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  1. Hey fellas and fellissimas, finally ready to get back into action. Lost all but 2 clones due to having to shut and cut power to the site. Took a couple clones and stuck em in a grow tent at home with as little power as possible to curtail their growth. Both were amnesia. sweet amnesia haze by sweet seeds is a true dreamer. Amazing smoke, brilliant taste, but like the rest of their lineup, not a great yielder. the jack pheno of critical jack was also amazing. the winning phenos of amnesia gave me around 300-400g a piece and they’re the ones I’m going forward with. They’re vegging away. meanwhile, I’ve been hard at work with my partner. Got rid of all the pipes and the clogging they bring and set up an overkill Rdwc setup. Total of 1200L of water for 12 plants, and 2 inch pipes connecting the tanks. Total water volume is a whopping 7200 litres, but this along with the automation should ensure that I never have to come just to fill nutes, and that I never experience any sort of flooding. I did this for all the pipe setups. Tired of dealing with clogged pipes and drilling holes in curved surfaces and plugging up the side of the fittings to make sure they don’t leak. shifting to jr peters ferts this time. GH Flora would just get unnecessarily expensive. I’m working on formulating my own nutes but that’s a trial and error process it’ll do on the side. also have some of FoTH’s Auto Shackzilla and Sweet Seeds Auto Trainwreck on the way. Should be done by end of the year, while the photo plants should be done by late jan I guess. hope everyone is okay and we didn’t lose anyone. starting to feel that COVID is a far smaller threat than it’s been made to be, somehow I don’t think we should be shutting down the world for a 0.16% mortality rate. But I’m no virologist, just statistically literate. best vibes el Chupa
  2. In this virus time and in general, India is facing quite a potential struggle. we have too many people, a lot of impoverished individuals live in areas of 20 sqm with 4 other people. social distancing isn't really possible, so we see people hanging out on roads. we have the concept of migrant labourers, who come from 'poorer' states to work in metropolitan cities and earn a living. these are anywhere from minimum wage down to daily wage workers who earn between 1-2 euro daily. that will just about cover 1 person's food for 1 day. with no avenue to earn, they're fucked. government and NGOs and private parties have been helping and donating meals. but there's a big gap between supply and requirements for the free food - more requirements than we are currently supplying. the labourers have been clamouring at the borders of states, asking to be sent back home. this should have been done on day 1. but obviously hindsight is 20/20. some trains and buses and trucks have carried them back to their home villages, but many ended up embarking on a 750-2000 km journey on foot. it's quite brutal. Caste (the Indian social hierarchal system, extremely prejudiced) issues run so deep in our country. we look at the cleaners like they are dirty, and look at filthy rich greedy businessmen as clean. we are all Indian, but divided on the grounds of religion, caste, and more. from a young age, Indians are raised with the mentality of sucking the dick of whoever is on top, and treating whoever is below them like a grunt. currently we are a part of the wannabe-fascist regime of a geriatric wannabe-dictator. we just passed a law that allows us to grant citizenship to refugees of all religions except for Muslims. and started a mass program to find all refugee muslims and keep them in massive detention camps that look like something out of Ausswich. Corona interrupted this master plan of his, so he has to wait. there's always a double standard at play though. now, with the country in lockdown, police are picking on the poor and as always, on muslims. there are a couple of states that are doing really well, in the face of corona and just in general. these are states with an 'almost communist' government run by a leader who actually wants good for the country. i think communism is a great option for a densely, highly populated territory filled with extremely stupid people. If you leave it up to the people, most of them make incredibly stupid decisions, because they're poor, uneducated, and kept to their way of life. because we spoiled Indians need to have a maid who comes to clean up our house and kitchen and bathroom every day who we pay 100 euros a month. we need a cook who we pay 70 euros a month. we won't ever lift our fingers to fix a tap. we will call the electrician if the light bulb dies. we have absolutely no idea how to even cut a 2x4 and drive in a screw. But why bother, when the carpenter will do it for 2 euro? ...I don't get how people here can be satisfied knowing how interdependent they all are on other members of the community. It's nice in one way, but makes everyone almost completely useless. i'd be very surprised if most of my friends here even know how to change a car tyre. this is literally a stoned rambling with no real direction.
