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  1. Megafauna #3 @ 75 days and harvest
  2. Time for a quick update before I chop Megafauna #3 this afternoon. Megafauna #2 was chopped last Wednesday @ the 10 week mark, the Phuuu's IPA was chopped on Thursday. I gave Megafauna #3 a few days more but now is her time. Here's a look at the flower room. And, a look at the vegging IPA clones. The one on the front right I am treating with silver thiosulfate in hopes of making some fems on this pheno. The other 3 IPA clones will get up-potted in a few days and then to 12's in about 10 days. Phuuu's IPA is in my opinion one of the best looking plants structure wise. She is kinda graceful, kinda sexy and always frosty. My kinda girl. OK, on to the star of today's update, Megafauna #3. She is rocking the SSH side of this cross, so much different looking than the #2. I let her go 75 days and she could perhaps go a few more but my schedule says today is the day. Here's some pics before she goes. There you have it. From here on out for a few months it will be an all Phuuu's IPA show. Keep your fingers crossed the silver thiosulfate works and I get a bunch of fem pollen to play with. Stay safe!
  3. Phuuu's IPA @ 71 days and harvest
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