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  1. Looks great, going to be a stinky ass tent!!
  2. They can get them through SHN, but they're a rip off on Irie seeds, $80 a 10 pack, $20+ higher than everybody else. I just picked up Morning Dew to grow for my dead head friends.
  3. On a good note I started a run of Irie’s Strawberry Starburst and got 100% germ rate on 3 year old seeds, kinda excited for this run.
  4. Colin / Ethos threw a dog out the window and got caught. It was all over IG. Fuck bag.
  5. I’ll check them out, super Irie prices and good timing, I want to pick up a pack of his morning dew. Fuck Ethos, some good genetics, but he’s not liked here, got caught abusing animals, I won’t support him.
  6. I hit this cut with Chocolate Diesel f3 pollen Useful sent me and I have seeds drying as we speak. Blueberries and Double Chocolate.
  7. Sorry @Sacred Plant Warrior I had to show the keeper cut one more time before I cut it, she’s finished and pretty. Blueberries and Chocolate from Useful Seeds.
  8. Blueberry Quintessa almost ready to chop. This one stinky MFer! I really like this cultivar, it works wonders on my gut problems. I’m mostly a satty guy, but as I get older I like the healing, anti inflammatory and calming effects of CBD. Great job @KomaKreations
  9. Nuke Em by Flying Skull, been using it for years and it’s never failed me, safe and organic. I’ve tried them all and always come back to Nuke Em. You can use in flower and it’s impossible to build up a resistance to it.
  10. My keeper Blueberries and Chocolate (Bodhi cut Blueberry Hashplant x Maphial’s Chocolate Diesel)
  11. It’s a typical Durban/ Thai type high with added body from the Affy, smell and taste is a sweet old school funk. It’s 9 to 10 weeks and some could go to 12, they get fucking huge 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 times stretch, the Affy dom I’m running at the moment has been easy to control in a scrog and being in a 20 gallon LOS pot it has room to stretch its legs.
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