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  1. Hi Rev. I was wondering why you say the MNS genetics are tainted? I can only speak for myself, but in my experience growing over 100+ of Shanti's beans I don't have a single complaint about the plants themselves. To the contrary, I'm very happy with my MNS keepers... and looking to add a few more from the fine breeders here because it's time for me to move on. That said, I can totally understand why some people dislike the way MNS and their forum is run. What brought me here was the (literally) open nature of this site, so of course that includes the negative as well.
  2. 10 people (per strain) will get FREE tester beans if they promise to post grow logs with pics. He later announced that due to the huge popular demand, any additional testers beyond the first 10 (per strain) will be allowed to purchase the untested seed. http://www.mrnice.nl...145-post68.html "i will allow those who are not selected to purchase test strains"
  3. If I were in your area, I'd be more than happy to help you in your keeper search. I'd give you cuts of my keepers as well. Sigh! ...but good luck in your search! Subbed.
  4. Holy Sativa, Batman! This is a fascinating grow report. It's great to see that you could do a microgrow from a pure-blooded Sativa like that. What kind of yield are you expecting in that small pot?
  5. Wow. Nice that you were able to get in on this freebie. Shortly after E$co confirmed that the shop had received these (when Sannie was MIA), I emailed the shop and told them I wanted these beans even if I had to pay. I received a response that the shop had been out of freebies for a while and did not know when they'd have more in. Glad to see that at least 1 person got to grow this hybrid and do a journal. Subbed! E$co...if you read this, do you have any plans to release the Lavender Rain as an official strain? I WANT SOME OF THESE!
  6. LOL...thanks for pointing that out, bro. I was high as a kite when I wrote that! I went through a 20-pack of each MNS strain to find my keepers, and potency is always my #1 selection criteria. As much as I love my current strains - and I do have a nice variety covered - I'm still lacking a heavily-narcotic Indica. I'm looking at the Sannies Indica Mix for my first purchase from the shop because I can't decide between Herijuana, KO Kush, or Anesthesia (not really interested in Jackberry - I have Devil a.k.a. "Red Devil" as my tasty daytime Indica). Once the beans get here, I'll be doing a grow report no doubt!
  7. The new Widow strains are not CBT-enriched. They are regular Mr Nice seeds like all his other strains. The CBT-enriched strains, which he mentioned in the same post, those are "CBT Crew" releases and are separate from the Mr Nice strains. Until now only fems have been available, so now he is testing regular versions of their CBT strains (CBT Nordle, Psycho Haze, etc.). Just FYI... don't shoot the messenger. Opengrow is my new online canna-home... I stopped being a member of MNS some time ago due to all the the drama and security issues. Currently my garden is still all MNS (5 keepers - Black Widow, Shit, Devil, The Cure, & Neville's Skunk) but my next seed run will employ beans obtained from Sannies shop.
  8. 2 new White Widow hybrids currently being tested by Shantibaba: http://www.mrnice.nl...w-new-work.html 1. AC/DC (White Widow X HazeAC) 2. Grail Widow (specific lineage not announced yet) These are not expected to replace Black Widow on the Mr Nice menu, but to expand the current selection of Widow hybrids such as Critical Widow, G13 Widow, Medicine Man, Shark Shock, and Mango Widow.
  9. I have my eye on this strain. Hopefully, soon, my lungs too!
  10. Dude, that's the $64,000 question! Herijuana is the strain that originally lured me to this site about a year ago, but it's been out of stock ever since. I remember reading Sannie announcing that the Heri was supposed to be back in stock a few months ago, but still nothing.
  11. What up, Opengrow fam! I've been lurking this site for quite some time. Fixin' to place my first order from the shop, so I decided to finally register and officially join the community. I like the "open" nature of this site, as opposed to the *selective* moderation policies of other canna forums. Glad to be here. I'll share the details of my grows (from the shop & elsewhere) here on Opengrow. I recognize a few members here from other boards, MNS & IC Mag. Good to see those folks again, and a big hi to everyone else as well.
  12. You THE MAN, E$co! Now I am officially witholding my order until Sannie confirms that these are in stock.
  13. Did you receive freebies with your order? Just curious because E$co sent some in a few weeks ago. I've been holding off on placing my first order from the shop until Sannie posts an update. Y'all are gettin' me paranoid. ;-)
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