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  1. I'll have seeds of it down the road.
  2. OK, you threw up a flag with me with the mention of Gold prospecting equipment, I'm a Geologist and one of the things I want to do out here for fun is to look for spots to pan.
  3. No it's the original legendary The One from Clackamus Coots, 1976 Thai Stick X Kandahar Afghani that he picked from a group of plants divided out among the BOEL members, he took the most Sativa leaning and it became The One, many moons before Sannie's and totally different animals. The light is my veg light California Lights Works Solar Extreme 250 3000K, it goes in the 2 X 4, my HLG 600 H Samsung Quantum Board 3000 K is going in the 4 X 4, hooking it up tomorrow, have to run to Denver today and see a friend. Baq
  4. Getting closer, worms installed and pots seeded with clover, just waiting for the cuttings to show roots and transplant. gives me time to hang the big light and filtration. Baq
  5. I picked these up after watching Chris / Mr Octopot use one to fill the bag with soil, so I ran out and bought a couple, I must say they're the shit! Baq
  6. @Shoeless and @Papalag better make it a lawn chair because I'm running the fuk out of Gas's shit, he's been really good to me, I have over 20 of his crosses to play with. These just hit the door Black Star Liner : 77 Jamaican (sourced from Mila the Hash Queen) X The One / Tribal African, ........Google Black Star Liner, history behind the name fits the cross. The One / Panama X Paki Chitral / Chocolate Thai. the Paki X Chocolate Thai is from Brown Dirt Warrior and has been worked for 30 years ( not the same as the Choco Thai in Chocolate Trip). I plan to make seeds from as many of these as time allows and I will share. I have cuts of BOH to give away right now, you just have to get to me.
  7. I had actually germinated 5 Sugar Punch, but left 4 with friends for all their help and support.
  8. Thanks, the plants have been in a similar mix from the start, no nutes, the Sugar Punch is from seed I sprouted before I left Ky, the BOH and Skywalker are cuttings from the past outdoor season and we’re taken from the best outdoor mothers (best out of 6 for both), so they’re over a year old, started December 2017. After looking at the height on the 6 gallon Octo I will probably do a screen or train like a mofro, with the light I’m running in the 4X4 it has to be 30” min from the canopy or I will get burn, so not much leaway regarding. This is the tune in run, followed by a Velvet Orca run, I’m so excited to not have to hide anymore.
  9. Well since that's what I will be flowering in going forward, the answer is yes, it won't be a separate thread stated as such, just contained here as my preferred grow method now and in the foreseeable future, if the LOS mix works in the Octo as I expect it will.
  10. As promised once I got to Colorado I had to make soil and would show how I did it, so here's the basic Coot's / Gas / Cornell U Living Organic Soil Mix step by step, roll mixed on a tarp, it's so easy it will make you scratch your head. This is for 2 cu ft of mix or around 15 Gallons 1) 5 gallons of Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss, only buy in bales. +2.5 Gallons Earth Worm Castings + ++2.5 Gallons Hi grade Compost +3.5 Gallons Pumice 1.5 Gallons of uncharged Bio Char Then roll mix, this your base Next add amendments 1.5 cups Fish Meal .5 cups crustacean meal 2 cups Kelp Meal 1 cup oyster shell 1.5 cups Basalt .5 cups Azomite 1 cup Gypsum Roll Mix Your done, that's it just moisten, add worms, let set a couple of weeks then have at it, no bottled nutes, just a light top dress and Teas when or if needed, never throw away and like wine and good bourbon it gets better with age. I'll do the same thing as here with teas soon, got to get this shit in the Octopots ASAFP!
  11. I'm here and everything is safe and sound, I haven't hooked up in person with @Mr Goodfellow yet, but we're in phone communication. Sorry for the delay in updates but I'm still in the process of getting the wifi right and setting up my office, concentrated on the garden first! HAHAHA!! The cuttings made it and have recovered from the travel stress, here they are below as follows Blue Orca Haze, Sugar Punch and Skywalker OG. These were cloned for the first Octopot run, in rapid rooters waiting for roots.
  12. @JetDro I'm right here with ya man, it's been 3 weeks for me too, I've stopped 3 times in my life 6 years each time and went back to the fuckers, this will be the last time, I already feel 10 times better. I used what I did the last time I stopped, got the patches starting with step 2, used about 6 days and was done, I keep one patch with me just in case, but I feel like I'm done. It's just like being an Alcoholic, I can't just have one or I'll end up right back on them and I've never like them from day one, that's how bad nicotine is, to not be able to stay away from something so nasty! I tried vaping for 3 years, didn't work and made me sick, threw that shit away! Anyway, don't go back @JetDro we'll fight those nasty evil stinky ass bastards together!! Baq
  13. I like the looks of this one the best. Baq
  14. OH @webeblzr can help you with making the Bio Char, he posted his method on a thread around a year ago. Best, Bad
  15. Just sift out the fine ash from the char and use it a little at a time mixed in your compost. I will never ever ever ever use uncharred wood of any kind in my soils for many reasons, but mainly after my experience with termites this past season. The old saying, "never say never" can go fuk itself, I'm saying it and mean it. NEV VA!
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