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  1. Hello guys n girls been away from the site for a while but its nice to be back around. I am going to try the flood table in january but having trouble sourcing mapito in france. I have found rfx1 but am wary to try cause of reports on this thread. I have found plagron euromix and wondered if any table guru,s have any info on this stuff or have tried it themselves? 35€ 70l bag. thx e2a where are my manners? Esko thanks for a informative /educational worthwhile grow system report
  2. most forums you cannot delete pics from your gallery unless a mod does it for you.
  3. Sorry about the loss of your friend Sassy :(SPW
  4. i suggest you sign out and find another site that cares for your opinion
  5. oh it went so well last time..... should be dedicated to LaVieEnRose
  6. Good to see you back Rab fuck man hows the ticker now?
  7. good luck with the interview Randude I know your feelings about letting your new company down mate,i would feel the same myself-BUT as they say you only live once and if the new position will give you financial stability and keep you interested/busy then its a no brainer.
  8. We need one or two more european mods San ,then as you say the clock would be covered. Really this morning is embarrasing for the site
  9. Any mods around to stop these spamming idiots? Saturday morning ffs and every post is a spamming bastard. Not a good look for the site
  10. It will work but its not a good setup at all. Beware running the fan too slow as it is not good for them. If your fan controller is a temp stat ,it will drive the 8* at 100% if it senses the room is too warm,if that happens smell will them escape. Just want you to get a setup that will work efficiently and last.
  11. the carbon filter is rated at a flow rate depending on the size and therefor the amount of active carbon the filter contains that the air passes through.Outpace that flowrate and the carbon cannot scrub I do know this to be true as well ,as does physics. But on you go and work with the inversed system you are setting up,i suppose you can just spend MORE money later to sort it out best of luck though
  12. An oversized fan attached to a small filter is also a smell/odour risk as the filter cannot cope with the higher airflow being pulled through it.
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