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  1. Shackzilla my favorit strain for Saniees, really good harvest weight. This one is 150 cm tall,12 weeks flowering time
  2. Herijuana x Shiva 75 days of flowering( sannies 4 organic steps + BAC Bloom, pk)
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  4. Yeah i want only grow fems. I like very much killing fields now it's my favorite box strain for sannies . I decided to grow one more time KF and i waiting for sugar punch... shackzilla is very good too but ssh pheno is to tall for my box
  5. it's not that thing, i mean sth else. i've already made everything to outdoor grow, and i want to make also indoor during this summer. this strain what i mean will be growing in box, so could you tell me what kind of it will be the best and not so smelly in time of flowering (herijuana?).
  6. Hi! actually i have in my growboxs hackzilla, kolossus, killing fields and mad shack under 4 x 600 w (24 plants together) and everything is going well. In 3 weeks i will complete my project. Summer is coming and i want to get two good strains, which are feminized, good yeld and are not giving off so much odour during the time of flowering (it's the most important thing for me!). I prefer three weeks of vegetation (topping training technique and 10-12 weeks of flowering). Could you recommend me something from Sannie's offer? Thank you in advance! I wish you to be happy with your projects! Good luck! here is the link to my actually grow https://www.opengrow.com/gallery/album/3695-kolossus-shackzilla-madshack-amnesia-kf/
  7. Freak kolossus into 11 week flowering I think 2 weeks is enough to finished
  8. camera for 2 $ Killing Fields 48 Day Flo shackzilla & kf and right side box
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  10. Hi Smile, Pics Amnesia Haze RQS 35 gr fully dry ! psychedelic weed !
  11. kazuya20


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