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  1. Cool ass link, the compost and EWC's I get from Build A Soil are full of nematode's, predators and insect frauss, they store all their stuff indoors too, never seen gnats or thrips in their shit. Best thing I've used to get rid of a Gnat infestation is Mosquito Bits Baq
  2. Thanks great info! My garden is clean, it's called prevention, like I said, been using Airpots for years, growing weed for 48 years and well schooled on fungus gnats, one of the many reasons I make my own soil. Best Baq Nope.
  3. That’s exactly what I bought them for, I’m making an Octo Airpot and wanted these for that very reason..... fungus gnats! Been using Airpots for years. Baq
  4. Hey Guys look what I found!! Exact same material the Octopots use and it's the same mil
  5. You might take a look at the Solar Extreme too, I'm using the 250 for my Veg tent and love it, no driver, AC directly to the chip, plug and play, new tech.https://www.ledgrowlightsdepot.com/collections/california-lightworks-led-grow-lights
  6. Let’s see what happens with this run, this is a new setup for me too, I’m the Guinea Pig!
  7. 100,000 hours, that's 20 years at 12/12 and yes, it's full spectrum white light, they're finding out the plants like it better, so do I, you can see what the hell is going on with your plants, I hated that pink light shit. We all will see (know) with this grow in real time. LOS plus Octopots plus full spectrum LED, I hope this will be my retirement method of growing! Baq
  8. https://www.ledgrowlightsdepot.com/products/horticulture-lighting-group-hlg-600h-quantum-board-v2-diy-kit-620-watt-with-samsung-lm301b-diodes https://www.ledgrowlightsdepot.com/products/horticulture-lighting-group-hlg-600h-quantum-board-v2-diy-kit-620-watt-with-samsung-lm301b-diodes I picked mine up over Christmas for $556.00 on sale, best purchase I ever made, I'll be dead before it burns out.
  9. Thanks, I Appreciate You! You said a lot in a few words! Baq
  10. I'll trade whatever! Seeds, Cuttings, old lady if I had one!
  11. @Justcozz and @JetDro One problem with my set up and the Octopots is the height of the Octos in relationship to my light, I'm limited on head space due to the intensity of my light, I only have 17" max bud height above the screen to play in, outside of that they fry! So I have no space between the Octos and the screen, I had to let them come on through and tie the branches to the screen so they grow horizontally. My light is more intense than a 1,200 HPS when turned up, I'm running at 1/2 intensity for veg. anymore and the leaves droop. \Baq
  12. Always interested in trading! Baq
  13. I've already been all over it and have a lot of people interested, made contacts with some collectors working leases on Pikes Peak that will let me go help work some pockets with them. Just because I'm selling out, doesn't mean I'm gonna quit digging so yes your right! By the way I've also hooked up through my real estate work with a guy that has a 1,000 ft lease on the Arkansas River around Leadville just down stream from an active gold mine and wants me to help him prospect it.. plus I will have fishing access....maybe that will get you here! Baq
  14. Sweet! I used to collect in the Valley of Rush on the Buffalo River in the old lead zinc district for Smithsonite ( Turkey Fat ) and Calcites on druzy Quartz and down around Hot Springs for Smoky Quartz with Brookite Crystals. I've moved tons of Arkansas Quartz over the years, got rid of all my big pieces, but still have a few smaller ones with white Feldspar crystals on the matrix, I'll dig up a picture of it. I also grew up fishing the White River around Cotter and Mountain Home. Kicked around the Herrison Mountain area too, love it there! You have any good Wavellite from there?? Baq
  15. Yes, I’m a Geologist and I used to collect buy and sell exotic mineral specimens, I’m in the process of selling my personal collection as we speak, already let go of a chunk and I have a big dealer out of Denver coming to look at the rest. I will keep a few things I’ve collected myself. I’m aware of the back Octo, all of them need a fill up thanks for pointing out, but believe me I’m in that room 30 times a day! LOS seems to be working fine in the Octo, still nothing but tap water in the reservoir. Thanks for your advice! Baq
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