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  1. Ordered new ballast. Should take the standard 10 fucking wuflu days to deliver. I have no money at the moment thanks to chineseFLU. So had to settle for a Superplant 100euro shit thing. Maybe when this is over I finally have the excuse for a nice ballast. On a funny note, the temp in the room has increased 3 deg c lol.
  2. Shit yea. my digistar from 2013 shit the bed it seems. I dont think its suppose to be here on this table. OH NOES THIS DINOSAUR. Not a good time to lose a ballast lol.
  3. Shit shit shit. My DigiStar 600 decided to stop working. I have an old mag ballast thats about 20 years old installed. I hope it lasts 3 weeks. The digistar is long out of warranty. I bought it in 2013. More on this later....
  4. 6 weeks flower. ph 5.7 ec 1.5 (yesterday) Temp 26.5 and 63RH I will start to taper things off a bit maybe. I think sannie said this was a 9 week strain. Couple of pictures to hold you till next week!
  5. Hiya. This should be 5 weeks flower now I think... EC 1.5, 28c, 65rh, 5.5 ph. Till next week. Keep it frosty!
  6. Its Wednesday ! 28 days 12/12 i think. Numbers looking good. Bumped the ec,1.7, ph is hanging around 5.8. 24c/60rh Untill next week. Keep er upright!
  7. Saturday, Wednesday its all the same in quarantine ! These are from the 15th Numbers haven`t change all the same. Just couple pics to tide you over. Next week ill get lights out pics. Be good out there!!
  8. I have no data from the last round lol. Oh well. Just 2 pictures it seems. Pretty sure it was Special Queen #1 from RoyalQueen. And Will Wednesday!
  9. Hiya, do you think that is a little slow ? I don`t know because I am new to this method. Ill see if I can dig up some data on the previous and first round. edit: I just had a quick look, I started a thread in 2018 haha, but no data, no pictures whatever.
  10. One week, 2 weeks... its all the same day in quarantine haha. 2weeks 12/12 now I think. Changed the res. Numbers are stable. One thing for sure, I need more experience with topping and the net. I normally just SOG everything. Also I need to get my table closer to the ground to get more ceiling. ( 2m ceiling, thats not much when the lamp/reflector take up so much space) A project for later. Ill need to build a custom res that`s 40cm high. (40x40x80 should be more than 100l) I also want to switch to a 2 part nutes, recommendations? PH 5.9 EC 1.3 water temp 24c air 28c RH 55% April 4 Yesterday April 8 Take care out there and see you next week!
  11. Yes I expect your right. Thanks!
  12. Plants don`t seem to care about coronavirus. 12/12 started yesterday. 2x 12min flood per day. EC 1.13 PH 5 (really dropped for some reason, I never use ph up, I don`t even have any. will recheck this value today.) Might be time to re-calibrate to make sure my device is good. Water temp 24c Air temp 27 w/55%RH The plant seems to clone very easy. Until next week.
  13. Another week. Got my "end of the word" stockpile sorted out. Couple days ago (16th) Plants topped. 80l had been added to the res so it was time for a top up. Start EC was .53 End EC 1.47 PH5.7, 21c water, 24c 55RH air. Checked the data yesterday (19th) PH6 EC 1.37, 23c water, 24c 57RH air. Will need to change to flood 2x per day now. Lamp was changed for HPS and turned up to 600W I will veg until Wednesday then 12/12 show time. 16th 19th A little sannie jack for later. Until next week. Take care and stay in for a bit. Lots of time to talk to you plants, animals, kids, wives, whatever.
  14. Well well another week has passed... 3 weeks veg. 400w MH 18/6. I moved the light up 10 cm. I will top in the next couple days. None of the other data has really changed. Pretty stable numbers. Till next week. Get your toilet paper stocked up!!
  15. Another week has passed. This is day 15 I think (yesterday, I was too tired to make a post) With this week are major changes to the plants. Their feet have for sure found the juice of life. I think I will go one more week (18/6 under 400W MH) and see if I can top. EC.85 Water Temp 23c Air Temp 24.5c 54% rH PH 5.9 Its been a while since Ive seen branching like that on a 2 week old from seed. See you next week! Keep er upright.
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