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  1. @Chief Runningbud CHIEF, how the hell are????? I was hoping to cross paths again! I'm back growing and living in Colorado now! Are you still here???
  2. The real, “The White” is in the hands of Swampboys and Cornbread Ricky, they’ve had it from the beginning, it’s one of their main breeders along with TK. It’s rare if not impossible to find Blueberry flavors in DJ’s shit, I have found lots in others peoples work. Your more likely to find a strong Blueberry pheno in Sannie’s Sugar Punch than DJ’s. Better yet @KomaKreations BB Sativa would be the best choice.
  3. You wasted a lot, 2oz of weed to a lb of butter is the max absorption amount when working with butter, you used the equivalent of 4oz / lb.
  4. TK crosses are the shit! everything is showing your passion!
  5. Velvet Orca #3 pheno finished:
  6. Sugar Punch, still 4 weeks to go.
  7. I had to make a quick run south to check on the mothers (sorry @Mr Goodfellow a last minute quick trip), mainly the Velvet Orca's and here's what I saw. Velvet Orca #2 pheno: This the one I gave you @Mr Goodfellow, it has a nice hint of chocolate to it. Velvet Orca #1 pheno Velvet Orca #4 Pheno: Velvet Orca #3 Pheno: This looks so far to be the keeper, most sativa structure, nice fruity real old school smell, high resin production, the fastest finisher and nice fall colors yellow with dark purple leaf edges. will know for sure when I smoke em all. I couldn't keep my nose out of this one, kept going back to it!
  8. Sugar punch greasing up nicely. Skywalker OG not far behind, always greases up at the end
  9. I went to that watermark for Instagram to protect my work and I started using it on all pics, it protects and doesn’t distract from the pictures.
  10. I plan on using mine till I die, I’ll core out the stalk and cut the roots off the Octopot bottom amend and plant.
  11. No feed except for a weekly tea, no bottle nutes period. The first page of this thread shows step by step instructions with pictures, I'll send you the list of the exact mix and amendments I use. That super soil is way to hot, this isn't, but it's still best to wait a week or so before planting to give the bio's a chance to start. I usually mix it then seed with cover crop, when the cover crop seeds sprout I plant my seedlings then. LOS soils are the ultimate way to grow anything.......if you make it right and leave it alone, as soon as you over think it and start adding shit you fuck up! Baq
  12. Highland Oaxacan Gold X 72 Columbia Gold. No ceiling on this baby!
  13. I think I'm close to finding my keeper out of 4 female Velvet Orca's from the first run. It's the only one showing these traits and it's both cuttings of the #1 VO showing this, I took 2 slips of each pheno. I will know more tomorrow when I check on the full size outside plants and take pics. Keep in mind these pics are from cuttings not full size plants.
  14. Sphagum Peat moss bales at Home depot ($12 to $15 ) and EWC's locally (making my own now), the rest I get from build a soil here in Colorado. Gas has also started to sell his own components, he's fired up the LOS forum again. https://buildasoil.com/
  15. One thing I cut out and won't use anymore is the Azomite, just has to much Aluminum in it, I go with straight Basalt dust.
  16. Only thing I cut back on was the amount of neem cake added, I didn't use any in this mix until I spoke with Gas and he said the Coots mix was a little hot and suggested cutting the neem in half.
  17. You should see them in my worm bin, it looks alive.
  18. Page 1 of this thread step by step with pictures. I have made a couple of adjustment with the amendments per Gas, but the base mix is exact.
  19. Yes, I added them to the pots once the ground cover sprouted and looks like they're reproducing like crazy.
  20. They were from a year ago. I cracked 5 and gave 4 away before I left Ky, the one I kept was random, they were just seedlings and I grabbed the right one.
  21. Check this out guys. I just top off my Octopots and look what I saw in the reservoir, these are baby earthworms, LOS is killing it in these babies.
  22. I have Chocolate Trip F5's and in a bunch of crosses. Baq
  23. Not at all man! I want some too!
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