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  1. hola paisano!!

    encantado de saludarte...;)

  2. Here a photo of my Moby Dick from outside. Raised in the sun of spain :sun: The most famous of our catalog, is also the most powerful and most sativa. It is the result of crossing the 2 best clones of our bank mothers, and the other a sativa indica. The Moby Dick is the most psychoactive plant that we produce so far, with a concentration of THC up to 21% and presence of THCV, a compound derived from equatorial sativa and that occurs in response to solar ultraviolet rays, which enhances the effect of THC to the point that with 2 or 3 puffs, and the effect is powerful. The low concentration of CBD aid to the effect that, in addition to cerebral and intense psychoactive, is very durable; acelerón produces physical and mental, and the downhill is long, slightly physical, and remarkable. It produces much appetite, dry mouth and so far, so you want to eat and drink well to counter its effects. For that same reason, increased appetite, it is very suitable to treat the side effects of chemotherapy, or for anorexia. There are two phenotypes at this junction, which tends to be a dominant sativa, with 65% of the plants, and the rest who tend to be faster and smaller. In the FeNo sativa dominates the scent of pine wood and with notes of incense, and the FeNo Indica is sweeter and less sativa. For Moby Dick is developed fully, we need to give it plenty of light, up to 800 watts per square meter, and a CD very high, between 1.50 and 2.00 EC therefore eats more than most varieties. It is important to monitor the pH, so they do not come to raise pH of 6.5, otherwise it is possible that iron deficiency manifested in the form of iron chlorosis, which involves the progressive yellowing of the spaces intervenales beam leaves , And crumpled to the tips of the leaflets. While this deficiency does not compromise the health of the plant, could limit the crop if it is very sharp. In exterior, full sun, lots of land, plenty of water, and plenty of space, 3-meter plant to plant trees guarantee of 3 meters high, and productions of 1500 grams in optimal conditions. To highlight the speed of flowering, 60 - 70 days indoors, outdoors on October 15, and resistance to mold a legacy of the sativa. Days of flowering to 12 hours: 60-70. Harvest outdoor: From 10 to Oct. 25. THC: Very high. (16% - 20%) CBD: Low. Production: Very high. Height outdoors: 3.5 meters. Membership: Sativa - Indicates dominance with sativa. Genotype: Haze x White Widow. greetings brothers!!! :-)
  3. A photo of the male pink collecting pollen Pollen keeps in the freezer in case something happens the male, Pollen has to backcross later. Greetings brothers.
  4. PinkPurple Project https://www.opengrow.com/index.php?showtopic=37980
  5. ok sorry!! only for P.M. thanks you!!! yes sannie,pink calyxes an purp leaves? greetings thanks bro!!
  6. thank you very much for the welcome I love this forum greetings brothers
  7. hello you introduce the first evolution of this crossing pinkpurple1.0 the genetics is Pink Kush (M) X Purple Kush (F) of Reeferman. the seeds are three weeks to process. Some photos Pink Kush (Male) Purple Kush(Female) male & female if I make many seeds, I accept exchanges greetings bro´s
  8. hello friends of cannabis I'm from spain I am very interested in the genetic traits that I read around here is very nice strains I have here in spain pink kush and purple kush from reeferman and I'm doing a crossing of pink kush X purple kush to see what comes out of there a greeting from spain for all You need if anything, be in cannabiscafe.net
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