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  1. hi. does any one have prof p,s f3 super silver haze , strong, fast n. quick, lost it
  2. hey big leek, so there new seed, are these identi cal ( same parents - same seed, or line bred next generation?
  3. high , bigleek, i got these about 2 weeks ago, thinking they were the very last of the older batch . do you know if these are the older ones & are they made of the same parents or are they another f generation ? - either way very nice sounding cross & i supose ill know by how fast they crak onelove sunstone .
  4. it is a new age wether any of you like it or not - REALITY.
  5. knock . knock .anyone home ? happy 20 21. can,t wait 4th ?
  6. hi , o.g. i asked 8 months ago about the rarity, or disapearance of the ' big 13week phenoe . and now i notice that the original pics of the ' big 13 wk ' phe seems to have de-materealised?????? sannie please tell? whats the score ??? i can only guess! with out a reply onelove sunstone .
  7. hi .0g. evey1 ive noticed the photo of the ' big 13 wk ' pheno of sannie jack , has been taken ' out of the pic ensemble , in sanne,s regs 'jack' ? i asked a month (8)or so ago , look like i could of been on to something ? could or would sannie chime in & sort this out once ,n,for all? ( still the best j.h.) onelove sunstone .
  8. hi ,olsqueak bro its better to use good cuttings for sog. you need 'uniform ' plants ,n growth , . a lot of work for the sake of it to me, unless you not got much room,( most city peeps dont have much space tho ) i was allways gonna try a square meter sog but always , went bigger for my insatible stash! the aplengrrow strain ( dynasty ) all grow uniform indica dom plants, & you do get what you pay for & what it says on the pack ( dont miss sannies current deal, yu wont regret buying any of his.) hope your pipe dreams are comin true onelove sunstone .
  9. hi olsqueak , you can still take cutts 1st week no probs, just put on veg 18 - 24 hour. onelove sunstone .
  10. woke takeover, no freedom of speech, f,fs happy covid gov,s playing ' simon says ' come on sheeplewaitin for elite carpet baggin vultures to move in & take the remanants of every one,s hard bui,lt busnesses for cent,s (usual swindling tactics so every one will rely on new world order state.) ETERNAL HUMAN SLAVERY is the aim & name of the gamehollow demonic materialistic direction is as is, no pushing in, on lemmig que, domesticated idiots!
  11. zanzibar. very proficcient beautiful girls,mm iill geta stiffy on , pardon me, yes 2what does they go? how, or do they fly? gorwn to perfection
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