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  1. Sannies Jack F7 x TGA Timewreck = The best, little over three months old, tallest is 7 feet, huge buds is what Im seeing, week 4 flower
  2. Hello, anyone have a male pollen they can send me, in dire need to cross, my male crapped out on me and really want to cross my Jack x Timewreck ! PLEASE !
  3. Good idea, why not just get a 1000 HPS Full spectrum ? This is what one 1000w HPS can do One mother under a 1000w HPS Planet Pro, awesome bulb, $29.99 Amazon, beats the 1000w Hortilux HPS super, hands down, half the price, the other 7 are under the same setup. I'll pull a pound off the mother and about 3 off the other 7, due to less care, but you can see for yourself. Week 4 flower as well.
  4. The mother is the single, what a Whopper ! The others speak for themselves, week 4 flower on all And Im still hoping someone is nice enough to send some pollen soon. Or this will be the only cross, my male died due to me being a fucking idiot, LOL. Someone get some balls and send some pollen, I will send the seeds when done !
  5. Thanks for the reply's, didn't know it would bring any heat with a site full of photos and text already
  6. Hello, wondering if anyone would be so kind to send some pollen, my male got to cold and looks like it might or might not make it, any good fertile pollen would be great ........ I really want to cross and dont want to mess with Fem seeds, unless someone here knows how to make Fem seeds down to a art, Im all ears.
  7. Kick ass here, whats the issue, burn up your stuff or
  8. You must quit the boze until you can figure out what is going on, thin that blood and tis easier to bruise, digest etc, one thing leads to another when one isnt well right ?
  9. Jesus, terrible, ORANGE JUICE AND LOTS OF WATER ! Try to stay positive, think of starving children if you have to, to stay sane !
  10. Ever heard of CFLGrowLights.Com ? They make great CFL fixtures
  11. I would love to have some male pollen as well if that is something you are willing to dookie
  12. I / we have all told you what you should do, just do it Nike !
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