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  1. Currently got some Shackzilla in coco impressive plant and not a heavy feeder, I would suggest flipping sooner than later she keeps growing after the flip for about 3-4 weeks so if headroom is a prob u might wanna flip sooner than later.
  2. Out of the regulars I would go with Sannies Jack but overall my fave would have to be the stuff legends are made from none other than "Sugar Punch". Bless up Brethen
  3. My suggestion would be Killig Fields if u can get the purple pheno. Real Tasty, easy to grow and a big producer. Mine has a purple kool aid type taste ahhhhh heavenly.
  4. Lol, Well ah Dat me ah do wen I geh to de yard, de rest ah dem inna de ground. Time to Chuck-out, Give thanks Brethen.
  5. Yo Brethen, how de chucky's ah buhn? I gah two innah de room jus ah start life.
  6. No need to apologize brother. Am sorry to hear about ur lost, life always hits us hard every now and then and we need a lil bit of time to recover so it great to see you back. Bless up ur self rasta.
  7. Lol @ wonton, that's exactly how I feel after this review. "In the abundance of water the fool is thirsty".
  8. Naice step by step tutorial Lavie. Pulling up a chair for this one.
  9. Am in the same boat wid u, after hearing all the rave about the CB I had to order some. should be here any day now. Keep doing wah u doing Brethen, bless.
  10. Want to delete a thread I stared.
  11. Rayzah

    AMA anyone?

    Just seem like a bad idea if it will be putting people at risk, no need for that. thanks for chiming in Brethen .
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