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  1. Things are moving right along in this new year. The NYCD x Lemon Thai girl is 10 weeks in now and she looks and smells great, though I still cannot put a name on the smell. It is not fruity, or citrus. There is a tinge of lavender and something that resembles over ripe melon but beyond that I find no comparable. It is a dense aroma that fills the space and over powers anything else. The two Hammer Head v.3 and the Hammer Head x Silverfields are 34 days in 12's now. The big difference between them is HH #2, she followed the normal up-potting routing and was put to 12's already in her 5 gal. pot. She then stretched X3+ and grew into a big girl. Her sibling and cousin were mistaken for males early on and put to 12's in their 2 gallon pots. After 10 days I see my mistake and promptly up-potted them to #5's but they never did achieve the stretch and overall growth of HH #2. Interesting accidental experiment if nothing else. When I thought I had two more males than I actually did I popped a recently acquired Amnesia Haze x Black Domina fem seed to fill in. She is 12 days in the flower room now and has a very open structure with rather horizontally oriented branches. I will have to pull those up in the near future so she has a smaller footprint in my soon to be crowded flower room. I'm very interested to see how she develops. Also 12 days in is the NYCD x LT clone that I'm glad I decided to take. Thanks again to @santero for sharing them and so many others. In the veg/sprout area I have 4 Critical Mass x (G13 x hasplant) x Citral in 2 gal. pots on top and 2 newly sprouted Phuuu's IPA fem seeds from a recent harvest down below. I'm impatiently waiting for the Critical Mass x (G13 x hasplant) x Citral to sex themselves so I can up-pot and get them to 12's. When the IPA's are ready I'll take some cuts from them and will have an all IPA grow to replenish my supply. That about sums it all up. Here's some pics... Flower room Veg/Sprout zone Amnesia Haze x Black Domina NYCD x LT clone Hammer Head x Silverfields @ 34 days. Thanks again to @oldschoolsg Hammer Head #2 @ 34 days Hammer Head #3 @ 34 days NYCD x Lemon Thai @ 71 days I took a sample bud from the NYCD x LT a couple days ago. Very uplifting high but it does need some more time. I'll check again at 11 weeks. That's all for now. Nice to be back up and running at full steam again. Hopefully the supply chains makes it's way here before I run out of grow medium again. Stay safe out there!
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  3. Hello from the cold, wet and windy beach. Things are progressing well in the grow rooms. Over the weekend I up-potted the Amnesia Haze x Black Domina girl to a #5 and put her to 12's. I also up-potted the 4 Critical Mass x (G13 x hasplant) x Citral (that's a mouthful) to #2's and they continue to veg until sexed. Also up-potted the NYCD x Lemon Thai clone to a #2. The flower room now has 5 girls in it at varying stages. The eldest is the NYCD x LT coming up on 9 weeks in 12's. The two HammerHeads and the HammerHead x Silverfields ladies are all 24 days in 12's. The HH x SF and HH #3 got up-potted about 10 days into 12's and it really impacted their growth as compared to HH#2 who was up-potted before going to 12's. HH #2 is an impressive specimen after 3 weeks. I accidently gave her week 8 flower nutes meant for the NYCD x LT girl the other day. Hoping it won't impact her too badly cause she sure looks good now. I blame the Green Ale bud I was sampling at the time, and the fact that I had just moved the plants around so my stoned brain got confused...lol. The NYCD x LT girl is nearly 9 weeks in and has bulked up nicely. I'm guessing she still has a couple weeks to go. I've been trying to figure out her smell but am having difficulty. She does not smell of lemons at all or anything citrus. There is some hint of lavendar and maybe melon but I cannot describe the overall smell yet even though it fills the flower room. In my last Phuuu's IPA grow I came across a very nice pheno that I hit with silver thiosulfate and was successful in producing many male flowers. I let her pollinate herself and after harvest I hung her up in the corner to dry. I finally got around to grinding her up and harvesting what I hoped would be a bounty of feminized seeds. I'm very happy to report that I got 85 good looking seeds so I should be set IPA wise for quite awhile. I have some 2 year old Huck Kush pollen stashed away so I decided to hit a few buds on the HammerHead ladies. Some Hammered Huck might be pretty good. Alrighty, enough chit chat, on to some pics... Flower room Amnesia Haze x Black Domina HammerHead x Silverfields HammerHead #3 HammerHead #2 NYCD x LT I forgot to get pics of the veg area so will catch you up on those in the next update. 'til then, take care and stay safe.
  4. @saxo they do the same thing on the beach here. Looks like fun.
  5. Oh happy, happy, happy! It was either a Christmas miracle or perhaps my eyesight is not as good as it once was. The HammerHead x Silverfields and the HammerHead v.3 that I had pegged as males both turned out to be female after a week in 12's. Woohoo! This makes a world of difference and I am quite pleased if you hadn't noticed. I do now have the potential of having too many girls once the youngsters show but that is a better problem to have I think. I'm excited about the HammerHead x Silverfields. It had a pretty good stretch in the first week and then I up-potted it once I realized he was a she. Curious to see how long before it takes off again. Thanks again to @oldschoolsg for sharing those. The two HH v.3 girls are a little different in appearance. The #2 is stockier while #3 is more slender and has very upright branches that I may have to spread. It's been a couple years since I've had HammerHead around so really looking forward to these. The Amnesia fem from Oaseeds (amnesia haze x black domina) is looking good a week after up-potting and will get up-potted again in a few days. Space may get tight in the flower room depending on how many Critical Mass x (G13 x hashplant) x Citral girls I get so I'm gonna veg conservatively for a bit. Here's a look at the veg space. note the front left plant, a (NYCD x LT) cut that I took 7 weeks ago and put in a paper cup of soil. I took it on a whim and did not really care if it survived. After two weeks it looked the same. After 4 weeks it was still alive and green but had not grown at all. I decided to up-pot it to a #1 with some new medium and after 3 more weeks it is starting to show some growth. I've never had a cut hang on this long before, hope it keeps on going. The flower room , now suddenly full of girls... The HH's NYCD x Lemon Thai @ 7 weeks I got the Green Ale put into the jar yesterday. She gave 3.5 ounces of bud from her 29" frame so I was pleased. Several of her preflowers had seeds that must have come from the NYCD x LT male I had. I'll have to give those a try down the road. Nice to be back on track with new grow medium and lots of girls. Here's hoping 2021 brings us closer to normal and closer together. Cheers!
