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    40 bucks?

    Doesn't seem to have the Ballast included.
  2. Now if it doesn't turn pink no worries, I have more of the CB X RKS / Uruapan seeds and his Kahuna Bud X Cherry Bomb which I can run make F2's or share cuttings and I guarantee pink pistils. I plan to run the Kahuna X CB soon anyway. Baq PS I still want to try it out!
  3. Heres a Cherry Bomb (76 Maui) X RKS / Uruapan early flower, the pink is from Gas's Cherry Bomb. Only color pistils will age to is brown. Yes, bottom line is it's fire!
  4. All my Silverfields have gone 10 to 11 weeks and I ran the fuck out of it for about 4 years before I was popped. If that one is done in 7 weeks and is fire I would hold on to it.
  5. Yep, we’re gonna find out.
  6. Actually I’ve been weaving, finally got it down. Light is a HLG 600 LED, Samsung Quantum boards, it’s only turned up half way until I flip.
  7. Yes Octo's, LOS, no bottle nutes, nothing but water in rez. 2 Sugar Punches, 1 Blue Orca Haze, 1 Skywalker OG. Just making sure it's my first run in Octo's and a tent, always grown in a big room or outdoors for the last 48 years, so never had to worry about small spaces, big difference between 10 x 10 and 4 x 4.
  8. Ha, you know you took the words right out of my mouth! Baq
  9. OK peoples, @JetDro, should I flip?
  10. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!! Headed to Red Rocks to cover Blues Traveler and Leftover Salmon. hope to catch shots of the Denver fireworks from the top of Red Rocks! I'll be toking some Straw Nana Berry tonight!
  11. The real US Humboldt Seed Company, Eureka, California https://seedsherenow.com/product-category/breeders/humboldt-seed-company/ before you say anything about the prices, those are all 20 packs. We can get 10 to 12 pack seeds for $50 to $70 dollars all day long from 4 or 5 different seeds distributors. Bodhi $70 everyday reg price, includes a free full pack out of his listed stock and frequently on sale for $56 a pack with BOGO. A few breeders charge $300 for their strains, lots of them originally came from Bodhi's stock, so no the high prices are not coming from over here.
  12. Freaking awesome! The Octo crew is killing it.
  13. Unstable strain, common these days.
  14. @Cristalin 1st update: 8 seeds 8 hour soak in Fulpower / Aloe solution then into paper towels, 24 hrs later all 8 germinated and in pots, 2 are up and I expect the rest by today, I will take another pic when they all have first set of leaves. I will move all 8 outside by first of week, then start the second batch for indoors. Best, Baq
  15. baqualin


    Hello @KyCarl, welcome, Love Gooey Breeders beans! I live in Colorado now, but I'm from Lexington, Ky, 45 years there. Miss the soil back home, nothing but sand out here. Baq
  16. Hey if anyone is interested in splitting the Silverfields Fem deal with me lets do it, I'm seed poor and don't have the extra cash, but I can go half and would love to see what Sannie's done with this beast in fem form. Baq
  17. Damn!!!! I got a pack of those I need to crack! Baq
  18. Loving these Octopots, can't believe how thick the branches are and I'm still filling the screen. Peace, Baq
  19. That's just down right pretty!
  20. That you so much for your kind words, that was one of the best compliments you can give to a photographer! Best, Baq
  21. Touchdown for me today, already in Fulpower / Aloe pre soak, hitting paper towels in the morning. Baq
  22. Thanks, I knew I would get approval here, just didn't know how fast, I know now, gonna be a fun year if half of what I put in for comes through, waiting to here back about Santana at the Pepsi center and Dead & Company at Folsum Stadium. I was actually thinking about retiring from shooting music, but I'm going to give it a few more years out here, least till it starts to get old again, it's a fucking blast, but it's a lot more work than people think, especially being a photojournalist I have to do interviews and write too. Thanks for the pic comment, I'm known as one of the best fire Poi shooters in the world, in that entertainment industry. I spent 10 years in the middle of Hippies and professional fire performers perfecting that type of photography, I've been intrigued with it ever since I saw Hawaiian's fire dancers when I was a kid. I've won a few first places with my photos.
  23. I know, I keep whacking myself on the head to make sure I'm awake and not dreaming. I think I made the right move! Baq
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