haze, all three have sprouted and looking good. I also dropped the last 2 Holy Princess freebie seeds I had. I had dropped 3 of them last year but the never sprouted. Sadly the same happened with these. Really bummed to miss out on that one. Anybody else have issues sprouting them? I also sprouted 1 Phuuu's IPA fem, time to make more medicine. Just above the seedlings I still have PHK #3 vegging. She ready to go to 12's but I am waiting until the elder Truck girl comes out in a few days. In the flower room Truck #1.2 is going on 10 weeks in 12's and her little big sister is 7 weeks in. The older PHK is @ 45 days and the younger one is @ 33 days. Smelling pretty good in there right now. Purple Hindu Kush #1.1 @ 33 days PHK # 2.1 @ 45 days Truck #1.1 @49 days Truck #1.2 @ 65 days Be sure to check out the post just before this one if you would like an Arizer Solo vape for the cost of shipping it to you. Great little vape that needs a good home.
  5. After much deliberation I bought myself a new portable vape last week. I went with the Ghost MV1 Stealth Edition and after a few days use I am pretty pleased with it. It gives good vapor consistently and I love the crucible system for loading it. It's a tad on the heavy side but otherwise I like everything about it and look forward to being able to take it out and about. My old portable vape was OK but was not very convenient to pack around. It does give pretty good vapor but it is a radiant heat type so you have to give it a little time to heat up. The old vape, a Arizer Solo is less than 3 years old and still works well. I hate to let it sit in a drawer and go to waste. So anyone of you OpenGrow peeps in the U.S. who is interested can have it for the price of postage. They are still being made and parts are readily available for them. Here's a look at the one I have. If this looks like something you can use just let me know. I've got it all boxed up and ready to go. It weighs just under 1.5 pounds so you can see what the postage would be from 98631. I'll do up a review on the Ghost MV1 in the near future.
  6. This group is located one county inland from here. In the video they drive around Wahkiakum Co. which is cow (and goat) country. You might recognize the bassist, Krist Novoselic from Nirvana. This is off their first album a couple years ago.
  7. @StankyDank30 ! So glad to see you, it has been a while and one always worries but it sounds like you are doing well. The Ms. U is wonderful, great tasting stuff and a nice high. I made some crosses with it but haven't tried any of them yet. Still have a couple more from you to run one day. So many seeds and so little space but I'll get to them eventually. I'm trying to decide what to run next and your mention of Kali Snapple reminds me I have that or a cross of that, can't recall but sounds like a good candidate. Sounds like you are keeping busy my friend. Making medicine for others is a worthy goal. Keep up the good work and don't be a stranger around here.
  8. Hey @Justcozz , thanks man, nice to see you again. The PHK has been a nice treat, can't wait for it to finish curing, I keep raiding the jars for one more bud...lol.
  9. Hey thanks GA and MG, when I manage to not screw something up things go on fairly well. Thanks for stopping by.
  10. It's a quiet Friday afternoon at the beach so thought I should post an update while I can. Everything is coming along nicely. Purple Hindu Kush #1.1 is not too happy with me though after I gave her Truck #1.2's feeding last week. That heavy dose of flower nutes has the young PHK showing burnt edges on some leaves but she will be fine. I must be more careful when mixing multiple feedings. I forgot to mention last time that I had hit Truck # 1.1 with some Ms. Universe pollen and it looks like it took. If I do get some seeds from this they will be called Truck-U. Hoping the Ms. U brings some better flavor to the Truck which is kinda bland. I am happy to have some Truck back in stock. Been smoking on some uncured bud that didn't make it into jars and it is a good combo between the Train Wreck Mom and the Huck Kush dad. The TW had a mess with your head kind of high making it hard to concentrate and it could be a little edgy. The HK gives that great body stone while taking the edge off the TW's heady high. The result is a nice balanced but powerful high that is more uplifting than stoned. I like it. Be glad when it's cured. OK, on to the pics. First up is PHK #3 vegging and about a week away from going to 12's. The flower room. PHK #1.1 @ 21 days PHK #2.1 @ 33 days Truck #1.1 @ 37 days Truck #1.2 @ 53 days That's all for now.
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