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  1. Well, this had to be shut down due to some complications. Quite sad because I was about a month away from harvest. But I'm safe, which is enough for me at the moment. Was a close one though. Had a special police team with sniffer dogs and shit at our doorstep, but everything and everyone has a price in my country. Anyway, now I've left the city, state, region, and I'm on my way to start a new life. Lost all my seeds in the close shave that we had, and all my cuttings. I'd really appreciate any beans if anyone can donate, maybe something that you'd have a hard time growing in your climate that I can do in a tropical environment. I'm just going to be growing for myself from now on. I'll veg indoor and flower outdoor. I'll start experimenting with soil mixes and breeding indian local genetics into crosses. I ordered a pack of 100 Shackzilla from Sannie. He sent it out twice but both times it didn't reach me. Really unfortunate, but there's 500 euros down the drain, which is really not money I have to waste atm. Gonna try buying some beans from ACE. Really want to exploit my weather and tropical location. Was thinking of the Zamaldelica breeders pack. Looks incredible.
  2. Do you people press your trim in a rosin press as well? Or just bud? Do you use the tiny pouches to keep the bud in? What temperature do you press at for trimmings? What pressure? I want to make dabs out of all my schwag, it sells better than oil since it looks lighter in colour. 2021 folks, and apparently, visually, shades of gold/khaki > black. Anyways, I have a 10 ton press, a PID controller, and 2 rectangular titanium plates.
  3. Thanks. I'm looking at chest freezers now as we speak. I'm going to give this a go with some of the shit for sure this round. Really appreciate it, comrade.
  4. When I started this I had an amazing cut of my bluezilla (new blue diesel x shackzilla). But it got some pathogen, wilted away and died, and any clones I took from it wouldn't root. This happened halfway through my construction. So I bought a bunch of seeds from dinafem for the previous round. This round that you see here was done with the 2 winning cuts from that. Now from these 2, I've narrowed down on 1 I want. I have an RnD room but it's not quite finished. I'm running a couple phenos of killing fields in there. I was interested in Sannies Jack but the prospect of 13 weeks of flowering makes it very difficult to swallow unless the yield is really 60% more than something that flowers in 8 weeks. I can go up to 10, or maybe 11. Beyond that isn't viable for me. Maybe since the strain is shackzilla, I'll put like 6 under a single light instead of 2, and just give them enough veg time to start growing a set of true leaves and then flip em. My concern is that I will not be able to tell which ones will do well in a 1 month veg + scrog setup. I feel growing them as 12/12 fs plants demands a completely different style of trimming and plant structure. Also hopefully if I veg them I can toss out the runts if any. My biggest expense isn't electricity, it's time. I have definitely learnt a LOT about setting up these larger operations. Biggest lesson learnt is to not overestimate my capacity and to not underestimate the effort required.
  5. Hey there, Thanks for your input. Seen your grows, they're props. So about the seeds I have an amnesia clone I'm working with. This grow I used 2 different amnesia clones from the same batch of seeds. Now I've narrowed it down to 1. The thing is, end of day I want some more variety. Also, nobody else is doing this in my country. My clients are not ready to just smoke amnesia all year long. My testing area is being used to test some killing fields. I figured next round I'll take a homogeneous set of seeds (like shackzilla) and fill up half the grow with those ones. I'll have space for about 36 shackzillas, so I think with 36 plants I should be able to find a good cutting and cover my costs. I think I just flip them into flowering way too late, after the screen is too full, then it's completely pointless. With the KF, I just squashed them down with a screen, will flip in a few days. 2 plants, about 1.25sqm and 400w. 200w (4x CXB 3590 3000K @50w each) and a 200w samsung Quantum board (lm301h + a few watts of UV and IR). the 200w Quantum board is looking beautiful. I need to find a way to shift the grow to all LED. best vibez El Chupa
  6. Man, the fluff is the most annoying part. I have no complaints in trimming the colas. That fuckin bumfluff is the most annoying. The job of cutting up the plants and hanging them takes up too much time and space. I repeated my last harvest method. I cut the plants at the base of the stem, drain all the water from the tanks, turn off all the lights, and keep the dehumidifers at about 55% R/H and the Air Cons at 25°C. Dried in 5 days to a crisp, i had to turn my dehumidifiers up and come back a day later. Trimming is taking a part of my soul. I think next round i will sacrifice the losses and use an electric trimmer and bucker. i can't be doing this leaf trimming shit for so long, it's a serious mindfuck. for next round, i will be trying shackzilla feminised from seed. sannie says its a very homogenous strain, i certainly hope so. I think my problem is that I wait for the scrog to get too full before flipping. I need to flip when it's just 50% full and aggressively keep the plant level. I've seen some ridiculously even homogenous scrogs on here, hope I can emulate those.
