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  1. If I'm re-posting this sorry, but it kinda fits the discussion,
  2. I started same year over in Ky. I’ve fished the shit out of W Va. my favorite for smallmouth is South Branch thru the trough.
  3. Aztec Rain x Birds of Paradise (and / or ) Uzbekistan. 2 summers ago I started the summer crop early, so plants were pretty large to start and I set them out to early which threw them into pre flower, so I had 3 ea BOP & Uzbekistan males that I let do their thing on the pre flowers of 4 different females one being an Aztec Rain of which I got 2 seeds off of and here they are, curious to see how they turn out. Males were pulled as plants kick back into veg. Good way to make seed without fucking up the whole crop.
  4. Nice little male Purple Urkle x Super Skunk in the small tent. I’ll let him veg a little longer then flower him out and grab some pollen.
  5. People have forgotten how to enjoy life and each other. Just history repeating itself. Baq
  6. Thanks for posting that link, I've been wanting to refer people on here to that, but couldn't find it, thought I had it bookmarked.
  7. Cultivating Cannabis is both an Art and a Science. IMHO!
  8. Nobody knows what cultivars GSC are made of, that chart is what some believe. People over here in the know do not believe there’s Durban in it.
  9. On deck for next run. Purple Urkle x Super Skunk, right pot largest plant (more in another room). Blueberries & Chocolate, 4 plants in left pot top right and middle. Aztec Rain x Birds of Paradise and or Uzbekistan, left pot bottom same size as BB&Chocolate
  10. Forgot to mention, I foliar spray daily with the Aloe and Coconut and it’s always in my teas, which I use a couple time a week.
  11. Pictured is what I swear by. Aloe is used foliar and in teas along with the fulvic acid and Coconut powder. Fulpower is the go to, it’s made through a natural fermentation process of organic humus. One thing I’ve ran into when trying to help people with LOS / no till is I make my own soil mix from scratch so I know exactly what’s in the mix, I put it there, so as long as I don’t get lazy or try and sub something new I have no problems, but most who try it forgo mixing their own and use bag mixes and organic bottled nutes (mostly water), which can easily throw things off making it hard to figured out what has gone wrong. As I continue to say “when you complicate things, you get complicated problems” keep it simple and keep experiments to 1 or 2 pots, not the whole grow. I will also say it’s damn near impossible to grow weed LOS / no till in small pots. It works for salts because your force feeding the plant, in LOS you feed the soil and it takes care of the plant, so you need a large root structure to have available what the plants need, which means big pots, which also means big buds. I show my basic mix in the beginning of this thread, with pictures of how I mix it together. @Hempyfan has a wealth of information on his thread regarding all this. Baq PS I only use Aloe in the veg phase, I back off during flower, Coconut powder you use throughout the whole cycle. One teaspoon/gal. for both and 25ml / gal. for the Ful-power.
  12. Yep, hey man, you want a hit of this Flaming Purple Apeshit, All jokes aside, it’s fuking fire genetics!
  13. I just couldn’t resist these with a name like this!
  14. Predator Mites naturally appeared in my LOS, freaked when I first saw them especially on a newly germinated seed, then I realized what was going on, I make my own EWC's and the bin was outside all summer, so it's full of all kinds of good stuff and that's what I'm using in everything. Love it!
  15. That’s the problem, there should be 1 of those in a pack, good luck on finding it in 100 packs.
  16. I haven't personally, but friends have and they weren't impressed with what they ran, I steered away because of that and a few things I heard from other breeders. They have good and bad. If your looking for Land Races, I would look at The Real Seed Company, they're legit and honest about what they offer.
  17. PSI: There's a person on instagram AKA Blue skies Vienna that's advertising REAL RKS for sale claiming the genetics are directly from Old Timer of Old Timers Haze. 1) Old Timer never had skunk genetics ever 2) Old Timers work is not very respected with the breeders over here, including his haze or they would be working with it.. 3) This person is asking $350 US dollars for 30 seeds of a mix bag of unknown genetics (claiming it's to fund further breeding of his genetics) from Old Timer 4) Enough said Keep yours eyes open for this fraud and don't fall for the scam, it's coming out of Europe and will probably pop up in other forms and social media. Baq
  18. Correct, there's has been a few breeders that have taken DJ's BB and really turned it into something, using the original stocks. His son is straight up and a cool dude, I would look at his work over dads.
  19. In any Chem strain there’s a good chance of getting hermies with even small amounts of stress, this is common knowledge, so anytime yours growing Chems and Chem heavy crosses always keep one eye open.
  20. Why would you spend that when there’s lots of Blueberries out there better than his.
  21. I saw that and I call BS, along with other big time breeders here that are calling them out regarding. I would pass regardless of price. Ace Seeds meh.
  22. Sweet, you’ll have some nice bud for Turkey Day!
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