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  1. I bought one a few years ago and have been happy with it. You''ll need a laundry bag also, you put the weed into it and then in the washer so no issues with clogging a hose. Here's a link to the newer version of the one I have. There are many to choose from out there so look around a little. https://www.amazon.com/Portable-Washing-BaseCamp-Mr-Heater/dp/B00F57WGK0 And , here is a link to the type of bag you will need. https://www.amazon.com/RoomyRoc-Laundry-Delicates-Organize-Clothing/ Good luck.
  2. We are having King Tides currently at the coast. Yesterday and overnight we had a decent little storm blow through with west northwest winds 30-40 mph steady with gusts over 50. Those two things combined to produce near 40 foot seas and great wave action. Sadly it has also meant flooding in many coastal towns near by. This morning it stopped raining but it was still cold and windy. We decided to brave the elements and went to check out the wave action at Waikiki beach. No, not that one. The one at the base of Cape Disappointment, a light house at the mouth of the Columbia river. This is a great place to see and hear the power of the ocean and the wind. We arrived just before high tide and though it stayed pretty gray a little brightness crept in now and then. I gave the new camera a good workout. Amazing how fast it is. Here are some of the many shots I took. Once again I am awed by the power of Mother Nature.
  3. Rain and wind and maybe snow on the way. Welcome to January in the PNW. Good day to sit inside and update the grow log so here we go. The ladies in the flower room are 5 weeks into 12's and are coming along nicely. The Truck girl towers over the PHK's but what the PHK's lack in height they make up for in eye appeal. I put one of the two Truck clones to 12's a couple days ago at 10" tall. The other one is gonna get topped soon, as are the two PHK clones. This will buy me some time for space in the flower room and will allow me to get several cuts from the PHK. Here's a look at the veg space. And, the flower room Truck (train wreck x huck kush) @ 34 days PHK #1 @34 days PHK #2 @ 34 days So far all I can get is girls from these PHK seeds. I started another one last week and it showed 2 pistils before it was a week above ground. I'm thinking these must be selfed seeds and will continue to give me girls so I am gonna turn to colloidal silver and see if I can get some pollen that way. I really want to preserve these PHK if I can, they appear to be the real deal. That's all for now. Thanks for stopping by, cya next time.
  4. They have a lavender/coffee/hashy smell if I rub them. Not too fragrant otherwise yet. Couple more weeks and I bet they start smelling good. @bigun Thanks man, best to you in 2020 as well
  5. Happy New Year peeps. Hope you had nice holidays and are ready to get back to business in 2020. We've got a lot of weed to grow. All was good here at the beach except the weather but it wasn't awful by any means. Chilly and rainy with some wind mixed in. We've had some impressive tides and waves lately but so gray and yucky that I didn't make it out shooting with my new camera. The house is almost back together after putting Christmas away for another year. Multiple totes filled to the brim and waiting to go back in the loft. Christmas is a lot of work. All is looking good in the grow rooms. Today I up-potted the 2 Purple Hindu Kush clones to #2's. I did the same to the Truck clones over a week ago. They have very different growth rates these two. I won't veg the Truck clones as long as their Mom because there won't be room for 3 of those big girls in my flower room. They will get up-potted to #5's in a few days and then off to 12's they will go. The PHK clones are another story. They will get topped soon, then they will veg awhile before I take more cuts. I'm leaning towards keeping the #2 PHK only but we'll see how they finish before choosing. I have 1 more PHK just sprouted that I'm really hoping is a male. My goal is to make a bunch of seeds from these so fingers crossed I can find a dude in the few remaining seeds that I have. On to the flower room and as you can see the Truck girl grew some legs since last time you saw her. She is about 46" now and will probably finish around 49" after going to 12's @14". Except for her height, her overall structure is similar to the PHK's but that is where the resemblance ends. Truck (train wreck x huckleberry kush) @ 26 days, I did her in 2 pics, top and bottom. The PHK girls are bulking up rapidly and getting more purple all the time. The are also at 26 days in 12's. I see many possibilities for these beauties down the road. PHK #1 PHK #2 Really liking the look of the PHK girls. I can see working with these for awhile and I have a few crosses in mind for down the road. That's it for now. Thanks for stopping by.
  6. Chucky's to start the New Year, sounds like a good plan to me @oldschoolsg.
  7. Hey thanks guys Been playing around and can get decent closeups now that I figured out the different focus options. PHK Truck please ignore the cat/dog hair, it is unavoidable in my house...lol.
  8. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Santa was good to me, brought me a new camera with all kinds of knobs and buttons to figure out. Here's a few shots of the Purple Hindu Kush and Truck girls who are 3 weeks into 12's. The PHK are looking great, already some nice bud growth and there are lots of them. The Truck is reaching for the sky, still adding an inch or two a day. Gotta figure out how to shoot macro shots with the new camera. I did figure out the white balance so making progress. This thing has an users manual about 600 pages long so taking me a bit to absorb it all. Enough chit chat, on to the pics... PHK #1 PHK #2 Truck Kinda nice to get back to peace and quiet around here. Grand kids are great but they sure can wear a guy out. Our 3 dogs have been sleeping two days straight since all the company left. Best to all in the coming year.
  9. Merry Christmas to all Here's hoping 2020 brings big buds and new friends.
  10. Hey Toker, looks ph related, maybe a bit high causing the P issue. Try to keep ph below 6 and see if it improves. GL and Merry Christmas.
  11. Well thanks Maria. Nice to see you again, hope you have a wonderful Christmas.
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