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  1. Nutrients for the first time grower

    I like the kiddie pool idea! Baq
  2. Hamme Hydro's Phototopic

    Your back on their good side now loving you again! Baq
  3. Nutrients for the first time grower

    I totally agree, I was just throwing the recipe out there for those that are interested in a cheap and easy organic mix that's stable, never check Ph, no need to add PK, it's already in the mix, your minerals come from the Basalt dust. Just top dress with EWC's and hit with a tea. I love Coco, but it's inert and won't work for ion exchange in soil, it's my go to for hydro though. @Justcozz I used to use the blood meal, Bone meal and Bat Guano too, but since I got rid of those I've had less problems with stability, plus they're a no no outdoors, critters love that stuff. Regarding Bat Guano I thought about it and ask myself what grows naturally in it, nothing but bugs and bacteria, no plants in caves. Baq
  4. First seed run with stanky

    Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes! Baq
  5. Nutrients for the first time grower

    Simple, cheap and can use forever, This was developed from over 30 years of organic growing by Coots and Gas from the PNW and Cali. They did away with Bat Guano, Fish Bone meal and blood meal, these cause more trouble than they're worth, EWC's, Basalt dust and Bio Char are where it's at. They also add Aloe. This can be used forever and gets better with age. 1 part sphagnum peat moss,no additives.This can be as cheap as 15 dollars a bail at home depot. The preferred brands have no additives,like Alaskan peat. 1 part pumice and/or perlite. Pumice is preferred due to perlite aggregate separation 1 part earthworm castings and/or high quality compost okay food and minerals... 1 cup per cubic foot of soil base mix volume on each amendment 1 cup fish meal 1 cup kelp meal 1 cup pacific pearl oyster shell calcium 1 cup basalt rock dust ...any other additional amendments go in at this ratio,but you will need to know what they are as additional food sources will need to be accounted for. The bio-char will act like more a aeration amendment,but indeed still function with the negative ion exchange capability we put it in there for in the first place. So when mixing base mix add char in the pumice/perlite as if it is part the aggregate portion mix. Mix on a large flat surface or a large tarp that can be roll-mixed with two people. That's it,no need for ph meters or added bottled nutrients. Just topdress or make botanical teas,etc. It's the soil food web,it needs food too,so feed with the idea that you are feeding microbes,not just plants. Congratulations,you've just built your own soil food web negative ionic exchange battery. Gas Best! Baq
  6. Nutrients for the first time grower

    If your not doing an organic living soil, I have to go with Canna for ease of use and results, @Indican turned me onto it, it's all he's used for years (his work speaks for itself) and I've had great results with it too, if you follow their feeding schedule you never have to worry about PH or really anything, price is very reasonable. I'm an organic soil grower, but I use the Canna Coco for veg indoors (never have to check PH anymore) until I move the plants outside into soil, then I go to organic teas and top dressing with earthworm castings. Baq
  7. A Continuous Evolutionary Grow

    Oh your gonna love the high from CR and it is creative. Sounds like you have a version of the Raspberry pheno, YUM! Baq Regarding the kids, mommy's can be rough on weed even if they smoke it themselves and it intensifies as the children get into their teens. My last X smoked more than I did and loved everything I grew, but kept telling me I had to stop growing while sitting there smoking a joint in front of the kids (they were very young), I never smoked around them, because from a previous marriage I knew what was coming, so I was discrete from the beginning, like you I went outside and waited till they went to bed. Raising 6 kids I have hundreds of story's some scary, some funny as hell, all are alive and doing well except for one and it's an alcohol problem, all smoke pot except one, only because he's in the service at a high level and can't, used to and probably will again after retiring. Bottom line is they come first and it's your job to prepare them for life, doesn't mean you have to give up everything, just go by the old saying, there's a time and place for everything, besides they will be grown up and gone before you know it. Baq
  8. stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    @Sacred Plant Warrior Hope your inspection goes well, sucks that you have to worry about that, I have the same situation here and why I'm growing outdoors till I find a safe place. I see your a fellow Martial Artist! I'm a big believer in the Iron Palm medicine you listed above, we have our own mix that we use, it's a part A&B for external application and a part C taken internally for bleeding from iron bone training. I don't do the Iron Bone training anymore, I'm to old and it's too Yang, I try and stay more Yin now and teach for healing instead of fighting. I work with seniors and people with disabilities using movements from the forms (Baqua and Chen Tai Chi) as range of motion exercises and to teach balance and fall prevention. I also teach them simple breathing and meditation to get their breath out of chest and down to Tantien, it keeps me healthy. Baq
  9. Beach's Backroom

    It is the Silver Birch, just called European Birch in this part of the country and yes it's the hanging variety, originally from your side of the pond, introduced here and went wild. I'm more of a fan of the white Beeches, a lot prettier tree, I'll find a picture I took of one in the snow and post it for you to see. Best, Baq
  10. Need all your help

    The better you treat them the more pollen you will get. I run em just like the females. Baq
  11. stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    Great day here, 75 and raining, plus I got tied up with an earthworm farm and EWC bulk seller that's wants to trade my photography services for a truck load of EWC's......I'm stoked!! Baq
  12. Beach's Backroom

    I don't know about Beach's area, but it's considered an invasive species here and goes by the name, European White Birch, they like it here too much. Baq
  13. SANgear

    Hey San, thanks for the update and I hope your enjoying the time with your friends! Looking forward to watching your projects! Baq
  14. Need all your help

    @DesertGrown gave best the explanation, once they dehydrate to far it's near impossible to bring back, I've had some success by the capillary method with a plastic bag over them for a couple days to increase the humidity. biggest mistake is overwatering after under watering, they usually say fuk it and shut down. Baq
  15. Ghetto grow 2018

    Everything looks great and looks like your having fun!! That's the most important part! Baq