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  1. I ordered a bunch of landrace, pure indicated and pure sativa seeds.. for breeding. Still working on my SSH cross.. but aside from that I have decided to do my breeding with landrace and pure only.. crossing mutts to mutts is fun but I wanna step up my breeding efforts and I think using the pure and landrace will be a better way for me. Morrocan.. Hindu.. uzbekistani.. pakistani.. guatemalan.. hawaiian.. mexican.. south African kwazula. Kilmanjaro.. a bunch of deep chunk crosses and some other faster flowering sativas. Most of the pure sativas are of the faster flowering type.. mostly south african. Tried to get a little of everything.. but no Afghan and no Thai. Already have some vietnamese. Getting a Durban cut from a friend for the project as well.
  2. I've been searching around the site but I cannot really find an idea of a # weeks range I am looking at from clones showing pistils.. Lavieenrose? Nil? Got a guess?
  3. I appreciate you offering up some advice on the coljam, Nil. My 3 coljam ladies are quite mature. Multiple tops.. all 3 showing preflowers now. I cut them waaay back to little 6in tall plants. I'm thinking about doing a little 11/13 before I transplant to the flower part and send to the flower room. I've got a small cab with floro that I would do it in. Problem is.. I gotta cut these down by June 1st. Thinking with them being mature and a couple weeks of 11/13 before the upcan might get them finished inn time for June 1st deadline. What do you think? I have grown some 14 wk sativas.. grew one from clones for a couple years there. So I know what I'm in for. Though, I see the apical dominance thing you are talking about in pics and does look like a little bit of a different beast than I am used to.
  4. Anyone know how to get in touch with Tom Hill? Or where to find Deep Chunk seeds? I wanna polinate my pure Viet Sativa Dalat among others with a DC male.
  5. The thread should back in business in about 1 month. I have to harvest this crop and setup the next one. This time, in ocean forest, I'll have a better idea of what the change of spectrum offers. I totally blew it in coco loco. I messed it all up.
  6. @the joker I was more so replying to the post below than yours but it does all tie in for the most part. I was just throwing in my opinion on the idea that T5s cannot handle good healthy vegetative growth. My problem with that being, I've seen good healthy flowering growth from them. But yeah.. he is actually using more light than I am with a 600 over the same space. I think his preference with the T5 is spectrum. HPS, in reality, is not a great spectrum for plants, imo. It packs a punch but is far from optimal. That is the cool thing about t5s.. with aquarium bulbs, reptile, uv and pure par bulbs you can put together very specific spectrums that you cannot get with HID. As to the expense.. ya, right? Wouldn't be cheap. But if you're only flowering a 4x4 for personal use and you like the t5 over your past hid grows, then, probably worth the money.. different strokes. His setup involves something like 2 6 bulb fixtures and 1 8 bulb fixture, I think. Ballast are built into fixture though so it doesn't really become a problem of maintaining 20 ballasts.. just 3 fixtures. On the seeds.. I'm still new to this Blue Dream cutting. It should be interesting to see what she offers as a mother. It was just a quick little application of fresh pollen to a lady in flower. My SSH hybrid is getting the attention more so.
  7. BTW.. I've already got a nice branch full of the Thunder Express x Blue Dream seeds.. Looking forward to harvesting those in the next month.
  8. ^ with enough T5's.. I've seen people get results comparable to a 400w mh. One specific grower with T5s I see him consistently do better than quite a few do with a 600. Though he is using about 20 4 ft ho t5s over a roughly 4x4.. Also, you can get LED like perfected spectrums with T5s if you get into aquarium type lighting combinations.. I've always kept my mothers under floro.. this is something I would like to change in the future though. My next grow room build will be the first that I really do the plants justice on the vegetative end. Which like posted above, is so damn important. Back in my early days, I did not realize/want to admit that. IMO though.. with T5s, used properly, you can get something pretty close to HID / LED results in veg.. takes a lot of bulbs and in the right combinations. Check out Riddleme / RM3.. he does it in flower. That guy can take what you know about HID vs T5 and turn it upside down. It took me almost 2 yrs of watching his threads to come around, but I'm a believer now.
  9. I love this machine.. it is a game changer for me. I just freed up a solid 3 wks of time that would have been dedicated to trimming over 2016. Nice!
  10. Yeah, they won't get the kind of detail that you get when you go scissors pointed inside the buds.. cutting off at the petiole.. unfortunately not. That said, they do a decent job and fast.
  11. Keep in my mind this was our first time running the machine.. Furthermore, this was the first time my helper had trimmed at all. Her stuff was a little more sloppy than mine.. she was nervous about cutting too much. She was excited to just keep the trim .. they say they fully plan on smoking it. She even wanted to keep the fan leaves You can definitely take off more.. and you could definitely take off less.. this was about the exact amount I wanted to take off. I believe that leaving some of the leaves adds to flavor, potency, and cannabinoid profile. Also, the little bit of leaf left protect the bud from damage through the drying and curing process and even up until it hits a grinder/fingers.. I do not like to remove every little leaf. I like a shaggy cut. Though this machine is capable of a more thorough cut. Also.. I think I was getting done about 2x the work that she was.. Maybe even 3x. So.. I think this machine can move MUCH faster than we did. The only guy I have talked to with actual experience running the machine says that 4 guys with 4 clippers and experience with the machine ran through 10lbs in 11 hours.. and I believe it. The wire turned out to be not an issue.. the handle though did bother me.. not because of the design or shape, but, the handle is too small. For most people it would be perfect but I have very large hands.. If the handle was an inch taller, it would be perfect for me, but perhaps a tad bulky for others. My other complaint.. it shoots little bits of leaf ALL fucking over the place. I had little bits of leaves all caught in my beard .. My shirt was covered in little trim bits. IIt is a bit messy. But nothing an apron and some covers on the floor and tables will not take care of. It was pretty hilarious to see my beard full of little leaf bits though.. I actually got a little piece of leaf caught in my eye too. God damn.. it BURNS! You want to keep the branch you are working on lower than eye level and away from your face.. which is not a big problem.. just something you want to watch out for. And oh yeah.. we got nicked a little here and there.. just a pinch. Doesn't break the skin, doesn't draw blood. Just a lil pinch is all.
  12. I got the bonsai hero today.. I LOVE this thing.. me and a friend blew through a 4x8 tray of trees like it was nothing. I had schedule Thu-Sun for trimming the whole crop. Instead we had a short day yesterday and are planning a full day Saturday and we'll be done. I'm kinda pissed I have not been using this thing all these years.. I first saw these available in like 2005 i think it was? I have never even heard of anyone using one until recently.
  13. I will have to redo this same experiment again. I was using Coco Loco for the first time while also growing organic indoors for the first.. and I kinda fucked it up. My Ocean Forest gardens did very damn well though! Unfortunately those gardens did not have the T5s.. I will harvest but the plants are not at all in great health. I will journal the next small tent grow with the HPS + T5.. starting in about 4 wks. Sucks I have to start over again.. I just can't get a clear picture of before and after with buds harvested from plants that are not doing very well.
  14. I am making some calls today to see about aquiring some Bell's : HopSlam. It is an American Double / Imperial IPA. 10%, tastes like a 6%. No joke, my old home bar saw DUI's go up 30% amongst the regular patrons during the 2 months it is available.. It is my favorite beer out there but seasonal beer and can be difficult to get your hands on bottles depending on your location. You can get it on tap for about 2 months out of the year. It is not available in my current state. I can rarely count on old friends to even hold a 6 pk for me.
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