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  1. Yes, that’s what it was THC 11 I remember now. I feel sorry for them too.
  2. Some people can’t get off on edibles, has to do with some enzyme they have in their system, I looked it up not that long ago, one of my friends ate 2 of my cookies and felt nothing, most people end up hugging trees. That’s when I looked it up, I was WTF??
  3. Awesome looking as always, glad to see ya rolling again!
  4. I know, I'm ready to get this run out of the way and hit it again ASAFP to see what I do.
  5. The Octo really is the shit. One of the things I was curious about is how the roots would react in the rez with just tap water since I'm LOS, well it's fucking full of white roots, I was stoked when I saw the first, I'll take pics when I break em down. So, so far everything is exceeding expectations, but as you know that could all go to hell in a hand basket. The real test is the second run, that's where you see if your soil has reach the LOS level. Baq
  6. Sugar Punch is smelling sweet and greasing up nicely, probably mid Oct. to finish.
  7. Neither did I until I tried it and I saw right away from growing her 2 years she just doesn't like it, I was told this by others. I have a cultivar we started 25 years ago and it's the same way, try and train and it loses stretch and kinda sits there, let it go or just top it and it's beautiful. I have no idea, so I can't explain. I like you, am done with scrog, that shit is too much work, I'm going back to top and support. Also I'm going back to one cultivar per run instead of multiples, easier to control. I will say that Sugar Punch loves the scrog, that shit will run like a snake. Baq
  8. HAHAHAHAHAHA! No just the hole that was left when I cut the plant out of the screen, it's only 75% full now, one corner is empty. Baq
  9. I would love to have some of that pollen.
  10. Well, I have a big hole in my tent, because I didn't listen to those that warned me, BOH doesn't like to be trained like in a scrog, she went hermi on me, I knew the way she acted the whole time she wasn't happy and she threw some balls, they look sterile, but not taking any chances, BOH reponds well to topping and trimming and just wants to go, I run the shit out of this cut with no problem and the ones outside are stable, but first time trying to bend her and she bitch slapped me! Live and learn.
  11. I hope you haven't killed those males??????
  12. I'm just poking fun, please don't take me too serious, what ever works for you works best and I'm having a blast watching you all run the same gauntlet I ran years ago, hell I ran a hydro back in the late 70's in a baby pool using 10 10 10 miracle grow and 1,000 MH and had kick ass Burmese buds. I did start in soil 1970 and like @dieseldog381 tried everything in the book, but always return to soil. The problem with all the bottled nutes is exactly what your stating and your forcing the plant to do things it doesn't like, so your going to lose something somewhere, in LOS it's always there for the plant to take what it wants when it needs it, no burn, no ph worries or anything else......if you make your mix right. As far as lazy, YES, I'm 66 and want to enjoy what ever I do, done working hard (except when I'm behind my camera), so that's why I do LOS and went to Octopots, way less work, plus after sitting back and watching you all, I've done way less work than you all, the only extra step was that I made my mix from scratch (took 1 hour to make), but I won't have to make it again, just amend after each crop, stays in the Octo's, I'll cut the roots off the bottom and core the stalk out, amend and plant, so the bottom just fell out of the time and cost too. Started with 2 $12 bales of Sunshine Peat Moss and I still have a bale and a half left to use for new seedlings. I can make a tea with no more work than mixing up bottle stuff and use it as a spray or for soil, it's hard to over do. Now with that said, again, if you make your mix right and you follow the LOS principles it will reward you, but if you go off trying to re invent work that has been perfected for century's you will crash. There's a reason all the top breeders use LOS now. You all know my saying......when you complicate things you create complicated problems.......which causes stress. Now, I'm always down to try new things, but I will do them on a small test run of a single plant and if I like the results, WTF. Keep doing what your doing, I happen to like your Texas Ass, you got passion! Still gonna pick and tease! Best, Baq
  13. I hate people, but love person's. Baq
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