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  1. baqualin

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    Here's last years eclipse, didn't have totality where I was, but used the same method as above, different camera settings and a sun filter of course. I also use the same method for Lightning, I'll throw one of those up tonight, headed for the garden. Best, Baq
  2. baqualin

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    It is easy, just like anything, once you know how. Here's a shot of last years Perseid's with the Milky Way showing to the right, second picture is just a cropped in version. Enjoy! ISO 1600, F2.8, 15 seconds exposure time. Baq
  3. baqualin

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    Whoa, that's way way to long for anything other than making star trail photos. Easiest way is to use an intervalometer, if your camera doesn't have one built in you can pick up one really cheap that will do the trick, setup camera on a tripod, set to bulb, 2.8 F stop or lowest your camera will go and set the intervalometer to 12 to 15 sec. exposure time (shutter speed) push the release on the intervalometer and set back in your lawn chair and let the camera do the work. I'll post up a couple of pics using this method when I get home tonight. Best, Baq
  4. baqualin

    Back in The Saddle (outdoors)

    Thanks @Mr Goodfellow! Last time I peeked yours were in beast mode, maybe we need to get together and parlay! The 79 Maui X RKS is classic Sativa leaning, I hope it has time to finish, it's just starting to preflower, gonna be close. The Blue Orca Haze (topped early also) is at 8', the fence pole for scale behind it is right at 7', I don't think it will stretch much more. I'll try and get some pics of the Birds Of Paradise this weekend, they're monsters. I'm pre treating like crazy for PM, it's always bad here, Only seen a couple minor spots so far, fingers crossed! FYI the Skywalker phenos love it here and doesn't seem to be bothered by anything, grown it for years indoor, first time outside and I'm impressed, should be baseball bat buds, really strong and hardy plants, I kept 2 phenos out of 6, one was a runt that has exploded now and is more Sativa leaning, had this pheno before and was sick when I lost it, I'll know for sure once it buds out. Baq
  5. baqualin

    Back in The Saddle (outdoors)

    Quick update, everything is wonderful and kicking into pre flower. 1)79 Maui Wowie X 85 RKS no scale, but shes over 6' now and I've thinned the shit out of her, she might go 8-10 feet and she was topped early on. 2) Black Turk Berry 3) Skywalker OG 4) Skywalker OG (row) 5) Blue Orca Haze
  6. baqualin

    Beach's Backroom

    Awesome as always Beach! Looking forward to the smoke report on the NapCBD and will be watching the MsU grow, it's one of my favorites right up there with Silverfields, the flavors and smells are awesome. FYI the Black Turk Berries are kicking into pre flower and looking great, really excited about a couple of them and took clones to pick one of the 2 as a mother, unless they both kick ass in a different way! Keep that green thumb going! Baq
  7. baqualin

    Alaska Pure Kelp plant food = a better ph down?

    He gets it!
  8. baqualin

    Alaska Pure Kelp plant food = a better ph down?

    EWC's are the key, impossible to use to much, you can open a bag and plant directly into it. Make your tea's with it too. You can use with or without compost. If you must go with bagged soil then Roots Organic (original recipe) is the one, I've used it for years and still use it for the first pot up of clones till ready for the LOS beds outdoors and tubs indoors. The simpler the mix the easier it is to control, people always think more is better when adding stuff to soils.
  9. baqualin

    Alaska Pure Kelp plant food = a better ph down?

    I've posted this before, it's one of the best and most simple recipes out there, it's all you need, perfected by Gas and Coots over 30 years time and simplified. Base: 1 part sphagnum peat moss,no additives.This can be as cheap as 15 dollars a bail at home depot. The preferred brands have no additives,like Alaskan peat. 1 part pumice and/or perlite. Pumice is preferred due to perlite aggregate separation 1 part earthworm castings and/or high quality compost Food and minerals: 1 cup per cubic foot of soil base mix volume on each amendment 1 cup fish meal 1 cup kelp meal 1 cup pacific pearl oyster shell calcium 1 cup basalt rock dust ...any other additional amendments go in at this ratio,but you will need to know what they are as additional food sources will need to be accounted for. The bio-char will act more a aeration amendment,but indeed still function with the negative ion exchange capability we put it in there for in the first place. So when mixing base mix add char in the pumice/perlite as if it is part the aggregate portion mix. Mix on a large flat surface or a large trap that can be roll-mixed with two people. That's it,no need for ph meters or added bottled nutrients. Just topdress or make botanical teas,etc. It's the soil food web,it needs food too,so feed with the idea that you are feeding microbes,not just plants. Congratulations,you've just built your own soil food web negative ionic exchange battery.
  10. baqualin

    Wicked Durban and Dragon's Blood hash plant

    They're a must have. James Bean has them in stock along with about anything else from Bodhi. They're one of my favorite seed banks, best stock of Dynasty gear too! Baq
  11. baqualin

    Alaska Pure Kelp plant food = a better ph down?

    A true LOS soil mix is far superior to any bag soil you can buy and even in the short run it's less expensive, less work, less infestations, no bottled nutes, no Ph meters, and yes you can reuse it because the older it is the better it becomes. Watering is the biggest problem for anyone growing in soil, Blu Mats are great and as @Scone_Of_Ark said, long as your (chlorine removed) tap water ph is around 8 your good for soil, it helps buffer. Regarding maintenance you only have to occasionally feed the soil with teas and then top dress after first run. Outdoor beds I don't even pull plants, just cut off at ground, indoors I cut the main stalk below the soil line, but leave the roots, the LOS will take care of the rest without enzyme additives. There's all kinds of recipes online, just don't over think and go for the complicated ones, look at the ones that are given in parts so it's easy to match the recipe to grow size, your not measuring nutes, simple is better, also regardless of the chemicals (organic or Syn) thrown in the pot, healthy plants produce the most bud. Just try it for a few plants in a grow to get a handle and keep the rest on what you know.
  12. Not going to happen, I wish, but it won't. I just had a long conversation with a person deeply involved with the Hemp industry (including lobbying in Washington) which did finally get removed from schedule 1, but the regs are insane, one example is if you have a hemp farm and a friend that has prior drug convictions comes to see you and an inspector finds out about it they will take your license / permit away and if you have multiple phones calls to said person you will also lose your permit and could be arrested. As a permit holder they check your phone records and look for multiple calls to individuals on whom they will do a background check and look at their phone records also. I mentioned the Canadian legalization and he said it wouldn't matter, the company he works for also is invested in the largest commercial growers in British Columbia. He won't even speak to us on the phone due to prior on cultivation charges, he just comes by to see us once in a while, besides losing his job he doesn't want to bring trouble our way. He says 10 years if lucky and the company he works for is a multi million dollar operation world wide with tons of lobbyist working Washington. Now this is all regarding the federal level not states. Bottom line don't hold your breath. Baq
  13. baqualin

    Ghetto grow 2018

    That is PM Mr G, it grows on all kinds of plants, I've seen it hit squash and melons bad and will lead into bud rot. Are these outdoors?
  14. baqualin

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    @Sunnyvale Around 11 weeks for 5% amber. Baq