  6. Congrats on the new puppy, she's adorable.
  7. Green Ale (green manalishi x phuuu's ipa) @ 11 weeks
  8. Hola from a wet and windy beach. It looks like the first day of Winter out there today, just glad it isn't too cold. The house is filled with the smell of molasses ginger cookies baking in the oven as I type this. Last night it was magic cookie bars. Sadly they get tucked away into the freezer until Christmas day but I enjoy the smells for now. Today I chopped the Green Ale after 11 weeks. The better half said she could smell it when she opened the car door in the driveway coming home from work. IPA's are always stinky, even if you cross them it seems. Of the 4 youngsters I had vegging only one turned out female so my male glut continues. The one female was one of the 3 HammerHead v3 I had going. I kept one of those males and the HammerHead x Silverfields that was also male. The NYCD x Lemon Thai is the only other girl in the flower room. She is at 40 days in 12's now and building nicely. Can't wait to see how this one finishes. With my current lack of ladies I popped a fem Amnesia Haze x Black Domina from Oaseeds so I know I have one more girl coming. I also dropped 4 x Critical Mass x (G13 x hashplant) x Citral that I got from SeedHeaven and hope to get a couple ladies from them. So, cross your fingers for more girls around here to start the new year with. Here's a look at things now... Males - HammerHead x Silverfields left and HammerHead v3 right. HammerHead v3 female NYCD x LT @ 40 days. Green Ale @ 11 weeks and harvest I'm happy to soon have some Green Ale again. I'm trying out the scissor hash from it now....mmm...mmm...good. Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas even if it is not a normal one. I'll soon be enjoying hot buttered rums and all manner of good stuff to eat. HoHoHo!
  9. @saxo These seeds came from @santero so I presume it is his Lemon Thai but can't say if it is the same as the LB cross. Perhaps San will enlighten us.
  10. Hey gardenartus, she is 54" tall overall. This viewpoint does not show and I forgot to mention that I bent her over about a week ago, it is about 14" from the bend to the top. I'll get a shot of the bend next time. She started 12's at 16" and would be 60" had I not bent her.
  11. Thanks guys. Time for a quick update. Still only 2 ladies in the flower room, one Green Ale (green manalishi x phuuu's ipa) at 64 days in 12's and one NYCD x Lemon Thai at 28 days. The GA has a couple weeks left and is looking tasty even if she is the shortest GA I've grown. The NYCD x LT (thanks to @santero) has stretched to the point that I tipped the canopy to one side allowing for more height. I may have to take her off the booster seat if this keeps up. She is looking very good, beautiful sativa structure with buds all over. No sign of nanners thus far, knocking on wood she stays straight. In the veg area I have a HammerHead x Silverfields (thanks to @oldschoolsg) that I'm waiting to sex. It is a vigorous little bush that I'm hoping turns out female. I also have 3 younger HammerHead v3 sprouts that were just up potted to #2's. Waiting to see what I get female wise from these before I start more. Here's a look... NYCD x LT @ 28 days Green Ale @ 64 days There you have it. I'm excited to see what becomes of the NYCD x LT and hoping more girls show up in my veg space this round. Take care and stay safe out there.
  12. Hey olsqueak, I would prune out some branches from each plant to open them up. If you top them the problem get worse I think. Good luck.
  13. It's been awhile so thought I should catch you up on what's going on around here. I've not been able to get growing medium for several months now. I use Sunshine Mix #4 cause it is normally the only one available around here. I've been reusing it with less than desirable results so I was thrilled when I found 2 bales at a store 50 miles from here. They were even the 3 cf ones so I should be good for awhile now. I've had an affliction of males lately so my flower room is emptier than I like. The 3 Red IPA's I started were all males, 2 of three NYCD x LT were also male. The one NYCD x LT female is a beauty. After 2 weeks in 12's she has nearly tripled her height and she has a sleek sativa look. Thanks to @santero for those. The only other girl in flower is a Green Ale fem that is 7 weeks in 12's. She is short and bushy, not at all what GA's are normally like. She has been grown in used medium and has not been a happy camper but she is filling in nicely and has a wonderful sweet/tart aroma. All the other GA's I've grown looked more like the NYCD x LT except a bit more stout so not sure where this one came from. I started 3 HammerHead x SSH that I was gifted but forgot to label who they were from and now I cannot recall. If it was you please remind me. Two of the 3 shriveled up shortly after sprouting but the third is looking good. I also started 3 HammerHead v3 (thanks to NAW) and they are all up for about a week now and look good. I think that about covers it so on to some pics... Veg area with HH x SSH and a NYCD x LT cut above and the 3 HH sprouts below. Flower room. NYCD x LT @ 2 weeks Green Ale @ 7 weeks Hope you all have a good Thanksgiving tomorrow. Be sure to stay safe and keep up the good fight.
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