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  1. BeachBud

    Black Afghani Smoke Report

    You must have grow a different Black Afghani than I. What is the point of a "smoke report" if you don't give any details? Sorry but I find your rating of this smoke to be lacking in credibility.
  2. BeachBud

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    It smells wonderful. It's still curing but I took a bud out yesterday to sample. Imagine sweet tart bubble gum, that is my impression of the smell. Very unique.
  3. BeachBud

    Beach's Backroom

    Thanks Mr. G, I leave the hood where it is. Since I put the plants on buckets they seem to get plenty of light even when they are young. I did use two ratcheting hangers to hang it with so I might remove those and replace with wire, I could gain another 2 inches in height that way.
  4. BeachBud

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Boudica taken with a flash @ 59 days
  5. BeachBud

    Beach's Backroom

    Good Monday to you all. My flooring project in our living room is complete except for a couple pieces of trim. Twenty six year old carpet is now replaced with Pecan laminate planks like the other 3 rooms I've done before. It was a bit difficult being on my knees so much and then getting up and down over and over. My hamstrings are just now feeling better. Sure glad to get it done and happy to have the big tv hooked up again so I can watch the college baseball tournaments. First some old business. I took some flash pics of the Boudica girls before I chopped them but haven't had a chance to post them yet so here you are... Boudica #1 @59 days Boudica #3 Thanks again to Barrie for sharing these F2's with me. On to current affairs...the Nepalma CBD girls are looking good and filling in nicely as they reach the 5 week mark. Looks like 3 phenos in the girls I have going. The #4 girl is very sativa dom while the others are slightly different ratios of sativa/indica. The #2 girl is the biggest both in stature and bud size so far while #3 is a mix of #2 & #4. Number one is a couple weeks behind the others but she looks like she will resemble #2. They do not offer much smell yet considering how big they are and how many buds there are. I decided to cut 2 of the clones and keep the ones from #1 and #4. I made seeds with #2 already and #3 does not seem special so they got the chop. I am intrigued with #4 so I kept that as well as the #1 clone. It is still gonna be tight quarters, I don't think the clones will be nearly as big since I put them to flower so soon. Here's a look at the flower room. Nepalma CBD #1 clone @ 17 days Nepalma CBD #4 clone @ 17 days Nepalma CBD #1 @ 28 days Nepalma CBD's left to right #2, #3 and #4 Nepalma CBD #2 Nepalma CBD #3 Nepalma CBD #4 There you have it, all caught up for another week. I'm looking forward to seeing these Nepalma girls ripen up, stay tuned....
  6. BeachBud

    What do you listen in this moment ?

    Love Beth Hart. Her collaboration with Joe Bonamassa is incredible.
  7. BeachBud

    Beach's Backroom

    Thanks Sunny, they don't have much smell yet at least not as I walk in the room. When given a rub I get a smell of burnt rubber and some other stuff I can't distinguish yet. The #2, the one in the right corner with the biggest buds is also the one whose smell is strongest. The middle one, #3 is similar to #2 but a bit sweeter and not as pronounced. The sativa looking girl, #4 has hardly any smell yet at 4 weeks. Her buds are less full than the other 2 at this point but I think she will catch up in time, I expect she will need a longer bloom time. Good luck with yours. I try to get another update on them this weekend or so.
  8. BeachBud

    Beach's Backroom

    @Justcozz Thanks man, it is about 10" deep and 42" wide. Here's a link to it... https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003TYKFIG/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  9. BeachBud

    Beach's Backroom

    Hey thanks Mr. G. I like the hood a lot, it is just the right size for my little space. It really concentrates the light down onto the plants. This hood was about $90 retail but Amazon had some damaged box ones for only $35 so I jumped on it. It is very well made and probably worth the $90 but I do love a deal. Limber your fingers up though if you get one cause you gotta put a bunch of little machine screws through a bunch of tight fitting holes that take 3 hands to line up and push through.
  10. BeachBud

    Beach's Backroom

    @StankyDank30 I hear ya man, they are burning a hole in my proverbial pocket but with my small space I have to plan an attack. I have some other Dynasty gear that I want to run soon also. Stay tuned. OK, it has been longer than I like between updates. I've been busy busy the last few weeks. Currently I'm in the middle of replacing the 25 year old carpen in our living room with laminate planks. I have all the old out and will start putting the new in on Monday. The Nepalma girls have taken over my flower room. The 3 untopped ones all made it to 50 inches plus tall. In the interest of time I am giving you another video update so without further adieu...
  11. BeachBud

    Beach's Backroom

    Thanks everyone. A couple weekends ago we went inland to a Tulip Festival and I took some pics that I will share in hopes of bringing some spring to your day. Happy Spring!
  12. BeachBud

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Boudica @ 8 weeks
  13. BeachBud

    Beach's Backroom

    Happy Monday! I decided it was time for a day off so I chose today. I have been trying to keep up with all the chores around here and my leg is not liking it. So, I will relent for a day, maybe 2 and make good use of the time updating the grow room. It was a busy weekend in the grow room. I pulled the 2 Boudica girls at the 8 week mark. I would have let them go another week but the Nepalma youngsters demand more space. So, I put the Boucica girls into my spare room where they will sit for a few days and the Nepalma girls can have some elbow room. I also potted the Nepalma clones, one from each girl, after they spent 9 days in the bubble cloner. Here's a shot of the flower room before pulling the Boudica's. The Nepalma's grow their branches horizontally inclined making them wide bodies so I pulled up all their branches with wire and now they take much less room. They were 12" to 14" when they went to 12's ten days ago and now they are 30" - 32". I expect another foot or more of stretch and they should have room for that no problem. The Phuuu's IPA girls are also 8 weeks in 12's and will stay there another week to ten days. These are looking like they will finish a bit earlier than the last ones. The dehumidifier has been working overtime the last couple weeks pumping lots of hot air into the grow room. I've been running the exhaust fan on high during lights on to keep the temps under 90, so far so good. OK, on to the pictures. I'll start with the Boudica's. Their smell has evolved in the last week or so and they remind me of sweet tart candies now with a little grape tossed in. Very appealing aroma , we'll see how it dries and cures. They both shot some calyx fingers from some of their lovely buds this last week. They have dense nicely shaped buds that are well encrusted with trich's. Kudo's to Eskobar and thanks again to Barrie for sending these my way. Boudica #3 Boudica #1 After getting the Boudica girls out there was plenty of room for the Nepalma's. Remember the Nepalma girl I kept in veg, well she really dug all that LED light to herself and turned into a nice bush. I put her to 12's yesterday, here's a couple shots of her. And here is the Nepalma male after 11 days in 12's Alrighty, on to the Phuuu's IPA Fems. They are 8 weeks in and looking good as ever. Phuuu's IPA #1 Phuuu's IPA #2 Finally, a shot of the Nepalma clones just potted, so it starts again... Whew, who took all those pictures anyway? Hope you enjoyed them, thanks for stopping by.