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  1. Next run 4x4 switched into flower. Bodhi Cut Blueberry Hashplant x Maphial’s Chocolate Diesel and @Indican Exodus cut Psychosis. LOS / No Till Gas / Coots mix, 100 gal. Grassroots LOS pot.
  2. I wouldn’t believe anything coming from the Guardian!
  3. Grease Monkey is fire, I just finished up a calendar shoot for a large grow house in Denver and grease monkey was one of the cultivars I shot and also was given a sack, pretty tasty too.
  4. I’m willing to bet a postal worker is enjoying my money, it might take longer because of the virus, but 3 1/2 months is stretching it. My overseas days are over as far as sending cash.
  5. Same here, sent money back in March, SOL, oh well is what it is.
  6. He’s a Sativa guy and yes loves his dabs. I have the Strawberry Starburst, Golden Goat and Firefly, can’t decide which one to run first. I’m also seed poor, but sometimes it’s hard to resist, just pulled the trigger on below and Luckily they made it here.
  7. Hopefully I haven’t steered you wrong yet. FYI Irie’s Golden Goat is going for $200 / oz at the CS dispensaries that can get it and sells out immediately, everything else $100.
  8. Yes, I picked up Mullumbimby Madness / Oaxacan x Mexican Death Sativa recently and can’t wait to crack em.
  9. Relic is a division of Dynasty, Prof. P's personal preservation project.
  10. Excited about these, on deck for next indoor and outdoor run. grow bags on left, Relic Seeds Big Cheese (Critical Mass f2 x Exodus Cheese Bx1) regular pots on right @Indican Durbin Thai High Flyer x 68 Afghani.
  11. Best looking female, so far. The One / Panama x PCK / Chocolate Thai.
  12. To clarify, I’m not bashing Badger or Norstar’s gear, the do put out some fire, but I can’t support people like that. MzJill will get my support.
  13. In a nutshell, There’s a bunch of shit flying around at the moment. Sub left Jill with the business, everything, Norstar and Badger were working with Sub and have his genetics which they’re selling using Subs name without permission, they had made peace with Jill and agreed to stop selling his genetics and give what they had back, but they didn’t follow through with the deal and shit is flying. Fuck Norstar and Badger, support MzJill, her gear is available through Breeders Direct Seeds. MzJill made Agent Orange FYI.
  14. MzJill has Jilly Bean and it’s available.
  15. http://merryjane.com/news/cannabis-may-stop-coronavirus-from-infecting-people-study-finds
  16. Uh, right wing media, left controls the media except for Fox (debatable) and radio shows. Bottom line there’s not a spits worth of difference in any of them, Republicrates. That’s ok, everybody keep cheering for their team blindly, it’s worse than sports anymore. Career politician’s from either side can kiss my ass. There’s going to a lot of mad people when the dust settles.
  17. Glad I saw this last post, I have 4 BBQ’s started for the summer run, I will keep an eye out. Also, I’m going to post this on the stone rambling’s thread, but I’ll go a head and drop it here, I have 4 Octopots that I will sell for $60 plus shipping, you would need new sleeves, otherwise only used for two runs. I love the results, just a lot of work for LOS / No till style of growing that I use. I went to a 100 gallon pot in my 4x4.
  18. Did a trade with AK Bean Brains and he hooked me up. He wanted Some Chocolate Thai, so I hooked him up too!The small pack is TK/NL5 haze x Purple Hindu Kush /NL1
  19. Everything is showing your passion!
  20. You’ll like his gear, he was the main grower for Jungle Boys before he busted out on his own. You can go to his podcast and he covers all his cultivars in detail with grow advice.
  21. HAPPY 420 Peoples!!! Happy Birthday @Mr Goodfellow here's a little Leftover Salmon for ya, taken on 04_20_2018 Terrapin Hill! Vince was in the zone!
  22. Mark Twain said, “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” VID-20200402-WA0001.mp4
  23. Sweet and Sour, they will mesh well!
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