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  1. Check out Irie Genetics, they're right here in Colorado, most of his stuff is fast flowering sativa dom and it's fire!
  2. I was dreading this one, his songs have been in my heart since I graduated high school in 1971, John's first album. To one of my music / American heroes, so glad I got to meet you in person. My heart goes out to your family and friends! RIP John Prine! Thanks for the memories!
  3. One post and I’m stuck on / worried about numbers, come on, are we not allowed to discuss the situation or are there particular guidelines we must follow.
  4. You are so Fool of it you totally missed the point.
  5. Finally found some fricking beans, Yeah!!!
  6. World Covid deaths as of 12 CT World: 62,444 EU: 35,510 US: 7,896 China: 3,326 Tell me China's telling the truth!
  7. You missed my point. US Authorities in Thailand????? I’m being skeptical.
  8. We’re living in an ice age, it’s an interglacial period at the present time.
  9. Seized by American authorities in Thailand, uh, think about that for a moment????
  10. Check it out, I get a mention in the intro. Check out the fourth video, it's the first in the series with the intro. https://www.instagram.com/octopot_growsystems/?hl=en
  11. Nope, that’s one I never heard of, it’s getting tough anymore with everybody and his brother selling seed.
  12. US : total cases today 122,653 Total deaths. 2,112 Comes to .0172 death rate 1.72% and as more testing is completed this will most likely fall below 1% One of the reasons this has spread faster than SARS is in 2003, there were very few Chinese traveling to other countries and world travel in general was low compared to today. Models are great for giving a picture of possibilities, but cannot replace real time on the ground observation, which provides the most accurate data. Nature rarely agrees with models.
  13. Looks awesome! Those male female ratios look pretty normal to me. Every Dynasty strain I’ve ran I always get more females than males, my first pack of MsU had 8 females and 2 males and Pineapple Fields similar. Thanks for the advice regarding the UV lights, I went with the 5.0 UBV instead of the 10.0 and saw no problems, last 3 days I ran it 6 hours with no signs of burn, I kept it 18” above the canopy. Thanks Again! Baq
  14. Everybody with ssn and filed taxes will get a check, they’re basing it on 2018 and 2019 taxes. This includes seniors on SSI.
  15. Been waiting for this pre release, love me some old school Mexican weed!
  16. YUM!!!! You could make a fortune off those at a Dead and Company show selling them as Terrapins.
  17. I had a wild wisteria in my backyard in Kentucky and I could smell it when I saw your picture.
  18. He’s censorious and cynical, people like that can’t help it. Just scroll on by his post, don’t stop and read.
  19. I received some great news today! I was contacted by a company that has 5 grow houses and 7 dispensaries in Denver, they want me to do a calendar for them. Also today, I was contacted by a local seed vendor that wants me to do bud and marketing photography for him! He’s originally from Houston and has the original Shoreline cut! It’s not all bleak! Best, Baq
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