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  1. It's my cross, 10 years ago I crossed Old Faithful with a Blueberry male from seed I got from Dutch Passion (I think). As you can see it's a little leafy for my taste...1/2 the bud weight compared to Old Faithful (smaller nugs but heavier). I ran the OF/BB for the last time on this past run....killed it to make room for the new stuff. I might throw some of Sannie's & Breeders Choice genes at OF just for fun & Flavor....we've had it for almost 30 years and have no intention of losing it...only 2 of us have it and in seperate locations. Old Faithfuls origins came from 4 of us as students in an Ag class at the University of Kentucky.....we decided to do a Cannabis experiment for a class project (not grown on campus of course and we still got in a little trouble). We gathered up all the seed we had been keeping from good bag weed (mostly locally grown KY funk)....remember this is late 70's....nobody really new what we had other than a mix of the best stuff from that time. Total was 500 hundred seeds, which we soaked in colchicine and then we Nuked them in the Ag lab (that was on campus). Of the 500 we had I think 5 or 6 sprout of which a couple turned out male....of the females one was a standout with double bud formation....the project wasn't about breeding but what mutations we could find so that's why it's clone only....didn't realize what we had until it was to late. The neat thing about OF is that you still never know what you will get from the clones...it's weird sometimes, like it still wants to mutate even from clones...the buds and high are always consistant, just the look of the plant...sometimes it's 3 feet tall sometimes 8 to 10 and we've even had a single leaf version pop up, which would have been great for stealth, but I was to stupid to clone it at the time. I know it sounds like another crazy unkown strain story but it's true...we have no idea what it is.OF is not the best looking or best tasting weed, but I've yet to smoke anything that gets me any higher....just as high, but not higher and I've smoked it almost every day for over 25 years. I will post up more pictures as the OF on this run goes through flower. I chopped the first BUKU last night and it funked up the whole house...will cut the other 2 this weekend, it did finish faster than everything else and the buds are Dank, super dense and heavy....people who claim low harvest on this strain need to veg a little longer...more pictures and a smoke report on BUKU after cure! Thanks for checking out my Gallery...updated pictures of Sannie's run this weekend also.


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