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  1. If they get mine I’ll sue, everything is copy righted water marked and imbedded in the photos. Already been through it.
  2. First one reminds me of my Sugar Punch cut the second one fruity / blueberry diesel and the 3rd one is straight blueberry / diesel / chocolate.
  3. Which one is my potential keeper (same cultivars)? I will make a second run to confirm.
  4. All of ours are like a sweet syrup, really reminds me of Golden Goat in taste (3 month cure)
  5. Well lets keep it going. The keeper that I almost didn't get a clone of. Never pass on the runt! BB & C
  6. It spreads like the cold, just stay away from crowds, keep your hands clean and away from your nose and mouth, cough and sneeze into your elbow joint. It spreads by contact and someone coughing or sneezing on or around you. I take these same precautions every season. This is nothing like the measles and other shit we grew up with.
  7. Yep, not only my favorite in the shop, it’s my favorite weed period, I always say it will make you stand in the middle of the room alone laughing your ass off, not know why and you don’t give a fuck! I plan to pheno hunt the fem version for a female then search the regular seeds for a male for a seed stash to play with in my golden years. @Mr Goodfellow I will have cuttings when I start this project.
  8. Yes I was able to save it! I didn’t clone one of my Blueberries & Chocolate’s because it was a runt, well we know how that goes, it exploded on the flip and is the greasiest, dankest plant, so I cloned a bud hoping that I didn’t have to reveg in an Octopot and it took, it will take a month to reveg, but a least it won’t tie up a pot. the rest of the keeper cuts ready to rock and roll, just waiting on the 1st run to finish.
  9. Cov-19, conovirus is not new, SARS is a conovirus and more deadly than #19. Do you need to protect yourself, sure it would be stupid not to, are we all gonna die because of this no. Will I catch the regular flu and die, maybe. I hibernate this time of year and stay away from crowds as much as possible, been doing this for years because I don’t want to catch a bug and get really sick. Now I just have a new bug to stay away from. Information above I got from John Hopkins, they do have pretty good doctors there.
  10. It’s the cultivar, the Blueberry Hashplant coming through. Blueberry Hashplant is Bodhi’s cut of original Santa Cruz Blue Dream x 88G13 Hashplant. Here’s Pheno #1, with the fade, I feel like I’m growing Daisies.
  11. Useful bred it. They all look same size because it was in a scrog, I removed it to take pictures. Still has a week left to stack and yes big yielder, I will veg a week longer next time, it didn’t stretch as much as expected so I will get a better yield next time with the keeper cuts.
  12. Next run and everything is ready to roll just waiting for this crop to finish, hopefully 1 more week. Blueberries and Chocolate again (keepers only from 1st run) Sinister Seeds Psychosis BX1 f2 Lime Caboose (Cherry Lime Haze x Ghost Train Haze) The One / Panama x Paki / Chocolate Thai loving the Blueberries and Chocolate, I think I might keep this around awhile.
  13. It looks like a Rose! Beautiful!
  14. Blueberries and Chocolate almost there.
  15. I agree with @JetDro too, strong and has yielded well for me, just not my kinda high at all, I put them in with cookies, they’re not euphoric to me. It’s probably my endo system.
  16. He’s going thru a move and setting up a new operation.
  17. @Indican hooked my ass up! If you haven’t ran his gear your missing out. Dudes putting together genetics as good as anybody out there.
  18. Most NL types are pretty sturdy and will support the bud weight. Indoors it’s always best to at least throw a net over things.
  19. Big difference in reusing soil and living organic soil / no till. You can’t compare the two. I don’t reuse soil, I keep it alive, anytime you break down soil in a container and remix, you just killed it and created problems you now have to chase. IMHO.
  20. You can’t trust the Chinese and you can’t trust the MSM. Death rate is no higher than the regular flu and has the most devastating effects on the same age groups, old and very young most are passing from pneumonia secondary affect from the virus. Are we all gonna die, no, should you take precautions, yes, I take precautions every year, I hibernate and stay away from people and crowds, was nervous about going to the Indo Expo and damned if I didn’t come down with a cold! The main danger from this is a economic slide which can wreek havoc on all of us.
  21. Yep, I’m 30 min from the Platte and the Arkansas rivers here in the Springs and plan to hit them both soon. I’m getting my lifetime fishing license this week! You have some great Smallmouth Bass fishing in you neck of the woods and not that far from WVa waters that are full of big fish. I fished the streams in Ky and WVa for over 50 years, it’s what I miss the most about home.
  22. What @oldschoolsg said, twist and firm the stems. It is strain dependent too, some it doesn’t matter what you do.
  23. baqualin

    Cali Bud

    Here’s a bud from Sannie’s Sugar Punch and it will hold it’s own with anything from Cali. I live in Colorado but I’m from Kentucky and some of the Ky strains are right there with it. The main pockets that all the best weed that we smoke today came out of the Pacific Northwest, Nor Cal, Santa Cruz and Kentucky. Now today, the best gassy weed comes out of Cali, the best fruity weed and Sativa hybrids come out of the Pacific Northwest.
  24. baqualin

    Cali Bud

    The best is right here between my fingers.
  25. Blue Berries and Chocolate getting close. (Bodhi's cut Blueberry Hashplant X Maphials Chocolate Diesel)
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