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  1. Hola amigo. Indeed, the ladies are happily bustling in the "wind". Happy weekend to you too! Would love to hear your thoughts on what the deficiency that I mentioned is all about, or any ideas you may have. Best vibes El Chupacabra
  2. I've got a seemingly rare pheno of the critical jack, this one really looks like her sativa parent. Leaves are super slender, In the 40 seeds of critical jack I've popped over 2 grows, this is the only one I've seen like this. But my amnesia row is still the most vigorous: Everything is really loving these 1000w gavitas. I've noticed that taking plants from their tube lights and putting em straight under the 1000w gavitas has its impacts. I'm not sure if it's because of the sudden increase in lighting, or what. But the plants all suffer a magnesium deficiency for a week or so despite the EC being at 1.15 - 1.2. After 7-10 days, the plants start picking up and growing beautifully, under the same EC. This deficiency can be significantly offset by spraying with Epsom salts (8g/L). It could also be because I ended up letting these sit in the DWC in the veg room for a bit too long, and the roots got tangled. Some of them definitely lost some root mass while untangling and moving them to the flower room. This could have impacted their ability to absorb nutrients through roots. It did affect different plants to varying degrees. Next round I will be able to tell for sure, I will eliminate the root entanglement variable. I will also have the same phenotype in each set of pipes so the issue of different plants requiring different levels of nutes is also eliminated. As of now this is an ongoing issue. I also am aware that mag def (maybe others as well) become visible only after they are already an issue for a while. So maybe they were having issues under the low power t5 lights which went unchecked. Lots of variables to control, but it's important to not make any assumptions in the best interest of scientific accuracy. The only complete pictures I have are from the cctv. Not very good quality but something > nothing. The row on the left side is the Critical Jack row. Critical plus on the right. Overview. Amnesia on the left Will get some pics of the Kolossi shortly. Best vibes
  3. Thanks Maria! Check out the grow log that I'm keeping of this grow, will be putting all future updates there.
  4. Thank you, sir. Yep, I've got these goofy looking covers for my glasses. I'm thinking of pulling the old ski goggles out of their dusty box.
  5. Thanks, so am I. I'm not the skillfull and dextrous person. That's my partner. Thanks for the wishes, Saxo. I'm gonna need it. Major problem today, one of the 3 phases wasn't working, took me a while to figure out that that was the problem. Definitely lost a few years of my lifespan in the stress of trying to figure out. Turns out it's the main fuse in the yellow line coming in...fucking tired of these idiots using low quality shit even when i specifically tell them and pay them extra to get better shit. Problem is that I'm not a good enough electrician. Everything from the transformer to the control panel has been done by a proper electrician. I just handled the simple wiring inside, from the individual boxes and breakers to equipment.
  6. 1:1:1 ratio of general Hydroponics 3 part grow micro bloom. ml/L, i believe 150ml of each gets my full res to 600 ppm, water is at 150 ppm from the tap. I'm sorry, I don't generally keep a tab on ml/L exactly. When I'm draining and refilling res, I start off by putting 150ml of each for the reservoirs, and then tweaking them on the basis of what ppm the meter reads.
  7. General hydro, 1:1:1 ratio G:M:B. Anyway, sprayed em with Epsom salt at 6g/l of water, seems to have really improved the problem. I'm going to do it again soon. But I'm honestly not sure if it's just the sudden change from being right under a t5 led to going under a very different spectrum 1000w hps. Even though it's a couple of metres under the hps...
