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  1. 33 1/3 (yo baby let's get buck naked and fuck!)
  2. Hi Damar, Thanks for the heads up! It was full. I made some room and will have to make more. Hey Sacred, Yeah. The Kosher in seed form is the cross. If you come by a cut called Kosher, it could be Jew Gold. Originally the name was considered too offensive, so there were some cuts of the Kosher (Jew Gold) floating around. But, mostly it has been a tightly held and coveted cut that is pretty hard to come by. I had the pleasure of smoking some in 2006. The guy had rolled it for kief, de-kiefed it, and it was still some of the best smoke I had that year. Crazy. The Kosher quickly became the Kosher Kush - a cross in seed form, and the cuts were no longer trustworthy by that name. A Jew Gold cut promises to be the original. A kosher cut may or may not be. Kosher Kush is excellent kush. It is probably the least adultered cross. DNA has released crosses with the Jew Gold. I have no idea about phenos, I am working with the cut. You would look for a sweet tasting and really heavy hitting smoke unlike any other. It is hard to describe, but very distinct. A pleasant aromatic perfume taste kind of like the smell of forest lavender blossoming in the morning mixed with a classic kush undertone. The smoke is incredibly smooth and the high is clear-headed and pure with as heavy of a head as one could imagine without being sleepy. A very elevating and relaxing smoke. Kosher Kush is close enough. Jew Gold is where it came from. The Kosher would have a little heavier Kush note. The Jew Gold has more of the sweet aromatic floral aspect. It is also closer to the smell of carnations in a flower store. Very sweet. Jew Gold is better smoke all around, and much more elevating. Kosher is a bit more sleepy and kushy. Good point about accepting the yield on the GSC. If it can't be done without losing some quality, then I will accept it as is for sure. I LOVE that strain. The yield is low, but the smoke lasts. So it kind of evens out. Those orange strains you are working with sound fun! I have a good guess on your secret power-up strain, but will not out it in public. Peace - M.T.
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