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  1. Freaking Awesome Man! Great job!
  2. 2x4 Tent LOS / no till smart pots Gas / Coots mix left side Purple Urkle x Super Skunk... AK Bean Brains .... this plant wasn’t top just tied over to preserve main stem. right side Aztec Rain x Uzbekistani
  3. New year, so I will start with the first run. 4x4 Main tent with 4 Octopots on their second run LOS / no till using the Gas / Coots mix. Last crops plants were cut off at the soil surface, pots top composted/ re amended, re seeded let set for 2 weeks + until cover crop took hold, then replanted. Pots never moved. Running one strain in the 4x4 with Octopots this time, Blueberries & Chocolate (Bodhi’s cut of Blueberry Hashplant X Maphial’s Chocolate Diesel) these are 16 days from flip.
  4. Yep, that’s all it took for me. Second run just kicked into flower, still LOS / No till. Pots never moved, cut finished plants off at soil surface, top dressed let set 2 weeks and replanted, done.
  5. Wow! Sorry to hear man, I’m finally recovering from getting popped 5 years ago and I’m back. If you need anything let me know!
  6. I have an update on the Afghani CBD cultivar. FYI, I love it, we didn't get much bud off the first run and they weren't very photogenic since they were started outdoors very late in the season, so not much veg time, but the high and flavor are awesome, doesn't totally fuck you up, just makes you feel super euphoric and relaxed but not sleepy, great for daytime, night time or for stress relief, love it for my stomach problems! The flavor and aroma reminds me of a cultivar here in Colorado from Irie Genetics, Golden Goat, it's a sweet syrupy hashy flavor and smell, I love it. I have 3 other people running it and waiting to hear back. The first run outdoors they had the shit abused out of them and came through it perfectly (no Herms), we have kept 3 mothers for the next run (no variations seen, very homogeneous), see pics below (pics are from my partner grow). I have taken clones from them to run indoors myself in March under my care for a clean and serious run and will post the grow.
  7. It doesn’t read like him to me, I’m not holding my breath.
  8. I couldn’t resist this one hope everyone is having a wonderful day!
  9. Skywalker OG 3 month cure on a little slab of Kentucky Red Agate (rare).
  10. If I'm re-posting this sorry, but it kinda fits the discussion,
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