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    ak47/serious/NFT/2004 personnal beans/coco/2001
  2. I have to give more details, about smell, structure, etc... asap. but concerning this Malawi x NBD, she makes the biggest calyxes in this grow. the smell is very sweet, I'm very curious about taste and effect. stretch was long but not so big, and buds look compacter than the average in this grow. nota : the left side of the tent is 400w powered, right side is under 600w. Malawi's cross is on the left side (of the left side).
  3. they're just amazing. I don't remember growing so much big buds. for the scale, the tent is 1,20 meter large and the squares of the screen behind are 10x10cm. it's first day end of week 7. this seeds are just top quality gears, no doubt with that.
  4. p.s : andomycco must be in soil in the begin of the grow of course...
  5. I am in the country, in the fields, and this year most wheat crops are condamned for example, as tomatoes in gardens, etc... Bacto can't fight against mold, but complete the process with helpfull ando-mychorrizaes. The symbiosis way works, that how it goes in nature. Good enough for me obviously, I am quiet in the middle of hell. The same last year. Reaching a soil equilibrium is interesting. EMs way is life's way, the opposite of chemicals way which is death way. no one can make miracles, but life is already a miracle we tend to destroy. Regarding the earth health I already made my choice.
  6. well, since I'm using Sannie's stuff (bacto/symbiosis/buffer tablets) and bokashi+400 I don't have so much problems and can enjoy decent harvests. 1 or 2 time a year I spray some BAC V+ if needed. this organic protections are good enough for me. grtz
  7. What the hell!? so, what is it, or what the AC/DC is really? any other person have some, from another source to compare? whatever, the 2 friends who are using it for pain like it. I don't know how to read this test clearly too, it's high cbn or thc? thanks for this Blowsterke
  8. Hello! sorry for the delay but I'm not often behind the computer, now a quick update 4 weeks later with few pictures of the main greenhouse... enjoy your grow(s) all, and have a nice begin of summer!
  9. rollit

    Gambia Auto #F4

    first batch of ten seeds, indoor, organic
  10. yes, they're the same cut, and most indica. I cut mine yesterday, she has nice colors too what is good with her is "no down side effects" obviously, relaxing, and it's able to work with.
  11. Hello, If I'm not wrong : AC/DC exists only by cut, no seeds. like said previously it seems to be a Cannatonic selection, a unique pheno. Good week-end all!
  12. yep pics of the other bed made yesterday, day 47 from seeds few bloom nutrients in the next water...
  13. thank you mates, well, I'm not god for smoke reports but I'll try to give some details. they should be ready after 2 months and half, maximum, I think. but I selected seeds from long flowering time mothers. I want them big, most sativa, so we'll see with this batches. today, day 40 from seeds, those from the biggest mother :
  14. Hi, pics made last week (I've got a new card reader, the old was out of order, so I'll do more pictures this week) the little bed, around day 33 from seeds Dieselrider Auto Gambian haze coming from the biggest "last year's female" same AGH like in the bigger bed the bigger bed, few days ago, (around) day 40 from seeds this one, like few others, is flowering faster (so is growing not so tall) up views, we clearly see flowers appearing... bye!
  15. yes, I think that too Silva, LEDs can provide better taste than HPS with the same conditions because of heat radiation. here Killaqueen x Blue Hammer today, and she probably needs 3 weeks more. just wonderful. the taste is good too, the only problem is the effect : too much "hammer"! Vibz!
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