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  1. @Mr Goodfellow they flower in 5 gallon pots. I have two different types, some are narrower and taller than the other ones. A few nanners later in flower does not bother me much, especially on a landrace like the PHK, they know how to survive even without dudes around.
  2. My trim bag was getting full so thought I should do something with it. I usually break out the little washing machine and make bubble hash with my trim but that is a lot of work and time. This time I gave the dry ice sieving method a try and am very pleased with the results. I wound up with 27.5 grams of kief that I stuffed into five 25 micron squeeze bags and ran through my rosin press. After cleaning off all the parchment sheets I had a nice 4 gram ball of rosin. Really pretty stuff, kinda dark deep purple in color. On to the grow room where stuff is getting stinky. The Truck and 2 Purple Hindu Kush girls in the flower room are 45 days in 12's now and the PHK's are smelling good. They have a wonderful lavender/kush/coffee aroma that fills the room now. Kinda bummed to see a bunch of nanners on PHK #1 starting in week 5, maybe half of her big buds have a nanner poking out. A search of PHK #2 found only a couple which I can live with. So, I will use the #2 to take more cuts but I will go ahead and grow out the #1 clone that is vegging now. I am not too surprised. Nearly all the seeds my buddy and I have popped turned out female so I thought they were selfed and this discovery bolsters that belief. The Truck girl is wishing I had given her more N but is doing well otherwise, I forgot how hungry this big girl gets. She is bulking up nicely but still has a ways to go. The veg space is filled with a Truck clone that I topped and a clone from each of the PHK girls and a PHK sprout. The clone from PHK #2 got topped a week or so ago but the #1 PHK was left natural. I put the Truck girl in the flower room this morning at 18" tall so expecting another big Truck coming. Here's a look at the veg space. And the flower room. Truck @ 45 days PHK #1 @ 45 days PHK #2 @ 45 days I'm guessing about 2 more weeks for the PHK girls, maybe 3 or so for the Truck. Stay tuned.
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