  7. So much tiny larf, I'm really starting to feel that I need to seriously trim and prune even more. I think I'll definitely hit my paltry target of 0.5 gpw, but frankly given the fact that I have zero employee costs and can only do so much work before my brain decides to take a holiday, I'm okay with that. For the quantity of grow work (as a total number of manhours) being put in, I'm okay. Im also thinking it'll be better to keep the lights on a bar that can be raised and lowered by means of a motor..to keep the lights at optimum distance at every stage of growth. Need to do some testing with my new PAR meter and see if it makes a difference or if the overlapping light of the neighbouring 1000w hps adds enough already. This next round will be my last with hps for sure. I'll need new bulbs, and I'd rather just get leds.
  8. So. folks. After a long hiatus, I am back. Technically, i've been 'back' for a while, but due to political instability, I tried to stay on the low. but now with a vpn, i don't think i need to concern myself as much with the traceability of these posts as far as IP goes. Tomorrow is the day of the harvest. or at least the beginning of it. I don't know what I was thinking. 1500 square feet of grow space, 72 plants above 7 feet tall - this is NOT a one man job. I'm very grateful I had a friend who I could hire to help me with the setup, but 95% of the work as far as growing goes was me. Not a joke. Gavita HPS 1000w bulbs, each light covers an area of about 4.5x5.5 feet. for each row of 4 bulbs, i've got 12 plants. lights are about 9.5 feet off of the ground, i'm thinking of lowering them a bit next time. Whats the recommended lifespan of these original greenpower bulbs in hours? The importance of pruning shoots under the upper net cannot be said enough. If I had had the time and the capacity to promptly keep the bottom of these ladies' skirts clean I would be looking at a much bigger yield. I also vegged them about a week too long. This resulted in them growing just a little taller than I'd have liked, and tall enough for them to buckle under their own weight once the buds started piling on. This only added tons of work for me. All amnesia by dinafem (RIP, won't be getting any more seeds ever from Dinafem due to their legal issues, I'm certain). Two very different clones. One that grows skyscraper foxtail colas, and one that has chunks of bud on a stick. both great yielders, pretty different tastes and smells (within the amnesia spectrum). Both have a lot of lateral growth. Harvest over the next few days (really glad I was able to get my hands on a trim pro rotor, should make the larf trimming much easier). Got some really nice looking robust regular Killing Fields seeds coming along in the R&D room. Pull up your chairs for numbers, smoke reports, and more pictures. best vibes El Chupa
  9. There seems to be a lot of movement in the medical cannabis front in Europe. Not for recreational purposes, but for medicinal. Greece seems to be accepting applications, as is Portugal. Malta looks like it might be on the verge of making a decision. But yes, the primary issue is getting into the boardroom while regulatory discussions are taking place. I guess countries like Greece are kind of hurting for money. But even so, not sure if "paltry" amounts like 1.5 mil euro mean anything to them. I really feel I can make some headway in India. It's just about meeting the right people and throwing obnoxious amounts of cash on the table. Not different from anywhere else, but how much the amount has to be and operation costs are piss cheap here. Could probably get a license for just about anything in this way out here haha. USA, I'd be down. What states seem to be making headway, señor dirt?
  10. Calling the best growers and the smartest blowers on opengrow. I have an opportunity to put about 1.25 mil euros into a legal cannabusiness anywhere in the world. I am looking at parts of Europe. I really want it to be centred around a grow but I'm open to ideas. I'll probably have to come early in summer to check places out. I'm gathering information, but here's what I really wanted to know: 1) which countries are moving ahead with legal medicinal or recreational cultivation? I'm aware of Spain, but I'm guessing it must be a saturated market right now to enter. 2) are any of the pros on opengrow keen to join hands and make a solid sustainable business in Europe? I'm thinking really simple right now, like grow-harvest-extract-sell. But I have lots to learn about individual nations' cannabis laws. Anyone with any information or jus interested , please send me a message.
