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  1. yea , its called 'old school, or s it,'old fool ( me . lol .) tropical flyin herb. i LOVE real afro, style bud !, cant really call it bud, just med I sun . onelove , s.s.
  2. long time no see,! i hope lifes being kind, ive got some nice starins , do you know any thing about the 'sativa' phe of 'LSD.' (not e indica phe .sold @ barneys ) or M2 . both were available through 'eliv8 seeds '? seem quite rare, im thinkig of o.p. the 1st n 2nd seedling leaves i tested (5wk were very impressive!! ) thy are cica 1963 .
  3. hey , zanzibar, they had m @ seed heaven com , last time i looked ,eskoes n indicaicious i think ?25 .30€
  4. 9yrs ogo toker.? baralotche? or whitehouse? sme shitfbi.cia.mi5. mi6. MOSSAD!
  5. 480 30l umol tunrned up full is 2 much for standard 1.8m tent . unless you want to bleach there little soul,s & ' RESET ' your organic mix, or have it on a bottl e , or even a 'drip ' when tings gets close to tragic, ha ! i use 1 240 watt 301umol . for veg & finishing off & turned up full its bang on.. i add a100w cheap $£€30 china led@ begginin of bloom& finsh with just 240 onelove s.s.very satisfactory & gettin bettter or run em @ half ( id rather 2 tents n fk the leds burnin out those well made cuntsl be here long after me. )
  6. hi. i am on, em in my treblinka ' 3. death camp ' fur weedy weed , they cant hide, from me , only every 1 else . daily selections , anytimes canna hell.mine take some abuse before i forgive them an put em on the rack to die! whoops ' dry' onelove s.s. lol.
  7. sunstone

    Dog lovers

    win a billion, & he,ll be your only frend not jealous or wantin n ,angling all time,
  8. i believe ths small idividual knows through ' race memory ' its gotta hurry before she s crowded out f the solar circumf food chain
  9. wat x . mass . p arty?pssd
  10. whats  happening?

  11. i was gonna say ' fuck you can type' but its not that any more is it ,? wish i was copmp literate, oh well im gunna read it now
  12. its , de.facto legal in uk, cos they dont want YOUNG peeps to be 3 thinkers, while they scramble to steal' our ' ganja , with there filtlhy blood soaked weaponised gold . its another 180 again after 90 lying fukin yrs of crimialising the shirking class!, dirty greedy scum ,rise,s to the top
  13. hi, cristalin,hope all,swell shops been 80%. empty at least 6 ~ 12 moths of year , same naw, same dynasty , crok of shite,dis place as gone to woke hell in a hand bag of shit .( just sayin) ghana? or what about some more sativa,s ?
  14. hey, duderino could you let us know what the hit was like on those, please , very nice lookin gro
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