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  1. Sunnyvale's Pharmacy

    Oh Man! i hate it when that happens, looks like your right back at it! Baq
  2. Back in The Saddle (outdoors)

    Quick update, I finally moved everything outside this past weekend, forecast looks ok going forward. Glad to get it out of the crowded room so they can spread their wings and fly. I will keep an outdoor light on them till the photoperiod is right, got them at 15 / 9 at the moment. The picture below is of the Birds of Paradise females from Dynasty, see the water bottle for scale and the railroad tie's are around a foot thick, so they're around 5', they really needed to get outside to breathe and spread, great start and these babies aren't even in the ground yet, they're going to be huge! Looks like I'm right on schedule. Baq
  3. I'm complaining

    Hope Joe is right and he usually is, businesses pay a lot of money for his forecast. Oh, I went with the digital rope light to extend the photoperiod outside until the sun catches up, the one I purchased has a built in timer and is battery operated, $9.99 and works, might just last a month, but at that price I'll buy a new one next year if needed.
  4. I'm complaining

    I finally moved everything outside yesterday and hopefully to stay, the weather this year reminds me of the late 60's and early 70's, just cycling back around. Joe Bastardi with Weather bell is predicting a weak El Nino this fall, I hope so, that will extend the season, he's the most accurate forecaster in the world so I have faith. Baq
  5. Alaska for mothers

    Looking forward to seeing the Green Crack fill out!
  6. Alaska for mothers

    Lots of reasons for me. 1) It works best for my body chemistry. 2) It has the old school stone that's hard to find, very very euphoric, no ceiling, very long lasting, great body buzz to compliment the rocket ride and coming down is mellow not couch lock, you will stand in the middle of the room and start laughing, but not know why, flavors range from bubblegum, red fruits to Haze. 3) buds are dense and tight, Selene is a little leafy for me and doesn't have the same kinda stone for me. 4) Silverfields is the perfect medicine for depression and anxiety, even with the heavy body stone it's not much for pain relief, it will make you forget about the pain though. Best, Baq
  7. Alaska for mothers

    Not me that's my partner in crime, I took the picture, I think I sent you the link to my FB page so you could see my photo work. Baq
  8. Alaska for mothers

    Selene is pretty rad, the green pheno's are the best, big yields strong aggressive plants and as you see did well outdoors in 5 gallon buckets. Great weed, personally I if I had a choice between Selene and Silverfields I would go with Silverfields everytime. Baq
  9. have you ran the blue orca haze? i have 6 seedlings going now. i'm also running some BOEL oaxacan that seems to be rare judging from the very limited info i could find on it. i will be letting the pollen fly on these so if any interest, i will be passing some beans around when done.

    1. baqualin


      Not yet, this is my first run of it and it's going outside, I also have 6 of the Cherry Bomb X 88RKS/Mexican going and it's really aggressive so far. Really glad to see someone else on here running Gas's gear, I'm going to be breeding with a lot of his strains, so please keep in touch and we can trade seeds back and forth for testing. There's some really funk ass old school jewels to be found in his seeds!



  10. Thai Stick, modern style

    Most of the real Thai Stick wasn't dipped in opium, just tied. @gardenartus Your Moon Rocks would probably hold it's own with the best of Thai Stick. Baq
  11. I would be setting white plastic 55 gallon drums over them babes or little tents made out of plastic sheeting like a bell jar. Baq
  12. We use a LED flood on a timer to add the extra daylight hours, thought about the rope lights too, might use that this year.
  13. Kinky Blaze x Silverfields

    That should fill a few jars! Baq
  14. Ghetto grow 2018

    You can cut the tops at 6 to 7 inches and as stated trim the lower leaves leaving a nice stem, scrap don't cut open (loose to much capillary pressure), then trim plant down to desired height taking side branch clones as you go, I've even taken the main stem sectioned it without removing the side branches rooted them that way. Root them the way that works best for you, all methods above work, especially if the strain is an aggressive rooter. As far as repot I would let them recover from from the prune, it should only be a day or two, soon as you see new growth. I would not feed immediately other than maybe a little tea, you just reduced the hell out of the vegetation and water intake don't let them dry out just be careful not to over water. After repotting give a couple days again before you go back to normal feeding schedule for them to recover once again a day or so, you'll know they will explode out of the pots!