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  1. It’s been a while, so I thought I would pop in say hello and show my latest project. Not really a bud shot, but it’s pretty and potent. 
    A little Purple Mystic for your pleasure!B)

    Hope Everyone had a wonderful Xmas and New Years!!



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  2. 4th run of my keeper cut, Punchy Blewster and love it more everyday (Banana OG / Purple Punch x Blue Bonnet), I can’t keep my nose out of it, intense blueberry candy and Banana Terps. I have it outdoors this season and can’t wait to see it finish.




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  3. 4th run in this LOS / No Till pot with a top dress only. One each, Strawberry Starburst (Irie Genetics)back half, Punchy Blewster (Riot Seeds) left side and one of my chucks,  a Skywalker OG cutting I’ve had for over 4 years x Black Lime Special Reserve front.


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  4. 8 minutes ago, Sacred Plant Warrior said:

    beautiful porn as is your standard. congrats. what camera are you using ? it used to be someone back on OG or PG who did pictures like yours but can't recall who it was. they all look like they should be in the big book of buds. congrats !

    only heard of bluebonnet a few month ago. i still have some more BB to bring to the vault though. yes, some sort of BB project. just looking for effects i like and taste with good yield. who knows how long that will take to start with all the old shit needing to be tested.

    Canon EOS R6 and a Canon 24 to 70 f2.8L

  5. 45 minutes ago, Misterdirt said:

    @baqualinI think I'll be keeping one of the Golden Goats along with Lemon sunrise. The jury is still out on the Bebops.

    I’m sure those are the ones I would go with, Golden Goat is one of my favorite daily smokers, doesn’t take you too far in either direction, mostly just right. 

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  6. I’m really glad you’ve enjoyed the Irie Genetics grow it’s been fun watching you wade through the cultivars, I might have to pull the trigger on Storm Shadow just for nostalgia purposes. I ended up with 4 female Strawberry Starburst that I’m moving into the flower tent today, let the show begin.

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  7. Big Cheese (Critical Mass f2 x Exodus Cheese BX1) full of seed from Chocolate Diesel f3 pollen gifted to me by  Useful Seeds. Chocolate Diesel was an 1 time auction from Maphial in early 2000 it’s Reservoir Seeds ECSD V 1.5 x Dutch Flowers Chocolate Trip “Katsu cut”. 

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  8. Figured I would throw up a few pics of my projects for 2021. I’ll start with a cultivar I picked up through a promotion and was a very limited release that will not be remade, at least not in this genetic configuration, Punchy Blewster by Matt Riot of Riot Seeds, he’s very controversial and can be a dick, but the MFr puts out some fire and knows as much as anyone about Cannabis history. I will also say that once you get to know him he’s a pretty nice guy. So here’s the 2x4, 3 weeks from flip, 2 pots, one plant in each of slightly different expressions.

    Punchy Blewster is Banana OG / Purple Punch x Blue Bonnet. Blue Bonnet is a heirloom DJ Blueberry worked and found  by Lone Star from Texas Resin Company. Blueberry terps are already filling the room and stem rub is intense BO smell! I only got a few seeds, so cuttings from these two are in my breeding tent with the two males I selected to open it up.



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  9. 1 hour ago, Misterdirt said:

    I need to go back to the lizard lights. I got these from some online vendor, like HTG (but maybe not HTG, I don't want to blame them). I wouldn't be surprised if these things were for tanning beds, or something. Whatever, I'm going to look for something else.

    I got HLG's 600W DIY kit. The canopy is different heights, but mostly, if not all, are closer than 30". I have to dim it a little.

    I started this grow with HID lighting, so this is a whole new experience. The Lemon Sunrise is the one really suffering. The rest are OK or show some slighter effect.

    Yep same one I have the DIY and love it.

    MFr’s hot, mine’s as high as it can go in the tent and stays there Veg and bloom. Just measured it again and I’m 39” from the screen, 30” average from canopy. I just turn it down almost all the way for veg and slowly work it up as it goes into flower topping out at 75 to 80 % , if I was running CO2 I could go wide open, but no more benefit without it at that intensity. Best run yield wise was Sugar Punch, I averaged 10 zips a plant with it.

    those have to be tanning lights, the 10 .0 reptile  hangs around a foot and runs in late flower 6 hrs a day, it’s not on a timer and that’s how It got left on 24 hrs I forgot to unplugged lol!


    Strawberry Starburst is aggressive as fuk in veg and if I find the right pheno I’m hitting it with Chocolate Diesel to  make Strawberry Chocolate Diesel seeds!


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  10. On 3/6/2021 at 3:22 PM, Misterdirt said:

    It's become obvious that I have a purple pheno of Sugar Punch in the mix. The other is definitely green.


    This plant is in the back of the tent, middle row, so I never inspect it closely. A few days ago I started wondering what was wrong with it.

    It's also become obvious that Lemon Sunrise does NOT like the LEDs + UVB, which I started a couple of weeks ago. None of the other plants seem to mind the UVB. I'm still getting the hang of the LEDs. I will definitely be keeping sensitive plants, like LS, much shorter.


    She's got a couple more weeks, at least, so I moved her away from the UVB. Oddly, the side facing the LEDs is worse than the side facing the UVB. The right side of the pic is more under the UVB, the left is more under the LED.

    It's 7 weeks, and two of the Bebop plants already have a few amber trichs. Very few — like one or two per bud. But still, the drum roll has started.

    I look forward to finding out which plants are worth keeping, so I can DUMP SOME OF THESE DAMNED CLONES. You'd think they'd have the courtesy of remaining small.



    What is your UVB source?? I use the UVB 10 reptile and never had a problem, even left it on for 24 hrs.

    what LED are you using? I run a HLG 600H 30” above the canopy 

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