  8. Bigger than what I'm used to, for sure. Dealt with so many leaks that I should be made co-owner of Wikileaks. But finally, it's underway, and thriving. In a nutshell: Flower room: 5 rows of 4 x 1000w Gavita de Each row is about 7.2m long and 1.6m wide. Each row has 8 pipes - 100mm internal diameter - parallel to the width, with 3 possible plant sites per pipe. Each row of 8 pipes is fed by a single 75w submersible pump in a 200 litre reservoir. Each 200 litre reservoir is automatically maintained at required water level with individual float valves. They are connected to a common 500L overhead tank. The 500L tank also contains a float valve, and is connected to a 1000L tank on the roof of the building. 15cm x 15cm square scrog nets are stretched at 2 feet and 3 feet above each row. I had to start from seeds for a lot of shitty reasons. So we've got 1 row of Dinafem Original Amnesia, 1 row of Dinafem Critical Jack, 1 row of Dinafem Critical +, 2 rows of Kolossus. There's a blue cheese (dinafem), sweet amnesia (sweet seeds) in there somewhere as well. Then we've got the veg room: Here I've got about 10 moby dick auto, 10 moby dick xxl auto, and a few small autos by sweet seeds, collectively under 2 x 1000w gavita de. These got off to a really rocky start. I don't have high expectations, but they're pretty vigourous even so. There's an undercurrent setup on the side ready to go, waiting for autoflower seeds that are on the way. It can accommodate 15 plants under another 2 x 1000w de. After this round, when I've decided on my keepers from this lot, I'll strip the undercurrent system down into 2 parts. 1 for mother plants and 1 for autoflowers. I've got smaller crates in 2 racks that can accommodate up to 130 seedlings or clones. It's got about 60 seedlings in a 4x4 area under 240w of normal Philips t5 led. There's another 2.67m x 6.67m room which will be used in part for drying/pressing/etc., as well as for genetic experiments and to grow some nice longer flowering sativas. The amnesia, a tried and tested one from dinafem, is one of the best in their catalogue. Big producer and vigorous grower. Awesome taste and potent end product: Same with critical jack. Different flavours and high, a bit less stretchy, probably just a tad less vigourous than her amnesia sister: It's my first time with critical plus. Looks good, nothing mind-blowing as far as vigour grows compared to amnesia: I've grown kolossus before and she's normally a fat thick lady. Something didn't go quite right and they wound up being a week or two behind their dinafem siblings. I've got confidence in them though. Here's one of the 2 rows of kolossi: The moby dicks are some of the hungriest plants I've grown. About 1600ppm to keep them from showing deficiencies. My friend in Germany experienced the same. Individual plant pictures coming soon. Best vibes El Chupa
  9. Hey everyone The big grow is underway. For safety purposes I'm not going to post any complete pictures showing the full setup with plants in it till it's done. Feeling a little paranoid. I've got a slight problem. All of my plants are showing the deficiency indicated by the attached images. My gut tells me it's a magnesium deficiency. hydro pipe setup, would it be better to foliar feed epsom salts or mix it in the res? The plants can't take any more ppm - it's between 900-1100 at the moment. If foliar feed, whats the right concentration in grams/ml of Epsom salt to water? And when's the best time to do it? I'm still vegging, at about 60% rh, 23 °C, 900-1100 ppm. Please help a guy out folks. Thanks in advance El chup PS: merry Christmas and happy holidays!
  10. This rollex og X pre-98 bubba is a beautiful strain, most plants were cropped at about 60-63 days, but i left some of whatever was under one light to go the full distance, she is looking beautiful at day 72. For the first time i can taste hints of chocolate in the aftertaste. Truly a travesty that I couldn't keep this girl. I've never grown anything that was so starkly in contrast with the green leaves. Not just the top, but for most of the canopy. Tomorrow I'll chop her, at the right time. 10 ish weeks. I could easily leave her for a few more days, but I really need to get going. The entire place needs to be repainted, need to replace the anchor fasteners for the lights, and get the ACs serviced. And the next round will be from seed so an extra few weeks for veg as well. Time to get going.
  11. Update: The peroxide most certainly didn't work. So there goes my survivors of these two beautiful strains. Gutted, but gotta go on. The Rolex x Pre Bubba - #9. Probably will be ready within 10-12 days. May have to chop her sooner though, because I really need to get better quality paint done, and fix whatever is wrong with my air con. Something is always going wrong. I think it's just that a 1.5ton air con is not enough for 6 lights and 100 sqf. Any machine running at 100% all the time will start to become problematic. I'm in the process of hacking the bluezilla, it's pretty much done. No time to wait for amber. Probably going to spray the entire place down with rubbing alcohol after harvest
  12. I stayed away from autos for a while because I thought they impacted potency. But i'm tired of just believing bullshit and now i'm in a situation where I won't have to, because I can have the space to grow my own. How many MDA (moby dick auto) would you recommend per sqm? i've got 400w CREE CXB3590 per sqm, total of 6 sqm
  13. waiting to try the moby. will be my first auto. do you feel autos are less potent than photoperiod plants?
  14. Ooooh I wanna try next time. 18oz dwc Looks fun. And damn, jetdro...damn I dunno what you did there, but I can't even tell which one is in the 18oz cup without peeking under the skirt. Props Best Vibes El Chupacabra
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