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  1. well I am going to have a seed popping party at some point and soak em and plant em at some point. Maybe a few gems will emerge .
  2. Dude I swear, power outtages are the exact reason I dont freeze my seeds. If you arent home, or dont realize u had an outtage, ur screwed. My 3 n 4 yrs old seeds stored in jars in dark pop easy. Hell, I wont run hydro exavtly because of power outtages... yep. Live and learn!!!!!
  3. I had the seeds stored in a jar with a desiccant pack in the freezer, but I think at some point we lost power for a day or so or something happened where the freezer partially defrosted and the seeds went through a freeze/thaw cycle and I'm guessing about that time I cracked the lid to check and let some moisture in. I dunno. That's my theory anyway. I've had them about 2 years anyway as well. Then later I got rid of that freezer unit due to space, so I kept them in a jar with a dry pack in a regular room in a drawer :/ for the past 3-6 mos.
  4. Well all, I don't post much, but it's been a long time since I've been around. Took almost a year off growing due to various life issues, but now it's time to start again. Being lazy/cheap/whatever, I am using the organic soil I made from a bale of peat moss, big brick of cocoa, some perlite and bone meal/blood meal/tomato orangic ferts, and azomite, garden lime and minor other bits. I had been sitting/cooking for a year or so as it was meant to be used prior to me shutting down. Well the bad news is I'm a moron and didn't store my seeds proper. Had stocked up too many tbh, but lost TON of sannies, eskobar, and rare Dynasty beans(2 pks, MS. Universe, 3 packs caramel cough, drizilla and so forth, plus some of their newer stuff like pinapple fields, blueniverse, solliqueen etc...). I've tried germing all my "good" breeder seeds and none are popping . The only seeds I've been able to pop are my accidental crosses that for w/e reason are all fem seeds. I have all based off a light strip red light I didn't notice in grow tent was giving off light and stressed my Free Kush into throwing beans. Crossed back to more FK, Selene, Cheeseberry99, Sannies jack, and probably 1-2 others I can't recall offhand. Now of these seeds, about 10-20% are germing. I've got about 7-8 different mother's going now but due to the various problems of getting seeds to actually sprout my record keeping went to hell and I don't know what is what. So it's kind of a FK stew so to speak lol. So here are 2 phenos I just flipped to 12/12 under a Gavita Pro 1000DE set to 600w currently. 4x4 tray housing 5gal buckets and my soil mix. Soil I'm guessing is very HOT as seedlings mutate in it and eventually seem to come out of it, but seems to stunt them a week or two. I've since mixed down that soil and transplants are doing better. Live and learn. One pheno definately looks like my old FK mother than was a good girl. She would herm with stress, but if you kept her happy she was a good bitch. Pheno 2 is a short and sassy gal. Very very very very short internodes. Either going to be a mutant runty plant or maybe a keeper. Also going to throw in some legit pics of my accidental crosses during a past grow. I think I have original FK(non cross), FK x Selene(my fav as it really opened up some interesting plants and colors.) bad seed lot. Let's shed a tear boys/gals! New Lady's FK x ???? FK x ??? Pheno 1--similar to original FK structure. FK x ???(suspect selene but who knows)--Similar to the short puple leaf pheno of FK x selene at end. FK original CB99 Mutant amazon gal. She went 10-12 wks and was too strong for me. Made me spacey dumb and paranoid heart racing etc.... Huge yield of pretty denish lemony hash and coffee buds. I have some FK x CB99 that got spiked and could be included in this mix but due to my horrible record keeping it's hard to say. This was one plant that took over my whole tent. It was for sure a super keeper if you like that effect, but my wife would have heart palpitations and that killed it for us . The mix with FK could bring more calm with the right mix. FK x Selene FK x Selene purple leaves---Very strong after cure. Fruity coffee flavor. Needed way more veg. Reminds me of the short bushy plant I have in tent now . I do plan to buy some legit seeds at some point, but since I have hundreds of my own seeds I might spike a few more of these and be patient to find the crosses I want vs panic buying some seeds I may tend to then horde. I need to keep myself on a shorter seed leash this time lol. Had my old seeds in a jar with desiccant pack, but I must have done something wrong. Looking to hit up some wares from Indican and Santero as they are making some fire from what I see in the grow threads etc....
  5. Update. Plant with a few weeks veg displays much more vigor in flower. Yield should be much better now and more in the medium level now I would estimate.
