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  1. high   santero,    i been looking through your photo albums @ some  nice photos & plants,  what is the'pollen' colector self explanatory???   is it to collect pollen from a newly flowerd male cut? or how? plz expain as it has me curious & did it( or does it):) work? i love ingenious diy:verrygood

    1. santero


      when i had much less room to grow a few years ago, i used to collect pollen in this box
      from males i cared for. this box could stand in the flowering cab and not pollinate all the
      females, that was very practical as i still wanted pollen but not seeds in my buds all the
      time ... but since a few years i just use the live males and my pollen-collector box has cat-
      ched a lot of dust since then, haha.

      it was just a fluke-idea, copied from someone else i saw it doing online (not my original
      idea). it worked nice tho, for as long as i used it i had no problems with that method ;)

  2. cant wait to fly with those girls! great pics they look like theyve been sprayed withwhite panit spray!
  3. beautiful sativa,s plase put me down for a pack! hey cristalin i cant wait to grow out a real sativa legend from early 70,s
  4. lovin it ,second that elduderino!
  5. i receved a letter with just 1 pack of romulan &1 nl/romulan wich was od causethose were my main intrest & when the bulk of the order £200~ was confiscated i was a little sus@ first but he is good as his word onelove sunstone
  6. hey santero what are you doing with these genes are they available to members or are they made as free ,bs for shop sales onelove sunstone
  7. to be fare brad offerd me half off next order but i didnt want to throw good money after bad! so perhaps tittle shoud be beware of canadian customs not brad!(hempdepot)
  8. high i got ripped for €200 @hempdeot i dont think its any thing to do with guy @ h.d. though hes asound guy from what i can tell i got a letter from canadian customs(seed taxing dept,lol) fuckers how is stealing my seeds helping canada? they dont even grow em!
  9. hey crisalin is the cg72 & ghana still on hope life is kind to you & all @ usc onelove sunstone
  10. high  ras-t       that was a struggle through 4 jars till i eventually found em    the seeds have 5 rossetta-stone f2  from cannazon( free bs)2012   so if you can tell me what you want e to do & are there any other strains&hunts i can help yu with  sunstone

  11. hey, @ santero, was the wox made with "oaxan space shuttle" bred by said kangativa? sounds very nice could you recognize the oax in effects & was it like eskos pure fem also can you tell me if those will be remade in near future i had no way to buy when those were around do you know if wally or kanga are stillsending seeds to europe or uk ???
  12. hey rhino those look like shoulder held rocket launchers , those first ajf3,s lookin super good , beautifull pics potency& plumage!
  13. high gardenartus could you describe your system of recycling of the spirit alcohol so as i could look to find similar items ihave made small bits of oil but would like to learn your ways as you are obviously quite experienced in this field onelove sunstone
  14. high spw ive bought from them before its been bout a year since restok so my guess is yes cos some of the strains last time were only fems wich are now regs
  15. anyone done chimeras stuff its buy 1 get 1cheapest free @seedbay this month ive never hear anyone complain about his genes &their results he is world class i got a new strain called high test like the sound of this £150 for 10 regs(thank god not evrey thing has bin femmd)his other regs are mostly £60 for 10eg frankies incence haze hawaian spice regs -sweet skunk/jack.h _ibl regs i think the hawaian is kaui electric top 1st quality world class genes for half price i honestly think this is the best worked lines fr the best price by a more than capable breeder onelove sunstone
  16. pant pant !
  17. hi does anyone know anything of hazemans durban poisen its not shortish like dutch passion its a taller lookin plant with more stretch(wich is a good sighn i beleive) im pretty sure its not his exclusivley im assuming its a strain thats been passed around breeder to breeder in the us
  18. hey saxo i was meaning you could build a house in some of his super sats there big enough why camp outside to guard!
  19. its kanga the breedr & grower i think
  20. high hidronesia i have a malian highland+columbiangold/sour diesel bred by a very knowledgeable and cool dude . classic who was on seedbay noit was seed depot ithink the one tht split withall the breeders seeds new year 2013 anyhoo its 50% mali & classic said this one has high thcv ive tried a very small amount & was very up & flashy there seem to be many different phenos last i heard he had a stroke hope hes ok hes a genuine generous breeder who really knows his shit from what i know
  21. high cristalin looks nice &very potent for low tolerance & ocasional users asi remember (not that im an -ocasional user!lol) when will the restock be ? & is the ghana strain the same one canabiogen had last year? i know that you are very busy with every thnig buisness, family hope you are well& content onelove sunstone
  22. he more torture water water you got the oasis n im in the desert?
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