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  1. hey, sacred plant warrior. i know you said,you was suss with them, about no replys to q,s but i bought there M2.ibl40 plus years . n she still throws early,s@ 8-9ws to differing long14-20wk queens & a zero paranoia, powerfull ' turn the lights on hit' . back to te begining, my point they have rip,t,s 2 scoops ch ,i ,o, onelove sunstone.( p.s. regs)
  2. hey, ras-t.     whats happening ,  man, you cracked  r.s.   yet , viable? let me know !

  3. eer there,s a hell of a lot of sycronicity,going down thiscovid shit smoke n .mirrors bull . is we should all take advantage ,the same way the`authoritys`(ha,ha,) are doing there dirty shit ehind this PLANDEMIC! every one start any kind of grow overgrow the bastards its time now ! i had a dream of growing my little green friends uder the sea! ihad oxygen mask n flippers n there they is happy . it took a few dys to troll tru my mind & realise the revolation sorry wentt off on a sticky green tangent there. i would knock em down,@ least half n houror up to13 niht 11 day11 n1 quart hour they maysty in veg a long time they dontneed feedingthey are tough bstards n take some shit no hernes all venus lol. onelove sunstone. ps do the naga,s urkhul taste of cherries??? im sure i heard or read that
  4. i love the long creepy flowering ganja, types, ihave 4 diff doube jam ? ihavent smoked any yet n i have my thai .f.h. not yet shown any female. hopfully i should get 1 or 2 soon if not ill finsh this 2nd pack til i have a few to poll, or choose sorry its taken so long to reply , yes ihave the maapuri from rsc. & the blue flowerd oriental/manapuri/burma border purched from ace seeds.you should look there iff y.ou havent already and.the 16wk haze dom nl / haze 90 /91 (from tropical seeds) expecting great things here, i think ihave about 7 or 9 strains in two4+4 tents n im moving youg veg rome one to the other ,a cantinous kamakasi crop . have you grown out any of the urkul, i believe these were grownby the nagat ribe & it is they that mantain the blue indian/burma borderflower originally bred by the trankhul tribe alittle further east than the imphal valley( of second ww fame) onelove sunstone
  5. sunstone

    The Onesie

    and? , what was your outcome? i love the pragmatic style, can do.
  6. i love the long creepy flowering ganja, types, ihave 4 diff doube jams @20 wks yester day along with a malian hiland / col,gold/ sour.d @ same wk bloom i rekon 2 weekish still, to last quarter of this moon. i got 1 ' classics ' afgooie , fkin stunner ,2 zacatacas tribute,s looks like stretched white widow totally coverd in crystal upon crystal upon crystal the yield is only medium ? ihavent smoked any yet n i have my thai .f.h. not yet shown any female. hopfully i should get 1 or 2 soon if not ill finsh 2nd pack my m2 is a beuatifull puresativa hybridised landrace queen . genes from ladrace sri lankan,/thai/acapulco gold/southafrican/o.haze, ihave 2 types of indian manapuri & the manapuri /burma border( more power full than all north indian hashpalnt types ( their words not mine)? we,ll see onelove sunstone !
  7. hi, speedlandracer ,looks like some fun, are any of them regs, or are these all recent , purchases ? ive just always done it that way its half the fun @ first ,waitin & guessing what you think it looks m. or fe. big part of cannabis culture ! onelove sunstone!
  8. hi, smilestyle , webeblz dont know how i missed this one , right up my alley i love thai weed , any old , singular ingredients , that can be easily repro,d ibl,s for mixin later! what f gen are the lemon cindy,s ? n how long did the mm, thai/ og bx take o finish blooooomin ?? webeblzr??
  9. bang on, speedlandracer, i agree with your outlook, if no one did any, experienting its amuch slower personel advance, i always say `you gotta pay to learn, one way or another! refreshing aproach - self confdence =conection with plants = love yea! onelove sunstone. HAPPY WEED HAPPY HEAD!
  10. high, cristalin, what shoeless said, nice suprise big up,sannies , usc , & naw .! onelove sunstone .
  11. high misterdirt, beuatiful plants very healthy lookin girls there ,best vibes, what type of lamp are you using? onelove sunstone
  12. high ,olsqueak,what, you,, use, all organic system, please p.m. me. & sofar i do not have a prob, with using only 1 tab,21g for 3gal. per /plant iuse crushed oyster shell & powder-fine so fine -quick the crushed (for chickens) n microbes love this cal mg mix but the bacto i ran out off,so then i found somthing .pls . p. m . me. onelove sunstone i never got around, to getting dolomite gettin dol,l, cause idid geta big orde r of sannies bio tabs,but i had been reading , in lucky 13,s site canada. the roulan i could only find in canada, he has long post on white ash, n cigar industry he done a lot of research, to find ht he could n he made methink icant re member now ive stopped coughin since following these steps & i have copd from tryin to smoke as much as i could find, ! every day 4i yrs so inever tolerate any tobbaco istopp smokin tabbaco age 12 before i find herb soi don lung damage my with shit uality hash n the main nono ,smokein tar with scarring black carbon, soot. sorry bout ramble but i canhelp you i thinksomething very cool that can give ganja farmer nie independence! yea, or real.!!! onelove sunstone.
  13. if i miss you cos time diff , plz leave conveinient time for me to pm, i harlley sleep s , but i go to comp a couple times a day,are you interested in the thai funny is advertised as ,iwould take alook  for info,but you dont need to buy cos i got 3 packs, it  is pure thai ,of best quality , bred high in swiss mountains badgerd em downto 12 wk bloom ,cant waitfor last3 to show like i said iwl lhave seeds befor too long to share the love that we all have for the same plant!   onelove    sunstone,

