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  1. Update: The peroxide most certainly didn't work. So there goes my survivors of these two beautiful strains. Gutted, but gotta go on. The Rolex x Pre Bubba - #9. Probably will be ready within 10-12 days. May have to chop her sooner though, because I really need to get better quality paint done, and fix whatever is wrong with my air con. Something is always going wrong. I think it's just that a 1.5ton air con is not enough for 6 lights and 100 sqf. Any machine running at 100% all the time will start to become problematic. I'm in the process of hacking the bluezilla, it's pretty much done. No time to wait for amber. Probably going to spray the entire place down with rubbing alcohol after harvest
  2. I stayed away from autos for a while because I thought they impacted potency. But i'm tired of just believing bullshit and now i'm in a situation where I won't have to, because I can have the space to grow my own. How many MDA (moby dick auto) would you recommend per sqm? i've got 400w CREE CXB3590 per sqm, total of 6 sqm
  3. waiting to try the moby. will be my first auto. do you feel autos are less potent than photoperiod plants?
  4. Ooooh I wanna try next time. 18oz dwc Looks fun. And damn, jetdro...damn I dunno what you did there, but I can't even tell which one is in the 18oz cup without peeking under the skirt. Props Best Vibes El Chupacabra
  5. The original amnesia by dinafem is a favourite of mine, from a grower AND blower standpoint. I'm a huge advocate of dinafem; consistent genetics, nothing TOO SPECIAL if you ask me, but bloody consistently 7-8/10 quality, and reasonably productive; in larger setups, you can grow from seed and hit 1g/w easy. The amnesia is the best of theirs that I've tried (along with critical jack) in terms of quality, consistency, and yield. She's a hell of a stretcher, as you've noticed, and responds to any kind of manipulation with more vigorous growth (as you've also clearly noticed, going by the knuckles in your stems). For the kind of sativa high she gives, this girl finishes FAST. No, I'm not paid by dinafem. But yes, I should be. Awesome looking low profile grow, waiting to hear about any dinafem auto you try. I'm gonna have some moby dick auto and Moby dick xxl auto going soon. Best Vibes El Chupacabra
  6. The first 50 hours of gavita's recommended 100 hours of running at 1000w are complete. The EL2 controller is awesome, it's awesome not having to depend on mechanical timers. The veg room has 4 gavitas. 2 will be over the pipe setup shown below for auto plants, just because I have the space and I can. Don't mind an extra kilo or 2. Of the other 2, 1 will be used for vegging mother plants, and 1 for vegging rooted clones. I also have two sets of 240w (8 X 30w) t5 LEDs for the clones' initial veg stage before they go under the gavitas for full power veg. As per my calculations, 54 clones on one tier and 54 clones on the floor in the rack below. Just got the piping and tank in the veg room to finish, then we can go for a test run with all the water flowin. Also, curious: has anyone tried scrogging a mother plant, just to get even growth of cuttings? BestVibes from a stoked user El Chupacabra
  7. LOL wow that really makes me question my skills (if existent). well, I threw away almost everything in my rotting veg room, but took some clones and kept them in a few different environments. 1) 4 clones are in 200ppm solution with 200ml of 3% h202 solution in a 14L bucket 2) 4 clones in 200ppm solution with 100ml of 3% h202 solution in a 14L bucket 3) 4 clones in a 200ppm solution We will see if anything happened tomorrow. Meanwhile, the flowering room is looking good. This is my cut of Rolex OG x Pre-98 Bubba (#9). Flipped on 13 July. Nearing completion. She's a 9-weeker, and really stacks on in the last 2 weeks, more than the the previous 8 weeks of the flowering cycle. Really interesting smells. Pine, licorice, candy, something earthy and sweet. Same strain, 2 plants under 2 sqm, 800w of Cree cxb3590 homemade LED. My messiest scrog yet. I just didn't have time to pay attention to it as much as usual, with work and with the bigger grow construction underway. -- Here is my favourite bluezilla (shout out to FoTH for this lovely cross). New Blue Diesel X Shackzilla, and the picture doesn't do her justice. My friend describes it as "fuck you, go home" weed. Really, really strong. Starts sativa like but the sledgehammer indica feel sets in soon enough. This row has too many different strains, due to poor planning for this round. The colas sticking out are bluezilla. I tried bending them down, but some wouldn't stay and were not bent in time. The rest are the Rolex Bubbas. This row also has a different cutting of Rolex Bubba. (#10) She's 50% clear, 50% cloudy at 7 weeks, but I like letting her go for 8 for more amber. Won't be running her again - finishes fast, but buds are not as big This is the back side of the same row. The Rolex Bubba #10 is definitely less of a stretcher than her peers. -- And here we have row 1 - again, a mix of plants - bluezilla and Rolex Bubba #9. Scrogged better but still, never an optimal idea to scrog multiple strains together when the flowering rates are a bit different. More updates on the large setup shortly. Best Vibes
  8. Same thing I've always been feeding in veg. General Hydro flora 3 part. 1:1:1. This problem only showed up after I switched to RO water. Even when I went back to the normal water (70-80ppm) they didn't get better. So I'm not too sure what it is. Will keep this in mind though. Maybe I'll try a higher ratio of bloom.
