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  1. Hey folks, just giving a due update. Intellidose - Spoke to these guys regarding nutrient dosing automation and pH control. Seems to be a bit expensive, at 1500 USD per system per room, plus an intellilink unit to connect them to a remote monitoring configuration (the intelligrow app). I will be going with the gavita setup controlled by the gavita controller. probably the safest decision for me at the moment. undercurrent setup, with 15 plants every 10 sqm I heard some people suggest that I try going with my LEDs again in the research and testing room, but farther away from the plant. According to them, the 6-7" was too close. I am going to finally start experimenting with concentrates, dabs, and liquids. I'm getting a nice 15 ton rosin press, and was wondering, what kind of percentage yield can I expect? Obviously, there is going to be variation in quality in terms of the press used, the bud used, etc., but I'm just looking for a ballpark figure. time to get reading up on the opengrow archive It's similar for me, amigo. The people financing me are just doing this to see if it's possible. If it works, we will scale up. If it doesn't, we will shut down. Hopefully the former. Also super excited to test out soil grows in the research room this year. Still waiting for my sugar punch seeds, I think it's been a month or so. Hoping it'll be in soon. Best Vibes El Chupa
  2. Thanks. It covers the basics of LEDs without going into brands, and anybody who doesn't know or understand ppfd and other technical lighting concepts, this video makes it easy.
  3. hmm this isn't really an objective comparison. i'm sure you intended it to be at some point though, no harm done. (; Is the risk of breaking a CMH that bad?
  4. how much area does one standard 315w CMH cover? I need to do some research into this. thanks for the link, brother
  5. WOW. I used to keep my 400w CREE fixture just a hair under a foot or so above the tops of my canopy. I never really saw any 'symptoms' (plants were green, happy, not drooping, healthy) but my yields were soooo low. Do you think it's possible that this was the result of having the light fixtures too close? Regardless, I guess I am not far enough along on the learning curve to adapting LEDs to a larger scale operation, and will probably have to go with the gavitas, for lack of any better feasible alternative.
  6. First of all, I really appreciate your timely responses and your advice and help. I need as much of it as I can get and I am greatly indebted to you. If you want some indigenous seeds from parts of India for your breeding projects, do let me know. More questions: (sorry) 1. Can you give me some examples of these high tier LEDs and mid tier leds? I want to test some out in my smaller room. 2. Can you also give me specifics on the plasma lighting and spectrum lighting? In terms of brand, model, and wattage? I definitely wanna try those out too. Thanks again for your advice. And I really want to see your room and mine when they're done!! best vibes el chupa
  7. this probably wouldn't apply for a bigger grow with larger numbers of overlapping lights? i'd guess that 30-40kw would be better with 1000w's because you can keep them at a fixed distance from the plants?
  8. So what is your plasma setup looking like? Over, say, 5 square metres, how many lights do you have and how many bloom boosters? And, what are the models of LEDs you'd consider for a 1000w setup?
  9. Thanks for dropping in, Scone. Im going to go with HID, most likely, and I'm going to go with gavita. But I am looking to experiment in my 100sq foot room, and that means leds. specifically, which brand/models should I be looking at? I am only interested in those that will save me the most money in terms of operating expenses, so that would be the ones that pull less power and put out less heat while rivaling HPS yields. Heard a lot about Fluence, California Light Works and platinum. Can you point me to somewhere where I can read up about plasma as well? When you say bloom booster bars, what are you specifically referring to? And isn't more headroom = more volume of air to cool?
  10. Thanks so much for the advice. While I am not in a place where grow rooms exist, I am talking to friends who have these kind of operations in USA. I agree with the moving up slowly point. But im not sure how different 1000 will be from 400 apart from the fact that the investment will be less. Everything that can be automated will be - from nutrients to whatnot. As for HVAC, having only grown in a hot climate, ever, I am not one to undermine the importance of a cooling system. That will likely be the first and largest part of the investment. How many 1000w HPS would be needed for, say, 750 sqft? Im thinking about 30? Also, this warehouse has a massive 25 foot ceiling. Would it make sense for me to create a false ceiling to cut down on cooling costs? Im sure that cooling a room with a 10 foot ceiling, and, therefore, just 40% of the total volume, will be way easier than cooling a 25 foot tall room.
