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  1. Ph rise after a few floods normal? Just adjust or leave it? Its like 6.5 now. One flood per day with seedlings for a week or so?
  2. Thanks for the replies! I do appreciate it RO is installed. Will take a while to generate 100l. Its just a small unit. Also I have it on the house side of the water (pressure reduction) So its sitting at 40psi. If it move it to the other side of the pressure reducer ill get over 60psi. Anyway I`m cleaning out the res of the test water (.41ec) for the .05ec good stuff. I had a drink its kinda strange to drink water like that. I like my well water better. Looking back it seem I do not really need the 10cm cubes, you could go seedling or cutting right to the hydroton.
  3. I have been flooding it 3 times a day to test. It seems to be wicking to me. Ill see if i can get a pic. But the hydrotron is damp. There are roots coming out the bottom of the large cubes now. So i guess I don`t have much time. The RO unit should be here today.
  4. Thanks. Yes it is flooding just over 1/3. I really need to get another res, then i have the flexibility to flood to higher if needed. The flood line is just under the RW. Time will tell what needs to be adjusted. The plastic comes off the cubes in the big system yea? LOl (dumb)
  5. Ok well off they go then. Just keep them damp for a few days i guess? also ive been flooding for a couple days to test everything. The rockwool isn't getting wet. But just under. Is it suppose to wick any water?
  6. Haha thanks guys. Yes I have the same issue. Dragging soil and all the things about 100m from my driveway to this room just got old. Same as me. I took the dome off to get the light as close as possible to prevent stretching. Since im just starting over I have no clones. Maybe in 6 months. I have seen people use the smart pots and hydroton. These crates were 2 bucks. I just hope it floods enough. If this doesnt work right I will switch to some other media for the table. Ill transfer the seedlings to the cubes soon as i see the tap root then. Which could be today. I best go soak some cube in 5.8ph then. I guess i can leave the plastic on then until transfer to the big system?
  7. When do these get put in the 10cm cubes?
  8. Hi thanks for the replies all. Yea my room is kinda hard to get to. Underground even, tucked away in the far reaches of a basement. I`m not getting younger so the dragging of soils in and out is a pain. Things are coming along. I have installed a 3 stage water filter to bypass the water softener. Filters down to 5mic with a last filter for chlorine etc. .41ec I might need a dehumidifier. Night time low 60`s, daytime 50. And that`s with no plants. Nervous about the seedlings however. Usually they would just get buried in soil near to the first leaves. But this can not work like that shoving them into a larger RW cube. They will get leggy wont they? Do i just keep the RW damp until ready to be transplanted?
  9. There, this looks better i think. Should be plenty.
  10. Ok so I cleaned up my room, what a mess. I haven`t opened the door in 2 years i think. Washed all the walls etc. Bought a load of stuff. I even have an EC meter now, something i never had. I will get rid of the ghetto pallet I`m using as a table stand. Also need a new res. I think i need to get lower to the floor and 75l is barley enough. 100l and closer to the ground would give me more headroom. I just didn`t want to buy a "hydro" res because I`m cheap and i think they a little over priced for what it is. Tap water is .41 EC , after a test of nutes, 3 part GH its over 1.3 i think it was. (1ml per l) So an RO filter ill need I suppose. I have some special queen #1 ill run, they are forgiving and cheap. Besides its all the seeds i have left. All that`s left really is to decide on pots. I think the square ones are too big really. What you think about the smaller round ones? Ill just cut a slit in them like the squares. Ill start a report when the seeds are germinated, which will be the first time for me on rockwool. Then to a 10cm block, then to the pot w/hydrotron.
  11. Hi guys, thanks for the replies. I`m doing flood and drain (something like this https://www.growshops.fr/fr/33345-systeme-complet-de-table-a-maree-flowtable-pro-144m2-9-airpot-92l-platinium-hydroponics.html) just for the pure simplicity of it. Ill have to look up even what an octopot is haha.
  12. Hi all, Been a while Sometimes life is like that. So I have decided to throw out my soil (really getting tired of lugging bags of soil now) I will buy a flood and drain table for my 600w and put 6 plants on it. My question really is whats everyone using now a days for nutes? Should I just stick with 3 part GHE or is something else around? There are 40 different nutes now a days. Thanks!! Keep Smokin`
  13. plasma


    Any of you guys in Barcelona? Coming for a quick visit next month.
  14. Hey all, im back after a break. Check my gallery for previous things. My room has been improved as well, ive insulated it top to bottom to help control the climate. Run includes: 2x Critical Kush - Barneys Farm 2x Cookies Kush - Barneys Farm 2x Lemon Kush - Female Seeds 2x Cheese Candy - Delicious 1x Fruit Spirt - Royal Queen No sannies this time, but im heading to Amsterdam tonight and will go to the shop that has his stuff and get something to run after this. Pics when i come back, Peace and Smoke Plasma
  15. Welcome back, im back as well, sorta. Yea Maverick, sigh, he was the first person to welcome me to the forums.
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