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  1. Thanks neighbours @agreenpassion and equally to you @BeachBud, very much appreciated !! It's been a while and I kinda miss being here, happy to be back, I've been a bit busy moving to a new spot this past week but I'll start a thread in a couple of days of the strains I previously listed. Peace!!
  2. Hiya OG's, been on hiatus, now that's concluded decided to step back in the ring and maybe go few rounds with you guys! At the minute I'm running a small varied selection.. Black Scull Seeds-Tropical Nuggets (Fruity Pebbles OG) Unknown Freebee- Gelato Unknown Freebee- Bruce Banner @Silas&Jamal- Cannabella Seed Club- Grüne Brille And because the creators of one of the strains is located here I thought I'd maybe display it's attributes for all to see I wish everyone well and a successful grow for all DaStonaKatona..but katona to you guys
  3. katona


    thnx for responding... gregster, there is only one thing missing tho'......the web address to show how to load the pix .........the fact you tried is very much appreciated !! If and when possible can you mail me again with the WEB ADDRESS ...give thanks ...BLESS.
  4. Cant seem to load pics....HEEEEEEEELP
  5. Cant seem to load pics....HEEEEEEEELP
  6. SHEEEEEET.....JUST GOT SUM (NAPALMA ) + FREEBEES (DURGAN CHISTRALx BLUE HAMMER )..........Mi seh BLOOD-CLEET ....BLESS YOU GUYS FOR THE OFFERING I WILL AND MUST DO DEM JUSTICE BELIEVE....ABOUT FOUR DAYS DILIVERY...UNREAL !! got 7 babies developing @ da mo' being(BLACK RUSSIAN - KRYSTAL METH - BLUE DREAM - KALASHNIKOVA - CLAUSTRUM - PINK KUSH - KING KONG) ALL OF WHICH I FORGOT TO LABEL hehe....Can any one inform me on how to post pics as i don't have a clue??! Being a farmer (of cannabis) i'm more organic than technological!! Apreciated if anyone can HEEEEELP.. BLESS...
  7. katona


    Would like to 'APPOLOGISE' to GET MO for Relaying on his thread without intro-ing myself (very rude?! Wont do this again!) just got cought up in the mo' (no pun' intended!!) and as the creator was in attendance just thought I would seek advise... So Sorry.. GET MO, Katona.
  8. katona


    Hey thanx whazzup...found out what the rust was...maggie (magnesium) rust gave sum epsom salts she's back on form;-)..yeah pictures will have em displayed over this weekend! Oh since last shes grown 3/4 inches and starting to open up:-P... Later Katona.
  9. katona


    Hi, Whazzup...i know you've been on this thread nearly two years now since may/june 2011 its been a pleasure, a privalage to observe her birth and getting her first legs..(threads)..:-D gonna give a little report on her and need a little info on KRONO'S specs... Germed only 2 yes ONLY 2 (testers) turned out one male (lookin' like lou feringo..HULKish course same colour to boot) got the chop two days ago! And the sister..well..she's bit of Amozon herself ...started them off in 500ml yoghurt pots..then to 3 litre pot..then 10 litre and now in a 90 litre tub B-) she's been topped once and pinched a few times under 600 watt hps constant 24hour..from yesterday she stands at 9 inches tall and 20 inches wide..!! Just wanna kno' 3 things numro uno.. what is the estimated stretch on this girl? numro duo..got deep brown tips developing on a few of the leafs any ideas? Finnali tré.. Is it possible to reduce my light time from 24hrs constant down to 18/6 or 20/4 WITHOUT Inducing her to flower? Due to cost of consuption! ... Will appreciate any, if all feedback on her.. Bless.. Katona.
  10. Misterdirt you could'nt be more RIGHT! Made a an error and Sannie did what (every on here and a couple of friends says) he does which is...DELIVER!..B-) ...must say the packaging is ingenious-... look.. Thanks again SANNIE and TEAM bless.. .......Greetz.
  11. Hey up...bad news! I ordered the kronocain on the 8/12/12 paid in full using a credit card so there would be no mistakes and guess what...???! Ive been told by sannie HIMSELF that they have not received it:-S So to be sure i went to the bank and they showed me the transaction...what time the transaction...and how much was taken and by what device! I have relayed all this to sannie.. And now awaiting confirmation:-( Has any one else have simillar probs on here or is it that i'm a newbee and this is part of an anitiation? Open to suggestions...all comments welcomed Greetz.
  12. Thnx DesertGrown much appreciate the welcome... Bless, c ya soon!
  13. GREETZ to all...finally landed:-) been observing from afar but had to take the first step in the leap for mankind...ordered kronocain should be 'ere in a bit! Meantime been growing sum northern lights (old seed stock about 8yrs old from seedsman) smells sweet bout 5 weeks bloom (veged for four) got think another 3 weeks maybe give or take...will post pics soon and post sum of my old grows..any way guys glad to be hereB-) cheers.
  14. 'geezer' ebenezer splooge..gots to get sum beans!!

  15. What's on my mind...? My hair..!! just wanted to give shout to all growers 'n' tokers breeders and modereetors (yes I do know how to spell moderator just would'nt have rhymed;-)

    1. katona


      Just finished a grow of big buddha cheese..never again, generic as a regular afghan, not the same as the sample he showed me at the london hemp fair think 2008/9 not absalute on dates but sure about the dud he's punting out!

    2. katona


      Moving on quikly..B-)..too greater things! Sannie - £sko and the gang..been looking to sample sum of your creations..( kronocain/ms universe ) maybe gonna order sum in a couple days still debating any suggestions...appreciated...thnx

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