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  1. hi. does any one have prof p,s f3 super silver haze , strong, fast n. quick, lost it
  2. hey big leek, so there new seed, are these identi cal ( same parents - same seed, or line bred next generation?
  3. high , bigleek, i got these about 2 weeks ago, thinking they were the very last of the older batch . do you know if these are the older ones & are they made of the same parents or are they another f generation ? - either way very nice sounding cross & i supose ill know by how fast they crak onelove sunstone .
  4. it is a new age wether any of you like it or not - REALITY.
  5. knock . knock .anyone home ? happy 20 21. can,t wait 4th ?
  6. hi , o.g. i asked 8 months ago about the rarity, or disapearance of the ' big 13week phenoe . and now i notice that the original pics of the ' big 13 wk ' phe seems to have de-materealised?????? sannie please tell? whats the score ??? i can only guess! with out a reply onelove sunstone .
  7. hi .0g. evey1 ive noticed the photo of the ' big 13 wk ' pheno of sannie jack , has been taken ' out of the pic ensemble , in sanne,s regs 'jack' ? i asked a month (8)or so ago , look like i could of been on to something ? could or would sannie chime in & sort this out once ,n,for all? ( still the best j.h.) onelove sunstone .
  8. hi ,olsqueak bro its better to use good cuttings for sog. you need 'uniform ' plants ,n growth , . a lot of work for the sake of it to me, unless you not got much room,( most city peeps dont have much space tho ) i was allways gonna try a square meter sog but always , went bigger for my insatible stash! the aplengrrow strain ( dynasty ) all grow uniform indica dom plants, & you do get what you pay for & what it says on the pack ( dont miss sannies current deal, yu wont regret buying any of his.) hope your pipe dreams are comin true onelove sunstone .
  9. hi olsqueak , you can still take cutts 1st week no probs, just put on veg 18 - 24 hour. onelove sunstone .
  10. woke takeover, no freedom of speech, f,fs happy covid gov,s playing ' simon says ' come on sheeplewaitin for elite carpet baggin vultures to move in & take the remanants of every one,s hard bui,lt busnesses for cent,s (usual swindling tactics so every one will rely on new world order state.) ETERNAL HUMAN SLAVERY is the aim & name of the gamehollow demonic materialistic direction is as is, no pushing in, on lemmig que, domesticated idiots!
  11. zanzibar. very proficcient beautiful girls,mm iill geta stiffy on , pardon me, yes 2what does they go? how, or do they fly? gorwn to perfection
  12. i miss em all! , brothers & sisters,all.
  13. sanfan gang, san i knowhowyu oprerate,i watched you wth 'rev' vastley more exerienced than you . & with ` classic, vasytl, vastley more experieced than yous ayin he didnt know what he was talkin bout you cheeky fuck ,he forgot 10 times more thanyou will ever know about weed because he hadnt swallowed a dctionary of strain minutia you bore. i can read so dont need middlemen to explain what is unproven theory but talk like you beengroin 0 40 yrs have aiittle respect foryour 'BETTERS & elders computor boy onelove sunstone ur attitude changes when peepsdont want to know like wihen rhino said no to yur advances i pictured you stapin feet like a spoilt child , then you encourage play ground tactics usa fake i seen you. i dont like super niicey nicey peeps n creeps dont even shit there that nice . they hide their negative side denial so you lie to your self before everyone else woke takeover makes me puke ur like a gay stalin lol put your " humble" sandals on n say sorry to all the peeps youseen off who wouldnt kiss your arse , or wouldnt see you as an equal breeder ( wich your not) & espescially to classic
  14. san i prefer honest, messages whatever they are ,you allways throw a ' passive ' ' aggresive' comment, my way , & ive seen you do it to others who did,nt bow to the you. no - one ' strong arms ' me directly or ' side ways like yous san little brother p.s. if its that bad , jus skip it?
  15. i will leave this , for 1 month then offer put in deep freeze till im gone. s.s.
  16. fook,in, hell, how long do the rest of us wait before we can purch airbourne jack? wich will come fore sale fst f3 or f4, n same fur your haze? please?
  17. sunstone

    Oaxacan IBL

    no more frustrating haed games, tennis court shut! pleae de _escalate the sillyness toke , you set me on'FIRE' i expload! no need? yea i got short fuse ,k, h , that. onelove sunstone , lets face it, ive watched this shit unfold past40yrs or so, n the long time dealer,s 95 % greedy bastard breadheads. veryfew al.truistic, supplyers. there attracted to the money& EGO TRIP. so can attract other greedy bastards & bitche,s , justlike the dirty fukin smak.dealers n ther POWDER POWER ,, RING ANY BELL,S?
  18. hi, o.g. i have some , m2 + thai fun horizon, true f1. a 40+ yr old ibl crossed to ,hi alti swiss acclimatised thai, untested ,should run out to 13 . 16 wk mark, the m2 shows MUCHO potential , & the old ,blue hemp, thai fun horizon poppas all looked well from @ one extreme,a pole type expression with ,hollow stem n min, med branchin,(wich i still think was part of that genotype) and @ other more branchi more typical thai pheno type not much smell on the t.f.h. ,s , but m2s dont stink up as no indica genes in there, idont really know about stink cos i have carb,s runnin all time, ( or i got corona, ol.) think i got used to it n smoker,s dont usually, eh ,, , fuk im wrecked , have good noses as f a r . as i cant remember . c,s you l , ss. m2 is strong lemony type smell. nice sativa . cant wait to see what these f1 'crosseswill throw,may be next year or so, unless any?1 wants a fly? ..pm.m hopefully killer, astral haze! ??? aka flying tackle ? ! onelove sunstone!m2/t.f.h, thai ,bx. 333. few testers? pic,s eventually after shut down, ( myshutdown , not the gov shit show.) as having difficultys with web, n cams??? help! i ask many times, no one wats to know? what ever? i cando on my own , just slow struggle , no probs no change im hermit! lol,
  19. hi spw, nice bro, are you a24,7 365 type of gro ,n smoker?. looks that way. lol whats your favourite type of ganja? im not too famillier with newstrains im old school tottally obsessed&in LOVE WITH PCYCHOACTIVE PLANTS, and ' im just a fool in love '
  20. cant say a word wrong on prof,p,s work , 5 star quality seed
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