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  1. baqualin

    Tiger bloom

  2. Looking forward to it man! I’ll be throwing some of them Swami beans at ya. Baq
  3. Yep! I've been talking to him about it for a bit and a door opened up to me I couldn't pass up. I can still do my music photography through the magazine I shoot for out there, so get ready I will be covering shows at Red Rocks! Yeah, one of the places on my bucket list to cover a show at and now I will be covering a bunch there. I'll be able to post some on here without concern. Baq
  4. Hey MrG, I made the decision and acting on it, I will be moving to Colorado Springs in April. Baq
  5. Oh, if you make your own soil mix, I don't mean grab a bag of premix soil and add shit to it, but to make it from scratch which is the only way to know exactly what your dealing with, using the recipe I posted or something similar (lots of good ones out there) you will have a whole lot less problems with pest and infections. K.I.S.S. and enjoy growing again! Baq
  6. Oh, the Nuke Em really does help with PM also, bailed me out this year especially, thought I had moved to the Oregon coast and the rain forest. I started a rotation of Actinovate Biological Fungicide and another brand in June, still showed up, not super bad mostly leaf spots, Nuke Em took care of them and kept it under control. I've used it into late bud after no choice and it does stall the plants a little, but better than the alternative. If you haven't got rid of them by then, your fucked anyway on yield, potency and flavor. With that said, I had one strain that so susceptible to late fall PM and Bud rot they melted in the rains, nothing could be done for them. Another thing that used to stress me out is Fungus Gnats, tried everything on those fuckers too, now I kissed their ass good bye, DME and Mosquito Bits both organic and it really works, I think @DesertGrown will recommend this too. He posted about Mosquito Bits a few years back, wish I had seen it then, would have saved me stress. Just like the way I am about soil, people makes things to complicated (I'm capable of this) and that causes complicated problems. I'm just stating what works for me and no matter what you use, the key is to break the life cycle, we all get lazy or busy and think Ok they're gone and quit spraying, then that plant in the back (it's always the one) one day you notice a little webbing on a out of sight branch and guess what, I"M....... BACK.......! So it cost a little more, but if they're in your house prevent spray at a lower dosage and it will keep them away. one of the main keys to anything is to always be observant, they know when your not looking! Best, Baq
  7. I love this stuff, you still have to break the life cycle of the little bastards, they're so small if there's one egg or mite down in a crevice where the solution doesn't get to (I'm taking microscopic) then that fucker will spit out another army, so regardless of what you use you still need to follow the treatment pattern. I use it at the weakest dosage for a preventive because if you've had mites in your house, they're hiding somewhere and will come back if you let your guard down, other choice is to burn down your house. They can also come in on a dog, cat, your best friend or even you, they're the best hitch hikers in the world. I used to stress over the fukers, now I just Nuke Em! Baq
  8. baqualin

    A re-introduction

    Yeah, glad your back in the saddle! looking forward to your grows since we have similar taste. Also we need to talk, I'm moving to Colorado in April and I'm stoked to be in a place where I can relax and not have to look over my shoulder. Baq
  9. Nuke Em, kills the eggs too, turns the mites and the eggs to stone, that's why they can't build a resistance to it. Baq
  10. baqualin

    Saving E$cobars Strains

    I started growing indoors in 1974 under floresence lights and using Rapid Grow for nutes. Grew kick ass plants, especially when a Burmese strain came in around 78 / 79 that would make you stand and stare. Baq
  11. baqualin

    Trapper's corner

  12. baqualin

    Saving E$cobars Strains

    The Pacific Northwest and Cali Breeders started it all and select ones still have a lot of their old original genetics, mostly the old timers, but they share around among the area breeders, if you look it's all still out there and accessible. Sannie's is the only overseas company I will deal with and there's no reason to buy American strains from overseas mega banks. Pretty much any European worked strains I'm interested in I can get right here, either from the shop or fellow cultivators. Like us, a lot of these guys are getting older and they don't want these strains to disappear, so I feel that line of thought along with the fad I see coming and the medicinal side, we will see more of these old heirlooms and old land races pop into the market, The key is to find the legit ones before the market takes over and fucks everything up, in short the best time to find the legit stuff is now! Best places to look are here and the PNW, just think about who's out there. Before anybody says anything I'm talking land races and heirlooms, you talk modern poly's then you have to add Colorado, Michigan and Maine, there's some dank ass shit coming from all those. Damn Thai Stick in my BOH keeper has me rattling again, sorry, wait a minute, my son came over and we're smoking BOP, double sorry. Oh, Gas (Swami's) has a 1977 Jamaican and crosses coming real soon. Best, Baq
  13. baqualin

    The Sannitarium Of Green Angels.

    Man this is going to be a fun watch! Baq
  14. baqualin

    Saving E$cobars Strains