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      PM is like an email kind of thing.  You can write and send it and he will see it when he comes on.


      Click on his name, go to message at top right of screen on this personal page.

      Write message and click send.

      All good!

    2. sunstone


      your right  i fk up again  yea now you remind me, thanks hempy fan. sorry my is mashed.i keep doin stuff wrong, naer mind.

    3. Hempyfan


      All good!  Keep on, keepin on!  

  14. high ,misterdirt, do you mean using this to pm im nt too clever with computers,

  15. just n offer, no strings just wana spread a lttle love n genetic diversity. i have lots ofseedpacks from about 2010 on .let me knnow.now, i just recieved 2 more packs from austria,most of the frstr1st pack turned male twith three left, about the hollow pole phenoe maleflowers, were strongest outa the 4 males its hard to tell when theyre not mature n not much actual weed to test onelove sunstone
  16. hey mindless ihave about 3 slates missin or their all lose &the addictive actiivty welll you dont want to know aboutt them ,but igot the usual 3 or4& some very bad ones been taken to bed now @ least i jumped the sub marine journey, before we woke up over the wall,! like so many brothers n sisters ,bless em ALL onelove sunstone stay sane! fly safe, slow ,high slow like a condor ! im fakked ! ! love cheap shit that i had a long time, i get real attached to crap n arnt impressed by money lovers n displays ofpulance n dreams of greed, open hearts rule ,but blah blah ramblin.........ok! im crackiin up tolerance, trip ripmy little brother onelove . sunstone .
  17. HERME,S VENUS , I JUST SEEN A PENIS !! haha sorry im stuck on my own here, now ive had 2 plants d this, an ive had three sannie jack well4 absolutely no doubt about it confirmed males goollies, then about a week later its pistls @ dawn n i thought it was not easy to get males in s.j. or is that me gettin crossed wires , i think s its my eco system but i very rarely ever get true hermes i get venus, shes on our side the only venus conection i get is green ha! i dont get hrmes coos SHE KNOWS how much I LOVE HER ive been totaly obsesed, MARRIED FOR life till death us depart no doubt about it my one and only TRUE LOVE ! exept fam oviously 0NELOVE SUNSTONE
  18. oops done it again i read that first post i come to, ur last n assumed you was talkin about the mars .h your old lamp, then straight after i post i look n see its new kingsbright, ha ha. im always f, in up!
  19. hih mindless ijust love how you love that little lamp, it comes through this side when i read you talkin about, nice im same man lol take care, you n yours onelove sunstone
  20. high ,@speedlandracer, niceley done brother, did you come up with the techniques you speak of from previous gardening . respect for your attitude, determination & results. , onelove sunstone!
  21. hey rhino i been stuck with green since 17. but variety is the spice in life, from here, , ,, its workin now onelove sunstone .
  22. hey rhinocbd, sme things wrong, when i try to press like button, a mall caption comes up sayin there is problem with etc????back&yellow bzzzzzzpoisonous!!!
  23. hey misterdirt , i have a swiss strain (thai-fun-horizon .) by blue hemp . is suposed to be over potent. & is ready in 12 wks bloom. so far got 4 dudes out of 7 very diff erent phenoes, a pole phenoe with indica smell &a branchy enthol euacaliptus sem rub i can hopfully send you seed or pollen for the fellow herb riders . ill try to smoke some male samps & see if its seed biz fantasy bullshit or somthing to poll l.t.f3.? ps. i noticed how much they seemed to relish the cold temps! when i left them next to on open window sill
  24. hey rhinocbd, sme things wrong, when i try to press like button, a mall caption comes up sayin there is problem with etc????
  25. hey truchoxki,   i read you are a sativab-breather seaching for trancedental spiritual vars?   i have an execess of doube-jam     _do you want to trade punto-rojo  for d.j.?

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