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  1. very nice will head candy be coming back that was one i always wanted but never had money enough when it was available?
  2. approximatly 2 months later ??? i do believe ? ? ?
  3. very impressive how long did these veg for & what wattage would you say produced them? i hope youll do a smoke or vape report! stay safe& high!
  4. high up there is there any way to contact jah green label im sure hes busy but i really miss his quallity long flowering sativas cristalin is doing a great job on the indicas but from what can be seen here it looks like its all on him the most exotic cannabis effects are sativa the longer the flowering period the longer the hit we need the (or some)of usc pcychadelic sativas that we have been shown &even been sold here already come back jgl
  5. sunstone

    Green manalishi

    high please keep us informed on the outcome a very gracious offer i for one would love the chance to get somegm f2s
  6. any chance of ko kush coming back to the shop &shiva or shack? i would much rather be able to buy quality boutique strains that sannies has built his &the shops reputation on it seems like commerce is getting the upper hand as usual (or expected) the automatic de_gradeing of cannabis doesnt need encouraging in my mind they are already available in just about every shop youcan find on the net
  7. sunstone

    Green manalishi

    high would be nice if somone could do an o.p. for freebee section?
  8. high up there ~ rhino will the fookies be released as regs too i do not like paying for seeds unless i at least have a chance of making use of them to pollinate a couple of branches either to cross or line breed for preservation or for future! who knows whats around the next decdes bends!~ i do not like the move toward fem seeds we have managed with out them & the lkes of monsanto for thousands of years & although they do have their place(especially for ppl who dont have space&energy) i believe that place is firmley behind regs peace ganja & happiness!
  9. high! griot are you going to repro these 2 hawaian strains ? for future grows~ i dont beleive these are available any more ~both are stable ibl and of great value to herb community pure & as building blocks aloha!
  10. whoops almost forgot what exactly is your vintage mexican? i like your taste in strains by the looks your grows im guessing your a sativa 3rd eye guy?
  11. hey griot have you preserved the feds HAWAIAN SATIVA it is an IBL isnt it? nice looking set! good luck (karma) how would you compare it to the cherry bomb?
  12. thanks for the reply -sounds like some serious travelling deep into the cosmos! cant wait for a good herbal hike!
  13. high up there! earth calling rhino & pollder which strain that you are about to release would you say has the cleanest - clearest _(sativa) effects? nice to see some honest to god ACTUAL REAL BREEDING -at last!
  14. high up there when will the afghan black be restocked
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