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  1. Surprised this has not be mentioned , or I missed it. Last Tuesday MA went legal for rec sales. slow going for the yankees with only two shops open right now but it has started. Insane lines and high prices, but a step forward. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2018/11/19/marijuana-massachusetts/2056662002/
  2. Oh man! You are one lucky feller thats for sure. Saw this thread the other day and had to take some inventory. I have some gems, but the Mothers are the true ticket to Esko greatness. Man you should do a run of Choc cheese ! That is a masterpiece. Too bad hes done, but hopefully you can keep some of his greats going. I need to do a boudica, choc cheese, HP run with a couple of Sannies SP for good measure.
  3. If Sannie has done his magic again there should be a keeper in every pack (more often than not anyway). SP is a masterpiece for sure, my favorite strain. I like it so much I buy beans even when I cant grow . Very easy to grow and will redefine the term " vigorous grower" for most . Just make sure your ventilation has good flow during flower and the harvest will be glorious.
  4. Very nice! Still my favorite strain from back in the day. I still have some beans from 2009 and every batch since lol. I look forward to this next run Sannie.
  5. I know this is an old thread, but here's some info on the vape cartridges. while they are super convenient and stealty they are not as good as many think. It seems that most are contaminated with pesticides and other garbage you dont want. there are a mess of articles out there, this is just one I found with a quick search, there are better with actual lab test results of many name brand carts. I was loving the bass knuckles , but the more I read the lass I liked . https://merryjane.com/culture/whats-really-inside-cannabis-vape-cartridges https://californiaweedblog.com/2017/08/08/brass-knuckles-lab-test-fail-why-we-test/ All the mids love, I don't get. I don't want mid grade ever. Much prefer a couple tokes of good smoke to burning an entire j to myself.
  6. Im just checking in, seeing whats new. Lots of new names for sure. Been locked out of my account for a few months, (stoners n passwords lol) but stopping by to see whats happening. I have been unable to grow for about a year and a half now, a few more months and hopefully Ill be back at it. I have a good seed stash I keep adding to even tho I can't run them yet. I do have a good stash of old SP beans I can't wait to run. This place was always my favorite, no bullshit and folks were always helpful.
  7. Sugarpunch ALMOST as strong as Killing fields......hahaa In my experience KF is not in the same class as SP. Still my favorite Sannie strain
  8. Denver clone get the GG ! Was there last week. Tried a few other strains but mostly schwag, none came close to the GG I mentioned. And WTF is with breaking up every bud into 1/4 " mini nugs? its sold by weight so Im not understanding that practice at all.
  9. Damp paper towel gently rolled and placed in a ziplock, somewhere warm. I seem to be acquiring lots of sponge pots here lately so whenever I can grow again I will use them. There are 1000 ways to fiddle F with beans, I think it comes down to constant moisture and temp. With the ziplock and anything from Sannies shop I was 100% germ (20+ packs) , the only issue I had was breaking a tap root once when I left a pack of SP in the towels for 3-4 days before I could get back, they were lil yellow plants lol 2" long sprouts anyway, with tap root searching through the towel. Other than breaking that one trying to pick the towel away from the tap root, every bean from the shop has cracked no problem. Good beans and keep them moist, towel , soil, whatever ... Miraculously my germ rate went to 100% just by finding THE shop. Old stock and shitty freebies from large bean distributors just won't do as well in my experience.
  10. Bad ass!! I was dying to see how she did with the COB lighting. That is a great first grow right there, and she will be fire! Excellent job on the training, 8 fat top colas man that is a nice haul. Those look like some heavy buds, Hahaa , had to be supported, man you gotta love that! Sannie definitely struck gold with Sugarpunch, excellent smoke! Check out "a perfect cure every time" posted by Simon its on a few boards. will set you straight on the dry/cure if you need any guidance.
  11. Necropost , Still hunting Budbuddhas old cabs (anyone save pics?) and found these, had to bump this one. I think I see a new cab build in my future with a custom COB build along side. Right now I am gathering info and ideas on both and like the looks of this one.
  12. Understandable being disappointed , I just received an order with no freebies , was a pisser for sure was looking forward to some Esko beans. I did e mail Sannie , and on one hand I feel like an ass for mentioning it, but on the other hand I can't just order the beans I was after so I did e mail. I think we all agree the freebies at Sannies are MUCH different than random junk beans from other banks. Sannies freebies are always fire, and getting to pick a bonus strain to add to your order is great! Really great for us Esko fans! No big deal I'm stubborn, I already ordered again hahaa
  13. Cash to Sannie. Usually its 5 days to get there and 10 back for me. Im nowhere near worried about mine yet. I do look forward to the Anne tho!
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