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  1. I've not seen that for years. You have done a good job with her too, looks tasty.
  2. KTF


    Thank you brother
  3. Thank you Mr GF That one was from back in 2013. She smoked beautiful. She was a great mix of both parents. I have lots of Indiana Bubblegum stuff going on this year and I just cannot wait. Most of it is Nspectas work.
  4. I hope everybody is enjoying there evening. Indiana Bubblebum X Lavander (Somas cut R1) Ticked all the boxes this one.
  5. I hope everybody is having a chilled evening. This was a little early sample of the GSC Forum cut.
  6. Thank bro for the confirmation
  7. Sorry to hear that your camera went for a swim. What camera are you thinking of getting Mr G?
  8. Thanks Halforc. I do believe that the camera that I used for those shots was a Sony NEX-5n. I recently received a new Panasonic camera for xmas which I look forward to using more. It takes some cracking shots considering the size.
  9. Next up is another personal favourite of mine, the Amnesia #1 aka D-Cut.
  10. I hope everyone is enjoying there weekend. Here is one of my all time favourites, its ojd's cut of the Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze. I ran this girl for 3 years solid on every grow. Used to love smoking this when I use to roam the Welsh mountains in the mornings with my Siberian Husky. These pictures are my very first time with her and managed to dial her in straight away. When grown properly this girl produces pure bracs as shown in the dry shots.
  11. Thanks Saxo, appreciate the kind words
  12. Last one for tonight is from my own selection. This was a very special girl, but like all my plants they were lost when ICMAG forum member foxy lady decided to turn police informer. The 92 Shiva KTF cut
  13. Bodhi’s Fantasy Island
  14. Hope everyone’s enjoying their weekend. Let’s keep the dank pics rolling. Here’s a banger from Hortilab, the Sour Power
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