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  1. Sadly, it is located within 20 feet of a stand of 100' spruce trees to the south so it gets lousy sunshine. Another stand of 100 footers on the west side as well so we spend much of the year in the shade.
  2. Hola Open Grow peeps. Things have been kinda slow in the grow room lately so not much to report. The Red IPA (Phuuu's IPA x Nepalma CBD) all turned out male so I kept one and chopped the rest. That left one lonely Green Ale (Phuuu's IPA x Green Manalishi) girl all by herself. The last time I had all male sprouts was with Santero's Poisoned Chocolate. I've been wanting to pop some more of San's handy work and this was a good reminder so I looked through my San selection and decided on NYCD x Lemon Thai. Three of those are sprouted and potted and are about a week above ground now. Fingers crossed some ladies will come from these. The Green Ale gal is an unusual example. She is short and bushy, very unlike the norm of tall and open. I'm just growing her for smoke so did not take clones. I will however be taking clones of the NYCD x Lemon Thai if I get a girl or two. We have had an incredible summer here but it is definitely on the way out lately. I've managed to get much done with all the good weather and though I am ready for a break it is good to have accomplished so much on my to do list. That I think is the only good to come from this year with the virus. My current project the last few weeks has been to build a shed to keep our new utility trailer in. For various reasons I decided to make it from pvc pipe with a corrugated metal roof. Today I will do some touch-up painting and then the roof can go on. It is 12' long by 7' wide and about 5.5 feet tall. It's been a fun but challenging project. Because of covid related shortages I had to source pvc fittings from 3 different places and their dimensions were not all the same which made it interesting trying to build two duplicate walls. In the end all worked out as planned and after 2 cans of glue and 5 cans of spray paint it is ready for a roof. Here's a look at the process... I'll level the floor of the shed with dirt and then put in some gravel to finish if off. Our little trailer will have a nice dry place to call home.
  3. Go for the Chucky's Bride you recently received. I bet you will like that one.
  4. You need a bubble cloner it seems. I made mine from a 3 gal. plastic tote, a couple of long airstones and a good air pump. A good pump will set you back $80 bucks or so but the other items were cheap. roots after 7 days
  5. The owl is not to blame here. It is an easy culprit but one not supported by reality. Forest management has far greater challenges than the spotted owl. This has much more to do with climate change and local weather conditions that came together to greatly intensify the fires. East winds of 40-60 miles an hour raced through newly started fires blowing them up exponentially.
  6. Best estimate is 5 million acres burned so far in the western states. We always have wind here on the coast, always. For days now it has been strangely calm and only light winds in the forecast. Here's a pic showing that smoke going to Michigan from the southern fires....crazy.
  7. Hello from a smokey beach. You may have seen our west coast is on fire. Over 100 large fires currently rage throughout the region and smoke has been a real concern here for the last week or so. Ash covers everything outside and the air quality is in the danger zone. Looks like rain comes in on Monday so hopefully it will lighten up a little. We've been hotter than heck here until the smoke rolled in and cooled us down 20 degrees. The flower room has been in the 90's for a couple weeks with the fan on high all day. The girls are showing their displeasure with canoeing fan leaves, they only need to go another week thankfully. I put the roof on our seating area in the back yard so it is officially done now and we've been making good use of it until the smoke showed up. I put up some solar lights recently and they give a nice easy light when it gets dark. A cold beer next to the fire table under the lights while toking on my vape. Doesn't get much better. In the veg area I have 3 IPA x Nepalma CBD that I am calling Red IPA and one Green Ale fem. The Red IPA sprouted faster than the GA and have not looked back. One of them (#2) is considerably taller than the other two and one (#3) is really short and stout. Gonna be interesting to see what comes from these. OK, enough chit chat, on to the pics... This shot was taken at around 11 am today and it isn't fog. That's all for now. Stay safe out there, cya next time.
  8. It does not give a percentage breakdown on their site, they have a pie chart and it looks like perlite is about 40% Sunshine 4 has a highly soluble nutrient charge equivalent to about one liquid feeding with a complete fertilizer, plus trace elements at a normal rate. Ingredients: Canadian sphagnum peat moss, coarse grade perlite, gypsum, dolomitic lime and Sun Gro's long-lasting wetting agent. Wow, that's a big pie chart...lol
  9. Phuuu's IPA @ 75 days
  10. Thankfully, a nice onshore flow has returned bringing clouds and much cooler temps to the beach. For a few days it was hotter than a $2 pistol and we, like most here, do not have AC. It was pretty good timing though since I had 2 IPA's to chop and it was too hot to go outside anyway. My only local (20 miles away) source for growing medium has been out of the one brand, Sunshine Mix #4, that they carry for weeks. I happened to go by there last weekend and found 1 bale sitting all alone on the shelf, like it was waiting for me. Now I can get on with the next run once I decide what it will be. Hopefully their supply chain will improve soon. Here's a look at the flower room. This batch of Phuuu's IPA have been exceptional. The clone I turned with silver thiosulfate has a ton of male flowers that I hope will start releasing pollen soon and pollinate itself. Fingers crossed. The other 3 clones are progressing nicely after 36 days in 12's though they are considerably smaller than their elders. Here's a look at one of them. On to one of the big girls @ 75 days and she is well endowed for sure... Time to figure out what comes next. I want to start a Green Ale fem or two but still deciding on another. I'll be back to share when I make up my mind. Until then enjoy the rest of summer as much as you can.
  11. August. How the heck did that happen? Summertime at the beach and the people are everywhere. Our population on this little peninsula rises by the thousands on a busy summer day so we spend much of our time these days hiding out at home. Good news is we have never gotten so much yard work done before as my aching muscles can attest. My flower room is filled with IPA's. The two elder girls are 61 days in and the 4 clones are 25 days in. I have been trying to turn one of the clones with silver thiosulfate and after 5 weeks of treatment it is now loaded with male flowers. Now I hope they continue to progress and make me lots of pollen. My only source around here for Sunshine Mix #4 or any other soilless medium has been out for weeks and says it will be weeks more before it is available again. I tried reusing some for my last batch of IPA clones and they are a good foot shorter than the previous ones. I may have to go back to dirt for awhile until the soilless supply chain gets back on track. Anyone else having this trouble in other parts of the country? Ok, on to the pics... And here is one of many buds that are showing male flowers now. That's all for now. I hope you all are staying safe and keeping em green.
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