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  1. ctrip x chocolate thai sounds interesting … I'd be happy to help with seed production runs for any of the chocolates and share with everybody, I have a few tents setup for isolated seed runs.
  2. I heard through the grapevine you have a chocolate Thai ? perhaps up to F5 generation whats she like ? any good flavours ? btw I just ordered some of your strawberry lemons and chocolate diesel F2s
  3. cerise x chocolate rain !!! exciting, must be packed with flavors. can't wait! I have found that the santa maria flavors carry into crosses really well making it good breeding stock. Probably the reason why esko made so many crosses with it.
  4. I have been building an open pollinated santa maria line that started with eskos BlueSanta (Santa Maria x red stretch blueberry male). Has that great "red berry" fragrance that people love.. so far I have crossed in Santa Maria from no mercy seeds, and will be adding in holy princess next. I believe eskobar released a seed round of Santa Maria , I am looking for seeds from that release or anything that's at least 50% Santa Maria @Santero did you get Eskobars Santa Maria stock ?
  5. just as an fyi ...kudos to ekobar for Blue Santa! I have a few patients that simply love blue santa. foxtaiils and all. They seek her out over random blueberry or other fruity mixes, cause of its sativa leaning high. Once a month somebody asks where is my zip of blue santa. Mahalo.Eskobar! btw holy princes, blue santa x c99, and chocolate rain are on deck for screening. But where is chocolate rain ?
  6. sorry to hear about the mix up hope you and sannie didn't lose too much ! wow cool another huge blueberry project! exciting. btw is chocolate rain coming soon?
  7. Hi Eskobar! thanks for all the great beans! I saw a new one in sannies freebies Santa Maria x C99. Any info on this freebie ? How is this different from Holy Princess ? "The Blueberry is very active here since a few months, u will hear results in 2015. I should not have spoiled that." please tell us more about what your doing with blueberry now.... pretty please?
  8. I didn't ASSume anything, I merely tried to provide some additional information about the pennywise strain and that it obviously did not have any CBD with a THC level in the 20s. I never said or intended to imply that high THC meds do not provide pain relief. They do. You said yourself that you did not know anything about Pennywise until you looked it up. But on the other hand my patients (severe broken back injuries, slipped discs and Fibromyalgia) are getting better pain relief from meds with signifcant levels of CBD than high THC meds which are also good for pain. I found your experience usefull in that some Pennywise phenos are useless as pain medication. But for goodness sakes get off your high horse, with your condescending know it all attitude. Aren't we all here to share information and experiences ?
  9. I wouldn't knowingly grow from hermie unless it was produced with the sole purpose of growing hermie seed. That actually means fem seeds that were produced by a top seed producer. Otherwise your just choosing to grow what every grower hates plants that hermi a lot with unknown parents. My last crop of BlueChem had a few seeds in it, not a lot just a few late young ones. Chemdawg genetics is known to hermi and thats just the way it is. Those seeds go in the trash. Growing bag seed is a different question, in that case your playing roulette. You have no idea what it is except that the mother is probably in the bag. It could be a hermie or a male that accidently pollinated the grow from who knows where.
  10. already bot it! Its in my seed queue. I was debating whether or not to keep a male plant or not. A stabalized hybrid takes some of the work out of selecting a good male for outcrossing. Thanks for the help.
  11. Is holy princess an F1 hybrid or a stabalized hybrid ?
  12. Pennywise is a high cbd strain. The pain relief attributed to pennywise is from the cbd content. But like many high cbd strains grown from seed only some of them will have a high cbd content and the thc:cbd ratio witll vary.. If yours tested at 21.8% thc, it probably had no significant CBD content, and thats why it didn't do shit for pain. it even says so On the tga site: "In over 70% of tested samples the CBD was in the range of 12-15% CBD and equal parts of THC as well." while I'm not a tga fan, don't bash something for not knowing whats up and whats down. Most of the cbd seeds currently available nowadays do not breed true for thc:cbd ratio. There is a range of variation because of the inheritence of the cbd genes. That same variation in the THC:CBD ratio is important for treating different patients for different ailments. Some patients do better with a very high CBD, some with a 2:1 cbd:thc and some with a 1:1 thc.
  13. Yes indeed a difficult puzzle. btw when I said by less than one percent I really meant with only insignificant trace amounts of CBD, usually in tenths of a percent. Some of the genetic work indicates at least a couple of recessive genes controlling CBD versus THC production acting on common precursors to THC and CBD acting like a toggle.
  14. Almost all of the tests I have seen for regular strong Indica's have less than 1% of CBD, basically not significant. They really have been selected for high THC. I have seen a lot of tests browsing online lab tests results for interesting high CBD strains. Apparently it isn't the CBDs that are causing couchlock. I recently picked up a strain of Cannatonic that has about a 1:1 THC:CBD ratio, and a really nice clear headed high without couchlock, its becoming a hit with many of my patients.. One patients claims good relief from fibromyalgia and describes the high as being in a godlike sense of peace. That sounds a lot like what your finding with the Panama.
  15. Recent side by side grows (doc'd on rollitup by greengenes and others ) have shown that a good quality LED unti can yield as much or more than a quality hps AND with a quality product at least as good as HPS (probably better), and with about a one third savings in energy. As far as supplementing your hps setup it depends on whether you want to supplement or if you want to replace some of the HPS lighting. To supplement strictly for a wider spectrum and not reduce the HPS wattage I would go with the cheap chinese UFOs in the 150 to 180 watt range and hang them in between your existing hps lights. Look for ones with as many different wavelength leds as possible and look for the best $$/ watt at the plug. Treat them as moveable disposable lights. If you want to replace some of the HPS lighting then I would get a quality unit thats assembled in the USA. Apache, Area51, Neosol, Spyder BML, and RapidLED are a few. Dollar wise both in cost of product and Par/watt the RapidLED Onyx Bloom or Onyx Veg standout. Personally I would move your HPS farther apart and stick one or two Onyx Veg lights in between them and mount'em up high. The 65K spectrum will complement the Orange HPS perfectly.
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