  9. Hey guys No idea what's going on, this is only getting worse. haven't experienced anything like this in a while Calmg doesn't seem to have worked, used it first at .25ml/l. Waited a few days. Changed res and reapplied at 1ml/l today. any ideas? PH is on point, between 5.5 and 6.5. I've ordered h2o2, should be here soon. So hard to find food grade h2o2 in small quantities. This is the worst time this could be happening, I have to fill out the big grow soon.
  10. I also wanted to know - do you guys recommend led t5s for seedlings/clones or fluorescent t5s?
  11. I remember one of your indoor coljam grows from back in the day. best vibes, plants lookin beautiful. reminds me of local landraces in the tropics. booooooom El Chupa
  12. Many months later. Here we are. Not gonna lie, this was a hard one. I had to talk to some friends of friends of friends back in 'murica and get some advice. I had to learn a lot more about electricals than I knew at the time. Most of the time since my last post was spent in: 1) finalising location 2) extending the power ceiling 3) talking to friends in america, back and forth planning 4) dealing with the nature of labour and work in my country, which follows a predictable trend of overcommitting and under-delivering. 5) getting all the gear down to my country, through customs, while spending as little on import duty as possible. 6) communicating my needs to contractors here, and overseeing to ensure that the work is done as I want it done, and not how they want to do it. Here's where we are at: 42 x 28 feet. 24 Gavita 1000w DE e-series. All hooked up to the Gavita EL2 controller. Racks for holding the pipes and the scrog net are in place. Water Tanks are in place, water level to be controlled by float valves, all installed. 8 x 2 ton AC units, 6 wall fans, 4 standing fans. Holes made for centrifugal fans for air intake, air exhaust, and to exchange air between the veg and flower rooms (this is the hole in the first picture). Need to stick the fans in there, and build a couple of massive carbon scrubbers - one for air exhaust, and another that will just be sitting in the room, scrubbin odours all day long. Pipes need to be sealed at both ends, and put into place on the racks. Holes drilled, connectors in and ready. When I first turned on the lights, I was scared as hell, they flickered once and went off. The corresponding error code said 'igniting, no action required'. This happened to 19 of the lights, and I thought the lights weren't working. Then I left them all on and let them do their thing for about 30-45 minutes. Slowly but surely they all came on, and now they're all working 100%. I may need a dehumidifier later, I'm not sure to be honest. Security cameras have been set up. There's a tiny processing room (8x20 feet) as well for drying, pressing, packing, whatever. But since it's been so delayed, I have run into a couple of other problems, and I just can't wrap my head around what's wrong: This is a mother plant of mine. Rolex OG x Pre'98 Bubba. When I started feeding her with RO water, she started to show cal mag deficiency symptoms. All my plants did. No biggie, I thought, and upped the cal/mg. The plants that were moved to the flowering room recovered just fine. The veg plants just got worse and worse. Changed reservoirs, checked pH, tried different amounts of cal mag, nothing did any good. Growth almost completely stalled and they're just looking sick as hell. Getting some H202 soon, hopefully that will help me get rid of pathogens if any. Not sure what's going on really, but it's really fucked up my schedule for moving clones into my larger setup. Stocking on some seeds from Sannie's but it takes 10-14 days to get here and then a couple weeks to get to where a clone would be at once rooted. Here's the clones from that plant. They were fine till I started using RO and then started developing what looked like cal/mg def. I was surprised because the water I used before the RO water was only about 100 ppm. I got the RO system installed because for a few months we were getting water from a nearby quarry - 300-500ppm. Now it's back to normal, i've reverted to using the standard 100 ppm water, but the plants just ain't recovering. anyway, I should be finishing the final setup soon, in a week or less. Will keep you guys posted. Best Vibes El Chupa
  13. Hey folks, just giving a due update. Intellidose - Spoke to these guys regarding nutrient dosing automation and pH control. Seems to be a bit expensive, at 1500 USD per system per room, plus an intellilink unit to connect them to a remote monitoring configuration (the intelligrow app). I will be going with the gavita setup controlled by the gavita controller. probably the safest decision for me at the moment. undercurrent setup, with 15 plants every 10 sqm I heard some people suggest that I try going with my LEDs again in the research and testing room, but farther away from the plant. According to them, the 6-7" was too close. I am going to finally start experimenting with concentrates, dabs, and liquids. I'm getting a nice 15 ton rosin press, and was wondering, what kind of percentage yield can I expect? Obviously, there is going to be variation in quality in terms of the press used, the bud used, etc., but I'm just looking for a ballpark figure. time to get reading up on the opengrow archive It's similar for me, amigo. The people financing me are just doing this to see if it's possible. If it works, we will scale up. If it doesn't, we will shut down. Hopefully the former. Also super excited to test out soil grows in the research room this year. Still waiting for my sugar punch seeds, I think it's been a month or so. Hoping it'll be in soon. Best Vibes El Chupa
  14. Thanks. It covers the basics of LEDs without going into brands, and anybody who doesn't know or understand ppfd and other technical lighting concepts, this video makes it easy.
  15. hmm this isn't really an objective comparison. i'm sure you intended it to be at some point though, no harm done. (; Is the risk of breaking a CMH that bad?
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