  3. I wish. The harvest was very rushed and hurried. I had planned to chop the plants and hang them with leaves and all in the scrog net. But it was taking too much time, time which I didn't have. An executive decision was taken on a novel drying method: The pipes were drained, reservoirs emptied, pumps turned off, lights off. Without any water like that, the plants die in a few hours. This is novel only because, normally, you'd like to clean the pipes and put the next batch of clones in. But I don't know when that kind of commitment will be possible from my side. They will sit there for the next 10 days or so as they dry. Didn't get many pics, due to the rush I was in. Police routinely check these industrial estates to ensure that there is no activity during lockdown period. If they see air conditioning running, they ask to open the site to make sure nobody is working inside. We have an arrangement with them but it's still not good to be the only warehouse with running air conditioners. Draws attention. The critical jack #7 before crop: Closer: She had another 2 weeks to go, easy. If I had given her another 2 weeks, I would have seen magic. Even my winning amnesia wasn't quite done. Another week or so, she had. But I'll definitely run this amnesia (#8) and the critical jack #7 again. I will also rerun amnesia #5: Closer: everythjng is looking very wonky as I was unable to visit for about 6-7 days. the critical plus row was unaffected as they were at that stage where they weren't drinking much apart from water. I saw the root health, not very happy with how this turned out. I think I will get rid of the pipes and just use multiple 200L plastic tanks fed by a central master tank with nutes controlled by the intelligrow controller. I think if done right I should only have to empty the reservoir once or twice throughout the cycle. It will be totally 6000 - 7200L of water. The other option is to build metal tables with maybe a foot of wall at the sides, making the top of the table essentially a big tank. Line it with pond liner, set up a feed and drain pipe, and I should be good to go. Could also just have it welded directly to the scrog structure I have already and I'm in business. However, at a 30cm wall height, each "table" would be 30cm x 140cm x 730 cm in volume - upwards of 2000 litres per row and 12000 for the full room. That's too much, I think. So will probably go ahead with the tanks. Best vibes at bad times El chupa
  4. Lockdown has complicated things for sure. Will probably have a slightly late and slightly early harvest, everything will be cropped at the end of this month. No choice. Stay safe people. Elchupa
  5. Also. This was the best pheno of the moby dick auto. greasy af. truly stellar, stellar, cerebral smoke. Not so dense, but man is she a smokeeee.
  6. so i finally have some legit pictures I took with my faux-dslr camera. here we go kids. sorry for the file size. Critical Jacks. don't be fooled, some of them that look voluminous are not too dense. but... this sativa critical jack will be a keeper. critical jack #7. truly a beast, dense colas, resilience to stress. just needs a week or two more veg than the amnesia stepsisters, and probably can handle slightly lower lights. a closer shot suggest that she will flower longer than her sisters but I'll take it. meanwhile, the amnesia row is still the overall winner. heres' the bulkier side: and here is the taller side: There's one very curious and different from the usual type of amnesia i've got. unlike her sisters, she's got dense golfball nugs rather than a long donkey dick cola. but the nugs seem ridiculously dense, large calyxes. I'm keeping a close eye on you, am#5: some of the critical jacks are frosty, but don't look like they'll yield too heavily. they've got frost till the tips of the leaves though. not like mild light frost. i'm talking about bud level frost: that being said, some of the criitcal jack appear to be just about done, will start cutting on monday. this pic was taken a week ago, so she should be all amber and cloudy now. The critical + row is a mixed bag: Here's the best critical plus (technically critical plus 2.0 - I caller her 2CP1. This row is home to the dark horse of this entire grow: sweet amnesia haze by sweet seeds. Only one of her survived and damn she's getting frosty. smells intricately interesting as well. \ The Critical Plus has some frosty phenos too. But I think, given her structure size and stature, critical plus is a much better plant to grow under a smaller grow light in a smaller space (1-2sqm) and/or