  11. Hey fellas and fellissimas, finally ready to get back into action. Lost all but 2 clones due to having to shut and cut power to the site. Took a couple clones and stuck em in a grow tent at home with as little power as possible to curtail their growth. Both were amnesia. sweet amnesia haze by sweet seeds is a true dreamer. Amazing smoke, brilliant taste, but like the rest of their lineup, not a great yielder. the jack pheno of critical jack was also amazing. the winning phenos of amnesia gave me around 300-400g a piece and they’re the ones I’m going forward with. They’re vegging away. meanwhile, I’ve been hard at work with my partner. Got rid of all the pipes and the clogging they bring and set up an overkill Rdwc setup. Total of 1200L of water for 12 plants, and 2 inch pipes connecting the tanks. Total water volume is a whopping 7200 litres, but this along with the automation should ensure that I never have to come just to fill nutes, and that I never experience any sort of flooding. I did this for all the pipe setups. Tired of dealing with clogged pipes and drilling holes in curved surfaces and plugging up the side of the fittings to make sure they don’t leak. shifting to jr peters ferts this time. GH Flora would just get unnecessarily expensive. I’m working on formulating my own nutes but that’s a trial and error process it’ll do on the side. also have some of FoTH’s Auto Shackzilla and Sweet Seeds Auto Trainwreck on the way. Should be done by end of the year, while the photo plants should be done by late jan I guess. hope everyone is okay and we didn’t lose anyone. starting to feel that COVID is a far smaller threat than it’s been made to be, somehow I don’t think we should be shutting down the world for a 0.16% mortality rate. But I’m no virologist, just statistically literate. best vibes el Chupa
  12. In this virus time and in general, India is facing quite a potential struggle. we have too many people, a lot of impoverished individuals live in areas of 20 sqm with 4 other people. social distancing isn't really possible, so we see people hanging out on roads. we have the concept of migrant labourers, who come from 'poorer' states to work in metropolitan cities and earn a living. these are anywhere from minimum wage down to daily wage workers who earn between 1-2 euro daily. that will just about cover 1 person's food for 1 day. with no avenue to earn, they're fucked. government and NGOs and private parties have been helping and donating meals. but there's a big gap between supply and requirements for the free food - more requirements than we are currently supplying. the labourers have been clamouring at the borders of states, asking to be sent back home. this should have been done on day 1. but obviously hindsight is 20/20. some trains and buses and trucks have carried them back to their home villages, but many ended up embarking on a 750-2000 km journey on foot. it's quite brutal. Caste (the Indian social hierarchal system, extremely prejudiced) issues run so deep in our country. we look at the cleaners like they are dirty, and look at filthy rich greedy businessmen as clean. we are all Indian, but divided on the grounds of religion, caste, and more. from a young age, Indians are raised with the mentality of sucking the dick of whoever is on top, and treating whoever is below them like a grunt. currently we are a part of the wannabe-fascist regime of a geriatric wannabe-dictator. we just passed a law that allows us to grant citizenship to refugees of all religions except for Muslims. and started a mass program to find all refugee muslims and keep them in massive detention camps that look like something out of Ausswich. Corona interrupted this master plan of his, so he has to wait. there's always a double standard at play though. now, with the country in lockdown, police are picking on the poor and as always, on muslims. there are a couple of states that are doing really well, in the face of corona and just in general. these are states with an 'almost communist' government run by a leader who actually wants good for the country. i think communism is a great option for a densely, highly populated territory filled with extremely stupid people. If you leave it up to the people, most of them make incredibly stupid decisions, because they're poor, uneducated, and kept to their way of life. because we spoiled Indians need to have a maid who comes to clean up our house and kitchen and bathroom every day who we pay 100 euros a month. we need a cook who we pay 70 euros a month. we won't ever lift our fingers to fix a tap. we will call the electrician if the light bulb dies. we have absolutely no idea how to even cut a 2x4 and drive in a screw. But why bother, when the carpenter will do it for 2 euro? ...I don't get how people here can be satisfied knowing how interdependent they all are on other members of the community. It's nice in one way, but makes everyone almost completely useless. i'd be very surprised if most of my friends here even know how to change a car tyre. this is literally a stoned rambling with no real direction.
  13. I wish. The harvest was very rushed and hurried. I had planned to chop the plants and hang them with leaves and all in the scrog net. But it was taking too much time, time which I didn't have. An executive decision was taken on a novel drying method: The pipes were drained, reservoirs emptied, pumps turned off, lights off. Without any water like that, the plants die in a few hours. This is novel only because, normally, you'd like to clean the pipes and put the next batch of clones in. But I don't know when that kind of commitment will be possible from my side. They will sit there for the next 10 days or so as they dry. Didn't get many pics, due to the rush I was in. Police routinely check these industrial estates to ensure that there is no activity during lockdown period. If they see air conditioning running, they ask to open the site to make sure nobody is working inside. We have an arrangement with them but it's still not good to be the only warehouse with running air conditioners. Draws attention. The critical jack #7 before crop: Closer: She had another 2 weeks to go, easy. If I had given her another 2 weeks, I would have seen magic. Even my winning amnesia wasn't quite done. Another week or so, she had. But I'll definitely run this amnesia (#8) and the critical jack #7 again. I will also rerun amnesia #5: Closer: everythjng is looking very wonky as I was unable to visit for about 6-7 days. the critical plus row was unaffected as they were at that stage where they weren't drinking much apart from water. I saw the root health, not very happy with how this turned out. I think I will get rid of the pipes and just use multiple 200L plastic tanks fed by a central master tank with nutes controlled by the intelligrow controller. I think if done right I should only have to empty the reservoir once or twice throughout the cycle. It will be totally 6000 - 7200L of water. The other option is to build metal tables with maybe a foot of wall at the sides, making the top of the table essentially a big tank. Line it with pond liner, set up a feed and drain pipe, and I should be good to go. Could also just have it welded directly to the scrog structure I have already and I'm in business. However, at a 30cm wall height, each "table" would be 30cm x 140cm x 730 cm in volume - upwards of 2000 litres per row and 12000 for the full room. That's too much, I think. So will probably go ahead with the tanks. Best vibes at bad times El chupa
  14. Lockdown has complicated things for sure. Will probably have a slightly late and slightly early harvest, everything will be cropped at the end of this month. No choice. Stay safe people. Elchupa
  15. Also. This was the best pheno of the moby dick auto. greasy af. truly stellar, stellar, cerebral smoke. Not so dense, but man is she a smokeeee.
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