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  1. The Sea Cal, Sea Mag that I used to use contains almost all the food needed when used together Sea cal : 2-0-0 + Ca, Sea mag : 1-3-4 + Mg so that add a complete diet. Some strains need more nutrients as well as phenotype from the same variety. Hope your plants will finish well... good luck mate !
  2. I think Sunplix system digital CMH the best and easier way now, excepted if you can find stocked Philips around u. https://www.facebook...?type=3 SunPlix System FB
  3. Philips in EU made the CDM and CDO series since longtime with standard E40 screw, in US under the CMH name existed with higher power like 400W... coupled with master greenpower or again grolux it's perfect. The only sad thing from CMH is it heats a few more. (but they are difficult to find now)
  4. Hey Ciko, I think you true the root bound and nutrients deficiency are coming together, I have tried to fix almost exactly the same thing recently, with rootbound a light mineral feeding sure will help faster but don't overdose them... Perhaps try organic with a little mineral add for a complete diet. I love using organic bloom with a few of sea cal, sea mag add and more PK in full flowering. (or bat guano/molasses tea brew for TLO)
  5. Hey nice Snook ! Though me can't see where your plant yellowing, maybe just normal or some pH imbalance...
  6. Good luck buddy for this session ! Weird I'm flowering Panama and have order Sour lemon haze too... (: Looks like you get some rare Haley's comet x Very berry haze from the CSC, the Green hornet Very berry haze always interested me it's a shame they're gone now. Really pleased to see your progress and as well as how they turn ! Thanks for sharing.
  7. Cinderella 99 x Killa Kush/Blue Kronic put out of my flowering room in February after 1 good month cause a few of hermaphrodism, then on my balcony with low temp varying from 0 to 15°C. Taken after around 10 weeks of organic flow. Finally happy to have keep this plant alive ! lol
  8. hiwatt


    Cheeseberry x (Extrema or AD/DSD) (Hiwatt gens) G13/Diesel x Fire OG (BHC seeds) C99 x KillaKush/BlueKronic (Hiwatt gens fem) Jamaican (Shiska bro)
  9. Up ? Hidro ! WE want to see how the Malawi are doing ?
  10. Heya Dieseldog, Back in the days, I found some great info also from ProPlayer420 on mildew management and IPM... Think also a good reading..? http://michiganmedic...ildew/?p=236200
  11. Sulfur is the greatest method on the natural way I found, micronised liquid sulfur spray and burned sulfur, alternated with water only (1 or 2 days later) and cleaned by black soft soap then you can switch to different oils. Reducing bugs but also mildew...
  12. Hehe looking great Hidro ! I'll watching with great interest as I have some SOA Malawi gold on my side... Possibly a good comparaison ACE & SOA seeds. Good luck for them !
  13. Beautiful sharing mate, what do you use as medium and nutrients ? I can't remind and you change perhaps... look like they've got just what they needed. Frosty and big buds !
  14. I have seen peeps using alcohol, I tried one times or 2 mixed with black soap and vinegar... I think you can use many methods going like a more natural treatment than straight chemicals like Avid, Forbid, Eaggle, Vertimec and many more, since you use them before a complete infestation ! p:s: The Joker, come back when you want or feel the need really, please..!
  15. Hey bro, don't I speak and use English as you the Joker me not native, or what I have said excepted sometimes !!! And fuck take your way dude if needed no worry ! Bye Dude, smoke a good joint and distress !
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