in a SOG setup. Not to say it cannot be scrogged with a lower plant count, but I think the critical jack edges it out in terms of overall average vigour and growth. I have grown far fewer seeds of Critical Plus than Critical Jack though, so maybe it's just a matter of finding the optimal pheno. For a strain that's meant to be commercial, she seems to have potential in the potency department as well, but only the toke will tell. They also look like they're just about finishing up. Critical Plus and Plus 2.0 can be done comfortably with an 8 week flowering window, probably 7.5 weeks from clone. Frosty and pretty critical plus: Now, I've not been too motivated to capture pics of the kolossi, because one of the two rows of kolossi got really fucked by a pump shutdown, and the other row was just basically the runts of the batch. I will run some cuts of kolossi again to see how they grow in a standard situation. Also, the kolossi seem very very different from the one I grew in 2015/16. Rock hard golf ball nugget structure rather than long colas which I had last time around. But those nugs are like rocks, really really dense, so I want to give her good phenos a shot again. More than anything, the kolossi are all very open in their structure. It really reduces the time spent trimming. Naturally though this only makes sense if they yield as good as or better than the 'more demanding' cuts I've got. I will definitely get some pics of them before they are hacked down. we're on the last lap here folks. best vibes, El Chupa
  7. "May you have ten daughters and may they all marry well." - Ancient Indian Blessing (sounds more like a curse to me tbh, the only thing I want 10 of is pounds of flower) But thank you for this treasure trove of information, brother. You will be rewarded in the afterlife. (again, not sure how that's a blessing) best vibes El CHupa
  8. Please don't mistake my curiosity for scepticism. I didn't think there was such a thing as improving the spectrum for yield and improving it for quality. It does sound counterintuitive. While I'm aware that boosting PPF in a specific wavelength has specific effects (i.e., leaf expansion, stem elongation, etc.) I didn't think that incorporating this knowledge into designing a spectrum that is optimal for growth/yield would retract from the quality of the end product. Unless there are wavelengths specifically responsible for the composition of and extent of resin production and these are in opposition to those that are responsible for vigorous growth, then this would make sense. Any/all info appreciated. Best vibes El chup
  9. Interesting...so resin production is faster. Is it more? And when you say bud rot comes on faster, you mean because with lower heat, R/H increases? Which LEDs are you specifically talking about? My research leads me to believe that the best change I can make without updating my skillset is to fit an entire room out with 630w CMH DE instead of 1000w HPS DE. This will reduce power draw, but probably won't make a difference to heat output. Will also drastically improve spectrum, I'm hoping for less stretch and better veg, and more electricity that can be put towards air conditioner use. El Chupa
  10. When the lights go out...a snapshot of the few minutes of "twilight" my plants receive. It's just the inconsistency of the timer. It's about 5 min behind the gavita and I never really bothered to change it. Got some fuzzy but satisfying pics through the cctv. Some black and whites to spice things up 
  11. I get where you're coming from. I'm kind of either numb to the scale of things or it hasn't quite sunk in.
  12. I second the landrace having intriguing tastes and smells. Things from epoxy resin to fennel to carrot to mango. Need to get back to some landraces.
  13. Jo folks Decided to diversify into aerial photography for reference, the vertical slotted angle channels are 6ft tall. The amnesias are far outsizing everything else. Some kolossi peaks are visible vaguely in the distance, but the juice is all in the amnesia row. I've got quite a bit of variety in terms of amnesia bud density. From stem base to peak, there are quite a few above 6ft. The entire left rectangular area in the picture below is one amnesia plant. She looks like she has potential to be the keeper, but I'm concerned about flower time for her. Here you can better see some of the big colas. I've never grown such frosty nugs in my life, these 1000w are gamechangers. Waiting to see what CMH will bring. Best vibes Elchupa
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