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  1. baqualin

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    I have Bodhi's Sky Lotus and will run it soon and I'm going to pick up Snow High's Berserker which is the Skywalker cut X Thor's Hammer and look for the SW leaning phenos, I will keep you posted and if I find the one I will send you some F2's. Baq
  2. baqualin

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    I got over a pound off my keeper Skywalker OG....Outdoors this past fall. Baq
  3. baqualin

    Trapper's corner

    I grown it quite a few times and from what I see it will stretch a lot more with big Monkey Claw buds, watch out for herms it's common.
  4. baqualin

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Fire! I've only grown the Stacked Kush, OG #18, Sour Kush and Skywalker OG (Reserva Privada) and loved the OG #18 and the Skywalker OG (my favorite). I've grown their Skywalker for years and it's the real deal, not the Mazar, I contacted them personally after seeing that some reviews had it listed that way including seed finder, so I went to them to find out, once in 2012 when I first started to grow it and again last year before I bought another pack of seeds to see if they had changed it and it's the same. They crossed the true LA Skywalker cut only clone with their OG #18 selected the SW pheno and femmed it. It's pretty consistent with occasional true SW phenos showing up, 3 leaf, right hand curved leaf tips and taco'd leaves with an intense Lemon fuel skunk smell, taste, stick to the wall buds and a slap your face high. I found it this time out of a 6 pack and I'm taking a cut to Colorado with me. Only fem besides Sugar Punch that I will grow. It's very aggressive, hardy and disease / mold resistant, it made it through the monsoon year we had with flying colors when most everything else melted. Never had any herms with it or the #18, Sour Kush did have a few, but that's normal with sour strains. In short, the SW and #18 I would give them an A for funk, don't have enough experience with the others to comment. The SW I grow mostly for personal use and it's fun to pull out and fuck with people that are used to the everything taste the same dispensary weed, soon as you crack a jar, they go WTF! I will probably try some of their other cultivar's eventually. Baq
  5. baqualin

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Thank You! I'm a Photographer for 4 magazines, so it's kind of expected, once I get to Colorado I will start photographing my grows in detail again. I also plan to free lance for the growers and dispensaries once I get settled and networked. Thanks again for the compliment it means a lot to me, keeps me striving to get better. Best, Baq
  6. No need to reciprocate, I'll pick you up one and grab me a Bama shirt here, stores carry all the SEC stuff here in Lexington. Baq
  7. I would love one! Big Alabama fan, when they're not playing the Cats!
  8. baqualin

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Living Organic Soil and that's it except for EWC, Aloe and full power humic acid teas which are mainly foliar sprayed.
  9. baqualin

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    The Skywalker OG is still my favorite. Indoor grown LOS soil, pic taken outside. Lemon fuel skunk.
  10. Awesome, You'll have to start paying attention when i get out there, both Football and Basketball, SEC rules!! I might even get you to wear some Blue! Baq
  11. baqualin

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Thank You! Not bad for soil! Baq
  12. Yep, in basketball we have a shot every year, it's expected, if we don't make it to the final 4 it's a bad season. The weather seems to be pretty much the same as here except for the rain, we usually get a late snow also. I haven't been so excited in years, I feel like a kid again! Baq
  13. baqualin

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Sweat Bee, you remember them in your southern days. those little bastards have 360 vision, they don't sting but will bite if you let them set on you to long. Baq
  14. Yep, think tub not bucket. With the bucket I would just stick with the simple one like in the YouTube I posted to use for outdoors and Tomato's, don't over complicate it, you can only go so far with the bucket system. Hint: busing tubs. I use them to set my potted clones in till transplant and I've been thinking of turning some into grow tubs like I've seen Sannie use, clones will grow more roots horizontally over a vertical tap, so I while I was cleaning my tubs to pack a well fuck moment hit me, think about it, I got the water level indicator figured out too. They come in different depth's Thanks for the offer, I'm really blessed with real friends and family, my best fishing buddy is going to help me move and stay a few days to check out fishing spots and watch the NCAA Tourney games before he heads back. We're leaving on the first and stopping for two nights in St. Louis at my sisters, will give me a chance to spend time with her and see my Nephews on the way out. It's starting to hit me and I'm getting excited. Baq