  11. Hey Fam Been under the radar for a while. Faced some issues here. But they're largely resolved, and I'm moving up in scale. Going from 100 sqft to 1000 sqft and I want it to be as bloody perfect as possible. I have lots of ideas, but I really want to see what the wisdom and knowledge of this forum has to offer. In my experience, it's usually a few solid grades above what my little brain can come up with. So here is what I have to work with: 1000 sqft (expandable up to 3500 sqft) As big of a cooling system as necessary (HVAC) A fairly hot and humid climate that probably averages at 30°C and 85% R/H annually, with a seasonal variation of 30% or so. And...that's all as far as the limitations go. I have sources for funding, and was looking for advice in the following domains - though they're all interconnected. Lighting: My initial idea was to go for 1000w Gavita DE fixtures. I want to - truly - consider LEDs. The problem is, the 400w LED fixtures that I got made (8 x cree cxb 3590 3500k @ 50w each) performed rather poorly for me. The parts were all original - meanwell drivers, ledil lenses, and the lot. Just couldn't get the same yield that I was getting from a 600w HPS in a square metre. I tried for a year, the yields were almost 30% less. I have not given up on the idea of LEDs, but I need some recommendations for what to go for, given an operation of this side. I have been checking out Fluence, Platinum, and California Lightworks. Again, budget is not the biggest criteria - I just need high quality, long lasting, tested and proven LEDs. I am not too keen on building my own again. The 1000w Gavita DE is a solid option, and if I have doubts, I will go for it, but I really do want to use these LEDs, to save a lot of money on air conditioning. If LEDs, I need info on which LEDs, how many per sqm, how far they should be from the plants, etc. If HPS, I just wanted to know how far apart they should be and how high up. I understand that for larger operations, it is not necessary to continuously raise and lower the light, and that it can be at a fixed height. What height is ideal? Growing Style: I was considering an undercurrent system, with a single plant per square metre, trained to a net. I thought a scrog would make the most sense, but I'm open to more ideas. If I go with a SOG, the only thing for me is finding the right strain that will work in there. (or maybe, learning how to better trim a plant for single cola growth). I have no issues with plant count, but really don't want to cross 16 per sqm. Currently, I have both an undercurrent and a deep water NFT pipe system running side by side, and the undercurrent is obviously better suited for larger plants than the pipes. I feel, that in my experience, I have found it far easier to find SCROG friendly strains than SOG friendly ones. Pointers: I wanted to get some tips from you pros out there on anything that you would tell someone who is starting a large grow for the first time. Useable Area: How much of the area should I be using? It's a 1000 sqft, so how much space should I keep for walking around, storage of nutrients, etc.? I will be building an internal partition and separating a grow space for mother plants and clones as well. Please shower your opinions and criticism upon me, opengrowers best vibes El Chupacabra
  12. Hi I feel i can chime in, having designed and sourced and constructed my own leds for flower for a 100sqft area. First of all, would you be building and/or designing your leds? If so, is it a design you've tested? If you haven't tested it, then the launch of a new business isn't the time for R&D. Especially as your plan is to create a model and expand or get into consulting, STICK WITH WHAT HAS PROFITABLY WORKED FOR YOU. Any testing can be done in parallel if needed. If you're buying leds that have a solid reputation and you've seen the results they can give from a fellow trustworthy grower, use them. Otherwise, stick to hps or whatever you are using now. Second, i would advise against soil for a larger operation, its no fun bringing in cartloads of manure and soil additives. But if that is your USP and you think you can get it to work, go for it. Just remember how much easier it is to set up, say, and undercurrent system and just keep one pipe and water spigot lil For a 2000 sqft operation, if you are using hydro and not organic, consider investing in automated nutrient dosing apparatus. Don't underestimate the cost of fitting the place out with necessary electricals, and don't skimp anywhere on safety. I have seen your grows, you're a pro for sure. But growing on a larger scale involves a certain type of thinking that growing on a small scale doesn't. I only mean to give you the advice that i learned when scaling up. Best vibes
  13. Hey sannie. When can we expect the sugar punch and/or Jack beans to come in? I'm starting an operation in October and wanted to know if I could fill a greenhouse up with SP or Sannies Jack Best vibes Elchupa
  14. A friendly hello to India :D

  15. I think it's unfortunate (but important) to note that this cannot be used as a comparison between LED and HPS. There are too many other variables, and I will have to wait till the next round (about ~4 weeks from now) before I can really run a test. Row #3 (Amnesia Under LEDs) : These were scrogged for 14 days after flip to 12/12 Row #1 (Amnesia under 600w HPS): These were scrogged for 19 days after flip to 12/12 It's early to say anything, this is one of those girls that stocks up in the last 10-14 days of flower. Turns out I took a crappy picture of the Gojis (Row #2): There are 4 in front under one lamp, and 2 are in the back - including the massive Goji OG #1. This girl can be a yielder if I keep the temperature and humidity in control. Sad, but during the week of PK, the gojis were subject to the extra undue heat and (to keep things cool) the shortage of light. They are smelling unbelievable. Candy, berries...i need more time and another few whiffs to really pen it down. I don't know what the fuck is wrong with my goddamn air conditioner, I refilled the refrigerant, but it's still not keeping the room cool. It's working, just half-assed. I sprayed the hell out of it with the jet till no dirt came out, but still nothing. They say that if there's a leak then ice would form around the fins and would drip water. No such symptom for me. I'll have to call the technician inside, which I can only do after this grow. For the time until then, I have purchased a portable air conditioner. It's not of any use on it's own, really, but alongside the semi functional primary air conditioner, it's just about maintaining a reasonable temperature/humidity. i purchase the best, most powerful air conditioner and even it is not enough. Perhaps a 1.5 ton a/c isn't enough, maybe it's getting overworked. I wonder if I should invest in a 2 Ton a/c? :-/
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