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  1. Lat45

    Hey brother... is this a spent Keurig coffee cup?


  2. KTF


    Seriously mate, hands down these are the best seeds I've popped since I've been back. It's a shame your so far away because I'd love for you to try the finished product.
  3. KTF


    So impressed with what I'm seeing and smelling so far on both the Cheetos and D.Livers San. Heres a little update on the D.Livers. Total Sour D structure but with that Livers stench. For me so far these are the standouts on what's currently in flower.
  4. Look forward to those pics. I had a rather extensive collection around 7 years ago. Police took everything when Foxy Lady ratted me out. The bastards took my Gen 3 night vision, all my optical gear and all my crossbows too. Not to mention my watch collection. The stuff I've been buying since I've been let loose lol is for my return to the wilderness. I've got a few more lined up, another couple of Winklers and TRC's. Ive just ordered a new axe from TOPS, it's called the high impact. 9mm thick full tang of 1095. I do love a good axe. I have a feeling that you've probably got a blade or 2 I'd like to buy. But with all this flu nonsense destroying everything I wouldn't risk the shipping. I do love a Spyder Co too lol
  5. Lol, The Case/Winkler collaboration started back in 2016. They have 5 pieces in the collection which includes the pack axe. The Knife I have is called the Skinner. Although it could more than cope with skinning duties being a full flat grind, it's trailing point design is actually more of a jack of all trades camp knife. The name Skinner is from the vet that designed it along with the pack axe, Kevin Holland, Skinner is his nick name lol. It really is stunning working tool. All of Winklers designs are like an extension to your hand. Speaking of Winkler, just had this turn up in the post. My new Winkler drop point spike crusher lol. The Winkler sheaths are the best I've ever seen. It's a triple layered system of suede, kidex and the wrapped in leather. Every single component is made in the USA and the knives themselfs are made in the Appalachian mountains. But being a knife nut I bet you knew that already lol. We've definitely got the same taste. Like yourself I've had a very keen interest in these things since I was a child, I just can't help it lol. The Tanto is one of my favourite designs. I remember when Cold Steel brought them to the market many years ago. I was amazed watching those demonstrations. Those early models are quite sought after now. You have excellent taste along with some fantastic blades. That bow of mine is an amazing bit of kit. The poundage, cable, string etc can all be adjusted without the need for a bowpress, and breaks down into two parts for portability. I'm waiting for my thermal scope to arrive so I can start playing properly. I'd love to be able to obtain a firearms license but in reality it's never going to happen because of the time I've spent in jail for cannabis. Very jealous of those pistols lol. I've put an order in for a few more Winklers Knives and a new axe. I'm about to move back out into the mountains within the next couple months and need to stock up on all the kit that's gonna be needed. Some fun times ahead lol. Ah and before I forget the TRC. They really do make some of the best semi custom knives out there. The level of detail and finishing is superb and easily on par with the Winkler stuff.
  6. Anytime brother. The real deal bubblegum has always been of high interest to me as it's one of the first elites I smoked along with the real cheese (not the exodus cut) I believe the father to be originally Mexican, but the amount of work that went into this line, that could have of changed. From what I understand it's heavily inbreed. I had a good chat regarding this with Caleb (Nspecta) because he was looking for information regarding the origins and he'd never heard of Silverback. Everything I stated to him was then later confirmed by Pip (Souvenir Seed Co) who's responsible for getting the original clone into the hands of Caleb and Mosca. I think it was pips uncle that had the clone since the early 90's. Santero will confirm my interest on the Bubblegum (if he remembers lol) as when we first met on Seed Depot all those years ago, it was one of my grails. I'm currently working on a bubblegum project with Moscas work. I've got 2 males that I've selected from a couple of packs of Old Time Indiana Bubblegum that stink like bubblegum like you wouldn't believe. Last year I grew out some IBG S1's and was extremely impressed with what I found. So I'm going to pop the other 3 packs and look for that pink bubblegum selection again and go from there.
  7. KTF


    Starting to fill out nicely. Very impressed with Santeros work so far.
  8. @coxnox looking lovely. Hope your well.
  9. 3 month cure Sour D
  10. Silent but deadly. Hickory Creek inline mini along with a few other bits from the tool bag. And yes, the rumors about me in the UK are true, I'm not be fucked with.
  11. KTF

    next project?

    Best blue cheese hands down. It will be making a return in my f2 project with 2 females and 4 male open pollination. Then put a select f2 male over the original cheese cut (Brightside) which I think would be the best route to proceed.
  12. KTF


    25 clones consisting of the following 100% verified genetics. Chem91 SKVA Chem D Chem Sis Giesel Fire OG TK OG Kush Underdawg OG aka loompas Headband Apple Fritter (Lumpy) Bandaid Haze #7 Island Sweet Skunk (Breeder Steve) ECSD NL2 (80's original OG/Chem)
  13. KTF


    Structure on the Old Time Indiana Bubblegum #5 female.
  14. KTF


    This was the only gal I wanted outta the Old Time Indiana Bubblegum. She packs everything I like about the #2 male but into the female form. Smells from both the male and female are so crazy you'd somehow think it is fake and is sprayed on lol.
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