  6. I was fortunate to be gifted some blueniverse seeds. I had several other strains cooking so only spike a couple seedsm. One was female and displayed decent vigor. Through grow she was very easy to care for. She stays shorter and bushy. Could have any used more veg, so next time I'll factor that in. I usually don't get long maybe a week or so. This one could use two to three week veg IMO. Harvest time came at about 8.5-9wks from what I recall. Yield was on the smaller side, again due to too short of veg. Buds are among the stickiest I've experienced. Cure went well. After cure she smells like blue cotton candy, and maybe some over ripe peach or nectarine maybe? Taste is very good and smooth. Somewhat mix of sweet and funk, with some cantelope on exhale. Unique and very good. Effect is very pleasant. Some up to her, with a good dose of chill. Good balance that you can manipulate solenwith dosing. Want more indica? Up the dose a bit! One of the stronger strains I've grown. Buds are silly sticky after cure. Like they are dipped in glue. I look forward to growing her again, but hopefully I will get bigger yields with more veg. I have a plant vegging. Now from same mother so we will see. Thx proff p for the gem that is blueniverse.
  7. Great news. San is awesome and is a mad scientist with his beans as well. Good vibes to u mate
  8. Thanks everyone for their help!!!!!!!! I need it lol.
  9. I'm not sold on super soil, I was just using that as an example. What I'd like to know is out of the supplies I have, what the gurus would recommend for a recipe, is 2 cups or this, 1/4 cup of that etc... Also, thx for the advice on the alfalfa meal etc ... I'll get some of that and the kelp meal too. I don't have any bacto. I do have a sample pack of some organic bottle foods. Forget the brand(nectar of the gods) but its a $ brand in the states, Medusa's magic, Athena's animus, Zeus's something etc... I could put some of that in the mix maybe. I also have some left over seaweed extract from another company if that may help. $ is a tight right now so I need to make due with less for a little bit.
  10. After reading about soil mixes like super soil etc... I would like to try this. I made a few months back a mix of my own which in a stoner moment I didn't record what I did. Test shows promise but still not ideal. What I have to work with GH cocoa Peat moss from local big box hardware store. Laugh but knock on wood I've gotten bugs when buying from hydro shops. Blood meal Bone meal Organic tomato food-mix of many different meals like feather, bone, etc. . it was on clearance sale and I couldn't resist. Another organic tomato food, was cheaper but is almost all turkey scraps from what I gather, thinking its the nuts equivalent of hot dogs, the floor sweepings etc... It was $3 so I'll try a test. Dolomite lime. Worm castings Sea bird guano Pearlite Vermiculite The cocoa I have are the blocks that are bigger, I think 12lb pack. The peat is a 2.2 cu ft bale. I would prefer something I can mix and let cook so I don't need to amend later, or it could be a bit light for the easy feeders and amend just a bit for the heavies. Thx Normally I do ok on grows. Mapito I've had best luck but I still "loose balance" after about 6 weeks and get leaf problems. I am going to stop mapito for a bit to do some selections as that is too hard for me at least with mailto trying trying to make each different plant happy, plus flower times etc.... Hence the desire to make own soil. Every time I've used brand name soils like fox farm etc. I've gotten knats, thrips, etc ...
  11. Haha yes. E$cobars cheese pack has been very good to me as well. Cheeseberrry99 was my previous favorite but now CCF2 is the winner
  12. I was blessed to receive these from a member who worked E$cobar's chocolate cheese to F2. Growing her was easy. She can be slightly branchy with some stretch, but for my purpose with led lights that is ideal. I need some spacing for the light to get through. Yield was average to slightly above average. She went about 9weeks. Scents were delicious. Forgive me, but I haven't grown the origjal chocolate cheese so its not possible for me to compare at this time. This one smelled like some tropical cocktail. Some citrus, skunk, Sweet, funk. Defiantly (yes meant to spell that way) NOT stealth. I love smelly strains . Not super dense, somewhere in between rock hard and fluffy. Its what I call dense enough. Once cured it breaks up super easy by hand. Super greasy/sticky though and you will feel like you have glue on your fingers until cleaned, which is a chore unless u have alcohol to help get this off. Cured several weeks in jars and product is my favorite daytime smoke so far. Effects are quick and forceful. Very up and almost electric and energetic effect. Some paranoia, especially until you get used to her. Uplifting, lower anxiety(what I need most), later on a dreamy state of mind. Some body but no couch lock. On the come down though there is the dreamy effect and can transition to some couch lock if you are tired. Effects last about 2-3 hours before the come down so don't do this before bedtime, but if you plan ahead she will ease u to sleep later on the way down. Overall, extremely impressed. In lost the mother, but I have another female and some more seeds to go through . Can't wait to see what her sisters can bring to the party. Excellent strain all around.
  13. In wanting to automatic my mailto grow a bit more. What I am looking for is a timer that would allow me to turn on a pump electric once every three days and be able to program how long the pump is on for; say on for 5-10 minutes. Any advice on this. I'm not sure where to start.
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