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  1. high ,@speedlandracer, niceley done brother, did you come up with the techniques you speak of from previous gardening . respect for your attitude, determination & results. , onelove sunstone!
  2. hey rhino i been stuck with green since 17. but variety is the spice in life, from here, , ,, its workin now onelove sunstone .
  3. hey rhinocbd, sme things wrong, when i try to press like button, a mall caption comes up sayin there is problem with etc????back&yellow bzzzzzzpoisonous!!!
  4. hey misterdirt , i have a swiss strain (thai-fun-horizon .) by blue hemp . is suposed to be over potent. & is ready in 12 wks bloom. so far got 4 dudes out of 7 very diff erent phenoes, a pole phenoe with indica smell &a branchy enthol euacaliptus sem rub i can hopfully send you seed or pollen for the fellow herb riders . ill try to smoke some male samps & see if its seed biz fantasy bullshit or somthing to poll l.t.f3.? ps. i noticed how much they seemed to relish the cold temps! when i left them next to on open window sill
  5. hey rhinocbd, sme things wrong, when i try to press like button, a mall caption comes up sayin there is problem with etc????
  6. hey truchoxki,   i read you are a sativab-breather seaching for trancedental spiritual vars?   i have an execess of doube-jam     _do you want to trade punto-rojo  for d.j.?

  7. old squeak, which ones did you get ?
  8. high up, there gardenartus thankyou so much for your help, i got one of those disstillers & came in handy when i wanted to germ some old seeds, i was suprised how quick the water drips through . the other thing thats been hangin arounnd my brain since last asking about distillers(i was thinking long 45degree glass ith cold water runnng through) do you use or add essential oils for extra med effect? or is thi a piontless idea. onelove sunstone.
  9. high spw, any news on this guy ? hpe all ends welll . onelove sunstone
  10. high  up  there,     cristalin thank you for getting  .good.  cannabis out to the masses:jump:    will amnesia becomming along  with cg         top   job!          onelove   sunstone !

    1. Cristalin


      Hi @sunstone

      Amnesia is on our website, i think sannie got it since 2 weeks but it's not in the store ...

      Cg will be available next week on the website

      Thx for your support

      Best regards

  11. high poldergrower, i know this was ast year, but i only just noticed it . what wieght did you get off this 118 watt set, & what was the results smoke wise, & quality wise, by the way hope yous safe & well
  12. high up, cristalin ,serious mind kosh .deadiy weapon that would leave me wasrted & perhaps a quivering wreck afteer 2 or more bongs looks triple proof%*** onelove sunstone!
  13. high, mindless i was wondering, where the white bars half way up tent , part of a kit ? or did you make them yourself? looks a good idea plants look real nice & happy good vibes onelove sunstone
  14. beautiful , pure-power2 bongs of bammie & wammie!
  15. how many weeks bloom has the pictured c.g.72recieved in this pic? good vibest all ganja brothers & sisters especially U.S.C. & sanniies! onelove sunstone
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