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  1. uk people,s birthright . re-conect to gaia messages & wiccan wisdom from under the earth(plane ) ha, lolshine your light into the night. black bright ! onelove sunstone
  2. we need to tune to ... universal anarchy. itscomming wether we like it or not 2 late to turn back now , soyou,s can smile in that hole in the sand ! choose reality not bullshi fr bullshitter,s onelove sunstonemushroom season! !!
  3. we need to tune to ... universal anarchy. itscomming wether we like it or not 2 late to turn back now , soyou,s can smile in that hole in the sand ! choose reality not bullshi fr bullshitter,s onelove sunstone
  4. 2 sides you can,t know 1 without the other that woul be like hopping !pick yourcrowd ? thats sowing division hypno! critter,sf.f.s.
  5. haze , brother,s . yes sacred plant warrior, i agree ' now ' does seem like peeps all over globe know ? something,s fishy . more n more people ,s subconcious knows all. bang on ! , sacred plant warrior ! im with you , on this the balls rolling now, rumbling through peoples sleep & dreams . onelove sunstone .....happyweed.happyhead .
  6. high,webeblzr iwas never happy with sod,s l ack of u.v. ,i only grow percy , now so i am only interested in the effects,thts why i started to smoke weed in the first place . that ,n ,love @ fist sight! if it tasted real good or yielded , thatwas bonus but not why i bought it. it took a lot of trackin down, not like these days net ,n , mob,s lol . i liked thai n tempe ballwas alwys best i, remember my first indoor bud in 1980 it was myfist sincemilla , a freind n relative brought it back from canada he dont even smoke but he knew this wasnt the cheap commercil seeded african ,then probably 83, i got some imported, jamaican blue mtn sensie! a dream, beautifully potent it smelled real good coconut n other flavers, tat made me start to put a ,littlemore value on flaver but nt @ expens o f, the quality of effect s , is reason for weed! onelove sunstone its muhroom season opening next week magick flying season! our ancient heretage
  7. iup, bigun , i seen you like hazes, i hope im not mistaken (again,) in chimeras thread, frankie,s incence haze, im sure i seen it said it had acapulcogold in or would tht be a cross? we share a passion bro. you not interested in new led,s im mildly impressed , but needs adjustment to my grow technique. i have 2f.i.haze @ about half way through bloom happyweedhappyhead.
  8. hi ,n hello . new age bullshit generator .? not read that one , fool.o.h, who,s it by ? ? ? oh yea , you !
  9. sunstone

    Oaxacan IBL

    san , i will take time to take pics, my head is so mashed i can just about, do mything with green n dloing , any extra learning besides what,comes to me is very difficult. i have some pics on phone but i dont computor techknow just say know!
  10. sunstone

    Oaxacan IBL

    sorrry bout that wrong section.
  11. sunstone

    Oaxacan IBL

    except our hollow demonic leaders ?where????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  12. sunstone

    Oaxacan IBL

    i am grumpy od cunt. no robs it takes all sorts. tomakea world we are all god lookin down on our physicalbits . yea!! chill . onelove sunstone ..
  13. ok, a balnce has 2 sides just like all life on earth plane. .we need blance n some people need+ some - .? i dont believe in panderig to ego,s. , as little as is personally possibe, the less the better. onelove sunstone
  14. sunstone

    Oaxacan IBL

    hey, balarama are you going to make some nice mexicano,s with the boy,s n, girls , you get there ? ihave 2 .. h.o.g./big sur holy weed , ( zacatacas tribute ) girls that are , days off harvest window . i save a little pollen, & make a few f2 n f1 cross,s she is very pretty with mainly red , n purple (thought extinct - purple zacatacas . ) from b.s.h.w. . most peeps in europe & most of world missed out on pure mexican,s this side of pond, we got all type,s of hash & mainly african,n jaaican in 8o,s onelove sunstone .
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