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  1. Oh cool, first one to grow these out so I'll be watching with interest.
  2. Hey SPW, thanks for stopping in. I did tell you the answer to your question at the top of the post. Purple Hindu Kush (PHK) seeds were given to me by a friend. It seems they are selfed seeds as so far all the ones he and I have popped have been female. So, no pollen to make seeds with. But, I am trying silver water on one of them for about a week now and hope to get some male flowers to give me pollen eventually. We shall see. If I am lucky enough to make some seeds I will make plenty to share. Stay tuned.
  3. Back with some shots of the manicured Purple Hindu Kush. Pretty stuff.
  4. Hey saxo, I wondered too when I edited the pics so went to see and it is 2 hairs close together.
  5. Purple Hindu Kush @ 9 weeks
  6. Hey thanks Mr. G, would love to have you, especially around harvest time, can always use another snipper. Speaking of the PHK, they are 9 weeks in and got pulled today. I'll chop them in a day or two. That allowed me to rearrange the flower room and it made room for the clone from PHK #1 that has been patiently waiting her turn. The elder Truck is getting close, I'll let her go maybe another week, will see how it looks. The two Truck clones are looking good. I pollinated the older one last week so will have some new Truck seeds to play with. The younger one I topped and she has bud sites everywhere. I'm gonna hit her with some pollen also, just haven't decided which one yet. I'm leaning towards a Ms. U cross but still deciding. Here's a look at the flower room before and after pulling the PHK's. PHK #1 @ 9 weeks PHK #2 @ 9 weeks Truck 1 @ 9 weeks Truck #1.2 @ 32 days Truck 1.1 @ 16 days I tried a sample bud of the PHK yesterday. I really like the high it gives, almost all body influence, very relaxing. I'll post some PHK post harvest pics, the manicured buds should look wonderful. That's all for now. Have a great weekend everyone.
  7. All this rain has limited my outdoor activities so I spent a little time in the kitchen the other day. I took the 4 gram ball of rosin I made and turned it into 120 soft candies that taste like pomegranate. One gives a nice buzz, two is pushing it and I haven't gotten to 3 yet. There was a good mix of sativa and indica in my trim bag this time so it is not a heavy high but it definitely impacts SOP. Now I have lemon candies made from Nepalma CBD oil and pomegranate ones from rosin. The lemon candies give a very good up high, very motivating. It was all my arthritic fingers could do to cut and wrap all those in wax paper. OK, on to grow room news. The elder girls in the flower room are approaching 8 weeks in. Looks like the Purple Hindu Kush will take another week and the Truck girl will take 2 or so. The 2 truck clones are 8 and 24 days in 12's. I upped their N intake compared to Mom and they seem happy so far. Their Mom has bulked up pretty well this last week and her buds are uber frosty. Still vegging the two PHK clones. I can get another few days before they get to tall for the space and then they will go to flower. Should time pretty well with the PHK harvest so space will be tight for only a few days. Here's a look at the flower room. Truck @ 54 days. Truck # 1.2 @ 24 days Truck # 1.1 @ 8 days PHK #1 @ 54 days PHK # 2 @ 54 days Here's a look at the veg space. PHK #2 clone on the left, PHK #1 clone in the middle and PHK sprout right. I like having the flexibility of the 3 light sets in the veg space now. My little buddy Jonesy wants to say hi to everyone. He just got a haircut so now you can actually see him. We will have had him for a year this next week. Throw the damn ball would ya.
  8. @Mr Goodfellow they flower in 5 gallon pots. I have two different types, some are narrower and taller than the other ones. A few nanners later in flower does not bother me much, especially on a landrace like the PHK, they know how to survive even without dudes around.
  9. My trim bag was getting full so thought I should do something with it. I usually break out the little washing machine and make bubble hash with my trim but that is a lot of work and time. This time I gave the dry ice sieving method a try and am very pleased with the results. I wound up with 27.5 grams of kief that I stuffed into five 25 micron squeeze bags and ran through my rosin press. After cleaning off all the parchment sheets I had a nice 4 gram ball of rosin. Really pretty stuff, kinda dark deep purple in color. On to the grow room where stuff is getting stinky. The Truck and 2 Purple Hindu Kush girls in the flower room are 45 days in 12's now and the PHK's are smelling good. They have a wonderful lavender/kush/coffee aroma that fills the room now. Kinda bummed to see a bunch of nanners on PHK #1 starting in week 5, maybe half of her big buds have a nanner poking out. A search of PHK #2 found only a couple which I can live with. So, I will use the #2 to take more cuts but I will go ahead and grow out the #1 clone that is vegging now. I am not too surprised. Nearly all the seeds my buddy and I have popped turned out female so I thought they were selfed and this discovery bolsters that belief. The Truck girl is wishing I had given her more N but is doing well otherwise, I forgot how hungry this big girl gets. She is bulking up nicely but still has a ways to go. The veg space is filled with a Truck clone that I topped and a clone from each of the PHK girls and a PHK sprout. The clone from PHK #2 got topped a week or so ago but the #1 PHK was left natural. I put the Truck girl in the flower room this morning at 18" tall so expecting another big Truck coming. Here's a look at the veg space. And the flower room. Truck @ 45 days PHK #1 @ 45 days PHK #2 @ 45 days I'm guessing about 2 more weeks for the PHK girls, maybe 3 or so for the Truck. Stay tuned.
  10. I bought one a few years ago and have been happy with it. You''ll need a laundry bag also, you put the weed into it and then in the washer so no issues with clogging a hose. Here's a link to the newer version of the one I have. There are many to choose from out there so look around a little. https://www.amazon.com/Portable-Washing-BaseCamp-Mr-Heater/dp/B00F57WGK0 And , here is a link to the type of bag you will need. https://www.amazon.com/RoomyRoc-Laundry-Delicates-Organize-Clothing/ Good luck.
  11. We are having King Tides currently at the coast. Yesterday and overnight we had a decent little storm blow through with west northwest winds 30-40 mph steady with gusts over 50. Those two things combined to produce near 40 foot seas and great wave action. Sadly it has also meant flooding in many coastal towns near by. This morning it stopped raining but it was still cold and windy. We decided to brave the elements and went to check out the wave action at Waikiki beach. No, not that one. The one at the base of Cape Disappointment, a light house at the mouth of the Columbia river. This is a great place to see and hear the power of the ocean and the wind. We arrived just before high tide and though it stayed pretty gray a little brightness crept in now and then. I gave the new camera a good workout. Amazing how fast it is. Here are some of the many shots I took. Once again I am awed by the power of Mother Nature.
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