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  1. Welcome to the neighborhood.
  2. I've been thinking hard about switching to leds in my flower room this year. I have my space dialed in pretty well environment wise and I wonder how complicated the switch might be. The thought of having to add a heat source really impacts the cost effectiveness I'm looking to achieve. Decisions, decisions.
  3. Perhaps just chop the spotted fans and see how she reacts. How far into flower are they?
  4. BeachBud

    Focus Question

    Macro photography is kinda tricky. For good depth of field (everything in focus) you need a longer exposure. Without a tripod it is difficult to use the exposure time needed because of motion blur. If you can put more light on the subject then you won't need as long an exposure to achieve a decent depth of field. Good luck
  5. Some interesting reading on the subject... https://www.leafly.com/news/growing/extreme-defoliation-high-risk-ways-boost-cannabis-yields-and-bag-appeal
  6. Gonna chop these 2 Green Ales (green manalishi phuuu's ipa) in a couple days and wanted to give you a peek first. I have 3 IPA fems in the veg area under a new led light. I used to have 2 smaller ones but some fans went out on them and though they still work I worry about their longevity with reduced cooling. So, I looked for a light without fans as that seems to be the weak point, at least in the cheaper versions I have used. I found a good deal on one that will cover my 2' x 3' veg area nicely and it has no fans to worry about. I have it set at about 50% on the IPA sprouts and they seem very happy. We'll se how it does as they progress. In the flower room the 2 GA girls are 72 days in and just about ready. The #2 (on the left) has some nice coloration in her leaves while #1 is only green. GA #1 GA #2 As you can see they are uber frosty girls. My only complaint with GA is that even with a good cure it remains gooey and difficult to tear apart....but I manage. King tides are back this weekend and we've had storm after storm come through lately. I'm hoping for a break in the rain one day soon so I can go picture hunting. I find waves to be a great subject, so unique and powerful and then they disappear. That's all for now. Cya net time
  7. Green Ale (green manalishi x phuuu's ipa) @ 72 days
  8. lol, who knew growing weed was so complicated.
  9. You are going to have some big girls with 7 weeks vegging. Some crosses stretch early and some late so unless you are familiar with these particular plants it is difficult to anticipate which will do what. I think I would want to be around for week 2 to do training or pruning if needed. What's another week of veg gonna hurt at this point? Best of luck and have a nice trip.
  10. Weekend before last we had a decent sized cyclone off the west coast stretching from Canada down to northern California. Two weeks before that we reserved a little beachside cabin in Oceanside Oregon for what turned out to be the same weekend the storm was to hit. Having lived on the coast for 50+ years we love a good storm so we packed up the pups and headed out for a weekend of storm watching. We really lucked out because most of the rain went south and north of us, we just got the winds of 30-40 mph steady with many gusts over 60 and some over 80 mph. Mother Nature put on quite a show for us and we didn't have to get wet to watch it. We drove along the coast stopping here and there as views presented themselves. It really is awesome along the coast here. Even after all these years it still impresses. Have alook.
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