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  1. Awesomeness Brother!
  2. Last run of 2020 and I think it’s time to flip and lay in the screen. left side: Big Cheese (Critical Mass F2 x Exodus Cheese BX1 by Relic Seeds (Prof P / @Dynasty Genetics) right side: The One/ Panama x PCK / Chocolate Thai by Swami Organic Seeds aka Gascannastan Ran these outside this past summer and these were my picks. This is the second run on the pot with top dress re amend and water only, don’t think I will be chasing nitrogen in flower. LOS / No Till.
  3. My experiences it tends to be more cultivar dependent. Other factors of course include light, temperature and humidity. I also feel the roots are searching more for water in the beginning over nutes, that’s one of the reasons Octopots work like they do, you can picture this on a small scale if you think about it. I will occasionally mist clones with a very very weak solution which keeps yellowing away, I do not like to chase nitrogen through out the grow and I have noticed no difference in root formation. This is just my experience and I’m a KISS person and try not to over think. Baq
  4. Do you have a compost pile?? Beds need to be kept well composted. If your no till don’t pull the plants, cut off at the soil level and leave the rest, it will be gone way before you plant, You can then add amendments if needed, cover that with compost then seed in your cover crop and mulch it, leaving room for the clover to grow through. If you can find bales of Barley straw that would be better than hay for the mulch layer.
  5. Looks like your headed back in the right direction, they look happier.
  6. Hey Man I just got off the phone with MrG and all is well, he has just been working out of town and staying busy, he sounded great and we're planning some fishing excursions. Best, Baq
  7. Fuck Seeds Here Now! Hella Dank is the way to go for Irie beans. SHN finally lowered their prices on Irie’s beans, but I still won’t do business with them, no love for them at all.
  8. Awwww, rain water, nothing but water, used it for years, but for indoor use in a closed system you need to add trace minerals to it. So MrD’s suggestion of iron would be a start. I would also foliar feed a little calcium. Adding more shit to the soil can complicate things, if they respond to the foliar then you have a better idea what’s happening to make adjustments. What I’ve learned in LOS is that less is more. Look at how your watering too, it can cause lockup’s either direction. I don’t own a ph meter, but a moisture meter has saved my ass multiple times.
  9. The two on the left don’t look happy, it’s not Genetics. Silverfields is my favorite and all are dark green unless you have a nute lockup.
  10. Aztec Rain, my last one and no more seed, but I was graciously gifted some Chocolate Rain f2 pollen which hit a cutting from this lady. Bud is 45 days in jar. Rotten fruit with an up up euphoric ride.
  11. Awesome! Glad you like his gear, hella nice dude and any problems he will take care of you. I hope to see him in a couple weeks and will show him this post, he will really appreciate it. Damn you got me thinking I need to get the Strawberry Starburst back in the rotation just for the terps.
  12. Durban Thai High Flyer x 68 Afghani purple pheno. This is one of Indy’s newer crosses and it’s bad ass, this particular one went 15 feet and full of bud, expecting a couple pounds plus off her.
  13. Are those Uzbek’s from the first batch he released? If so they were like tanks and had to be scuffed in a sandpaper tube for them to crack right.
  14. Sorry it's been a while, I've been very busy, all is well!!
  15. I love running from seed and from clones. If you get what you think is a keeper you need to run it a couple of times to make sure and the only way to do that is clones.
  16. Yes if your using organic nutes flush, but if your doing LOS / No Till you don’t. I do only use water last week or two of flower and pull back on any teas. Your runs are looking spectacular!
  17. Next run 4x4 switched into flower. Bodhi Cut Blueberry Hashplant x Maphial’s Chocolate Diesel and @Indican Exodus cut Psychosis. LOS / No Till Gas / Coots mix, 100 gal. Grassroots LOS pot.
  18. I wouldn’t believe anything coming from the Guardian!
  19. Grease Monkey is fire, I just finished up a calendar shoot for a large grow house in Denver and grease monkey was one of the cultivars I shot and also was given a sack, pretty tasty too.
  20. I’m willing to bet a postal worker is enjoying my money, it might take longer because of the virus, but 3 1/2 months is stretching it. My overseas days are over as far as sending cash.
  21. Same here, sent money back in March, SOL, oh well is what it is.
  22. He’s a Sativa guy and yes loves his dabs. I have the Strawberry Starburst, Golden Goat and Firefly, can’t decide which one to run first. I’m also seed poor, but sometimes it’s hard to resist, just pulled the trigger on below and Luckily they made it here.
  23. Hopefully I haven’t steered you wrong yet. FYI Irie’s Golden Goat is going for $200 / oz at the CS dispensaries that can get it and sells out immediately, everything else $100.
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