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    New Press

    I came up with this to press my infused glycerin. Cheese cloth works well as a filter medium.
  2. It has been awhile so guess I should catch you all up on life at the beach. You may have heard the west side of the country is experiencing very high temps. We usually escape the hot stuff here but a few weeks ago it came with a vengeance. For 3 days straight we had temps at the coast over 95 degrees topping out at 109 one day all with humidity in the 70-80's. Of course very few here have A/C so we were miserable, especially at night. It took a week for our indoor temp to get below 80 degrees. It was awful. I had to turn my ballast down to 75% to keep it barely under 100 in the grow room. Happily that has all passed and not so happily we have been stuck in an onshore flow for a couple weeks bringing low clouds and drizzle even as the temps 50 miles inland are still in the 80's and 90's. Such is life at the beach. I have been very busy this spring and summer filling in and leveling a big piece of our back yard. It took 14 cubic yards of top soil and a whole bunch of elbow grease to get it done. I planted grass about 3 weeks before the record hot spell we had so it was a challenge keeping it watered in 100 degree weather. I planted it in several sections so some has come in very well while some of the more recent areas are still getting there. It turned out to be more of a job than I anticipated and I really glad to have it done. A few more weeks and I can remove the temp fence and the dogs can have at it. I am have been growing Phuuu's IPA's for a couple of rounds now trying to build up my supply. I have 2 of them in the flower room at 7+ weeks and I had 2 clones from each in the veg area until today when I moved the clones from #2 to the flower room. The clones from #1 will veg awhile longer. I also have another IPA fem sprout and 2 Green Ale fems (green manalishi x phuuu's ipa) sprouts coming up. Here's a look at the veg space before and after the 2 clones went to 12's. and the flower room...#2 on the left, #1 on the right. Phuuu's IPA fem #1 @ 50 days Phuuu's IPS fem #2 @ 53 days That's about it. Thanks for stopping by and stay safe and sound out there.
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    new lawn 3.jpg

    From the album: Beach's Backroom

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    new lawn 2.jpg

    From the album: Beach's Backroom

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    From the album: Beach's Backroom

  6. My 2 cents is too much water and a ph issue.
  7. Quick update to show you pics of the Critical Mass x (G13xHashplant) x Citral just before she was chopped at the 11 week mark. She was not at all what I expected her to be but her dense sticky buds are looking pretty good. She smells of lavender and hash with a little skunk thrown in. She was only 2 feet tall after a decent veg time but looks like she will give a decent yield. All of the IPA clones are in 12's now with 2 of them going in a week before the other 2 to make it easier come harvest time. So, I have 6 IPA's in the flower room now and I started a couple of IPA #2 fems last week that are up and looking good. They should be the larger pheno with one of them equal to almost two of the smaller ones I have going now. I'll take cuts from them when they are ready and hope to build up a years stockpile of IPA so I can get to a bunch of others. It was time for maintenance on my 2 LED veg lights so I took them apart and blew them out the other day. Amazing how much crap builds up in there after 6 months or so, now they are all cleaned out and ready to go. We had 10 yards of topsoil dumped in our front yard last week. This weekend we moved a bunch of it to the back yard with the lawn tractor and a little dump trailer. The back yard use to be a cow pasture years ago and there are high and low spots all over. Our current mission it to even it out and plant new grass, gonna be a lot of work but sure gonna be nice when it's done. Here's hoping this old body holds up. Hope you all are enjoying Spring as much as me. Stay safe out there.
  8. NYCD x Lemon Thai (Santero)
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    From the album: Beach's Backroom

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